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Reality Checking—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, January 2018

Religious Miracles and Parallels to the UFO Phenomenon

by: Brent Raynes

The date was October 13, 1917, thirty years before what we'd come to call the modern “flying saucer era” would erupt on the world scene. The location was the country of Portugal, a small village named Fatima, in the district of Leiria. An estimated 70,000 people, skeptics and believers alike, came from near and far to witness a miracle that three young shepherd children had proclaimed would happen there on that date. For months, they claimed that they had had repeated encounters with a being, believed to have been the Blessed Virgin Mary, who came down from the sky in a globe of light.

Of this dramatic event, French-born scientist and noted UFO researcher and author Dr. Jacques Vallee wrote in his book, Dimensions: A Casebook of Alien Contact (1988), “The final 'miracle' had come at the culmination of a precise series of apparitions combined with contacts and messages that place it very clearly, in my opinion, in the perspective of UFO phenomena. Not only was a flying disk or globe consistently involved, but its motion, its falling-leaf trajectory, its light effects, the thunderclaps, the buzzing sounds, the strange fragrance, the fall of 'angel hair' that dissolves upon reaching the ground, the heat wave associated with the close approach of the disk – all of these are frequent parameters of UFO sightings everywhere. And so are the paralysis, the amnesia, the conversions, and the healings.”

John Keel, in his book UFOs: Operation Trojan Horse (1970), delved quite heavily into Fatima and other similar religious apparitional reports attributed to the Blessed Virgin Mary, arguing that most authors made the mistake of concentrating mainly on the climatic October 13th Fatima event while ignoring the many strange happenings that were reported in the months and, in fact, two years prior, which he considered far more important.

“Fatima was a modern event, yet it is already clouded with the distortions of belief,” Keel wrote. “As the years passed, the object was turned into a 'dancing sun,' the angel hair became 'rose petals,' and the entire phenomenon was removed from the field of science and entrusted to the religionists.”

Keel carefully reviewed the data and reconstructed it from beginning to end. Two years earlier, in 1915, four young girls were tending sheep at Cabeco, Portugal, when they allegedly observed a white figure hovering in the air. “It looked like somebody wrapped in a sheet,” was the description. “There were no eyes or hands on it.” [Keel noted how West Virginia's legendary Mothman, a mystery that he had become quite involved with, had no hands or arms either] In addition, also twice again that year, the four children again reported what resembled a “white, headless entity.” One of those girls (who would later play a very prominent role in the Fatima saga) was Lucia Abobora (date of birth March 22, 1907).

Then in the summer of 1916, Lucia and friends were near a cave playing when a strange light appeared over a nearby tree and a “transparent young man” came down near the cave. “Don't be afraid,” the apparition reportedly told the children. “I am the Angel of Peace. Pray with me.”

Several weeks later, the same children, location, and apparition appeared once again and again prayed with the children.

Then on May 13, 1917, Lucia, then 10, and Francisco Marto, 9, and Jacinto Marto, 7, were in the meadows of Cova da Iria outside of Fatima when their attention was drawn to a flash of light from a clear sky. Then they saw a brilliant globe of light hovering just over a three foot tall evergreen. Inside the globe, the children claimed that they saw a luminois, white robed being, with a face that emanated light that “dazzled and hurt the eyes.”

“Don't be afraid,” a soft feminine voice, with a kind of musical quality to her speech, stated. “I won't hurt you.” The voice was heard by Lucia and Jacinto, while Francisco claimed that he only saw the object and heard no voice. The being was asked where she came from, and allegedly she replied, “I am from heaven. I come to ask you to come here for six months in succession, on the 13th day at this same hour. Then I will tell you who I am, and what I want. And afterward I will return here a seventh time.” In addition, the being asked the children to daily say the Rosary and to pray for peace. Then the globe rose into the air and floated away.

“Small children often have a high degree of ESP, but as they grow older and develop reason – and skepticism – and their minds become more disciplined to the material world around them, these powers seem to slip away,” Keel wrote. “It is probable that small children make excellent contactee material because of these factors, and that may explain why so much UFO, ghost, and poltergeist activity seems to surround children.”

The parents in this case, understandably, were skeptical when their children excitedly described to them their experience. But it wasn't long before the story spread throughout the area. And so, on June 13, a small crowd of devout pilgrams followed the children to watch and see what was to happen. Watching from a distance, a Maria Carreira would later describe how as the children knelt and were presumably communicating with a being neither she nor the others in the crowd could see, she did notice an odd noise she compared to the buzzing of a bee.

