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Book Reviews Perceptions Magazine, September 2017

The New World Order
by Nick Redfern

Visible Ink Press
43311 Joy Rd., #414
Canton, MI 48187-2075
2018, 448 pages, US $19.95
ISBN: 978-1-57859-615-7

Reviewed by Brent Raynes

This book's author, Nick Redfern, is a name that should be recognized by most of our readers. The author of some 30 popular books on UFOs and cryptozoology, and a frequent speaker at conferences and a guest on numerous television documentaries, his latest encyclopediac contribution on conspiracies, The New World Order, is certainly a comprehensive distillation of innumerable key historal facts, movements, events, personalities and organizations, both domestic and abroad, that have played prominent roles in the generating of deep suspicions among a great many people. With all of the social and political tensions and unrest that currently exist across our globe it is small wonder that uncovering strongly suspected as well as proven social, economic, political, governmental, religious and cult-related propaganda and disinformation are a popular focus for many.

There's plenty to ponder and reflect upon, and this book delves quite thoroughly into an enormous range of such information, both historical and current – in fact, right up to the latest such information. Listed in alphabetical order you go from things like alchemy, anthrax attacks, Area 51 to webcam spying, WikeLeaks, and a deadly possible future scenario called Zero Hour. For you folks like myself interested in the UFO phenomenon, Redfern's details on the CIA's Robertson Panel of 1953, how it reportedly had a connection to the controversial L. Ron Hubbard and his Church of Scientology, the CIA's interest in using the UFO phenomenon as a tool for psychological warfare and propaganda, using Walt Disney Corporation as one of its tools to reduce public interest in UFOs, and then there's even whispers that governments might use a “manufactured UFO threat” to manipulation their populations.

What may the global elite be planning behind the scenes? Redfern explores all of this and much more. With over 140 photographs and other graphics, this richly illustrated volume, which includes a bibliography and an extensive index, takes the reader down numerous dark corridors in search of hidden truths – truths that hopefully, like the Bible says, will set us free!


The Transformational Power of Dreaming:
Discovering the Wishes of the Soul
by Stephen Larsen and Tom Verner

Inner Traditions
One Park Street
Rochester, Vermont 05767
2017, 360 pages, 6 x 9, US $19.95
ISBN: 978-1-62055-514-9

Reviewed by Brent Raynes

The authors of this book, Stephen Larsen and Tom Verner, take the reader on a sweeping and thought-provoking journey into the distant past, describing ancient dream traditions from all around the world. They delve into some of the oldest records detailing such traditions that are available from ancient Egypt, India, Greece and Australia and then continue on into shamanic and indigenous societies around the world. They explore the modern Jungian interpretations of the archetypes of the collective unconscious, sychronicity, and the emerging understanding of the dreaming process through the academic fields of psychology and neuroscience. They introduce the reader to the age-old practice of dream incubation wherein one can learn to solve problems and gain deep insights by what the authors call seeding the unconscious.

In addition, paranormal elements of the dream world are also explored, such as clairvoyance, precognition, and telepathy, and the authors also introduce readers to the exciting realms of lucid dreaming and shamanic dreaming. Detailed case histories are given and the authors guide the reader to methods whereby they themselves may gain access to untapped resources of the unconscious that can provide inspiration, healing, and self-discovery.

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