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Classic Mysteries—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, January 2018

Two remarkable partial UFO levitation cases from 1967

by: Albert S. Rosales

Location: Thompson , Manitoba , Canada
Date: June 30 1967                 
Time: 1800

A woman was walking through her house when she heard an odd beeping sound. It was repeated at regular intervals of about one second, and she wondered what was causing it. She looked out her kitchen window, and saw dirt and loose pieces of paper flying in a large circle around the house. Outside, she found her husband (who had just returned home) and five children staring up into the sky. A young boy was holding her eight-year old daughter (Nancy LeMarquands) down on the ground. Up in the sky, a rectangular object hung in the air, slowly rotating counter-clockwise and showing alternating silver and black sides. It was black on its lower surface and made no noise. The object began moving off at an angle, stopped and hovered, then continued towards the southeast. Until this time, the circle of dirt and dust had persisted, but it now died down. The whirlwind was confined to the area immediately around their house and did not affect any other houses on the street. When the object moved away, the dirt fell to the ground.

Going to the children, the woman found they were gradually calming down, all except her daughter, who seemed dazed. The boy explained that the five of them had been playing in the yard when the object first appeared overhead. As they watched, her daughter had risen into the air, apparently under the influence of the object in the sky. By the time the other children had come to her aid, she was about one meter off the ground and her clothes had edged up her body. Her daughter said she did not remember anything from the time she felt the wind, to the time she recovered after being dragged back to the ground.  

Source: Chris Rutkowski in Unnatural History, True
Manitoba Mysteries                                                                                                                             
Apparent abduction attempt, compare with the case from Belarus around the same time.  

Location: Liadets, Stolin district, Belarus (USSR)
Date: Summer 1967                                
Time: 19:30

The main witness was with a group of seven teenagers that had decided to go play volleyball at the local court, located near the club in the center of the village. It was surrounded by a fence and tall lime and oak trees. After a few moments of playing a strange object suddenly descended above the lime trees. It was a fuselage-shaped object, the tail chopped off, no visible wings and with two huge square windows, which glowed brightly. The rest of the object’s body is matte in color. It was about 30-40 meters away from the witnesses and seemed to be moving very slowly above the trees. After additional clarifications it was established that the shape of the object was cigar-shaped, its length from 10 to 15 meters and perhaps 3 meters in diameter. The color was difficult to identify originally, but it was defined as silvery metallic.
Throughout its body along the perimeter there was a kind of glow that the eyewitnesses compared to ‘burning gas’ like from a burner, bluish in color. On the visible side of the hull there were two very large square windows, brightly lit from within with a yellowish, electric light look. But behind them there was nothing they could see. There was no sound of engines. It was still light out and the weather was clear; excellent conditions for observation.

Here was the most interesting part of the event. Suddenly the main witness was attracted to the rear window of the device, and he began to stare inside of it, mesmerized. He then felt “something taking control of him”, his feet suddenly left the ground under him. He could see no beam of light, or nothing obvious that could cause this effect. He begins to rise up above the volleyball court pole. He could not understand what was going on. Somehow he managed to grab a hold of the top part of the volleyball net, and there locked his hands. According to the witnesses he had been snatched from the ground by the influence of some unknown force, and dragged through the air in the direction of the unknown object. At the same time, he felt as if hypnotized and could not even turn away from the bright window. Only by extreme effort did he force himself to lock his hands on the net. He turned his head and looked down and realized he was still floating on top of the net as his friends stood below looking up with their mouths hanging open and eyes bulging in terror.

In the absence of direct visual contact with the object the main witness smoothly sank down to the ground. After that he grew bolder and again looked at the “window” and again he began to rise from the ground. He closed his eyes, turned his head and fell back to the ground. And then the object, that was still at about 40-50 meters away began slowly accelerating to the side flying in the direction of the Goryn River. They watched as the object got to about a kilometer or so away and then it instantly disappeared. It disappeared so abruptly that some of the guys thought that it had fallen. The total time of the observation was somewhere between 15-20 minutes.

Source: https://www.ufo-co.net/                                                   

Comments: Incredible report, it appears that this was an attempted abduction event, however crude, but compare to the Thompson Manitoba case around the same time, the same year!

The Canadian case is known (but has been ignored) here in the "West", the one from Belarus is totally unknown in Western circles.

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