On July 13th, a much larger crowd followed the children, and again the three children knelt and spoke to a being no one else could see and hear, although again some felt that they did hear something. Ti Marto, an adult, described hearing something “like a horsefly in an empty waterpot.” In the crowd were cripples and blind people who urged the children to ask for a miracle. Lucia relayed their request to “Our Lady,” who allegedly replied: “Continue to come here every month. In October, I will tell you who I am and what I wish and will perform a miracle that everyone will have to believe.”

In August, due to growing concern among local church officials about the children's claims, that were increasingly garnering widespread attention, the Administration of Qurem seized and imprisoned the children for a time, threatening them (even with death), trying to get them to confess that they had simply been making all of this up. However, the young children did not break and refused to change anything in their accounts, and while they were being detained in Qurem on August 13th, a crowd estimated at 6,000 had nonetheless gathered at Cova da Iria and reported a flash of light followed by the appearance of a small transparent cloud-like thing that slowly floated down and came to rest briefly on top of an evergreen tree. At some point, everyone's face in the crowd became bathed in a strange multicolored illumination. The children were later released and on August 19th returned to the meadow and again claimed that they met and conversed with “Our Lady.”

By September 13th, the roads coming into Fatima were heavily congested with many thousands of people. A Reverend Doctor Manuel Nunes Fromigao, who was the canon of the cathedral at Lisbon and a professor at the Seminary of Santarem, would go on record testifying that as the children were entranced there was an unusual dimming of the sun, even though it was a cloudless day.

October 13th, as already written, was the day thousands had gathered at Fatima hoping to witness a miracle. There was a heavy rain and the ground was covered in mud, but the faithful and curious stood their ground huddled under their umbrellas. The three children approached the small tree where these manifestations had occurred before and waited. Then, shortly after noon, Lucia was heard to gasp and it was noted that her face became flushed as she entered a trance. The children described to the gathered crowd (who couldn't see the apparition) how “Our Lady” held an infant in her arms and, for the first time, revealed her identity as “the Lady of the Rosary.” She gave a message to the children that the war would soon end, though it continued for another year. Then people screamed and fell to their knees! “Something was coming through the clouds: a huge silver disk which rotated rapidly as it descended toward the mob,” Keel wrote of this remarkable incident. “Fragile strands of silvery 'angel hair' showered from the sky, melting away before any of it could be collected. The object bobbed up and down, waltzing under the cloud layer, and as it whirled faster, it seemed to change color, going through the whole spectrum. It swooped down and passed low over the terrified people; then it bobbed upward again. These gyrations were continued for a full ten minutes.”

This was a momentous, well-witnessed event. The massive crowd included priests, scientists, and journalists. A Professor Almeida Garrett, a scientist with Coimbra University, would describe what he saw as the hard rain unexpectedly gave way to a break in a dense cloud cover above and everyone looked up at the bright sun, and then, in his own words, he was suddenly looking at “a disk, of very definite contour” and how it “possessed a clear, changing brightness, which one could compare to a pearl...It looked like a polished wheel....This clear-shaped disk suddenly began turning. It rotated with increasing speed....Suddenly, the crowd began crying with anguish. The 'sun,' revolving all the time, began falling toward the earth, [now] reddish and bloody, threatening to crush everybody under its fiery weight...” The crowd reportedly felt a wave of heat sweep over them and described how their clothing, which had moments before been soaked, were suddenly dry. Miraculous healings were also reported.

During the initial appearance of this mysterious revolving “disk” it was reported later how it had cast beams of colored lights in all directions, illuminating the clouds, the landscape below, including the people. When the “disk” plunged toward the earth, it reportedly came down in a zig-zag motion, which is a classic UFO flight pattern, and the disk had even reportedly been described by some as flat, not as a globe. Many knelt down in the mud in fear and confessing sins – even former debunkers.

