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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, July 2017

Is the Real “Establishment” Ruling from Antarctica?

by: Patrick Scott Giles

As some may find this whole article too lengthy for their casual interest, I have divided it into subheadings as follows, so that parts of it may be skipped over:

The Political Escalation over the Environment
Environmentalism Isn’t Always about the Environment
The Nazis Weren’t Defeated, but Dispersed
The Usual Suspects: Nazis, Atlanteans, and Aliens
Could There Still Be Nazis in Antarctica, Coordinating Their Global Network?
Or Even an Ancient Progenitor Race of Giants?
Enough with Theories: The Recent Facts of Politics and Antarctica

However, I do believe there could possibly be some interrelationship, even if very subtle, between all of the topics covered, which is why I write it as a single article.

The Political Escalation over the Environment

On May 26, 2017, two-time presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton gave the commencement speech to the graduating class at her alma mater, the private women’s school of liberal arts, Wellesley College in Massachusetts. In her speech, Clinton made reference to the pervasiveness of online conspiracy theories in social media and what she felt was an offense to “truth and reason”:

“And here’s what that means to you, the class of 2017. You are graduating at a time when there is a full-fledged assault on truth and reason. Just log on to social media for ten seconds. It will hit you right in the face. People denying science, concocting elaborate, hurtful conspiracy theories about child abuse rings operating out of pizza parlors.”

In the inevitable social media commentary that followed online, I came across a fallacious argument that nonetheless got me to thinking. This person's argument was that, since Clinton mentioned “people denying science” (a nod to the global warming debate) alongside what would seem to be the more inflammatory controversy around “pizzagate,” that Clinton (and by extension those around her) was more concerned with climate science because of ongoing revelations about Antarctica.

Obviously there is no real logic in saying that just because something is mentioned first in a speech it necessarily means this or that. But the fact that “denial,” or rather criticism of the theory of man-made global warming is now being grouped together with the most foreboding of conspiracy theories is an interesting development in the platform of a national political party. Could it perhaps be a developing cover story for something that is happening in Antarctica?

Environmentalism Isn’t Always about the Environment

Some will argue “no,” that some of our politicians really are concerned about the environment and are only investing all of this time and energy into the issue because of how much they care. To these people it must be asked, have you taken a swim in a river lately, in either a red or blue state? Chances are good that it will be filthy and you may even get an illness. An honest assessment would reveal that American politicians of both sides of the aisle look the other way when it comes to many ongoing industrial pollution and environmental abuses. The regulatory agencies have been implementing policies whose impacts are felt more economically than environmentally, being used as an unconstitutional means of enacting de facto law outside of Congress and on behalf of the kinds of extremely powerful corporations who are committing the abuses in the first place. The money of lobbyists and special interests is just as much of a problem at the EPA as the well-known “revolving door” between the FDA and big pharmaceutical companies, and even something as seemingly boring as the Smithsonian Institution, responsible for crafting the “official story” of Native American history, has historically been guided by members of secretive private clubs, such as the Cosmos Club founded by James Wesley Powell.

Considering all of that, we should at least be forgiven for temporarily suspending our belief that politicians are genuinely concerned about the well-being of the Earth, or that they actually care more about it than their own bank accounts and standing within their party. If selective outrage is bought and paid for by special interests, as seems to be the rule, then who are the big-moneyed interests paying so much money to give climate change politics top billing, so to speak, and why are they doing it? Behind millions of dollars of investments into politicized charities are the names of the usual suspects, shadowy banker and investment types.

The Nazis Weren’t Defeated, but Dispersed

Oxford scholar Dr. Joseph P. Farrell carefully documents that not only did many Nazi scientists come to work for the US after the war in Operation Paperclip, but that many also stayed in place at powerful corporations such as IG Farben (the largest corporation in Europe) and IBM, and in key positions of financial and political influence elsewhere in the world. This network of shadowy power brokers was able to secretively continue following Nazi policy, presumably directed by a government-in-hiding with former party members now embedded among US military and intelligence, among others.

