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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, January 2018

The Nature of Hell Part six

by: Stan Morrison

When I was eight-years-old, I observed a particular apparition that has since then left me in a state of bewilderment.

In my dark bedroom I was fully awake when I glanced to my left and saw my mother, standing there and looking at me. Even though it was early a.m., she was all dressed, held her purse, as I had seen her do many times before. She was staring at me and smiling, as if I was something special to her. She was not dead but very much alive, but asleep, in the next room. When asked, she was not cognizant of any of this.

Living apparitions must tell us something. They are not that uncommon.

We are surrounded and bathed in electromagnetic energy, existing at various frequencies, as has been stated. Just as one can “receive” these various bandwidths with technology such as a radio, these invisible EM energies exist all around us, and, depending on the nature of the energy, through us. Sometimes they are “received” by us, or experienced by us. A lot of this energy is cosmic, but a lot of it is an aura of our environment or living planet.

This has been known for a very, very long time. And there is good reason why Charles Fort's 1919 classic was entitled, “The Book of the Damned.”

In the ancient Greek classics, there are accounts of voyagers who travelled to hell. It's been interpreted as “hades,” and in the popular literature, we have “Jason and the Argonauts,” (which was largely based on ancient Greek ASC voyages by such ancient Greeks as Virgil and Homer, to name a few). Perhaps the reader has seen this great classic movie. The Greek gods aside, it all recounts a virtual voyage into a realm wherein are the dead, and odd, archetypal monstrosities of the supernatural. In the ancient myth, the passage was the river, or a section of the river Styx; today, it seems to be aspects of our minds.

In the “hades” myth, hell is not the “lake of fire,” etc., but a paranormal or ultra-paranormal location where there is no returning to the “surface” of life, but a continous existence through hardships, encountering beings that are subservient to the gods. These are gods of the world and the underworld, according to Greek mythology. The dead exist here, too. It is a realm or location ultimately refined by religious and other systems of belief. In The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, it is a locality where “shades of the dead” reside.

Since this is mostly a parapsychology report, and not a sociological humanities work on mythology, I do not want the reader to get lost in demi-god identities. Archetypes are archetypes, but hell or hades seems to remain a place, a location, a realm.

A lot of highly credentialed “experts” who have taken a careful and detailed examination of “haunting” phenomena, or haunted houses, and have taken all factors into consideration, have personally concluded the events seem to follow one “view” more than any others.

From tyrannical “attacks” to a common mindless apparition, the haunted realm resembles the occult theosophy of the Cabbala, a Hebew interpretation of scriptures. From deep psychonautic observations to usual encounters with ghosts, poltergeists, and other metaphysical entities, the doctrine of the Cabbala seems most accurate. Many of these scientific observers are psychiatrists, neuropsychiatrists, psychologists/parapsychologists, and other professionals.

It's actually really sad to grasp ghosts, from times past, as merely being people who – for whatever reason – are a “twisted” bunch that only inhabit environments where they once lived, and felt the extreme highs and extreme lows of life. Perpetual torment seems all too often to be their existence. But perhaps, through understanding, we can see these phenomena as what they may truly be (whatever that may be). Not as a tormented, undeserving “soul” person, but a universal manifestation of a “natural” phenomenon.

As connected as it may seem, and no matter how much personal psi may be involved, the Cabbolic phenomenon may be more related to the Earth than Humankind and consciousness, in that ghosts are not the dead but a product of the living planet. It encompasses all, including consciousness, but is not our dad, or tortured souls. It only supports, for ages, our systems of belief. And what has been experienced and observed regarding ghosts.

I can envision an energy spectrum where the “gnashing of teeth,” and predatory instincts were the norm, and are a conglomeration of past bioforms. Since we depend a lot more on decision-making, tools and groups, and our intellects, we see “hell” as primarily a fear, and psychic projections and manifestations of internal and external horrors of the past natural world. (1)

Sometimes, we encounter externals (in sleep, hypnogogic, and openly awake states) or terrible intelligences apart from us, that should, or do, exist in the realm of hades, or that state we know as “hell.” How they creep into our natural world, and create havoc more than already occurs, is anyone's guess.

