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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, December 2017


by: Steve Erdmann

(Harry Cooper-Sharkhunter – Bariloche near Stadt) “…according to people Cooper interviewed, General Eisenhower even visited the hotel sometime during or around 1954…was Eisenhower being ‘vetted’ for his suitability as a presidential candidate by this group, in a Bohemian Grove or Bilderberg Group style meeting? Or was Eisenhower being told ‘the way things really are’?...Eisenhower may not have been talking solely about the American military-industrial complex at all…the Nazi international was not only alive and well, but well-equipped, well organized, and self-evidently well-funded.” (Nazi International, pp. 301-302.)

“It was to be an expansion, on a far grander scale of the previous machinations of the Dawes and Young Plans that led to the creation of the I.G. Farben in the first place. Negotiate, penetrate, infiltrate, and cartelize all transfers of technology, with Germany and the Party interest solidly at the core; these were the watchwords of Borman’s emerging Nazi International.” (Nazi International, p. 73.)

(Nazi International: The Nazi’s Postwar Plan to Control Finance, Conflict, Physics and Space, Joseph P. Farrell, Adventures Unlimited Press, One Adventure Place, Kempton, Illinois 60946, www.adventuresunlimitedpress.com, 2008, 413 pages, $19.95.)


“…the finance of terrorism is, one, synthetic and, two, so large that terrorist ‘finance’ is extricable woven into the financial structure to the extent that amend to the war on terror could only come about with an end to the current global financial system.” (Covert Wars, p. 164.)

“What we have now discovered is a vast-covert-operations slush fund, a hidden fund, involving billions of dollars in securities and stolen and re-hypothetical bullion, one based upon permanence or semi-permanence, in keeping with the total culture of total power not billions (but probably)…is in trillions.” (Covet Wars, p. 210.)

(Covert Wars and Breakaway Civilizations, Joseph P. Farrell, Adventures Unlimited Press, One Adventure Place, Kempton, Illinois 60946, www.adventureunlimitedpress.com, 2012, 371 pages, $19.95.)


“That financial alliance came about as a result of bargains struck with the former Axis elite after World War Two, to gain access to a vast supply of loot, loot which could be kept off the books, and fuel an enormous postwar expansion of secret in-structure, the development of black, exotic technologies, and covert operation…knew the practices of the occult, and sacrifice, very well…” (Hidden Finance, p. 258.)

“…a ‘breakaway civilization’ that secretly emerged because of its decades’ Long access to secret funds…exploitation of Axis loot…vast war chest to fund the secret development of various exotic technologies…Nazi organizations, with it s own deep ties to the criminal underworld, drug trafficking, and, of course, to Islamic radicalism and terrorism.” (Hidden Finance, p. xxx.)

(Hidden Finance, Rogue Networks and Secret Sorcery: The Fascist International, 9/11, and Penetrated Operations, Joseph P. Farrell, Adventures Unlimited Press, One Adventure Place, Kempton, Illinois 60946, www.adventureunlimitedpress.com, 2016, 269 pages, $19.95.)

A Secret of Great Magnitude

Joseph Ferrell is certainly a foremost investigator into paranormal and esoteric subjects, having written numerous books on conspiracy, UFOs, and things largely mysterious. In the trilogy of the books mentioned within this article, Ferrell outlines the continuance of a global elite after World War II, how it built a hidden economy of vast proportions, and then exerted its power and technological ability in the destruction of the Twin Towers on 9/11.


Extraterritorial Nazi State

Ferrell tells of plans of the Third Nazi Reich to survive the war and continue as a clandestine Fourth Reich, a postwar Nazi International, continuing to develop their “most advanced technology.” Dr. Carol Rosin, a long-time American associate of Nazi Operation Paperclip rocket scientist Wernher von Braun, was allegedly told by Von Braun prior to his death in 1973, “that the world’s elite had a long-range plan for the control and manipulation of the population in response to various ‘perceived enemies.’’’ (Nazi International, p. 41.)