Dr. Farrell gives us an opportunity to wrap back around to Antarctica again, as his work following the Nazis after WW2 led him also to Antarctica and the question of what exactly the Nazis were doing there after the war. Various world powers had already made trips to Antarctica as well as claims to large slices of land. Hermann Goering himself helped organize a secret expedition to found the colony of Neuschwabenland for Nazi Germany in the summer (southern hemisphere) of 1938 and 1939.

There have been odd stories about Antarctica for decades, revolving around the Nazis and the Admiral Byrd expedition immediately following the Second World War. It seems that within the past few years, and especially the last few months, Antarctica has become of greater interest in online conspiracy theory and alternative historical circles due to a series of increasingly bizarre events that, during the momentous political events in the US during 2016, as Dr. Farrell himself noticed, even seemed to take on political significance.

The abstract of a paper from the Scott Polar Research Institute at Cambridge University gives a brief overview of the origins of the ‘Nazis in Antarctica’ story:

“In January-February 1939, a secret German expedition visited Dronning (or Queen) Maud Land, Antarctica, apparently with the intention inter alia of establishing a base there. Between 1943 and 1945 the British launched a secret wartime Antarctic operation, code-named Tabarin. Men from the Special Air Services Regiment (SAS), Britain’s covert forces for operating behind the lines, appeared to be involved. In July and August 1945, after the German surrender, two U-boats arrived in Argentina. Had they been to Antarctica to land Nazi treasure or officials? In the southern summer of 1946–1947, the US Navy appeared to ‘invade’ Antarctica using a large force. The operation, code-named Highjump, was classified confidential. In 1958, three nuclear weapons were exploded in the region, as part of another classified US operation, code-named Argus. Given the initial lack of information about these various activities, it is not, perhaps, surprising that some people would connect them to produce a pattern in which governments would be accused of suppressing information about ‘what really happened’, and would use these pieces of information to construct a myth of a large German base existing in Antarctica and of allied efforts to destroy it.”

The Cambridge publication goes on, not surprisingly, to state that all of this was just invented and never happened. Time will tell, but something odd certainly seems to be going on in regards to Antarctica.

The Usual Suspects: Nazis, Atlanteans, and Aliens

Alternative theories about Antarctica usually revolve around one of three sets of ideas, sometimes combined in various ways:

1. That a German submarine or naval base in Antarctica became a post-war refuge and operating base for the Nazis, leading the US to send the Admiral Byrd expedition. The Byrd expedition met with a surprising amount of resistance, including advanced aircraft, and had to return early with casualties.
2. That Antarctica was home to an advanced civilization in the distant past, before some massive global climate change caused it to become covered in ice, and the ruins of this civilization are still frozen beneath the surface.
3. Extraterrestrials use Antarctica as a base of operations.

This last one, not surprisingly, seems to have the fewest leads to go on, and the least amount of evidence to support it. The most substantive clue may be that the advanced Nazi aircraft that Admiral Byrd came across are often described as saucer-shaped, and Byrd himself commented on advanced aircraft able to fly from pole to pole with rapid speed. Such a rapid pace of technological development would be startling, especially considering that the resources of the Nazis was supposed to have been fatally crippled at the end of the war, as well as the fact that the world public has yet to see any significant improvement upon the engine types designed during World War Two, over seventy years ago (which may in itself be telling).

That Antarctica was a home to some ancient civilization is a theory that draws upon a few different items of evidence brought together. Researchers such as Graham Hancock, in his Fingerprints of the Gods, cite the medieval maps of Piri Reis and others that appear to depict the coastline of Antarctica in detail, as it would appear if there were no glaciers covering it. This indicates that it was at one time, within historic memory, at least partially free from ice and was known and explored by navigators whose maps were preserved in Turkey and elsewhere. If it was free from ice then it should have been able to support life, such as plants and trees, and animals, and therefore also human populations and civilization. And now from time to time we also come across satellite images cropped out of Google maps and elsewhere, appearing to show snow-covered mountains with four 90 degree angles, with the suggestion that these are ancient pyramids buried in snow. And then of course there is the mysterious Lake Vostok. This is the largest subglacial lake in Antarctica, supposedly heated by some thermal source underneath all the ice. Explorations have been ongoing for some time and yet little information seems to come out. What is really going on as far as that is concerned is anybody’s guess, and we will return to contemporary events in Antarctica below.

