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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, September 2017

The Psychic Who Saved the World

by: Nomar Slevik

In 1955, John Anthony Walker enlisted into the Navy. Thirty years later, he was taken into custody by the Federal Bureau of Investigation for espionage. What happened? And what does any of this have to do with unidentified flying objects in Maine? The psychic knows.

It’s All About the Benjamins

About thirteen years into his naval career, John experienced financial difficulties in trying to support his wife and four children. He also owned a restaurant which he barely kept in business, and funds were needed badly. One day in 1968, John found himself in Washington D.C. and paced anxiously in front of the Soviet Embassy. He held a closely guarded briefcase and wearily sighed at its contents. He wiped the sweat from his forehead, looked over his shoulder one last time, and walked inside. Contained in that briefcase was a radio cipher card. After he spoke with officials inside the embassy he walked out with a few thousand dollars, a sense of relief, and the beginnings of a torrid double life. That day became the first-time John Walker had sold United States intelligence secrets to the Russians. It also sparked a seventeen-year stint inside an espionage ring that involved friends and members of his own family. He commissioned his wife Barbara, naval student Jerry Whitworth, Arthur, his older brother, and his son Michael who was an active duty seaman. John would eventually try to recruit all his children into the ring, which included his youngest daughter who had recently become pregnant. Throughout the years, Barbara became despondent over John’s involvement with the Russians and despised the fact that he’d recruited his own family members. Her distress turned to anger, and in 1976, they divorced and she moved back to Maine – Skowhegan specifically. Soon after, Barbara began abusing alcohol due to her constant worry for her children and her ex-husband’s espionage exploits. Fast forward to November 1984, and she had finally contacted the FBI office in Boston, Massachusetts; admittedly in an inebriated state. But she did succeed in reporting John’s secret activities.
Ok, let’s step back for a moment. We finally have the Maine connection with Barbara’s move to Skowhegan. So… UFOs? I know, just be patient with me.

While living in an apartment complex in Skowhegan, Barbara had become friendly with the Vigue family. The family’s daughter, Shalel, was (and still is) a practicing medium and tarot reader who happened to be Barbara’s neighbor. One day in January 1984, Barbara came to Shalel for help. She asked for a reading because she wanted guidance to decide if she should turn in her ex-husband to the authorities. Shalel told the Washington Post, "She said she suspected he was giving secrets to the Russians. She said he would get drunk and call her on the phone and brag about it." After much consideration and specifically credited Shalel for her guidance, Barbara called the FBI and reported John for suspicion of espionage.
Author Howard Blum wrote of John’s exploits in the book, I Pledge Allegiance, pick it up if you can. It is a fascinating read.

The Psychic and the Stars

Due to the John Walker story, interest in Shalel’s work grew, and she was interviewed by the New York Times, Washington Post, numerous other major newspapers around the world, and local author, CJ Stephens. The result of that interview with Stephens’ book, The Supernatural Side of Maine, he revealed some interesting insights of the extraterrestrial variety. Shalel disclosed that she’d begun speaking to extraterrestrials at the age of twelve. She explained that she could speak with them telepathically, and they made her aware of her psychic abilities. In 1967, Shalel described an encounter wherein she observed a UFO outside her bedroom window – an orange light. She then saw a face in the clouds that was, “long and gaunt”. She further explained, “They told me that I had abilities unlike others, and I would be responsible in the coming years for helping the U.S. gain world peace with Russia. I also asked it if this is really what you like look like, the extraterrestrial said, That’s the closest that I can let you see of my real face so you will not be afraid.” She had two other encounters with this extraterrestrial (1975 and 1977) and was given messages that they meant us no harm and said, “They are intent on the preservation of our species.”
After researching the John Walker case and Shalel’s involvement, I contacted her for an interview. I met with her in July 2016 at her home in Skowhegan. As I pulled into her driveway, a gorgeous Persian cat greeted me outside. A woman came to the door with a big smile and a warm greeting. As we became acquainted, kittens paraded into the room. Side note – I love kitties! And to be interviewing a UFO witness, conducting research, and to be surrounded by kittens, I must tell you dear readers, I was in heaven! Anyway, let’s get back to Shalel.