Let's look at some examples of “hell,” and see if we can find some solutions when it comes to our personal “selves” and our current, past, and futures.

The psychic state attained in Chapter Three, The Fifth Process, was a hades or hell state. Can human beings end up in such a state after death? I doubt this. I believe there can be manifestations of “shades of the dead,” but not an actual once living individual. This state was the poltergeistic psychokinetics realm, a very low energy level, but not the true biological state of death. It is very similar to many schizophrenic states, and can definitely be a “living” nightmare. Here, it's a case of a “haunted person,” rather than a haunted house or location.

In September of 2013, I published an article in Alternate Perceptions magazine online entitled “Encounters With The Unknown: Distorted Apparitions,” wherein I pointed out many of the bizarrely distorted faces or images of many apparitions. In a footnote, I freely speculated on the nature of these “distorted” apparitions:

“If we are indeed positive and negative beings, our natural tendency would be to be a positive person. There would be a continual struggle to maintain this. Therefore, it would be a natural response to suffer from self-criticism and self-biasness (self-policing). The result could be, during a proejction or permanent discharge (ghost), a distortion of the manifestation. This could apply to all sorts of psi, including apparitions. Distorted apparitions may ultimately shine light on the nature of Good and Evil, positive and negative, both internally and externally. One just has to hope, however, that what is being observed is not people (including little children) in a permanent state of hell or damnation. These appearances seem to suggest that. Could such a state be due to some sort of accident of nature?'

Demonologists have maintained that “child ghosts” are commonly not what they appear to be, i.e., the souls of children. It is felt that “demons” and “evil spirits” manifest in this form to appear to be less dangerous or harmful. It's like a friendly mask, with a great white shark behind it. This is probably the case, since the clearly evil types often exist among child apparitions, pretty women (ghosts), etc. According to John Keel, virtually all of what we are investigating is “basic demonology.” There is no doubt these entities are real, and I like Brad Steiger's description of the cosmic paranormal world, as we as humans are living among a “larger community of intelligences.'

Also in the “Distorted Apparitions” article I described once more my encounter with the terrible, deformed female entity that attacked me, killed (seemingly) my manx cat, and was seen by my brother Bill.

It was a classic “hagging” experience. I've been able to trace such attacks and the term as being European (mostly Scottish and Irish), but I'm sure it goes back much further, and includes many cultures. This thing didn't pretend tobe friendly, and clearly came from a bandwidth that could be called “hell,” if there is such a place. It happened in a “hypnogogic” state of semi-sleep, but awakening fully, the atmosphere was clearly not normal. It was as if the nightmare still existed in the aroused, fully awake state. No more psi happened at that location, though that's where I suffered a major seizure. The “infarction” was not identified at that time, but I intuitively feel that's when the brain damage from the injury from the punch or blow began to worsen and became what it is today. Could this have made me vulnerable to the “hagging” event? The following is from the 2013 AP article.

“The experience I had was what is known as a 'hagging' experience. From my own experience, the entity oppresses or engulfs one, as it is positioned on your chest. I could hardly breath. The 'thing' was also stranglingly me at the same time. There was a sense of no oxygen or air...”

From my personal impression of the entity, it seemed as if it was an abhorrant, perhaps living person, twisted in an energy field non-conclusive to any sense of biological health. How could a person end up this way? If this is a state we can end up in, my sincere suggestion is be certain you have love and faith in God (Christ), and reject any psychic pollutants of the spirit, as one does not want to end up like that; not only dead, but somewhere beyond dead...

On March 10, 2015, I had a surgical procedure called a “speptoplasty.” I, over time, surmised that the maxillafacial damage caused by the blow back in the early seventies had something to do with the damage or infarction in the right side of my thalamus, which manifested as an initial “stroke” and subsequent seizure disorder. This damage had been confirmed by two separate MRIs. I thought perhaps a correction of the maxillofacial injury may once again allow oxygen and blood flow to this area.