This geopolitical agenda was to create a third bloc of nations, including two superpowers, in conjunction with the creation of an extra territory Nazi ‘state,’ the long term goal was World Corporate Socialism. Special licensing arrangements emerged between the Western Powers, the United States, and Germany, resulting in an international corporate cartel.

Hitler’s first Reich bank president, Dr. Hjaimar Horce Greeley Schacht, typified the “pattern of incestuous relationship” between the American corporate elites and Germany. It existed in Morgan Stanley elites and Germany. It existed in Morgan Stanley and Standard Oil investments of millions of dollars American I.G. Chemical, Du Pont, Alcom, Dow Chemical, and the growth of German I.G. Farben.

Prescott Bush’s business dealing s with German Fritz Thyssen, and other such dealings, enabled Nazi Party Reichsleiter Martin Bormann, following the I.G. Farben’s models of expansion to safe havens abroad, an option codenamed Akton Feuerland, Operation Fireland. Such an operation utilized underground vaults, as well as U-boats to connect with the far reaches of Argentina. In 1942, Bormann’s Project Bernhard created $600,000,000 of counterfeit British pound notes.

“Bormann, in short, was a professional Nazi, aiming to maintain the Party, its power, and agenda and to give its institutions and goals permanence.” (Nazi International, p. 67.)

Bormann’s “Auslands-Organization” expanded from a watchful eye on German’s “Fifth Column Network” into an “extensive industrial espionage” cabal as outlined by Obergruppenfurher Dr. Johann Friedrich Scheid in a secret conference that included major firms of great importance connecting many American companies as far as Spain and South America.

Bormann worked with the likes of Allen Dulles and German military intelligence Chief General Reinhard Gehlen and a “nominal CIA control” over-shadowed by Nazi Germany’s “military intelligence.” It was collusion with the United States government. (p. 80.)

Corporate Fifth Columns

The new Nazi cabal worked in massive amounts of false fronts, dummy corporations, fifth columns, vast networks of finance agents and lawyers, extending to John D. Rockefeller or J.P. Morgan, a “Nazi International to conduct not only espionage but research in its own right…connected to the Party in the surface, but deeply connected to it covertly.” (p. 82.)

(Stalin, the Russian leader, said Bormann escaped in a fleeing U-boat.)

Ssobergruppenfuhrer Dr. Ing Hans Kammler, similarly, headed a think tank, harboring German secret weapons research and a slave labor pool of about 14 million people. Bormann exerted hidden and hard control in bargaining with his American counterparts, forcing them cover and camouflaged dummy corporations and protection of secret plans. This included secret weapons such as “The Bell.”

Massive amounts of liquid capital and assets were transferred to hide-outs for both: funds, and, Nazi personnel to Latin America, the Middle East, Spain, ‘black’ U-boats, pro-Nazi factories, and “various puppet governments of Europe.” Farrell indicates alliances were made as far as postwar radical Islam. “…probable shadowy connections between the Nazi International and Al-Hussein.” (p. 191.)

A peculiar relationship existed between German military intelligence mastermind Richard Gehlen and Allen Dulles, brother of John Foster Dulles of the lawyers involved in the eventual forming of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

Ferrell gives concern to the rise of pro-Nazi sympathy about the globe, such as in Arabia, Egypt, Italy, Turkey and other places (pp. 193-200).

A significant mystery was German intelligence agent Andreas Strassmeir who was loaned to the U.S as an undercover agent. Strassmeir, according to several witnesses, was seen in the company of Oklahoma bomber Timothy McVeigh. When Strassmeir was arrested in a road block, every effort was made to obtain his release, including the deployment of a German GSG-9 security force.

While in America, Strassmeir associated with white supremacy religious groups in Oklahoma and underground Neo-Nazi groups, often giving training in survival tactics and guerilla operations.