Joaquim Fernandeas, Ph.D., a professor of history at the University of Fernando Pessoa in Porto, Portugal, and author Fina D' Armada have both spent years digging deeply into the Fatima story. Together they produced a pretty comprehensive examination of the subject in their book, Celestial Secrets: The Hidden History of the Fatima Incident (2006), that actually took into consideration the UFO aspect as well, and at one point in this remarkable volume, as the authors were describing some notes that they had studied that detailed records of eyewitness descriptions from October 1917, that had been recorded by a Father Jose Ferreira de Lacerda, they read of how the apparition that descended from the sky had been described as just a little over a meter tall, wearing checkered clothing, and was wearing a tight, knee-length skirt, which back at that time was a very scandelous thing. In fact, the authors pointed out that even “ladies of the night” didn't wear such skirts back at that time!

“In these notes, we observe that the closer to the time of the apparitions that the notes are written, the more similar to contemporary 'contactee' reports the Fatima accounts are,” the authors declared

These two noted Portuguese authors have been investigating the Fatima incident for many years. In fact, back in July 1978, they located and interviewed one Carolina Carreira, who they call “the Fourth Witness” of Fatima. She had, we could say, slipped through the cracks and, as a result, lived a normal life, got married, her husband still alive at the time of their interview, and she still lived in Fatima. In what the authors describe as an “utterly forgotten” document entitled The Official Interrogation of 1923, one Viscount of Montelo recounted how Lucia had been asked to inquire of “Our Lady” of a 12-year-old girl named Carolina who had reported seeing a mysterious being; had it been her (Our Lady) that she and a 7-year-old girl had both allegedly seen on July 28, 1917, at Cova da Iria, in the vicinity of the holm oak tree where “Our Lady” had been reported several times. Lucia claimed that “Our Lady” would communicate it was not her, it was an angel. Carolina claimed that she and the other girl, who were herding sheep that morning, saw this being, who was of small stature, appearing to be perhaps 9 or 10 years old, and appeared to have near shoulder length blond hair, once walking near the tree and then a little later a being (this time with a small crown on it's head; she wasn't sure if it was same being) floating it seemed over the oak tree. She felt that she was receiving a mental message, something like: “Come here, say three Hail Marys; come here, say three Hail Marys.” The other girl did not have any such impression, though she presumably did see the apparition as well.

The authors also cite a document called Memorias, wherein Lucia was quoted about a 1915 incident that happened around noon when she had invited some young friends to pray the Rosary with her. “We had only just started praying, when in front of our eyes, suspended in the air over a small tree, there appeared a small figure, that looked like a statue made of snow,” Lucia reported. “When struck by the rays of the sun, it became somewhat transparent.” As soon as the children stopped praying, Lucia stated that the figure disappeared. “As was my custom, I did not discuss this with anybody, but as soon as my friends got home they told their families about what had happened.”

From Lucia's testimony, it was in the Spring of 1916 when for the first time Francisco and Jacinta, who hadn't yet seen an apparition with her, nor had she told them about her prior experiences, saw an apparition with Lucia. Again it was a figure resembling someone shrouded in a sheet, looking as though it was a young person 14 to 15 years of age. It was described as whiter than snow and “as transparent as crystal in the sun.” It identified itself as the “Angel of Peace.” Also Lucia described how it appeared also early summer 1916, urging them to continue their prayers. Lucia added that it appeared to the children around late September or October of that year as well, again praying with them and then simply disappearing.

Canon Formigao, who interrogated Lucia about those three encounters in 1916, counseled her to remain silent about them. He obviously felt that the public focus should remain on the major 1917 events that best comformed to the Catholic Churches religious expectations of such occurrences.

While most of the children would also see the apparitions along with Lucia, Lucia admitted that a young boy named Joao Marto claimed he didn't see the apparition during their shared encounter in 1916. This is something (as you continue to read this feature) that you will come across again. John Keel speculated that an exterior intelligent force was capable at times of making us see what it wants us to see. “It is likely that an outsider trespassing on the scene of a UFO contact would see the contactee standing in a rigid trance, just as the witnesses to miracles see only the children in a blind trance state,” he wrote. Keel felt that at times the “experience is in his or her mind as some powerful beam of electromagnetic energy is broadcasting to that mind, bypassing the biological sensory channels.”


However, this is certainly not always the case as in the remarkable apparitional events witnessed by many at the Coptic Orthodox Virgin Mary Church in Zeitoun, a small suburb of Cairo, Egypt from 1968 to 1970, where over a quarter of a million people are estimated to have gathered and witnessed frequent religious apparitions – notably the Blessed Virgin Mary. “The Zeitoun case is arguably the most credible and believable of all Marian apparitions,” Dr. Greg Little wrote (Alternate Perceptions, No. 53, Winter 2001). “As such, it represents nearly irrefutable proof that some sort of unexplainable manifestations can and does intrude into the physical world in a form that is recognizable and photographable.”