My ENT surgeon found that I not only had limited oxygen intake, but that I had a large “bone spur” jetting to the left side of my face (concha bullosa). During surgery, she literally had to use a chisel to correct this, she said.

But after the surgery and time, it became evident that the damage had been done. Perhaps if it had been taken care of back in 1974, the brain damage would have been avoided or limited. For now, my upper brain stem – only inches behind the facial damage – or mid-brain (thalamus, or leading to it) is today a partial “dead zone.”

Very basically, one of the functions of the thalamus is the primitive “fight or flight” actions and reactions. Theoretically, this could explain a lot of my unexplained anxieties and nervousness. Moreover, as mentioned in Chapter Three, it might explain part of the possession-like experience, in that my R Complex (hindbrain) was compromised, allowing that archaic Reptilian Complex to not exactly override completely upper area of the brain (neocortex), but become a focus in the brain. Basically, “dead tissue” seemed to have asserted itself.

The ASC venture of The Fifth Process, could have made the condition worse, and therefore both matters were the responsible source for the psi, and the spiritual (external) phenomena applied and experienced.

I truly believe that “dead tissue,” located in the right side of the thalamus, allowed my “right hemisphere” and “left hemisphere” imbalance to occur. Basically, “using” the dysfunction, the source of the synchronicities or abnormal extrachances were psychokinetic projections from the inner workings in my own skull. Perhaps this, an unconscious process, could explain most synchronicities associated with PK agents, etc., and maybe even others in general.

It being due to “dead tissue” in the mid-hindbrain really makes me wonder about the “lower level” nature of the manifestations. It doesn't have to be associated with the thalamus, but certainly the mid and hindbrain. Perhaps such medical problems and even normal, natural but rare or unique structures (psychics, mediums) in the brain permits external conscious energies (spirits) to infiltrate and engage our physical cognitions and, for many, our worlds.

I chose the King James version of the Christian Bible (Scofield) as a number one source concerning Hell for the mere fact that there are more direct references to Hell than any other “Divine” scriptures. The Holy Koran definitely comes in second place.

I've long considered Jesus the first professional psychonaut who intentionally conducted perhaps the most important app-psi endeavor in history. With the exception of unintended events such as the inquisitions of the Ancient Period, Dark and Middle Ages, Jesus set Humankind on a progressive course towards our ultimate futures, or salvations. When Jesus was horribly crucified and killed, it is reported he ventured to Hell (Acts 2:31). But when he rose or resurrected, physically uncorrupted, he created a path (or map) for the collective or ultimately all of us to follow. It is that process that has convinced me, as a psychonaut, that Jesus was not merely another Old World metaphysician, but indeed special.

From the account in The Acts, Jesus did not exist, after his execution, in any kind of state of purgatory or at a frequency one usually sees in a haunted house. He went from life to the hell state to life, it is reported. What are we seeing today in most hauntings? Probably the same thing they were observing before the time of Christ, all around the world.

The one problem I have with Christ's execution (and perhaps Resurrection) is that it was a “blood sacrifice,” a practice that may be almost as old as man himself, and his association with God(s). I'm sure there is reasoning there (Christ overcame it), just one with which I have some trouble, since it was both animals and people that were the subjects of the practice all along. It was a rough and tough world in ancient (and before) times, so a Divinely inspired sacrifice during that period can make sense; after all, in the case of Jesus, he conquered the ancient practice uncorrupted.

From the earliest sections of the Old Testament (Duet. 32, 22, for example), hell is basically described as a location of “fire,” and, among other Old Testament references, all of the “sorrows” and worst negative emotions of human perception, experience, and cognition. I'm not going to explore the “political” world existing for the authors of this literature; after all, the same description of Hell existed before the ancient Hebrew take appears in the Old Testament text.

The first reference to “hell” as “fire” in the Old Testament of the Christian Bible is in the Book of Deuteronomy, the fourth book of the Old Testament. There are references to “The Serpent, Satan's tool,” “darkness,” “death and spiritual death,” but not hell of fire, etc., as a place, before Deuteronmy. But certainly it was (is) a grissly and goulish mental and spiritual state.

