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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, July 2017


by: Steve Erdmann

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“On the evening of March 24, 1967, a civilian truck driver Ken Williams, observed a large, dome-shaped lighted object while driving near Belt, Montana (not far from Great Falls). The object was about a mile to his left and seemed to be pacing his truck at the same speed. Soon the object stopped and hovered for a moment, then dropped into a ravine and landed. Williams observed it as it pulsated with a very bright white light. The object was also seen by Bud Nader, a Montana highway patrolman, before it left at high speed.”

Such UFO activity prefaced a peculiar invasion around the Malmstrom ballistic missile launch site, not just on March 24, but in the general area for several days.

(Unidentified: The UFO Phenomena, Robert Salas, The Career Press, Inc., 220 West Parkway, Unit 12, Pompton Plains, N.J. 07444, www.careerpress.com, 2015, 239 pages, $15.99.)

They Were All Disabled

Part I

On the same day of March 24, 1967, airman Sidney Young was driving southwest on Montana Highway 200, about 20 miles from Great Falls, approximately six miles of G-7, when he observed a huge beam of light coming down from the sky. The edges of the cylindrical UFO were sharply defined and more importantly there was no “spill-out” of light. “This simply had to be a solid, white colored cylinder shape standing there in a fixed position,” said Young.

Robert Salas had been working, also on March 24, as a certified missile combat crew commander with a highly qualified rating at a Maelstrom Launch Control Center (LLC). While monitoring the weapons systems, maintenance and security activities, the Flight Security Controller (FSC) reported strange “lights” flying above the control center “capsule.”

“He went on to say that the lights were unusual in that they were making maneuvers that aircraft could not do,” says Salas. “They would move at high speed, stop abruptly, then reverse course and hover, and they were making no sound.”

A few minutes later, says Salas, the FSC called again, fearfully agitated, reporting that one of these lights was hovering above the facility’s front gate. He reported “the guards at the ready with their weapons drawn.” Salas commanded him to not let anything enter the perimeter of the facility. One of the guards tried to climb the fence and received a cut on his hand.

“There was some sort of attempt in progress to enter our facility,” says Salas. “And, of course, our facility had the responsibility to secure the nuclear weapons under our control.”

About this time Colonel Fred Meiwald had been notified, and the status board began to get audible alarms and indicator lights went on: “All of our missiles were indicating NO-GO; they were all disabled.”


Lieutenant Robert Jamison was a targeting officer assigned to the 341st Missile Maintenance Squadron. Jamison stated in an affidavit that he was called out to restart the Oscar Flight. Jamison verified that all 10 missiles at Oscar Flight had gone NO-GO. His affidavit said that his team was ordered to “remain at the hanger, as a precaution, until all UFO reports from the field had ceased.” This took about three hours before they were given the go-ahead to proceed to Oscar Flight.

During briefings, Jamison was instructed to report any further UFO sightings to the Missile Command Post, and to also take self-defense measures if UFOs appeared while “performing missile repairs in the field.”

They were also told of Echo Flight shutdowns due to UFOs that occurred on March 16, 1967.

Salas assigns a pseudonym to “Airman Smith” who was a targeting technician at the Echo Flight missiles on March 16, 1967; Smith was notified that the Echo Flight sites had gone down. Smith was finishing his work at Echo Flight LF and was beginning their startup procedure. At some point into the acquisition of the autocollimator light beam, acquisition failed.

“About this time, the top side security guard shook the ladder and motioned for Airman Smith to come up the ladder,” says Salas. “When he reached ground level, he could see a large, glowing, orange-colored sphere, stationery at about 30 degrees from the horizon, in the direction of the gate and close to the site.”

Airman Smith notified the team chief who was visibly frightened by the sight of the object, Smith ordered the “shaken” guard to report the sighting to the Wing Command Post through the Sensitive Information Network (SIN), but the line would not connect. Smith and two other team-members tried the startup procedure several times, only to “crap out” at collimator acquisition.

The object was still above the site.