Photo enlargement showing luminous “dove-like” objects in cross formation in the sky. Reportedly such apparitions appeared at times before, during, and after Marian appearances.

That's correct, photographable! In addition to a massive amount of testimonial evidence, dozens of photographs of these phenomena taken by witnesses at Zeitoun were made available for public inspection as well.

It began on April 2, 1968, when two Moslem mechanics noticed a glowing, white robed female figure up on top of the large dome of the Catholic church. At first, the men feared it was a nun contemplating suicide and notified a priest and police. Upon their return, the figure was no longer there. Soon people were arriving outside the church nightly to watch for the mysterious woman, and it seems they were seldom disappointed. “For the next two years, the apparitions appeared frequently – often appearing every night for months,” Dr. Little wrote. “The apparitions lasted for 15 minutes to 8 hours at a time. Literally hundreds of thousands of people witnessed the apparitions with thousands of photographs and videotape taken.”

Dr. Little gave the following overview of these remarkable appearances: “The apparitions typically appeared after a brilliant series of light bursts around the church's domes. These bursts lasted about 15 minutes followed by showers of sparkling lights and glowing globs of light floating around the domes. These globs of light often took on the form and shapes of large doves circling the domes. This display was, at times, so bright, that the witnesses couldn't look directly at it. Then, atop or around the glowing dome a visible female form began moving. It appeared to be a young woman who had an intense, brilliant glow emanating from her. She wore a vail and full robe. She floated and moved around the dome for hours at a time occasionally bowing, holding out an olive branch, and blowing kisses. Sometimes she appeared to be holding an infant and, at times, she sat atop a dome cradling the infant in her arms.”

In this picture, Mary is sitting on one of the church domes, cradling an infant child. To the right is what is described as a giant “dove” that was circling nearby.

The authors of Celestial Secrets noted that in the Fatima encounters “the Being was originally described as having a ball at her waist, which she took in her hand from time to time. It was a ball that shined a bright light.” Lucia in Memoria IV described how as “Our Lady” opened her hands whereupon an “immense light” shined upon them. She added, “At the front of Our Lady's right palm there was a heart surrounded by thorns, which appeared to be driven into it. We understood that this was the Immaculate Heart of Mary, outraged by the sins of humanity.”

Interestingly, regarding the Blessed Mary ball of light artifact the authors included, with a very brief description, an artist illistration from a case near Cordola, Argentina, back on June 14, 1968, shortly after 1 a.m., where a Maria Elodia Pretzel, 19 at the time, an employee at the Motel La Cuesta, claimed that she encountered a tall and constantly smiling humanoid figure inside the building that was carrying a glassy-looking ball that projected what was described as a coherent faint pale blue, almost white colored beam of light. The ball of light had what resembled needles (thorns?) sticking out of it, that appeared to cover the object.

Glowing apparition of Mary with hands folded as though in prayer, standing atop Zeitoun church.

I myself became interested in these cases involving apparent ufonauts carrying balls of light in their hands – lights that seemed capable of multiple functions – with a suggestion in some cases of controling the conscious awareness of the experiencer – perhaps even aiding in the communications process – back in 2009 when I just happened to interview two separate alien contact experiencers who also claimed something very specific and odd. One claimed that a humanoid being from a UFO approached him in the desert outside Las Vegas. As he was demonstrating how the humanoid produced a grapefruit sized silver sphere, he used his left hand. Since I was interested in handedness of UFO experiencers themselves (whether they were right or left handed) I caught this and asked him if indeed it was the non-human being's left hand that the sphere had been in. He assured me it was. As the being held it out for the witness to observe, it grew into the size of a basketball. “Then he let go of it and it began to rotate,” the witness told me. “As it did that he would put his fingers over the top of it and like firecrackers would go off on top of this ball.” At that point, the being, he said, claimed that this was to represent nuclear explosions on our planet that could cause problems outside of earth, claiming it would “upset the balance of everything that we intend for the future” if we didn't stop setting off such explosives.