Could There Still Be Nazis in Antarctica, Coordinating Their Global Network?

The first idea, that it continues to serve as a Nazi base, at first seems hard to believe, yet it is perhaps the best documented explanation as far as everyone acknowledging that the Nazis had in fact claimed territory and established facilities in Antarctica. Some of the first critical questions to come to mind in such a scenario are, Where would the Nazis be getting their food, fuel, and other vital supplies? How could they continue paying for it for all of these years? Where is their income coming from?

But one can actually think of reasonable answers to those questions: the Nazis left behind an intact network across Europe, both Americas, and beyond, which included intelligence assets, military contractors and other powerful corporations, and one might conceivably even consider profits from gun, drug, and human trafficking carried out by the CIA and military contractors such as Wackenhut and later DynCorp, as documented by other researchers. George H. W. Bush, a former director of the CIA, was the son of Prescot Bush, a founding member of a bank which was closed down by the US government in 1942 under suspicion of housing Nazi gold assets. Prescott was also involved in facilitating military contract work during WW1, aside from being a member of Yale’s Skull and Bones Society and all the rest. So with a CIA and State Department full of foreign sympathizers after WW2, and even giving new identities to former Nazi party members and also giving them jobs, it is not inconceivable that some significant funds were being funneled out of clandestine activity in the US, South America, and Europe and used to smuggle supplies down to Antarctica as needed. This is just one possible explanation but a rather obvious one, given all the convenient connections already in place which are already known.

One of the interesting things about the Nazis is their connection to the occult, and according to some, even to extraterrestrial sources of information and technology. Both of these, the occult activity and the alleged contact with extraterrestrials, are sometimes offered as explanations as to how the Germans could have developed so much advanced technology so rapidly during the course of the war, even at the end of the war while Germany itself was being deprived of vital supply lines and bombed into ruins. The way some would tell it, the Nazis were hardly even in control of themselves, but were rather just the resurfacing in a new form of some ancient influence. The interest that the Nazis showed for their ancient ancestors is also very telling and seems to have gone beyond mere anthropological pride or base racism, and all major western countries had been funding important archaeological work all over the world in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, particularly in the Middle East and the Americas. Important discoveries during this period included the Hittite civilization and also the Sumerians.

Or Even an Ancient Progenitor Race of Giants?

At the crossroads where theories of extraterrestials and advanced ancient civilizations meet, you have work such as that of Erich von Däniken and Zechariah Sitchin, who, regardless of the ultimate accuracy of their work, inspired generations of ancient astronaut theorists. Sitchin relied heavily on Sumerian tablets which he interpreted as telling of ancient extraterrestrial “gods” (at least to the human Sumerians) who ruled Mesopotamian city-states and traveled back and forth between heaven and earth.

Some of Sitchin’s other claims have come under criticism for lack of source material, but there are at least a couple of important things that even the academic establishment position acknowledges here: that Sumerian texts complain of the common people laboring like slaves for the ruler of their city-state, who is considered divine and depicted as disproportionately large (though they argue that these depictions are purely symbolic of the rulers’ power); and other ancient texts including the Bible and apocryphal works testify to an ancient ruler class which was descended from the ancient giants (called the Nephilim, Rephaim, and related groups in the Old Testament, all descended from the “sons of God [who] came in to the daughters of man and they bore children to them,” Genesis 6), and there were still whole tribes of exceptionally tall people in the time of Moses and Joshua who the Jews were instructed to kill. At least singular giants were still around at that time of King David as well, as David slew the giant Goliath and other instances of combat with giants are mentioned as well. It’s in these passages that it is also noted that these giants had six fingers on each hand, which is an oddity of anatomy that would also be found in North American archaeological sites, and in fact well-formed sixth digits are still found in some people today with polydactyly. Incidentally, Sumerian mathematics did not use the decimal or base-10 system (which is reasoned to be most natural to us because of our familiar ten fingers), but a base-12 system such still survives today in our 12-hour clock or 12 inches in a foot. If modern humans settled upon base-1o systems because of our counting familiarity with our ten fingers, then why did the Sumerians use a base-12 system? Could it be that this was the early mathematical system of a distinct race of beings, the intellectual elite of the Sumerian culture from whom later Sumerians learned what they knew?