Smith observed a pulsation to the light. He could feel an electric energy around him. “…he had the sense that the object was literally directing these pulses to a particular section of the ground operating equipment,” says Salas, “the Guidance and Control System Coupler.” A low hum projected from the object.

Smith surmised that the object knew a great deal about vulnerable parts of the missile system and “…that it could indeed,” says Salas, “disable the missile at will!”


“The object was present for at least an hour; however, the guard told them later that it would periodically move away for a short time and then return,” says Salas. “After considerably in habiting the startup; it left the area; the missile was then brought back to Alert status with no anomalies whatever during collimator acquisition.”

They were ordered to a debriefing section the next morning at the 341st MIMS hanger; they were escorted by security personnel. An anonymous lieutenant colonel with a “no bull-shit” attitude interrogated him. He instructed the witness that the debriefing “was classified and could be discussed with no human being.” Salas tells of a plethora of mysterious encounters because of the UFO incidents. Base operations officer lieutenant Colonel Lewis Chase of the Wing Command Post contacted base commander Colonel Klibbe and discovered “numerous reports of sightings” in the area. The Air Force Chief of Staff and the Foreign Technology Division at Wright-Chief of staff and the Foreign Technology Division at Wright-Patterson (TDET) queried Chase about “…sightings…equipment malfunctions and abnormalities…” (p. 59.) Chase responded that there were no “abnormalities.” And that no one was silenced.

In June, 1967, the Condon UFO Committee investigators held meetings with the Air Force base concerning the incidents at Maelstrom. “The fact that missiles had been disabled during encounters with UFOs was clearly known to SAC headquarters and higher,” says Salas. “And yet, the Air Force-sponsored Condon Study was intentionally kept in the dark about it.”


Part II

The Condon Committee investigators were led to believe that the cause of the shutdowns were non-UFO causes, possibly related to pulses from nuclear- explosion-testing. However, there were no nuclear-weapon-tests from March 10 through April 4, 1967.

“(Raymond) Fowler had given Craig (Condon investigator) the names of civilian representative from Sylvania and Boeing who had firsthand knowledge of UFO sightings,” says Salas. “Fowler also gave Craig the name of a member of the Site Activation Task Force (SATAF) who was a very credible eyewitness. He reported being within a few feet of the object. In addition, one of the NCOs on the Air Force Technical Evaluation team admitted to seeing an object.”

Craig did not interview these or any Echo/Oscar Flight men at the time of the shutdowns. No maintenance or Security personnel at Echo were contacted by Condon Investigators.

“A scientific method consists of the collection of data, through observation and experimentation, and the formulation and testing of hypotheses related to that data,” says Salas. “By its own admission, the Air Force did not give the (Condon) Study Group any hypothesis to prove or disprove. It did not provide the group with all the data it had in its possession, or access to witness.”


Lieutenant Colonel Lewis Chase of the Wong Command Post gave the official position:

“This office has no knowledge of equipment malfunctions and abnormalities in equipment during the period of reported UFO sightings.”

Salas follows the University of Colorado UFO Study Group, known as the Condon Committee, as it is exposed as a fallacious scientific study on UFOs. Chase, the Air Force, and Condon Committee Investigators neatly circumnavigate around facts and real investigation.

“(Raymond Fowler) also gave (Roy) Craig the name of a member of the Site Activation Task Force (SATAF) who was a very credible eyewitness,” says Salas. “He reported being within a few feet of the object. In addition, one of the NCOs on the Air Force Technical Evaluation Team admitted to seeing an object. There is no record of Craig interviewing these men.” (p. 69.)

Salas tells about the airman who called him and pleaded to talk about his sighting of the UFO at Oscar Flight. He had been “one of the security guards who had to stand in abject terror in front of this large, red, pulsating ball of light by our front gate, with only a rifle in his hands.” (p. 73.)

“The body of the evidence to support the truth of these incidents includes documents and witnesses testimonies that have been duly sworn to and/or stated publicly,” says Salas. “Therefore, I, without reservation, accuse the U.S Department of the Air of a blatant, persuasive, and continuing cover-up of the facts; deception; distortion; and lying to the public about the reality of the UFO phenomenon.”


