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“For the achievements of these people I fix neither spatial boundaries nor temporal limits: I have given them empire without end.” Virgil

“Life doesn't keep secrets from us because of it's malice, but life holds secrets within itself because of its grandeur.” Albert Einstein.

The Archetype of Time

It’s Role in the Composition of Intelligent Energy

By Alexander Zikas, M. App. SC. Chemical Engineering


By thinking of time as an archetypal pattern, we can surmise some new perspectives on the nature of supernatural experiences. We see, hear, taste, feel textures, and smell aromas. Some aspects of the world are perceived through a particular sense. Others are perceived through more than one sense. But what sense or senses do we use when perceiving time? It is certainly not associated with one particular sense. Even if all our senses were prevented from functioning for a while, we could still notice the passing of time through the changing pattern of our thought. Perhaps, then, we have a special faculty, distinct from the five senses, for detecting time. Perhaps we notice time through perception of other things.

If we think of time as archetypal in nature, then this article provides some new hypotheses to that idea, including the concept of temporal reiki.

SECTION 1: Intelligent Thought as Time Particles

To begin, let’s speculate on the nature of intelligent thought, our consciousness, our soul, so to say. Let’s start with the speculation that living thought makes up the soul’s mind, or the soul itself. Obviously too, thought is in a time sequence. From physics it is known that matter and energy can be converted into each other. In other words, condensed energy is matter. In matter, atoms link to form complex arrangements, such as carbon atoms linking to form the basis of life. Let’s speculate too, that thoughts, like carbon atoms, combine to create the overall soul, just like living cells makeup the living body. Each archetypal thought is made up of non-living energy, just as each living cell is made up of non-living carbon atoms.

Hypothesis: Thought is intelligent energy and it comprises the human soul

Movement of Thought

If one accepts that conscious thought is a sequence of consciousness in time, that is, each instant of thought is an archetype at an instant in time, then consciousness is the flow of one archetype to another. Each archetype thought is symbolic in some way of language, number, symbol, or meaning and these archetypal packages strewn together create active conscious thinking. Our conscious thought is not a logic sequence of words, but the mental archetype images of those words. I suspect “speaking in tongues,” telepathy, etc, is transmission of thought images and our translation to words is just that, a translation. Perhaps just as consciousness is the passing of the soul from each archetypal thought image, so too the soul may jump from one physical self to another. In other words, past, present, and future are all co-existing real matter, but as the soul moves from one body to the next spaced apart by a fraction of time, the sequence gives the illusion of time flow. The perception of time would be just the sensing of a change in dimensional coordinates. When we travel on a road, we mark our beginning and end, but the road is absolute, and if you started in the opposite direction, the perception of a journey would be different with beginning and end in an opposite direction. Time could be like this, a relative perception and direction of flow based on how we move in our journey. This too could be applied to past life concepts.

Rate of Perception

The rate of passing of time is similar to how fast we might travel a journey. Perception of time is influenced by the acceleration of awareness and travel. Perhaps this is why a dream is recorded as short but seems long. In dream-state we have expanded awareness and everything passes quickly. Let’s also speculate that the driver of thought is the soul creating the thought sequences as it jumps around space-time coordinates. How does a soul think? Thought (like energy) can move by bending space (see Alternate Perceptions Issue 158, “Archetype Motion and Schematics,” by Alexander Zikas). Sleep would represent an inability to create new conscious thought energy or movement. That is, for whatever reason, when the soul is low on energy, it slows its thought creation ability until it recharges. For the soul, the lack of energy causes time dilation and contraction (while asleep and not dreaming, times passes without our noticing). As we get older our brains have better efficiency so time perception is faster (i.e., 1 year seems forever to a 6 year old, but passes quickly for an elderly adult). The rate of thought creation is based on the available energy to create the thought as well as the efficiency of creation. Hence the perception of time is usually constant except for when we age and more efficiently manipulate thinking. Later in life we have superior or more “thought voltage.”

Dimensional Fabric Coordinates

Each new time coordinate is like a hologram point in a fabric where it is like a cell splitting to create a new time, each time unit gives birth to a new thought unit. Just as our own body is not the same body from years ago, as all old cells died and new ones were created. Each instant is just a freeze-frame on a split second thought, self-propelled by the will (“voltage”) to think ahead and bend space (coordinates) for the thought. This occurs in a substrate for thought to exist as energy units. To be immortal, a soul’s thoughts must be the strongest energy bond whereby it is unsusceptible to breaking, or if broken the holographic nature of the ether of existence can replicate it. For if a time plane is destroyed, the mind of the split second before takes over and continues. Destruction is the automatic fall back in time. As thought falls back, it then creates the opportunity to change the coming circumstances.

Evidence for the Recording of Time in a Substrate Medium

Phenomenon Mechanism

Psychomancy/ Imprints Psychomancy is a sort of layering of thoughts on an object like metal. If thoughts are tangible items as in this case, is it just a memory that is imprinted, and inter-dimensional. The photograph below shows the hand image of Alexander Campell located in a prisoner cell at the Carbon County jail in Jim Thorpe, PA. As an innocent man facing a death penalty, he placed his hand on the cell wall claiming it would remain forever as a sign of his innocence. This hand image is possibly fixed on the fabric of space-time. Painting over or replacing the wall had no effect on removing the image. Is this the same process for Recorded Voice Phenomena?