Continued Reunification and New Directions

Neo-Fascist and radically Rightwing Nationalist groups grew throughout Eastern Europe, a mix of socialism and capitalism. Dissemination was created through a Neo-Nazi computer network called the Thule network. What was emerging was Hegalian East German Third Position Reform. Martin Bormann’s Nazi International “was alive, well, and able to mount a coordinated effort…still well-organized, well-financed…” (pp. 224-225.)

One of the areas in which Neo-Nazism appeared was the use of double intelligence agents, made into triple agents operating from a “third position.” This was clearly in line with Gehlen’s spy organization and its nefarious link to Allen Dulles and the early CIA. Gehlen and his bundesnachrichtendienst were an integral part in Bormann’s Nazi International design to smuggle Nazi personnel to safe havens in Latin America and the Middle East.

Roots of a two-pronged Nazi Monster began in the arenas of science (with scientists such as Cornelius Jan Bakker, a leading nuclear physicist working on Huemul Island) and Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, who was a founder of the mysterious Bilderberger Group (Bernhard was a former Nazi SS soldier/employee of I. G. Farben, officer in Butch Oil) as the political prong. These two tools can be traced through the years:

# I.G. Farben’s exotic technology existed at their laser isotope enrichment facility, the Bariloche fusion project.

# Argentina’s Juan Peron announced that his Nazi contingent had by-passed fission power and had gone to fusion power.

# German scientist Ronald W. Richter was very advanced in shock wave research, The Atomic Bomb Project, which included high-spin atomic nuclei, levitation, a torsion bomb, space-time energies, and “The Bell.”

# General Reinhard Gehlen effectively took over American intelligence as his “network,” poisoned the CIA’s civilian character and became a “network of the Nazis.” Robert H. Jackson, U.S. chief prosecutor at the Nuremberg trials, and President Harry Truman knew of the penetration of the CIA.

# J.P. Morgan and also Nelson Rockefeller were paying big dividends to Bormann through American banks as late as 1967.

# German scientists under Walther Gerlach and Kurt Drehner, experimented with deuterium and high explosive-driven convergent shockwaves---weaponization far beyond atomic or hydrogen bombs. Dr. Jose’ A. Balseiro spoke of the use of magnetic field production on Lithium-7 through radio frequency generators.

Farrell cites researchers Richard Hoagland and Mike Bara’s Dark Mission which outlined the deep occult and esoteric traditions that the so-called Fourth Reich still operated under, clearly connected to Hitler’s and the Third Reich’s heritage.

Nazi Occultism, Hidden Space Program, and Esoteric Symbolism

Operation Paper-Clip was an intrinsic part of the new Reich into America, though those scientists were mainly inducted into the U.S space program. The authors said such programs were programs secretly advanced behind the scenes. One such mysterious inconsistency of such a Hidden Enterprise revolves around why Apollo 10 didn’t take place. The reasons are traceable back to the further penetration of Nazism in America and also their occult practices.

Apollo 10 did not fulfill some hidden requirements of an Egyptian agenda of a very deep level of planning---lunar landings had been on the 20th of April (1967 and 1972) which was Adolf Hitler’s birthday. The Nazis believed they could be traced back to the Aryan race and the colonization of Sumer and Egypt.

Other mysterious connections surrounded Carlos Miguel Allende and his letters to Dr. Morris Jessup (1955-1958) which spoke of the Philadelphia Experiment and Albert Einstein’s Unified Field theory, anti-gravity, and cosmic war. A Varo edition told about Wernher von Braun connections to German physicist Burkhardt Herm. Herm visualized a sixth dimensional spin-oriented full-quantized theory of space-time.

Near 1970, the Torbitt Document alleged that the involvement of Wernher von Braun into the Kennedy Assassination. It was New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison, however, that in 1967 uncovered many Nazi connections behind the assassination. Clay Shaw, a major player, “vetted Paper Clip Nazis.”