Salas chronologies the years of government cover-up, beginning with the famous September, 1948 “Top Secret estimate of the Situation” which says that genuine UFOs were interplanetary vehicles; he then goes through the changes of Project Sign, then Project Grudge, and also Project Bluebook, the Condon UFO Committee, and ending with the various government “silencing” (such as the 1952 UFO buzzing of our nation’s Capital, which led to the creation of The Robertson Panel of 1953).

The ever-growing need for secrecy has grown to garganteous proportions over the years, involving the citizenry in a “zero-sum game”: the government bets on total denial and total control of UFO events; those opposing that cabal, bet on total disclosure and open inquiry. As long as that stalemate exists, no one wins.

“The prize is the entire pie,” says Salas. “We want total disclosure and the other side wants to keep the facts completely hidden.”

The massive cover-up is institutionalized by an organization metaphorically termed by Salas as CORE- Command and Control – funded by “black projects” – a cabal that is apparently part of the military-industrial-complex.


Salas mentions areas where independent scientists might prevail. He mentions the research of the late Dr. James MacDonald, Dr. Roger Leir, Dr. Bruce Maccabee, and Jean-Pierre Petit’s work on magneto-hydrodynamics (MHD).

Further exploration in the book centered on little known UFO cases, some on or near military bases. Salas tells of a May, 1975 case at the 44th Missile Wing, at Ellsworth Air Force Base. “Roger,” a newly appointed Missile Combat Crew commander, while monitoring 10 Minute-man II missiles, was alerted by his security guard to a UFO buzzing the Base. The guards started firing their weapons at the object until they “expended all their ammunition!” When the object left, the status board stopped alternating between “ready to launch” and “missile fault.” (p.. 155.)

Roger also noted 10-minutes of missing time. The following day, Roger was debriefed by an officer from the office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) (despite that it was an Air Force Base with an Air Force Office of Special Investigations [AFOSI]). He was given curious medical treatment, drugs, and hypnotism at a Base hospital.


Salas firmly believes the solution to the UFO mystery lies in the deterrence of atomic weapons and a scientific and stable relationship with the extraterrestrials.

“Some abductees have been told that their ET visitors to earth are under a sort of obligation not to interfere with our evolutionary development, in either a positive or negative way,” says Salas. “However, there seems to be no restriction to giving us positive messages to encourage our sustenance and growth.”

Salas concludes: “If there were fewer secrets among countries, no weapons of mass destruction to worry about, and nations working cooperatively to solve world problems instead of threatening each other, then governments would have no excuse to hold secret the UFO phenomenon.”


Numerous ufologists and researchers have uncovered further cases of UFO activity at military missile-launch-sites; far too numerous to list here. The following are some typical cases that are exemplary. Several are from outside the United States.

A case occurred at the military base near Byelokoroviche, Ukraine, October 4, 1982 on an Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile (IRBM) Base. A 20-year-old radio operator, Vladimir Matveyev (assigned to the 50th Missile Division RVSN, Carpathian Military District), along with a thousand soldiers and officers, saw a UFO in the evening, for almost an hour, as it hovered over the R-12 missile silos.

"It was unbelievable,” said Matveyey, “approximately one-and-a-half kilometers from us hovered an elliptical-shaped object. The dimensions of the UFO shocked us-as large as a five-story house! Barely-visible lights flew up to the object. The guys [and I] were on our way to dinner when we all saw it! The UFO continued to hover, slowly moving to the left, as if drifting. One officer tried to get closer to it in a car but the UFO flew away. At this time all of the missile launchers malfunctioned. The UFO [also] blocked radio signal reception in the bunker. We heard only complete silence, which we could not understand, because this had never happened before. We were [later] told that the radio equipment was burnt!"  

Major Michael Katzman reported that the computer equipment and security systems had been disabled by a powerful [electromagnetic] pulse. He wrote that all of the control panels had [suddenly] lit up, indicating the missiles were preparing to launch toward their strategic targets.  Katzman was responsible for the missiles’ guidance systems.  