A few months later, I was interviewing another witness who claimed that while he was hunting in Cherry Creek, New York, back around December 2009, he saw a humanoid being a short distance away who raised his left arm and there in his left hand was a shiny silver metallic looking ball. “I watched this silver ball rise up out of his hand and then it was almost instantaneously in my face,” he said. He said it was about the size of a golf ball, was at eye level, a mere 6 to 8 inches away from his face. Then the next thing he knew he was coming to. He had blacked out, it seemed. The humanoid and silver ball were gone.

This experiencer has also come to notice how he senses the presences of spirits, and how the following happens: “My left hand shakes for some unknown reason when I have had those experiences. It also gets hard to breath, like I'm trying to catch my breath.”

After this, I began pouring through UFO literature looking for any other accounts of humanoids with mysterious spheres carried in their left hands, and I was surprised when I began coming across others too – notably back issues of England's Flying Saucer Review. One of them was the Argentine case from 1968, just cited above. In that case, I had noticed that the strange grinning humanoid had been described and pictured holding the sphere in his left hand!

In another FSR [Flying Saucer Review] article, there was yet another humanoid sighting reported in Santa Isabel, Argentina, around 3:40 a.m., on September 28, 1972. According to investigator and lawyer Dr. Oscar A. Galindez [who had investigated the other Argentine case just cited above]: “In his left hand he displayed something that looked like a billiard-ball, which was permanently emitting a very white light.”

Then, in even yet another FSR article, by Swedish author Anders Liljegren, there is the case on January 7, 1970, of two skiers who allege that they unexpectedly came upon a metallic looking domed saucer that came to hover low over the ground. It produced a temporary beam to the ground where they soon observed a short three foot tall thin humanoid wearing a light green coverall and darker green knee boots, and a conical metallic looking helmet on its head. The being was holding in its hands a black box with a pulsating yellow light. Later, one of the witnesses, Aarno Heinonen, twice encountered a strange woman, on May 5, 1972 and again on June 18, 1972. Reportedly this woman held a silvery ball-like object in her left hand, on both occasions. The witness claimed that the ball had three antennae on it, each approximately 30 cm in length, and these were pointed in his direction. At the conclusion of each incident, the woman would seem to float away and soon disappear from sight.

Now let me explain why left-handedness even caught my attention, which will further demonstrate and explain why I think that it could be significant.

“The left-handedness seems to indicate the increased participation of the right lobe of the brain in mediumistic states,” Dr. Nandor Fodor, a New York psychoanalyst, noted in his exhaustive volume An Encyclopedia of Psychic Science (1966). In the investigations and reports of individuals with alleged mediumistic abilities it was noted in quite a number of instances that during their entrancements that they would switch from being right-handed to left-handed, with other symptoms that reflected hemispheric shifts of consciousness as well. California “contactee” Brian Scott was reportedly observed in a spontaneous trance state (4:20 PM, November 5, 1975) by a lady named Lou Savage, who noted: “He looked strange: facial features were taut, like a semi-solid rock. His eyes had a fixed stare. Not on the paper, but on the wall in front of his desk, and his facial color was a dull gray; nothing even resembling skin tone as I know it. All the while Brian’s eyes were fixed on the wall his left hand continued writing. BRIAN IS NOT LEFT HANDED…”

John Keel explained that it was downright scandalous in his view that the only full-scale psychological study of a “contactee” had been conducted back in the 1890's by a Swiss psychologist Theodor Flournoy of the University of Geneva. A popular medium known as Helene Smith, who produced a complex “Martian” language, was often found by Professor Flournoy, when in a trance state, to look for her pocket on the left side instead of the right, and if one of her fingers was pinched or pricked from her view behind a screen, it would be the corresponding finger on the opposite hand that would be agitated.

In 1973, I met Ramona Clark, both a serious UFO researcher and an experiencer. Within only four days following a close-range encounter with a domed, disc-shaped object in Mayport, Florida, back in July 1967, her home was besieged with poltergeist activity [something that gets reported by quite a few UFO experiencers]. She described how she began hearing a loud male voice that would occasionally call out her first name. Oddly, it was always, she said, off to her left side. “Just behind the left ear,” she told me. “I'd turn around to look and there was nobody there.”

Then things got even stranger and even more frightening as she and her then teenaged son (who had also witnessed the UFO) began to have entity and light orb visitions in their bedrooms, always it seemed around 3 a.m.