A Vast System of Operation

In a Hotel Maison Rouge meeting in Strasbourg, France, Bormann carried out Hitler’s desire “to create a vast system of dummy and front corporations to evacuate liquid assets, crucial scientific and technical personnel, and actual technology outside the Reich…gain power over as much of the world by whatever means possible, and hold onto it…much like the pronouncements one hears coming from the global corporate elite today…” (pp. 390-391.)

When the Lunar Excursion Module landed on the moon on July 20, 1969, the announcement was: The Eagle has landed. But Farrell interprets this differently: “It was someone else’s eagle___one with a Swastika surrounded by oak leaves clutched in talons___that had filed the flight plan.”

Part II

In Farrell’s Covert Wars and Breakaway Civilizations tome, Farrell expands his overriding thesis that a post-war Fourth Reich continued and knew about an immense multi-billion-dollar “slush fund” of counterfeit currency, often referred to as gold bonds, but might also be encoded to mean drug-trading. That such an operation gave them much hidden control over the economies of the world, by holding these mystery assets in trading coups that gave them enormous leverage to help finance revolutionary technologies, such as “The Bell” and various extreme inventions such as flying saucer equipment.

“In other words, the technology was intimately tied to the financial community, and to the vast underground of the national drug cartels and criminal syndicates,” says Farrell, “…’rogue group,’ an international ‘breakaway group’ operating entirely on its own…a core of intelligence operatives, rogue military men, technocrats, and, of course, corrupt, or compromised, bankers.” (Covert Wars, pp. 123-124.)

Hidden Financial System

A short list of hidden and rogue funds run a gamut which included Operation Gold Lily, Japan’s M-Fund, Foundation X, Operation Bernhard, the 57 Bond, Federal Reserve Bonds, the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI), Operation Morganthaus, as just a few of the Havens, conduits and hidden overseers. Coincidentally, many of the “bonds” issued had a 1934 date, demonstrating their illegitimacy. Such counterfeiting was also used to “wreck” economies, as was done to the British war economy.

These large caches were often rehypothecated several times in huge financial schemes of fraud, leveraging even more credit, allowing this breakaway civilization to fund gigantic projects of covert operational nature. Such secret funding probably entailed clandestine space research and even the purchase and collateralization of planets.

“…the breakaway civilization is in part ‘a banking fraud and counterfeiting scheme, with particle beams, lasers, grazers, anti-gravity, and covert operations.” (Covert Wars, p. 157.)

The National Security Council in 1948 established on its own authority the Office of Policy Coordinator, with covert operations under the direction of its chief, Frank Wiser. Edward Lansdale, a military assist and intelligence officer, embodied a “coalescence of interests,” resulting in Operation Golden Lily. Lansdale was transferred to the U.S. Air Force by General Hoyt Vandenberg, the U.S. Air Force Chief of Staff. After attending the Strategic Intelligence School of the U.S. Air Force in Colorado, he was transferred to Frank Wisner’s office of Policy Coordination at the CIA, and then back to the Philippines to oversee the recovery of the Golden Lily loot.

It was Vandenberg who (serving twice as the U.S. Air Force Chief of Staff and as a CIA director) had held superior offices to General Natham Twining. Twining was head of the Air Force Air Materials Command at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio. Vandenberg ordered Twining to New Mexico to participate in the Roswell UFO incident, as well as receiving reports from General Ramey at Roswell. Vandenberg was also an alleged member of the controversial secret study group, MJ12.

Lansdale was interfaced with the UFO phenomenon, ultimate technological projects, and notorious CIA-Nazi- International havens, including Eisenhower’s Secretary of State, John Foster Dulles and his CIA – Wall Street lawyer brother, Allen Dulles. This curious blend of a “UFO arm,” Big Money, and covert warfare, became known as The Enterprise. Enter, various front companies such as Centremondiale Commercial and the Permindex Corporation, one of the many fronts by which fascist financiers operated. Prior to the creation of the CIA, Allen Dulles created the World Corporation, which led to World Trade Centers throughout the world, such as the World Trade Martin New Orleans (associated with CIA agent Clay Shaw of the Jim Garrison-Kennedy assassination fame).