Former TsSBUiS [missile division] Chief Yuri Zolotukhin reported, "I too was a witness to these events and also saw the UFO, but could not reveal what had happened to the sensitive equipment because I signed a non-disclosure document [designed to] protect state secrets."

These events happened in the underground bunker where the missile control panels display the missiles' readiness status. The panels lit up, indicating that the missiles had gone to full combat readiness and were preparing to launch. This is possible only after obtaining an order from Moscow; instead, this happened by itself.

The officers on duty at their battle stations were shocked. They said that the information appearing on the control panels indicated that all security measures designed to prevent an unauthorized launch of the missiles had been overridden! Within just a few seconds, the launch officers had lost control over their nuclear weapons. They instantaneously contacted Moscow. The reply they got was that no order to launch had been issued. After 15 seconds, all of the controls reset to the normal position.  

Former rocketeer Vladimir Matveyev said, "A few days later, a commission came to the base and interviewed the witnesses. The guys gave them their drawings of the UFO. One of the officers swore on his [Communist] Party membership that he wasn't drunk. A few days later we were lined up [for our morning inspection by our officers] and read an order from the Commander-in-Chief of the Strategic Rocket Forces, designated number R010, which said, 'If you see a UFO, do not panic and do not shoot.' Then I realized why the officers who had their finger 'on the button' looked so old and had gray hair."


This incident was first publicized on October 5, 1994, on the ABC News program Prime Time Live. Among those interviewed was retired Army Lt. Col. Vladimir Plantonev, who described the UFO to reporter David Ensor: “It looked just like a flying saucer. The way they show them in the movies. No portholes, nothing. The surface was absolutely even. The disc made a beautiful turn, like this, on the edge, just like a plane. There was no sound.” 


Michael Hesemann spoke in 1998 about a similar case:

A UFO buzzing happened on July 28, 1989 near the Kapustin Yar military base near the nuclear site in the Astrakhan region of the Caspian lowlands. Members of two Army units noticed about midnight a UFO that hovered over the arsenal. The handwritten KGB report does not contain the type of missiles, but states that four of the witnesses were interrogated by the KGB.           "I climbed up to the watchtower and watched the object at a height of 18 feet,” said one witness, V. Voloshin, the communications officer on duty. “I could clearly make out a glaring blinking signal, bright as a camera flash. The object flew over the stores of the unit and moved in the direction of the missile arsenal, about 1,000 feet away. It floated at a height of only 60 feet above the depot. The UFO glowed in a kind of phosphorescent green. It was a disc 12 to 15 feet in diameter with a semi-spherical dome on it."

The witness continued: “While the object was hovering above the arsenal, a bright ray appeared on its underside where the light had been flashing before, and drew 2 or 3 circles. Then the object moved towards the railway station, still flashing. Soon, however, it came back to the missile depot and hovered at a height of 180-200 feet above it. Two hours after the start of the sighting, the object flew in the direction of the town Akhtubinsk and disappeared out of our sight,"

The soldier G. Kulik adds: "Near the object in the sky I saw a fireball which arose from the earth and approached it. When the UFO moved towards me, I could physically feel its approach. Then it shot off into the sky. I saw an airplane that attempted to get close to the object, but the object accelerated so fast that it soon left the airplane behind".

Case ID: 663: http://ufoevidence.org/cases/case663.htm.


Part III

Robert Hastings has become a famous spokesperson on the topic of UFO interference and buzzing’s at military bases around the globe. He has collected a consortium of reports. Over the past 39 years, he has have interviewed more than 130 former or retired U.S. military personnel who were involved in UFO incidents at ICBM launch facilities, weapons storage depots, strategic bomber bases, or atmospheric test sites in Nevada and the Pacific. The following is a typical report from his September 5, 2014 briefing “UFOs Activating U.S. and Soviet Nuclear Missile Sites.”

Hastings told of the incident involving launch officer David H. Schuur who was involved in missile activations at Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota.

According to David H. Schuur, a UFO once activated the launch sequence in most of his Minuteman missiles.