British “direct voice” medium Leslie Flint described “voices” that appeared to him above his head and off to the left side. Arigo, the famed Brazilian psychic healer, was reportedly guided by a spirit “doctor” who would speak into his left ear. Fodor noted how the spirits of a well-known medium Leonore Piper always communicated with her on her left side.

British author and researcher Anthony Peake, in his book The Daemon: A Guide To Your Extraordinary Secret Self (2008), described the case of a man named Albert Tanner who for some 30 years had been hearing a voice whisper in his left ear. He had initially dismissed the voice as merely something from his own subconscious mind, until one day in April 1960, when he was about to board a plane to go on a business trip to North Africa, the voice told him not to do so. It was very insistent and so Tanner decided to cancel the trip. Soon afterwards an earthquake hit the city he was to be in and a tidal wave destroyed a good deal of what was left. He began to pay more serious attention after that to this voice, and discovered it indeed had an uncanny way of knowing things.

“The simplest explanation for these is that they are hallucinations that were dominated by activity on one side of the brain or the other,” Canadian consciousness researcher Todd Murphy, who has worked closely with the well-known Dr. Michael Persinger, told me in a phone interview. “Most commonly, if the voice is appearing on the left side, its following a hallucination on the right side.”

However, how does one explain the very precise and accurate information that some report comes through on their left side? This sounds like no simple and ordinary “hallucination.”

Florida ufologist Albert S. Rosales wrote an article based on a remarkable wave of humanoid encounter cases in Canada back in 1968, which can be found in the May 2014 issue of this magazine. July seemed to peak with the heaviest concentration of activity in Quebec, which included six young girls on the evening of July 22nd near St. Bruno, ages 7 to 13, who claimed that they saw the “Virgin Mary” hovering in the air. Only two though claimed to hear a “soft and slow” voice that advised them to pray. Others in the area reported odd things in the sky, including neighboring St. Basile where a young boy told his dad that same evening that he had seen “a man walking in the sky.” There seemed to be a lot of reports too that month in the neighboring province of Ontario. In August 1971, I followed up on a couple of those reports. I visited Toronto and met Joan Howard, psychic since childhood, who claimed that in that July of 1968 she became a contactee. She described how one night it felt as though a “powerful beam...bored into my head like a mild laser” and how she became aware of an alien presence that enabled two-way communication. For several weeks, she had visions of “spacecraft, inside and outside...gadgets of all kinds,” and much more. “In the ensuing years I have seen UFOs (in the daytime yet); had 'physical contacts'; experienced hostile attacks (two on my life) by “Their” enemies,” she would claim. “The Opposites, the “bad guys”; astral trips on board spacecraft; taken down reams of dictated communications (not automatic writing); everything but a ride in a 'flying saucer' in my physical body.”

While in Ontario, I decided to follow-up, while in the area, on a case from July 2, 1968, that occurred in Wooler, when two brothers, Fred Coulthard, Jr., 24, and Wayne, 19, claimed they were standing outside their father's home (Fred Coulthard Sr.) when, around 10-10:30 p.m., they saw a UFO descend from the sky to the north and come down, they felt, in an area known as Murray Hills. Soon after this, strange things began happening. First a family cat was found on it's back, legs straight up in the air. The two young men claimed that they were unable to bend the cat's legs or bring the cat out of its “trance.” Then, it suddenly came to, on its own, ran off and was not seen again. Next, around 11:30 p.m., a window at the back porch shattered, without any apparent reason. Then a deck of cards laying on the kitchen table flew into the air, and at one point a glass of light home-made wine flew out of Wayne's hand. The strong odor of something resembling roses filled the air too that night. These inexplicable poltergeist occurrences began to occur nightly. On July 5th, Ed Strome, a reporter for the Toronto Daily Star visited the Coulthard home and also witnessed the anomalous activity.

Calling from a payphone nearby, Mr. Coulthard Sr. responded to my inquiry saying, “I've got all things locked up and put way. We've forgotten all about it and we don't want to dig it up again.” Then he added a very odd comment. “I've got to wait for the ending of it all to see if it's going to be true or not.” I asked if he expected the events of 1968 to re-occur and he replied, “Yeah, it will come back.” I asked if he felt it was an intelligence from outer space and he replied, “Yes, most definitely.”

I wonder if it ever did come back?

Wednesday, December 06, 2023