One of the biggest covert operations by The Enterprise, beyond bullion theft, gold price fixing, was the engineered economic collapse of the Soviet Union. The ability to accommodate such feats became known as full spectrum dominance.

“…control everything, everywhere, including the high seas, land, air, space and even cyber space…from the galaxy to the mind…to win a war at any level of violence including nuclear war.” (Covert Wars, p. 215.)

Weather Warfare and Electromagnetics

Farrell expounds on the various indications that said various forms of electromagnetic weather warfare may exist, even giving further into Maser, Laser, X-ray and gramma-wave weapons, earth quakes, scalar or quantum potential weapons. He reviews how these sciences could have been discovered by the late Nikola Tesla in 1908.

According to former Busch Administration Assistant financier Catherine Austin Fitts, such technology in the hands of a “Breakaway Civilization…a group of people who have so much money and so much power…don’t feel under any compunction to obey…any other laws,” would not be afraid to use such invisible weaponry. (p. 272.)

An early start on such technology may have been discovered in the tales of the 1887 Airship Mystery, the Senora Aero Club, and the parent body from Germany: Nymza. The modern Nazi Bell is reminiscent of the Dellschan Airship’s NB gas.

“…what began in the nineteenth century as a secret ‘airship’ program,” says Ferrell, “quickly morphed in the postwar era into a secret space program…the development of technologies that could, to some extent, do double duty, but the vast system of finance to achieve it..” (p. 310.)

Interference and mechanical shutdowns at missile bases about the globe by UFOs seemed to indicate the advanced technology of the (modern progression of) Airship cabal with their directed energy weapons. Farrell sees some UFOs as a further progression of Nazi ‘fusion’ experiments in Argentina (Dr. Ronald Richter) with lithium-7 fusion reactions, rotating plasmas and zero energy. UFO phenomenon, he says, are in part indications of “a parallel group owing ultimate allegiance to something supranational” in nature. Ben Rich’s (Lockheed skunk works scientist) chilling words that we now had the capacity “to take ET home” alluded that someone truly had broken away, and has access to world altering or shattering, technologies as “Unfunded Opportunities.”

Parapsychological Weapons

Farrell further analyzes the use of esoteric, metaphysical, and occultist symbolism by a suspected breakaway and rogue nation. The attackers on 9/11 are, says Farrell, rife with “vast ritual magic and sacrifice on part of an international breakaway group.” He points to scientist Dr. Jacques Vallee who has said that some UFO sightings and some UFO abductions seemed to be “deliberately designed to be a psychotronic technology.” (pp. 349-350.)

(United Kingdom subject Gary McKinnon alleged that he tapped into secret databases of the U.S. military and discovered a vast, and very secret, space fleet program.)

A true breakaway civilization would probably “coordinate psychological operations on a truly celestial, cosmic scale…given the vast survey of a culture whose lust for power of all kinds is virtually boundless…manipulation systems of a planetary scale…as the technological capacity of emulation grows, so too does the scale of finance and secrecy.” (pp. 357-358.)


The third book in this trilogy, Hidden Finance, Rouge Networks, and Secret Sorcery, holds most of the latest and potent ‘clues’ as to the aforementioned Breakaway Civilization. Farrell’s theme centers around the September 11, 2011 attack on the Twin Towers of New York and his compilation of information that, once again, indicates superior events behind this momentous series of happenings pointing at a rogue Power.

Synthetic Terror

Farrell quotes Webster Griffin Tarpley that 9/11 was, in part, “an orchestrated coup d’état, a false flag event of state-sponsored synthetic terror…shock the entire U.S. political system…and the public in general out of their inertia of normal life into a kind of war psychosis and paranoid obsession…” (p. xvi.)

Farrell continues to tie-in his continued comments that a breakaway civilization exploited secret funds, Axis loot, and vast war chests that funded various exotic technologies. He indicates that a Nazi and German International certainly played a part in the 9/11 fiasco, and he goes to great lengths to outline many details.