Hastings disclosed: “In August 2007, Schuur told me, ‘I saw your request for information in the [June 2007] Association of Air Force Missileers Newsletter. I was involved in a UFO incident at Minot AFB in the mid-1960s. I had read your earlier article [in the September 2002 AAFM Newsletter] but was hesitant to respond.’” Schuur said that they were told not to disclose the incident as it was classified.
Schuur continued: “Anyway, I was a Minuteman missile crew member in the 455th/91st Strategic Missile Wing at Minot from December 1963 through November 1967. I was a 1st Lieutenant during that period and the deputy commander that night. I would say it occurred between July 1965 and July 1967.

“As far as the incident, Alpha [Flight] capsule, which was east of us, reported on PAS—the Primary Alerting System—that their security personnel were observing a large, bright object hovering over some of their missile sites. It was moving from missile to missile.

“As far as our flight, Echo, a few minutes after hearing the report from Alpha, I received a call from topside security that a large, bright object was in the sky, to the east of the Launch Control Facility (LCF). When the guard called down, he may have used the term ‘UFO’ but I don’t recall. He didn't describe its shape or altitude because it was too far away. It never got close enough to the LCF to see any detail. At its closest, it was two, three, maybe four miles away from us.

“However, when the object passed over our flight, we started receiving many spurious indications on our console. The object was apparently sending some kind of signals into each missile. Not every missile got checked by the object, but there were several that did. Maybe six, seven, or eight. Maybe all 10 got checked, but I don’t think so. As this thing was passing over each missile site, we would start getting erratic indications on that particular missile. After a few seconds, everything reset back to normal.

“But then the next missile showed spurious indicators so the object had apparently moved on to that one and did the same thing to it. Then on to the next one, and so on. It was as if the object was scanning each missile, one by one. The Inner Security and Outer Security [alarms were triggered] but we got those all the time, for one reason or another. However, on this particular night, we had to activate the ‘Inhibit’ switch because we got ‘Launch in Progress’ indicators! After a few minutes, the UFO passed to the northwest of us and all indicators reset to normal.”

Schuur explained that a ‘Launch in Progress’ indicator means that the launch sequence has been triggered—that the missile is preparing to launch. It has received a launch signal, a launch command without proper authority.

“If that happens, without proper authority, you flip what’s called an ‘Inhibit’ switch, to delay the launch for a given period of time,” continued Schuur. “If an Inhibit command comes in from another launch capsule that shuts down the launch totally. But if that second command doesn't come in, the missile will wait for a specified period of time and then launch automatically at the end of that expired period—theoretically. Of course, that night, we had all kinds of other indicators coming on from each missile so, in that situation; the launch probably would have aborted itself. I honestly don’t know."

Schuur explained that this type of missile triggering had never happened before or even after the UFO incident.

Schuur said, “Upon returning to the base the next day, my commander and I were met by the operations officer. He just said, ‘Nothing happened, nothing to discuss, goodbye.’ Our logs and tapes were turned in. It was a non-event. There was no group debriefing that I know of. I never heard another thing about the incident.”

According to Schuur, the UFO appeared to be on some type of “scanning mission.” He said: “Oh, I think something was up there, uh, scanning the missiles, seeing what was going on. Some kind of a scanning process. I think that the scanning just set it off. It set all kinds of things off; we were getting all sorts of indicators. There were some kind of signals being sent [from the UFO] to the missile that inadvertently triggered the launch activation, but I don’t think it was deliberate. I hope not!” http://www.mufon.com/ufos-and-nukes/ufos-activating-us-soviet-nuclear-missiles.

Staff Sgt. Louis D. Kenneweg, a former Minuteman ICBM maintenance clerk, 341st Missile Maintenance Squadron, Malmstrom AFB, Montana, was involved in a UFO-to-missile shut down in 1967 at a Missile Maintenance Squadron (MIMS). His duties at the MIMS hangar included issuing Technical Order kits (T.O.s) to other members of his squadron.

Kenneweg explained: “Each of the repair teams would be required to take T.O.’s in the truck with them. The kit included books or manuals that would contain technical information that the technicians could look up rather than rely on memory. There was also a check list in plastic sleeves, kind of like a pre-flight checklist for a pilot that they would use before removing the warhead from the missile. Of course there was an awful lot of supervision when that occurred.”  

