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Encounters of the Unknown—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, January 2018

Really tiny saucers and their occupants

by: Brent Raynes

Here's a very strange case. On January 18, 1968, a Bob Strong allegedly received a mysterious phone call urging him to come to a place (of all things) named Heaven's Gate, located at Longleat Estate in England. He was to be there at 9 p.m., local time. He rode to this location with one Sybil Champion. Together they witnessed a small UFO land there – that is, a very small saucer no bigger than a soup plate!

This was way before today's popular use of drones, although we could speculate on what experimental drone-type devices that the military may have been tinkering with back then. At any rate, what happened next brings high-strangeness scenarios up so many notches you could say it's on steroids as the two witnesses claimed that more than a dozen four inch tall humanoids climbed down off that little saucer on a golden ladder. Next the tiny beings “grew” and became normal human sized, shook hands, and then invited Strong to come aboard their flying machine. Undaunted, Strong agreed and got shrunk down and climbed up the ladder and joined the crew of the miniature saucer. Champion stayed behind and watched as the saucer rose into the air with a whistling noise, “becoming larger” as it did so.

Some eight hours later, the flying saucer returned and a 4-inch tall Strong emerged, but as he walked toward Champion he “grew” back to his normal height.

Strong shared his incredible sounding story with the well-known British ufologist Arthur Shuttlewood.

Source: www.oocities.org/ufologia_canadiana/1968HumanoidRepots.doc

Although this sounds pretty bizarre and out there, consider the well respected Betty Andreasson Luca case and how in The Watchers (1990) by Raymond Fowler there is the description of how a huge flying saucer was shrunk down to nearly the size of a car, with occupants still inside of it! Then it too lifted into the air and flew off.

In John Keel's UFOs: Operation Trojan Horse (1970) he described how there were literally hundreds of “minipeople” stories buried in “great heaps of neglected and ignored UFO data.” Since they're so unbelievable, he explained, they rarely get published. Only a few inches tall, they may appear dressed as space people with transparent helmets, although other times they may resemble the Irish leprechauns. Keel further pointed out that experiencers may report the same unusual symptoms as witnesses to the “more conventional UFO events,” like paralysis, conjunctivitis, amnesia, and so on and so forth. He cited one of the “strangest minipeople” accounts that had come his way from a young lady in Seattle, Washington, who claimed that sometime in the latter part of August 1965, she awakened around 2 a.m., at which time she found that she was unable to move. Next a football-sized dull gray object flew into her bedroom through an open window. Oddly, she claimed that she felt no desire to jump up out of bed or to cry out as the object first hovered over the carpet by her bed, then three tripod legs came down, and the miniature UFO settled on the floor nearby. Then a tiny ramp descended and several tiny people in tight-fitting attire climbed down and appeared to be doing some sort of repairs on their craft. Once their task was completed, the small ufonauts ascended up the ramp and into the craft, at which point the object too off, flying back out the window. Afterwards, she was once again able to move. She was sure that she was wide awake during this bizarre occurrence. A local researcher named J. Russell Jenkins conducted a personal investigation of this case.

Similarly, one night in 1976, a woman in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, claimed that she awakened suddenly, sat up in her bed, and watched as a small circular craft the size of a volleyball, with a dome on top, was in her bedroom. Three tiny gray figures with “funny shaped” heads with no hair emerged and communicated with her telepathically asking if she'd like to come onboard. She then blacked out temporarily and when she came to she was in the kitchen. They appeared somewhat taller at this point. They showed her a map of where they came from and then they vanished, along with the map of course.

Source: www.thinkaboutitdocs.com/1976-unknown-date-ufo-alien-sightings/

This reminds me of a story that I found pretty unbelievable and as a consequence paid it little attention at the time, back in the early 1970s, when the distinguished Rear Admiral Herbert Knowles (involved in the infamous contactee case of Francis Swan) shared with me a story, complete with recorded testimony, of a young man who claimed a strange encounter as I recall where a truck was shrunk down to the size of a toy!

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