Links are found in the actions of suspects Mohammed Atta, al-Omaris, as well as Hani Hanjour, hijackers of flight 77. The erratic renting of automobiles, heavy editing of videos, questionable discovery of passports, the peculiar packing of luggage, suicide notes, and curious associations were all factors that opened questions about the hijackers.

Mohammed Atta’s association with Hoffman Aviation flight school melded with all kinds of hidden facts. Rudi Dekkers, the owner of Hoffman Aviation, had a rather criminal past, having been involved in a smuggling operation---including the smuggling of aircraft into the U.S. over the artic, despite radar tracking by American, British and Russian equipment. Atta had previous flight experience and even attended an international officers’ school at Maxwell Air Force Base. Hijackers Abdul al-Omari and Sajed al-Ghandi attended similar military flight training at Brooks Air Base in Texas and the Defense Language Institute in Monterray, California. (pp. 22-23.)

Carl Duisberg Society

When in America, Atta’s behavior didn’t appear Wahabbi. His friends attest that he had pilots’ licenses from six nations before Hoffman Aviation. He visited strip-joints, snorted cocaine, smoked marijuana, and has some sort of relationship to the Saudi Royal Family and elite. But, perhaps, the biggest suspicion was his seven years in Hamburg, Germany, and his association with the Carl Duisbrg gesellschaft. Bill and Hillary Clinton, David Rockefeller, Henry Kessinger, and Atta Mohammed also worked at the CDS (Atta, as a ‘scholarship holder’ and ‘tutor’ from 1995-1997).

Carl Duisberg was a founder of the infamous I.G. Farben Nazi cartel and war machine. Atta studied German in Cairo, and investigator Jay Kolar speculated that Atta was being groomed as an operative and patsy. Farrell uncovered a doppelganger Mohammed Atta with the same name, involved in a terrorist bombing of a bus in 1986; later, it was discovered that possibly three Moham(m)ed Attas existed (similar to the suspiciously three Lee Harvey Oswalds in the Kennedy assassination).

Level Three

Further suspicious activity involved Venice, Florida police Sergeant Marty Tremor, who confiscated Huffman Aviation’s entire files, carted them into a C-130 cargo plane that headed for Washington. Jeb Bush was aboard.

Journalist attest to being told by American intelligence that they were aware months ahead of time about specific targets, dates, time and methods of financing of the 9/11 attacks: all of this had been blocked from public knowledge. (p. 36.)

Farrell speaks of a Level Three conspirator-cabal that manipulated and manufactured the popular hijacking story and the consequential pancake destruction theory of the Twin Towers.

“It was a clever means to divert the publics’ attention away from the incongruities’ and impossibilities of that model,” says Farrell, “and from examining the actual mechanisms of their collapse.” (p.42.)

Somebody was leaking vital facts before the actual attacks. Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak was aware and told Washington. As a trained pilot, he also told Washington how impossible it would have been to perform a spiraling descent in which hijacker Hanjour was blamed.

There was Operation Northern Vigilance, as a simulation attack with false radar blips in the air traffic control system. These files had been purged. The Hidden Players also threaten that Air Force One was to be next in the attacks, and showed that they had knowledge of “Top Secret codes.” Apparently, the Pentagon’s five missile defense batteries had been shut down.

Witnesses saw no commercial airlines that approached the Pentagon, but a peculiar aircraft travelling about 500 mph that made a sharp turn, while another was described as a “cruise missile with wings.” Data recordings and Black Boxes simply disappeared. Air Traffic controllers said they saw the aircraft do a strange maneuver on their radar screens, but Flight 77 transponders had been turned off. False radar blips, however, were part of the Amalgam Virgo drill. A mysterious Flight X at the Cleveland airport at that time, according to researcher Michael Rapaport, showed possible slight-of-hand tactics.