One night, (though the date is uncertain) around 11:45 P.M. Kenneweg was driving to work when he noticed something unusual in the sky.

“As I traveled down one of the roads parallel to the flightline,” he said, “I saw something that I first thought was a private plane’s lights, blinking. As I watched it get closer, I realized that it wasn't blinking at all, but zig-zagging. First here, then there, traveling too fast for a plane. Then looming over the flightline. I got up late, and I knew that I had little time, but I stopped anyway. I opened the car door, got out, and focused on the lights. I watched it as long as I could, without being late to work. I remember saying to myself that this pilot was going to be in a lot of trouble, coming across the runway, or at least across the Air Force Base property. I don’t remember it traveling that close to me, but I do remember the image of it disappearing in a low southerly trajectory over the [MIMS] hangar. Of course, it was much farther away than it appeared. At that point, it wasn't ‘blinking’ anymore but had more of a glow. It appeared as a bright light the size of the moon, on a cloudy night, although I don't remember it being cloudy.”

(Based on Kenneweg’s description of his UFO sighting, during which the object appeared to be near or over Malmstrom’s flightline at one point, Hastings speculates that the UFO may have briefly maneuvered near the base’s nuclear Weapons Storage Area [WSA], which is located just east of the main runway. “The WSA contains Minuteman missile nuclear warheads, known as Re-entry Vehicles [RVs]. A review of aerial photographs of Malmstrom, which show the WSA, coupled with an analysis of Kenneweg’s probable position near the MIMS hangar, lead to this conjecture. Regardless, another UFO sighting at the WSA, some years later, has been confirmed by two other sources: Malmstrom AFB, Montana [1975]”).  

Upon arriving at the MIMS hangar, Kenneweg was confronted by a scene of high activity.  

Still puzzled about the strange, zig-sagging light, Kenneweg walked toward the Air Police office, where APs were routinely assigned to accompany the maintenance teams into the missile fields, guarding their trucks and the silos once they opened the gates. Kenneweg asked the Air Police sergeant on duty whether the base had any helicopters up. The sergeant replied that the helicopters didn’t have radar and didn’t fly at night.  

Kenneweg continued: “Back at the office, I issued almost all of the [T.O.] kits on the shelf. I remember saying to myself, ‘I'm running out of kits, this is a busy night.’ Now, I didn’t check the sign-out sheet to see how many kits had been checked out before my shift, but while I was on duty, I did recall that they were almost all checked out. As I count them off in my head today, and try to see them on the shelf, we had a wall with 3 shelves that would hold 25 or so.”  

A lot of missiles were either undergoing routine maintenance, Kenneweg surmised, and/or had gone off Strategic Alert for another reason, all at the same time.  

When the maintenance teams returned to the MIMS hangar—Kenneweg first thought that it had been some three hours later, but upon reflection, now believes that it was more than 24 hours later, during his next shift—one of the technicians hinted that something out of the ordinary had taken place in the missile field.

“One of the guys mentioned to me that some very weird things were going on that night,” said Kenneweg,“It takes two guys to carry the T.O. kit, and there were other guys behind him, waiting in line to get checked in, and they were all nodding their heads in agreement, yes. But this guy said that he couldn’t talk about it right then. He said he would tell me all about it back at the barracks. Well, like I have said before, I was busy working [a second job] at the Red Lion Supper Club and didn't really have that serious sit-down conversation with that particular airman. But the barracks was buzzing. Stories about how when they got to the [missile silos] and found no damage, and how all the batteries were dead. I also heard a story that [UFOs] were seen on radar, then they were gone.”  

He continued: “Our missile sites each had a tertiary power system. The main power source was delivered by Montana Power. Telephone poles, transformers and wire. The second system was the diesel generators, and the third was the battery back-up within the silo itself. Numerous reports came back saying that they had found no damage to the fences, wires, transformers, microwave intrusion system, locks on the three-foot-thick concrete blast doors, or to the batteries. So, no evidence of damage from intruders or animals, lightning or fire. Just three sources of power vanished and the batteries were dead.”  