Definitely, “spiritual death,” as a location, being cut completely off from the God of “life” is a hell state for man. And Satan, the rebellious angel, and his buddies, not only rule the “death or spiritual death” state, but the natural world (prince of the power of the air, Eph. 2:2), according to my Biblical research.

Concerning references, hell is not always described as a locality of “fire.” Certainly, those references exist as scripture develops. Perhaps it's just a case of semantics. A “spiritual death” state sounds Cabbolic, and representative of most ghosts and entities experienced in hauntings. Attacks such as bites, scratches, punches, etc., coincide very well with the Biblical references of Hell, Sheol, Gehanna. Besides being the “prince of the air” Satan or the devil was given the power of death over life. Ghosts, poltergeists, etc., play the role of the dead to a “T,” according to scripture. I personally believe the phenonena was observed, and the writings came second.

Things like telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudiance, psychokinesis, mediumship (internal psi), had been observed, also, along with apparitions or ghosts, demonic possession, and external psychic attack. The problem, the same one we confront today, is sorting out what is external and what is internal, or due to our natural biology, the collective unconscious, and what is the result of intelligences or energies not directly connected to us. There's no reason it couldn't be a little of both.

The electrical energies that always exist around us – we are bathed in them – seem to always be tapped by us (or our minds) and used to create phenomena and influence external reality.

Certainly, there are those whose make-up can physically affect others (distance is not a matter of hinderance) and physical matter surrounding our physical being, more than others. Some observers, or many, believe it is “familiars” or spirits in the “hell” state who fulfill (when it is intentional) the motives or wishes of the psychics. But merely being able to “see” or “hear” from a very young age “strange phenomena” suggests to me (opinion) an internal (and even biological) causation for the experience(s), with no negative eccentricities.

The “hell” state is supported by the parapsychological evidence. I wish it weren't so, but that bandwidth and realm is real. Do everything you can to avoid it. Though it's a theological matter, I personally believe our judgement will be a lot more liberal than we believe or have been taught.

As to whether the hell state influences us, one has to say, yes, it does, and probably more commonly than we think.

Most convictions by psychical researchers that there is an “after-existence” (including hell), is from personal experience with someone they “know” who has died. Any other belief, or absolute belief, is from strong faith and intuition.

John Keel, whom I never got the opportunity to meet, was a New York journalist who definitely had an interest in subjects related to these writings. Keel stated clearly in The Eighth Tower (New American Library, paperback), that “we probably do not exist for any extended period after death.” To the milleniums, and even others during his long time of personal investigations of psi, monsters, and UFOs, he stood out. He became very well known because of “The Mothman Prophecies,” published several times during the seventies, eighties, and now continously. He was, as he admitted, a UFO researcher or “UFOfile,” or “buff,” but clearly from his writings he was a true “expert” on the paranormal, whether it be psi or “Fortean” issues.

After many years of experience, Keel also wisely pointed out that “telepathics” were not what they seem – in that, through science, such overt communications between humans, through electromagnetic (thought) transference, did not occur as perceived. His argument, or conclusion, was rational, and I wrote an entire newspaper article on this. It was entitled, “Telepathy Does Not Exist! The Relationship Between PK and UFO Sightings,” Omega New Age Directory, January 1989.

Just like Keel, I had found we were mostly victims of “deception.” He even pointed out in “Tower” that mostly what we are witnessing, even in ufology, is “basic demonology.”

Back in The Fifth Process, I recall one of the visual manifestations at the inception of the process, while watching the TV. It was apparitional or ectoplasmic “flames” that erupted from the floor before me in front of my eyes. They extended three feet tall or so. Flames, symbolic of hell, are not an uncommon psi manifestation. To me, that was a clear archetypal manifestation of the “fire” concept concerning hell. Actual “fire poltergeists,” where there are breakouts of real fire, is probably related psychially in many cases.