Wreckage of Flight 93 was strewn over eight miles, indicating it had been shot down while in flight. There was no debris at the alleged Pentagon crash site. A second smaller white aircraft was witnessed near Flight 93. One woman said it was a military aircraft.

Farrell outlines the numerous warnings the American national-security-military-intelligence received and apparently let the events unfold without warning the general public, “…the result of a deliberate political decision not to act.”

Hidden Truth of Other Players

The Bush Family, the Bin Ladens and their Carlyle Group, all had intimate links to the CIA. Ultimately, all three were used as patsies, says Farrell, when Level Three Controllers turned their 9/11 plans “inside out.”

The intimate and intricate intertwining of plots and programs could be seen in the mysterious testimony of Delmart Vreeland who gave a sealed warning with many amazing details of the 9/11 attacks, well before the attacks occurred, possibly indicating Vreeland’s connection to American Naval intelligence. Vreeland indicated that trillions of dollars had been taken out of the United States Treasury, and Vreeland spoke of the Bush’s, the Clintons, and Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan.

As already mentioned, there appeared to be a Level Three use of ‘doubles.’ Hanjour al-Hazini and al-Mihdhar were in San Diego through the month of August up to September 8, 2001. This is contradicted by sightings on the opposite coast, crossing back to Law Vegas, returning to Baltimore, and spending days in Newark. Likewise, there appeared to be Ziad Jarrah #1 detained in Pakistan and Afghanistan, while Jarrah #2 was in flight school in Venice, Florida. (pp. 124-125.)

Farrell says 46 drills existed closely aligned to the 9/11 events, and in the words of researcher Webster Griffin Tarpley, “Terror events were largely camouflaged, assisted, conducted and bootlegged through these drills.”

Farrell includes the testimony of Dr.Tatyana Koryagana, a Russian economist and rumored member of Russian President Putin’s inner circle, about the existence of a global rouge network…”above and beyond that of al-Qaeda…had access to a financial war chest of approximately $300 trillion”---in which Mohammed Atta appeared to be a member through Carl Duisburg gesellschaft, the notorious I.G. Farben cartel and a postwar Fascist Breakaway Empire.

9/11 Financial Crimes

More than $100 million in illegal transactions appeared to have rushed through the WTC computers before and during the 9/11 disaster, one bank was Deutsche Bank. Mohammed Atta and many of the 9/11 hijackers had kept accounts with Deutsche Bank. The bin Laden family, as well as the Bush’s and virtually every financial scandal of the postwar world, did probably have some intelligence and underworld criminal masters.” (p. 160.) (Morgan Guaranty Trust, Chase Manhattan, Citibank, Jardine Matheson, UBS, HSBC---and Deutsche Bank.)

This Enterprise, these Leaders, says Farrell, were a polycentric network within and behind corporations and agencies of the Federal government, housing code names, code words, and part of a hidden slush fund’ in the billions to trillions of dollars which would be used to fund highly secret black technologies.

(Researcher Laurent Guye’not points out that Bryan C. Jack, a Pentagon worker responsible for various aspects of accounting for the American defense budget, was on board flight 93.)

The hidden system of finance involved and passed through many significant hands and many powerful banks on a global basis, at the end of the day, this society could hide all trades. All traces, with the use of PROMIS software, everything would become off the record and invisible.

Bringing Down the Towers

The obvious murder weapons used on 9/11 are fairly disputed, says Farrell, and while each ‘theory’ may have contributed to the towers’ demise, the ultimate weapon would appear to be some form of directed energy with electromagnetic beams. Farrell gets into how and when the Planners carried this out.

Normal explosions and Nano thermite may have been used by some “planners,” though most devices could not have raised enough temperature to melt massive steel structures. The “ejecta” and plumes indicate something extraordinary was vitalized; as well as the disappearance of approximately 1100 victim bodies. A high percentage of nuclear fusion/fission material, barium, strontium, thorium, uranium, lithium, lanthanum, yttrium, chromium and tritium---and subsequent cancers to victims---indicate sophisticated explosives. (pp. 195-196.)