As a young girl, she had told her parents of her encounters with extraterrestrials, in Shalel’s opinion, her folks reacted poorly to this revelation. They assumed something must be wrong with their daughter and promptly took her to the hospital. After an examination and tests were completed, the family doctor found nothing medically wrong with Shalel and sent her and her parents on their way. Her mother then figured it must be of a spiritual issue and took Shalel to a Retreat Center in Augusta. As she explained to me, “My mother brought me to the hospital because she didn’t know what to think. After all the tests came back negative, and I was found mentally stable, she brought me down to Dedication to the Mary Mother of Jesus at Saint Paul’s Retreat Center in Augusta, Maine.” Father Val was one of the servicing priests at this retreat center and Shalel’s mother had her meet with him. Of note – Father Val had a Vatican sanction to perform exorcisms and Shalel’s mother thought that might be just what her daughter needed. Shalel further explained, “Father Val had been blessed by the Pope to perform exorcisms, and my mother took me down to verify that I wasn’t possessed by demons. He told my mother, If she does have a demon, I will exorcise that demon. He chuckled a bit after my mother left the room. Well, after the Father spoke to me he told me that I was a fine, normal girl and to keep reading.” According to Shalel, her mother was a good woman who appreciated both the doctor’s and priest’s diagnosis, and supported Shalel’s gift.

Cured! During the ice storm of 1998, another otherworldly encounter resulted in physical evidence witnessed by one of Shalel’s neighbors as well as a miraculous healing for both Shalel and her cat. “I believe the extraterrestrials made the ice storm happen.” Shalel explained to me, “They landed on the roof of where I was living (corner of Chandler and Stewart Streets in Skowhegan). And my neighbor asked me if I believed in UFOs because something had landed on the roof the night before and left an impression in the ice!” Shalel was taken aback by this claim as both hurried outside to look at the roof. Sure enough, there was a perfect circle melted into the ice! The neighbor speculated that perhaps it was the military or the National Guard running training maneuvers in the area. Shalel gave in to this possibility but knew that something different had been afoot.

During that time, Shalel told me that she’d suffered from a tumor in her adrenal gland and that her cat had feline leukemia (awe!). On the morning of her neighbor’s, she knew something felt different and her neighbor’s discovery confirmed it. Weeks before the ice storm began, Shalel prayed and meditated to everything and anything she could think of to avoid surgery on her tumor. She told me, “I put that out to the universe. If there are angels, if there are saints, if there are loved ones passed on. Or extraterrestrials that ‘wanna’ help me with this. Remove this Adrenal Tumor!” Weeks passed with no answer… until the ice storm came. “That morning I woke up and all my pain from the tumor was gone,” she exclaimed. “I know that leukemia was gone, too. That cat was running around like a kitten, all lit up.” Shalel felt great, the best she had in years. No more pain, no more aches, and even her cat seemed anew and lived several additional years. Shalel further explained, “I know they made this ice storm to help me with this. There must be more to this. They’re going to use me again. Why go to all this trouble?” “Use you for what?” I asked. “Well, that would bring us to 2009. I told you about when I was 12 and they said I would help the U.S. with Russia. That was more than just the Walker case.” Shalel believes her visitations were meant for a greater purpose, and her visitor’s mysterious messages and healings would all culminate into an event that she described as, “intense and controversial.” She anxiously anticipated their next arrival.

The Time is Upon Us!

About ten years after the “ice storm incident”, her extraterrestrial brethren reappeared once again. She noted that the encounter was different from the others. Shalel had been awaiting this moment and knew it would be significant. The encounter involved world affairs, avoidance of war, but little else to go on, Shalel explained, “I woke up one morning after having a vivid dream, or what seemed like a dream. The one who visits me arrived again and told me something significant.” Author’s note – While Shalel explained this to me, her demeanor changed. Not drastically, but it was apparent. She adjusted her seat and her tone lowered. I could tell that I was about to hear something important. Shalel continued, “He said to me, the time is upon us, what we trained you for, I’m sorry if it is scary, you really have to rise to the occasion.” At this point in the conversation, Shalel looked at me and smiled. She must have seen my receptive demeanor as I actively listened “I’m going to show you the deck I used.” Shalel uses tarot cards in her readings and meditation to help her receive messages. She said, “It’s a world dakini deck,” and splayed them across a table in her living room. I researched the deck when I got home and found that this type of deck is said to show the intuitive wisdom of the “oracle”, which helps to find meaning in the unwritten future.

