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Bigfoot: Children of the Earth

By Khat Hansen

Indians almost all believe Bigfoot is a Non-Physical creature. Others think that these creatures live in another dimension from the physical plane, but can come and go from here as they desire. Indians also believe Bigfoot has great psychic abilities, and there are reports of them using some type of speaking in the mind to humans that run into them. This has led some researchers as well as Bigfoot hunters to speculate that these beings can also use this mind speak to overpower humans; causing them to have bouts of intense fear when witnessing the Bigfoot. Reports of sightings show that these amazing Beings can be visible to some people, while at the same time remain invisible to others in the same group.

I believe that the Bigfoot are able to achieve this by vibrating their bodies at super high speed. This feat has the effect of making them "seem" invisible, when in fact they are still present in the immediate vicinity.

I believe that this "shielding" of themselves is their way of maintaining their distance from humanity while still being able to watch us at close range. The reports for this occurrence are many. People have seen Bigfoot close to them one minute and completely gone the next. Footprints begin and end in an open spot with no place else to have gone. This is the Bigfoot stepping into the next dimension which I believe exists alongside of us.

Some reports contain the element of Bigfoot shape-shifting. One minute they appear as the hulking solid form that they are known for, and then in the next moment they may appear as a tree or another type of smaller animal. If you know any folklore, then you know that Bigfoot is not the only Being that can disappear or change their shape. This attribute seems to come into play when they are watching us without us knowing they are doing so. I was taught that Bigfoot is an ancient Being that lives underground in caves and tunnels. I have seen first hand how they excavate them and disappear for weeks at a time. I believe that when they disappear underground they are actually reporting in from some type of reconnaissance. I was taught that the earth is a living being. A being, that even though she may not be able to physically get up and move around, has found ways to achieve this by creating several types of beings that she uses to watch the earth, track weather patterns, and us! We may consider them spirits as they seem to possess several attributes of the spirit world.

The Bigfoot’s penchant of hitting sticks and rock throwing may be the best evidence we have to show that they are spiritual beings. If you research paranormal cases involving 'poltergeist' incidents, you will soon realize that many of the cases involve the throwing or dropping of stones against houses, and on the roofs of the homes where the poltergeist attacks are occurring. In many of the poltergeist cases, the stones being dropped and thrown were the beginning of the infestation, or encounter, just like in some Bigfoot cases. Gaia has created Orbs or watchers for the purpose of seeing first hand exactly what is being done in areas of woods and parks. We call these beings the eyes of Gaia. Thru them she watches and takes stock of areas. The Bigfoot is used as a type of monitor of humans and wilderness areas, a babysitter if you will. They are easily hidden and quite intelligent; along with these gifts they have the ability to make themselves known and what is expected of humans sharing this earth with them. I myself have grown and learned over the years. I recycle everything...literally. I compost, garden, weave and have taught my children to do this as well. In doing this, I believe that in some small way I am contributing to the well being of this planet. The orblings interact on a daily basis with both myself and my children. They are the watchers for the Bigfoot. They let them know just who or what is in the forest and if they should be wary and careful.

As I said before, I have learned over the years to NEVER be surprised at just what a Bigfoot can or will do. If you really think about it, it does make sense that they can run 55 mph, vanish in plain sight or look like a tree. After all, they are the children of the earth, just as we are.

About the author:
KHAT HANSEN is a medicine woman of Choctaw ancestry. Her experiences with the spirit world and Bigfoot go back to age 5.

Sunday, May 19, 2024