It appears, says Farrell, that the Nazis may have experimented with such exotic science in March, 1945 at Ohrdruf, Germany with plutonium 239 of extremely high purity, as well as deuterium and tritium to boost yield: chemical laser isotope enrichment technology. Dr. Judy Wood concurred in her book Where Did the Towers Go? Farrell talks about Masers, interferometry, and approximately 90,000 tons of concrete converted to a homogeneous mixture consisting of sub-100-micron particles of pyroclastic clouds. The clouds appeared to be five times the volume of the amount of the original building. Ferrell says: “Indeed, intergranular melting seems to describe a process where the molecules of steel themselves were exploding internally.”

The details of the “Planners’” constructed devices are probably questionable, but Farrell believes he is pointing in the correct direction: use of sophisticated phase conjugation in the microwave range of the spectrum with conjugate mirrors of great ability to break down material and recombine it again. Farrell points at unknown space-based components.

Versions of PROMIS software had spread around the globe to numerous defense contractors or networks, financial Criminal Enforcement Network (FINCEN), and the U.S. Treasury.

Mega Rituals

“The ultimate alchemical wedding of high technology and deep black magic?” asks Ferrell. “What if it was used to coordinate and plan the details of a Mega Ritual?”

Farrell sees a gigantic working of ritual magic behind the 9/11 scenes: the Twin Towers as the twin Masonic pillars of Jachin and Boaz, quoting researcher Peter Levenda, and the events as a massive magical ritual of human sacrifice and technology in the form of exotic means of destruction of the Twin Towers.

Peter Lavenda is quoted about C.G. Jung’s meaningful coincidences as if some “subconscious Group…Mind of the Masses” was at work. Farrell quotes author S.K. Bain who listed a broad range of psychological warfare, occult symbols, esoteric elements, Egyptian gods, Pillar of Hercules, the Veil of Isis, and many structural symbols and constructs and signatures: The Sixteenth Greater Trump of the Tarot Tower, the twin towers of Deutsche Bank in Frankfort, plus several others: all indicate a deeper blackest of the Black Magic.

(President G. W. Bush’s reading of the story at Booker Elementary School, “My Pet Goat,” symbolized Baphomet, the sacred androgyny god Pam.)

Russian economist Dr. Tatyana Koryagina spoke of this Network having access to over $300 trillion, placing it outside of any merely American lower level intelligence.

Jingoistic Plastic Patriotism

Farrell says that America, since 9/11, has taken on an increasingly brutal fascist culture, a kind of jingoistic plastic patriotism. He speaks of a global network of “finance of terrorism…technological sophisticated cyber warfare to exotic weapons of destruction…resulting in the sacrifice of innocent lives for ultimate evil.”

“Money, power, occult knowledge, exotic technology, and financing in the trillions of dollars,” says Farrell, “do signify…a much deeper player, a player with an unrecognizable center of power, a player everywhere and nowhere…” (p. 262.)


Farrell owes much credit to numerous researchers that are cited throughout his books: Webster Griffin Tarpley, Thierry Meyssan, Jay Kolar, Daniel Hopsicker, Nafeez Mossaddeg, David Ray Griffin Michael Rupport, E.P. Heidner, Mark H. Gaffney, Eric Hufschmid, Laurent Guyenit, Jim Hoffman and Bonnie Faulkner, Rodney Stich, Peter Lavenda, S.K. Bain, Peer Dale Scott, Gladio Cottrell, John O’Neill, Catherine Austin Fitts, Michael Busby, Dennis Crenshaw, Richard M. Dolan, Ross Bellant, Martin A. Lee, Jim Marrs, Henry Stevens, Rich C. Hongland, Anthony Sutton, Dr. Judy Wood, and several other dedicated authors.

Erdmann is prohibited from giving more detailed facts from Farrell’s books, which the public will relish in their own reading, hopefully inducing them to expand and increase their study.


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