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Audio Interviews—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, December 2017

Hosted by Brent Raynes

Damien John Nott

Damien John Nott grew up in the western suburbs of Sydney, Australia. He had his first UFO sighting at age 9. Since then he has had many more sightings – particularly in a small town named Dunedoo, which is located in the Central West Tablelands of NSW. He has amassed quite a large body of photographic and video evidence. At times he seems to exhibit an ability to sense when to look up and capture such activity on camera, something he has done with one or more present. Mike Williams (see audio interview November issue) has observed UFOs while skywatching with Damien and remarked on this aspect.

Damien is the lead researcher for Australian Aerial Phenomena Investigations (A.A.P.I.) which was founded in 2012. Damien is to appear in a documentary film entitled Making Contact: Be Inspired (http://www.facebook.com/MCBIproject/) which has not yet been released.

Audio Interview

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