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Encounters of the Unknown—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, December 2017

Giggling Alien Goat herders?

by: Albert S. Rosales

Location: Near Lago Rapel, O’Higgins region, Chile
Date: August 1987
Time: early morning

Goat herder, Guillermo Fuentes, 45 years of age, was working in an area close to the lake called “El Condorito.” He had just taken the goats out of their pens and was going to lead them to some grassy fields for feeding in an area bordering the lake. Approaching an area where there were some large poplar trees, for some reason the goats became frightened. Immediately, Fuentes thought it was a snake. Some of the goats ran to the left and others to the right. He was only able to grab one of the baby goats (kid). Suddenly, from behind Fuentes, three men approached running towards him. The men seemed like normal humans and were wearing green “military uniforms.” All three had shaved heads and were extremely pale. He thought their appearance was strange, the uniforms not really military uniforms, but some sort of diver’s outfit. The men had on steel gray boots. Confused, he could only stare at the men. They spoke to Fuentes in Spanish, but with a strange accent, and their eyes were slanted “like the Chinese.” They were shorter than the witness, about 1.50m. The strange men then offered their assistance to Fuentes in collecting the goats. The men split up and began collecting the goats. They told Fuentes not to be afraid that they were not there to ‘rob him.’

Fuentes then asked them where they were from and they pointed to the coastal Cordillera nearby. “From there!” The men collected the goats, but according to Fuentes they made him very nervous as the men seemed to giggle uncontrollably among themselves “like mental patients.” Fuentes became frightened, but once he had collected his flock, the men bade farewell by saying “Hola” and waving their hands ran back the same way they had come. Totally confused, Fuentes did not even thank them. He added that they had appeared totally normal except for their faces which resembled that of “Bruce Lee”, and they were all the same, like triplets. Moments later, as he walked up the hill with the goats, he spotted a shiny metallic triangular-shaped object encircled in many bright lights. The craft was hovering low over the ground near some trees, and emitting a loud buzzing “electrical” sound. The object wasn’t large; it was only about 5 or 6 meters in diameter and about 1 meter in height. He thought the strange men had come from that object, but he didn’t stop. He left the area and did not see the men again.

Source: Archives of Robert Othmar Vettiger

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