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Audio Interviews—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, January 2018

Hosted by Brent Raynes

Tony Healy


Since 1969 Tony has investigated a wide range of unexplained phenomena in every state and territory of Australia and in many other countries.
Since the early 1980s he has collaborated with fellow researcher Paul Cropper on many projects, notably in co-authoring Out of the Shadows: Mystery Animals of Australia (1994), The Yowie (2006) and Australian Poltergeist (2015).
Until the 1990s Tony was concerned mainly with the world’s many super-elusive, apparently uncatchable cryptids – yetis, sasquatches, yowies, lake and river monsters, out-of-place “black panthers”, thylacines, etc.
Gradually, however, his focus widened to encompass all manner of even weirder and more wonderful phenomena, such as UFOs, Min Min lights, ghosts, “little people” and Blessed Virgin Mary apparitions.
In 1998, after a series of fortuitous coincidences, he and Paul found themselves “embedded” in the amazing Humpty Doo, NT, poltergeist episode. That mind-boggling experience was the genesis of their third book, Australian Poltergeist.
During all of his travels through the wide, wide world of weirdness, however, the mysterious yowie has held a special place in Tony’s heart.

So, with Paul, he is focussing once more on the shambling Aussie ape-man: they are currently working on The Yowie File, which contains scores of recently discovered eye-witness reports dating from the early colonial era. It will have a similar structure to the volumes in William R. Corliss’s wonderful Source Book series.
After that one’s published, Tony hopes to live long enough to finish his long-neglected book of memoirs (working title: Monster Safari) an account of his forty-odd (very odd) years in the freaky fields of Fort.

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