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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, April 2018

Does Earth Herself Create UFOs, Ghosts, and Fairies?

by: Diane Tessman

Are we standing on a gigantic alien? Did this enormous, living, and breathing alien create us? Do we live and die on her back? But--Mother Earth is not an alien, she is the least alien of all of us. She is Earth!

We humans give lip service to the fact that Earth is a living planet, but then we do not dig into the astounding implications. We do not take time from our busy schedules to truly perceive that if she is a living mind, she must have a dream-state just as we do. She must have a subconscious.

Our ancestors understood that Earth has a dynamic mind and spirit which must be recognized; they possessed beliefs such as Earth being a large terrapin on whose back we sit. They worshipped her; perhaps they were wise.

New agers embrace nature spirits and most use the word “Gaia” to describe Earth’s living consciousness. However, many new agers get caught up in the fun of crystals, gemstones, fairies and such, but do not recognize the fact that Gaia herself might be the creator of UFOs and their occupants as well as the creator of fairies, nature spirits, and even the creator of paranormal events like ghosts. Most new agers (and most of us), look to space or time as the source of UFOs, and to the human subconscious as somehow being mixed up in creating fairies and paranormal events.

However, what if Mother Earth dreams? Why do we not think of this? It is because we don’t take time to perceive that she truly is a living consciousness?

In depth knowing (as in “gnosis”), that Earth is a living creature begins, strangely enough, with insight into alien intelligence. We try to imagine the intelligence of various aliens: Are they logical like Mr. Spock? Are they vicious with no moral compass like the creature in Alien? Are they Time Lords like Dr. Who, very civilized, somewhat confused, and near-masters of time, all-time, and no-time?

Ask yourself then: What is the intelligence of this huge creature called Earth? Oh, you say she is not that kind of creature. She does not truly feel, she does not truly think. She is a rock with soil in some places, H2O in other places, and too many humans for her own good. No doubt you call her “it.”

But you agree that life in outer space will come in different forms; you wonder if silicon might be a building block for life instead of carbon. Yet you wonder if this wondrous planet who gave us all life and created billions of varied, living species – is truly an entity?
Where did our intelligence come from? Where did the intelligence of the barn swallow and the elephant, come from? If you are Christian or another religion, you might feel that God or your deity created life. If I have a deity, it is Earth.
How often do you hear that God saved the day while Mother Earth sent that tornado? Maybe Mother Earth saved the day and God sent the tornado.

We are brought up to be prejudiced toward our planet. She is a witch who brings tornadoes if she is alive at all. There is a bias against the female god, thus a bias against the female planet.
So as we humans emerge from the brainwashed state imposed on us by religions; let us comprehend what our planet really is, and who she really is:
She is a being who dreams. She is a being who has a subconscious state. Her conscious state has created the wondrous order of the rainforest, with predator, prey, adaptation, and survival brilliance. Her conscious state has created the mighty ocean with its exquisite ecosystems.
Her conscious state is not quite like yours; she is an alien because she is not human. She created humans but she is something and someone much different. Where is her brain, you ask? It is everywhere, from the mass minds of swallows to the long memory of elephants. It is not encapsulated in one little skull like your brain. Her intelligence is everywhere, right outside your window and in Yosemite and in the Sahara.
Perhaps to meet aliens, we need to first be able to perceive the consciousness of our own planet. And what about Earth’s subconscious state? Does she dream? I assume that every conscious mind has a subconscious level. Every spirit rests and sleeps.
Does she dream of humans who are shadowy ghost-beings, perhaps from the 1800s, a century which of course included her, the Earth.

Does she dream of Yetis and Bigfoot creatures? Perhaps she has a suppressed wish that she had created them too? Are her memories of other man/ape combinations which Homo sapiens eventually exterminated?
Sometimes ghosts are in a specific location; other times they cannot be found. Yetis are seen but then are not anywhere. Perhaps they are only there when her subconscious or dream state is active.
Earth must enjoy dreaming of fairies, sprites and trolls. Why not conjure them up and dream they are frightening a few humans? Place a sprite on the beautiful waterfall, how lovely!
And what of UFO occupants? Earth may create them too. It is a theory given little attention but again, this is the bias instilled in us through religions which have been male dominated. Earth most definitely is female. As well as humanoids, Earth might occasionally manifest a reptillian or praying mantis UFO occupant.
But what of the aliens’ ships? Earth has a knowingness about what humans have created, airplanes and such. Earth has a sense of “the future” and perhaps she tries to show humans, who are her children, that the future is real. She dreams of a future reality for all her creations.
In fact, the entire complex system of evolution was set up by Earth. It may exist on other planets but we know it exists on Earth. Where did it come from? God? Science? (“it just happens over time”), or, the mind of Earth? Why do we sell her so short?
And of course she would dream of critters in the sky like flying manta ray UFOs and beautiful translucent orbs.
I am “selling” this idea not as a total answer but as I have said before, I do feel that UFO occupants also come from far distant planets, from time itself, from other dimensions, all of the above and then some.
However, I am also convinced that the dream-state of our Mother Planet is something which we have not begun to even try to comprehend. Carl Jung touched on it, as have others, and the concept of a morphic field of consciousness can be applied to Earth as well as to humans. Her consciousness and subconscious are probably to be found resonating in her electromagnetic field.
The EM field in our brain is said to be instrumental in our intelligence. So why do we not consider that Earth’s mighty EM field, the Aurora Borealis, that magnificent EM field which our planet maintains, also contains intelligence? Her EM field crackles and fluctuates; what is encoded in this energy? What consciousness dwells there?
Yes, it is different from ours. For one thing, it is so much greater than ours!
However different, we still reflect her. She is our mother, the creator of our life. How could she do this without being a living creature herself?

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