“As I recall,” Kenneweg said, “there were other nights where the guys would come back and look a little shaken, all within that same time-period.” This was not an isolated incident.



UFO reports are rife with incidents of automobile engine interference. Scientist James M. McCampell summarized twenty-seven cases where engines had been killed by a nearby UFO and then come back to life again when the UFO departs.

Abstract: UFO Interference with Vehicles and Self-starting Engines:
“Should a non-firing engine come to rest with one cylinder past top-dead-center, it would entrap a suitable mixture of fuel and air to be ignited by the next arriving spark thereby cranking the engine,” said McCampell, “Such an event might result from collapse of a gaseous discharge across open breaker points in the distributor. If the discharge had been sustained by ionization of the atmospheric gases caused by the UFO, it would collapse shortly after departure of the UFO.
“The hypothesis that ionization of the atmospheric gases by UFOs appears to have some merit. It has pinpointed physical processes that can clarify the malfunctioning and killing of engines and, in particular, the hitherto incredible claims that engines restarted themselves.

“It teaches us that credence should be lent to sighting reports no matter how bizarre their content. “The success of the hypothesis also implies that some UFOs are probably physical machines because their reported influence upon motor vehicles is physical.

“Radiation from UFOs is apparently associated with their propulsion system and every effort should be made to determine all the electromagnetic parameters. In doing so, one would expect to find, not a group of accidental quantities, but an integrated design optimization by those who manufacture UFOs.”

McCampell offered some conclusions:
“Concepts discussed here are subject to experimental verification. Although the equipment required may not be available to an independent researcher, it could easily be assembled by a substantial laboratory. A research program is envisioned in three stages: “1. Investigate individual components of the electrical system in a simulated environment to establish the level of ionization required to produce high-voltage sparks and low-voltage arcs.
“2. Attempt to disrupt running engines with simulated sources of ionization such as a radioactive source lowered into the engine compartment and, particularly, near the distributor.
“3. Measure the ionization produced by microwave radiation over a broad range of wavelengths and intensities. Then flood a running engine with ionizing microwaves, measuring the level of ionization and microwave intensity. Determine the values required to produce engine malfunction and stoppage. Test the present hypothesis concerning self-starts and measure the relevant factors.” http://www.ascensionearth2012.org/2014/06/cases-of-ufo-interference-with.html.


A study of UFO characteristics may have led earthly scientists to invent similar devices of our own: “The development of an X-ray pulse generator by the Xi’an Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics under the Chinese Academy of Sciences has attracted the attention of Vassily Kashin, an expert at Russia’s Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies, according to Moscow-based Sputinks News.
Kashin believed that China’s electromagnetic weapon system based on the X-ray pulse generator has the potential to create a huge challenge to the United States in the Asia-Pacific region. It could be used to paralyze the air defense and anti-ballistic missile systems of the United States and its security partners including Japan, Taiwan and South Korea in the region. After that, the People’s Liberation Army could easily wreak havoc on the opposing force’s military facilities and hardwares with its own aircraft and ballistic missiles.”



Another officer involved in the UFO buzzing at an air base, Colonel Charles Halt, witnessed a disc-shaped object shooting beams of light onto the joint Anglo/American RAF Bentwaters airbase in England on December 26-28, 1980. The lights were reportedly near the base’s nuclear weapons storage area. Halt said:

“I believe that the security services of both the United States and the United Kingdom have attempted — both then and now — to subvert the significance of what occurred at RAF Bentwaters by the use of well-practiced methods of disinformation.”

Along with the other officers who speak out on the topic, Robert Hastings said that he and his convention of witnesses will continue to discuss the national security implications of these and other UFO incidents, and they will urge the government to come clean about the subject. His group of witnesses will continue to speak-out on the following questions:

Why do UFOs continue to appear at nuclear weapons sites, decade after decade?

What might these incursions indicate about the intentions and goals of those who presumably pilot these craft?

Why has the U.S. government chosen to keep the American public, and people everywhere, in the dark about these dramatic developments?



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