In fact this is exactly what the extra-canonical, “banned from the Bible” Book of Enoch says, as it describes in more detail just exactly what Genesis 6 is talking about when it says that sons of God were having children by the daughters of men. Discovered in manuscripts dated back as far as about 2000 years ago, the Book of Enoch says that giant fallen angels violated commands they had been given by God and interbred with mankind, in the process teaching us many things that we had no prior knowledge of, including written language, the uses of various plants and herbs, metallurgy, astronomy, the use of makeup (possibly for prostitution, which Sumeria is also known to have had), and other diverse things.

In North America we also see archaeological evidence of an ancient race of giants, typically 7 to 8 feet or even taller, which appear from their burials to have been the elite class of their own versions of city-state complexes, but this time in the valleys of rivers such as the Mississippi and Ohio. These finds have been well-documented already through the work of researchers such as Fritz Zimmerman and Dr. Greg Little. We also find evidence of a systematic suppression of “anomalous” archaeological evidence by special interests and private clubs dictating the scientific policy of the Smithsonian Institution, which in the late 19th century had gained ownership of all US government collections of Native American artifacts by an act of Congress.

So how would this ancient race of giants fit into Antarctica? They disappeared from the face of the Earth as far as we can tell, but accounts as to what happened to them differ. In the Americas the presumption seems to be that this race, like many Native Americans in general, saw their populations wiped out by fits and spurts over the course of hundreds of years, through disease, warfare, and socio-political upheaval resulting from European contact, beginning at the end of the 15th century and beginning of the 16th by the traditional narrative of events.

But in the Middle East, there are ancient Judeo-Christian texts and traditions (including the Book of Enoch) speaking of the fallen angels being cast under the earth, being chained into a pit, etc. These accounts suggest that the fallen angels are still around and waiting for judgment day, but have been stripped of their power in the meantime. Could putting the fallen angels into or under the Earth be a figurative way of saying they were sent to Antarctica, of which these ancient writers may have had no knowledge at that time?

Zechariah Sitchin’s work provides a different but overlapping narrative, that the Anunnaki (his equivalent of the biblical “angels” as a whole, both obedient and fallen) had a dispute revolving around the role and fate of mankind, and the dispute between the two opposing factions of Anunnaki eventually led to warfare using advanced technology. Sitchin also argued that the biblical flood, which the Bible itself rather plainly states was a result of the miscegenation between the “sons of God” and “daughters of man,” was artificially created by the Anunnaki who were hostile to humanity, with the intention of completely wiping out the genetic experiment which was mankind. The “Noah” of this story was the head of a family who the sympathetic faction of Anunnaki forewarned and helped to prepare for the flood.

After all of their conflict, in Sitchin’s telling of events, the Anunnaki just seem to have gone away and left mankind alone. It may have been Sitchin’s suggestion that the Anunnaki will return in the future when the twelfth planet returns, which is an aspect of his work which has drawn much criticism, particularly over the 3600-year orbit he gave this planet. But what if these Anunnaki weren’t actually extraterrestrial at all, and were simply a very advanced terrestrial race native to our own planet? And what if when they “went away,” they simply relocated to other locations which were still as of yet out of reach to the hybrid mankind? In fact, if one believes the conventional chronology of history, the Sumerians and pre-flood period were around 4000 BC, while there were giants still living in the same pre-flood city-state configurations in North America possibly as late as the earliest European contacts. An account of Magellon’s voyage, for example, states that attempts were made to bring a living red-haired giant from Mexico back to Europe, but he died and was thrown overboard.

Could this be what our governments have discovered are hiding from us, while gladly tolerating theories of extraterrestrial visitors? To be visited from extraterrestrials, as frightening as that may be for some people, is likely not quite as earth-shattering as the idea that we are all the result of a hybridization between two species in order to work as slaves for the more advanced of the two, a progenitor race that then warred over our fate and then left us in relative peace… right? Then again, we could forget all of this and just go back to the idea that all of these saucers are just the result of advanced military projects, which by now is likely to be the case either way.