After her encounter, she meditated and then went through the deck and found something of interest. She said to me, “Then I realized what it was, Ahmadinejad, the president of Iran. He had bought a missile from Russia with which to deliver an atom bomb to the state of Israel to wipe Israel off the face of the earth. He wanted to do this before the election in June because he knew he couldn’t win legally. But, in case he lost, he wanted to leave a legacy.” I looked at her dumbfounded. My jaw was probably dropped, but it was because I couldn’t fathom how she got that from her meditation and the deck, she said, “You have to read them, over and over, put it all together.” And put it together she did.

Iran’s election in 2009 was filled with controversy which found Mahmoud Ahmadinejad running against three opponents. With 62% of the votes counted, Ahmadinejad was announced the victor. This irregularity surprised the people of Iran which resulted in protests by thousands across every single Iranian city. “I was very interested in the situation in Iran.” Shalel said. “I have friends in the area. For years, they have suffered through multiple tyrannies.” Concerned after her meditation, Shalel conducted research on Ahmadinejad and searched for clues about the missile purchase. Through my own research and knowledge of the situation, Iran was in talks with Russia in 2009 about purchasing Soviet surface-to-air missiles, though the deal never went through due to UN sanctions in 2010. It came up again in 2015 when multiple countries, including the United States, condemned the sale. And finally, in 2016, the deal went through and the missiles were finally delivered. Shalel, however, knew a different story when she found a peculiar news report from 2009. She explained, “In an obscure CNN archive it said, Iran purchases Missile from Russia. I went into that story and found that the missile was supposed to be used to deliver an atom bomb to Israel because Ahmadinejad wants them destroyed.” During my research into Shalel’s story (summer 2016), I searched the exact terms of the article as she did and received an “HTTP Status 404” error. This type of error means that communication to the server did connect properly, but found no results due to the original link either having been removed or broken. A common error type, for sure, but it could imply something may have been there previously.

Once Shalel studied the situation, she knew she had to act. She thought about the alien request, her meditation, and what her cards had told her, so she devisd a plan, “I found five to six people in my network who are the top in their field. This includes military officials, masons, and members from the Dalai Lama group. I contacted them, told them of what I found and asked what to do with this information.” One of her contacts took great interest in what Shalel had to say. He was a marine veteran who shared a peculiar dream with Shalel with implied foreshadowing. It was about the world being on a tortoise’s back and that the world would plummet if not for that tortoise. He felt Shalel’s findings and extraterrestrial intervention coupled with his dream, was a call to action. He asked Shalel, “What makes this Ahmadinejad man tick? We’ve got to do this from another approach. We’ve got to get inside his head and get him to change his plan.” Shalel pondered this and suddenly, it hit her like a ton of bricks. She knew what they had to do. She knew the one thing that would change Ahmadinejad’s mind about setting off an atomic bomb on Israel; family. “Let’s scare the bejesus out of him by sending military snipers to take out his two sons! We’ll contact him and tell him if he doesn’t change his mind, his sons will be dead in hours. It’s a bluff, but we’ll make him believe it.” The both thought the idea could work so they set out to get the ball rolling. Shalel had an Israeli friend whom she’d met online, she told me, “They were from a very wealthy family and had connections to Iraq, Iran, and Israel. His father was an oil barren.” With a plan in place, Shalel prayed that the plan would work. “I prayed on it. I didn’t want the world to have to endure this. The extraterrestrials knew and came to me. The radioactive air would affect millions for generations.”

Did It Work?

As the date of the election approached, no bombs were dropped and according to Shalel, the plan worked! An atomic bomb was not dropped on Israel, and as a final act to preserve his legacy, as Shalel would explain to me, “Ahmadinejad rigged the election in 2009 to remain president so he could figure out a different plan for his legacy. But we did it!” I felt her terrific pride during our conversation. A wild story, but the emotion was real. I thought about this on my drive back to Bangor. Was the world a better place because of this psychic from Skowhegan? Was she an unsung hero who had a hand in thwarting a nuclear war? I couldn’t begin to fathom the thought, and really, I could have just dismissed her. But never dismiss the outrageous just because it’s easy. Maybe she did save us or maybe she didn’t. What I do know is that after meeting and spending time with Shalel, if given the chance, she’d save the world time and time again.

Author Name: Nomar Slevik

Book Title: Otherworldly Encounters: Evidence of UFO Sightings and Abductions

Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide Ltd
Publish Date: 07/08/2018


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