My mother became very ill in 2001, wreaked by severe arthritis, emphysema, and overall physical exhaustion caused by a life-long wear and tear, mentally and physically, from daily hard work. I was married and lived in Mesa, Arizona, while mom lived in Peoria, a good sixty or so miles away. She had remarried to a businessman who was a great provider for her. Herbert Moulton purchased, along with mom, a fantastic house for them in Peoria; and they had a good relationship. He, too, worked hard all his life, owned two businesses, held several patents concerning the lighting of electrical commercial signs, and to this day still works daily full time, in his eighties.

For years, his only employee was a young man who operated basically as his bookkeeper, etc., and muscle and “go to man” when it came to actual jobs and assignments, along with Herb. Herb gave this man a good job when Eddie truly needed it. He had spent six years in the Arizona prison system, and his charges were very serious – no mere “drug guy” here. Eddie was an epileptic who unfortunately seizured while driving, resulting in the deaths of several innocent people.

Before mom went to hospice, she was in terrible shape, no energy or incentive to live. Linda and I were there, as we drove to see her and help her weekly. But mom had a deep affection for Eddie, whom she worked with daily concerning Herb's business. He helped her in any way he could. He was there for her. Near the end, she chose his (Eddie's) personal assistance over mine. I did have my wife to care for, but I did feel badly that I couldn't physically and mentally help mom – the same way as Eddie did. They were so close that my mom had Eddie as a beneficiary of a percentage (though small) of Herbie's company.

Mom died on her birthday, July 27, 2012. She was a great person.

In 2013, I received a letter from Linda (I was in prison). She led with the sentence that a “tragedy” had occurred. As I read on, I almost fell over when she informed me Eddie had been killed when driving his truck to a job. Evidently, he seizured. It was a solo accident, no one else was hurt. Even to the end, Eddie gave attention and assistance to mom. I certainly didn't fill the bill, at that time.

I immediately thought it was queer for Eddie to die then. I've recently learned that others had the same thoughts.

I'm not saying that mom was in the hell state of death, and Eddie was a victim of that hell state. What I am saying is that I don't believe it was a coincidence, but a fulfillment – paranormally – of surrounding perceptions, unconsciously, of a probable “need” by a deceased person. Eddie was a Christian (something genuinely acquired when one is in prison). If mom needed help after death (or which could be understood by the living) Eddie would be the individual she would have chosen.

If we are to accept that “hell” is an altered state of consciousness that resembles what parapsychology has found in most haunted houses and areas, it also appears there is indeed an influence from the hell state. The ancient Egyptians and Hindu take, as an example, merely see this state as the “underworld” (death), which meshes with the gradual evolution of the Cabbolic nature of this infernal locality.

Is there an energetic bandwidth of “fire”? I guess there is no reason to conclude that that is impossible. Electricity and lightning are very hot.

Hell certainly has come to its fiery zenith in the last book of The New Testament, The Revelation of Saint John the Divine, written in A.D. 96. Here, there is direct mention of “The Lake of Fire” and “Brimstone” (10:20). Satan, the False Prophets, and the “doomed” of humanity will be cast, and “shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever.”

If one thought being a ghost was bad, existing in a state of perpetual fire and psychic torment may be a locale that doesn't get any worse in the Universe.

Again, as far as the “hell” state and its influence in our lives, it indeed occurs, intrinsically, through various psi and on a daily basis, as far as my research has indicated. But as will be shown in a future chapter, there is a much larger – though equally elusive – force in the Universe that has a much more basic and significant influence on Humankind, life, and the Universe in general.

Footnote (1) One thing I've seen lacking in virtually all of the parapsychological literature is a well-defined explanation of our “internal” psychic nature and the “external” psychic reality.

In the New Testamenty of the Christian Bible, Paul the Apostle reflects about this “great mystery” that had mystified him concerning the teachings of Jesus Christ. The answer to that “great mystery” had been, as Paul found, that God is in each and every one of us. This is the “internal” nature of psi. It seems this nature is very important to “connect” to the “external” psi reality, of God.

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