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Letters to the Editor—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, April 2018

Hi Brent, I just finished reading your book [Visitors from Hidden Realms] and I sincerely want to tell you how very impressed I am. I did not realize that you have been that active and involved in UFO's research all these years and all the many different interrelated and accumulated topics. I believe the book is exceptionally well written with outstanding topics and forms of information and knowledge that crosses over so many different fields, disciplines, research and related controversies. I really like your references, facts, supporting research and significant people that all tie into and support the vast amount of information and knowledge. It is very thorough and stimulating, with many good questions posed. Some really make a person think and probably can't be answered or explained, as of yet, but are clearly defined with so many answers and supporting evidence, and by some of the best people in the field, including, of course, Brad Steiger who wrote your intro. Your expertise shines through beautifully which in turn adds to the value and integrity of the book. Your interviews with so many highly qualified and diversified people has all been finely woven in such a way that it truly makes this document a special piece of work. I have learned a lot from it, and it definitely served to make me much more aware, more knowledgeable in a cross-cultural way, and provided me with not only old reminders and refreshers in this sense, but also served to expand my own depth and breadth of knowledge to some topics that I was only somewhat familiar with. (I plan to keep on re-reading it as time permits). Thank you so very much for writing the book and all the time and effort you put into it. I hope it is still selling as I will be referring some old friends about it).

Bobby Lake-Thom (known by many as Medicine Grizzy Bear) Website: www.nativehealer.net

Comment by Brent Raynes: Thanks for your very kind remarks Bobby. They are, of course, what every author wants to hear. I am certainly very honored by your words as I have great respect for your works and deeds. I hope to do another interview with you in the near future. Take good care my friend!

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