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Encounters of the Unknown—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, October 2017

Strange Creatures (Djinn?) near Tunis

by: Albert S. Rosales

Location: near Tunis, Tunisia
Date: late May 1986
Time: near midnight

During the month of Ramadan, a woman, her husband and her two children had visited her mother-in-law in the evening. It was close to midnight as they headed to their house which was under construction located about 7-kilometers from the city. Their house was situated in between two small villages. About 15 meters from the house is a railway and from what she remembers there were seldom any trains coming by.

As they approached the railway crossing the red lights began flashing. They stopped just a few meters in front of the railway tracks, waiting for the train. However, there was no sound (whistle) from any approaching train and instead four or five bright creatures appeared in front of them, walking in the middle of the tracks. They walked behind each other with arms stretched to the next in line. Their heads were large and round and narrowed at the chin. The beings looked straight ahead, never turning towards the witnesses. They were extremely thin, almost skeletal in nature. They could see protruding bones on their chests. Their feet were very small and they almost seemed to be moving in small jumps ahead. Their height was maybe two thirds of ours. They looked like very skinny old men.

The children were asleep. The woman and her husband remained silent and just stared at these beings. When they had passed, the red lights turned off and the witnesses continued driving. They were still silent, wondering what they had just witnessed. She just wanted to get home as fast as possible. Finally home and their children still asleep, they both sit down at the kitchen table and asked themselves what they had seen. Each of them then takes a paper and pencil and draw a picture of what they had observed. They made similar figures and their memories of the observation were the same. They speculated about UFOs and also another theory. According to local tradition there was once an old well not far from the railway crossing, and beside this well people had encountered “Jinns” on several occasions. Some had even been chased by these Jinns. These Jinns had the feet of animals with small hoofs.  

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Source: Christoffer Mossberg, Anders Skoglund in Hakan’s Blomqvist’s blog http://ufoarchives.blogspot.com/2017/06/
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