Enough with Theories: The Recent Facts of Politics and Antarctica

The ongoing and increasingly tense and momentous political climate from the summer of 2015 until today is something we are all bombarded with every day, and needs no introduction. Keeping all of this increasing political tension in mind, let’s examine what has been going on in Antarctica lately.

Briefly, here are a few known high-profile visits to Antarctica from recent months:

The “Russian Pope,” February 18th, 2016: Patriarch Kiril III of the Russian Orthodox Church in Moscow arrived in Antarctica just a week after he made history by meeting with the Catholic Pope Francis in Cuba, the first time the heads of the Russian Orthodox and Catholic churches had ever met. He was ostensibly there to bless a Russian church which had been built, the first on the continent.

In the time preceding Patriarch Kiril’s arrival, according to Dr. Farrell, “the “oceanic survey vessel”, the Admiral Vladimirsky, was in the Antarctic doing oceanic surveys (presumably) just a few months before the Patriarch of Moscow’s visit to bless the snow and penguins. And, let’s be fair, I remember the days when “Russian survey vessels” meant big ships bristling like a porcupine with all manner of antennae and electronic equipment to eavesdrop on Western communications. So let’s assume the Admiral Vladimirsky is one such vessel. Oh, look, why, it is just such a ship, and oh, look where it was before it sailed off for Antarctica…” The Russian observation ship had left from Saudi Arabia.

John Kerry, US Secretary of State, November 13th, 2016: Just after the politically game-changing US presidential and congressional elections on November 8th, John Kerry is in Antarctica for a two-day stay, allegedly to raise awareness of global warming, despite the fact that Antarctica’s ice has actually been thickening. He is “the highest-ranking United States government official ever to visit Antarctica,” according to a article covering it. Perhaps the Arctic would have been a more appropriate place for him to visit, if global warming were his true reason for going. Significantly, we are also told that the trip was planned in advance of the elections, and he had actually left on November 7th, the day before the elections, expecting a Hillary Clinton victory. The timing almost suggests an initial contact for an incoming Clinton administration, and in fact some of John Podesta’s infamous emails contact attachments which are pictures from Antarctica. Clinton herself has hosted conferences on the Arctic and Antarctica, while the Obama administration proposed limiting the number of tourists to Antarctica in 2009.

Apollo astronaut Buzz Aldrin, November 28th, 2016: Former moonwalker Buzz Aldrin not only leaves for Antarctica (ostensibly for tourism), but takes a Russian plane to get there, and on December 1st had to be evacuated to a hospital in New Zealand for a medical emergency, where he was said to have fluid in his lungs. He was 86 years old at the time.

Next, from February 2nd, 2017, we have an announcement from the Russian Baltic Fleet. On this one, Dr. Farrell tells us that this fleet hasn’t left Russia since 1905. The spokesman for the fleet said that it would “make long-distance voyages to the North Sea, to the Mediterranean, to Antarctica, and to other areas of the world ocean this year,” as reported by TASS.

Also from February 2nd, reported that a British expedition was going to set off to Antarctica in search for evidence of “dead planets,” ie meteorites. Dr. Farrell suggests that this could mean the British are revisiting an old theory, that the asteroid belt is the remnants of a destroyed planet.

Newt Gingrich, February 15th, 2017: A Washington Post (which, we should note, is literally the beneficiary of a multi-million dollar CIA contract, as was revealed some months ago) article mentions that Newt Gingrich, who had been contacted for the article, stated that he was then currently on a trip to Antarctica.

And finally, though it may say more about the United Kingdom’s government than Antarctica, as of May 2017, the UK has actually extended an ISIS terrorism warning to Antarctica which they host on their official government travel advice website. Russia Today reported it on May 17th with the headline, “Ice-is? Britain issues terrorism warning for Antarctica... & security experts aren’t impressed.”

So what do we make of all of these interesting reports? How can they be fit together in a narrative that makes any sense? We will just have to stay tuned and see what comes down the pipe next.

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