Hand print from Carbon County jail in Jim Thorpe, PA

Psycho-Photography/ Imprints Similar to Psychomancy, this phenomenon is when an imprint of an image appears on a photograph. Ted Serios had the capability to consciously imprint his thoughts on photographs, but it may also occur by photographing a time anomaly. Some of my fellow colleagues seem to have had similar experiences in their investigations, with numerous images in photographs that appear to be images of past events at an area, or of people from the past.

Ted Serios
Thoughtograph, 1960s
Telepathic images
Polaroid Prints
Reference: The Photography Collections, University of Maryland

Phantoms Gettysburg civil war battlefield, as well as other places of trauma, supposedly host sentient ghosts. Is it possible that these ghosts are not appearing in our time as commonly thought, but rather appear through an interface where we see them and they see us from the future? If so, is this ability to transcend time because they have recently died in their time and now have this ability? Have we somehow transcended our own supraconsciousness and are seeing the supposedly ghost figures through the eyes of a past life incarnation who was present at that time and was interacting with the being? Just as we can imagine a 3 dimensional opening into a new 3 dimensional space, can there be a one-dimensional time opening to another time dimension?

SECTION 2: Dimensional Components of Time and Evidence for Them

With an Internet full of interesting information and very imaginative speculative scholars, I have kept my approach limited to a basic speculative visualization of a thought particle as the basis for intelligent energy (i.e., the human soul). In addition to this, I gave a non-exhaustive overview of some speculative physics that may be associated with thought particles. I also attempt to provide some evidence for them, that is, a simple visualization of an associated paranormal phenomenon.

Linear Time and Cyclical Time

The concept of time being linear is what we know, moving in a line from past to present to future. As we consider alternate dimensions of time, let’s look at some simple alternate concepts. In ancient Greek culture, (among the Pythagoreans, Stoics, and Neoplatonists), and in Hindu culture (e.g, the Vedic period, 1500-600 BC), one runs onto the concept of cyclical time, symbolized by the snake chasing its own tail. In this view of time, the beginning leads back around to the end, and the cycle starts over again. The Babylonians, ancient Chinese, Aztecs, Mayans, and the Norse had cyclical calendars. In pantheistic religions the universe is often depicted as going through long epochs of growth, decay, destruction, and rebirth. The Hindu cycles, for example, range from 360 human years, to 300 trillion years (which is the lifetime of the gods before their rebirth). It was perhaps easier for the ancients to imagine events in history as recurring since the four seasons and patterns of the stars in the heavens were cyclical. Augustine was among the first to insist on linear time as opposed to cyclical, since he observed that many important events in the Bible clearly happened one time only. Still, a circle of time is still linear in the sense that the timeline is a curved line that loops back upon itself.

A Second Dimension of Time

Itzhak Bars is a USC College physicist. Einstein’s theory of gravity and quantum theory are not unified, and Bars thinks one of the missing pieces is a hidden dimension of time. With two dimensions of times, Bars believes many of the mysteries of today’s laws of physics could disappear. With this extra dimension of time comes an additional dimension of space. Extra dimensions of space have become a popular way of making gravity and quantum theory more compatible. Something as tiny as a subatomic particle might be able to detect the presence of extra dimensions. Bars says that certain properties of matter’s basic particles, such as electric charge, may have something to do with how those particles interact with tiny invisible dimensions of space. The Uncertainty Principle in quantum physics says you can never know position and momentum precisely at the same time. However, Bars postulates that position and momentum are not distinguishable at a given instant of time. Technically, swapping position for momentum leaves the underlying physics unchanged (just as a mirror switching left and right doesn’t change the appearance of a symmetrical face). In ordinary physics, position and momentum differ because the equation for momentum involves velocity. Since velocity is distance divided by time, it requires the notion of a time dimension. If swapping the equations for position and momentum really doesn’t change anything, then position needs a time dimension too. Bars notes that if we demand symmetry like that, we must have an extra time dimension. To produce equations that describe the world accurately, an additional dimension of space is needed as well, giving a total of four space dimensions. Then, the math with four space and two time dimensions reproduces the standard equations describing the basic particles and forces. Bars’ math suggests that the familiar world of four dimensions, three of space, one of time, is merely a shadow of a richer six-dimensional reality. Current theory suggests the existence of a lightweight particle called the axion, needed to explain an anomaly in the equations of the standard model of particles and forces. If it exists, the axion could make up the mysterious dark matter that astronomers say affects the motions of galaxies. Two-dimension-time physics removes the original anomaly without the need for an axion. On a grander level, two-dimension-time physics may assist in the quest to merge quantum theory with Einstein’s relativity in a single unified theory. The most popular approach to that problem today, superstring theory, also invokes extra dimensions of space, but only a single dimension of time.

Ripples of Time

Ripples of time expands on my article related to supernatural rippling effects in Alternate Perceptions issue 147, “Archetype Rippling: Secondary Effects as Evidence for Inter-dimensional Travel.” Gigantic ripples in space-time, larger than the observable universe, may be the cause for the expansion of the universe. Astronomers have known since the 1920s that space itself has been expanding since the Big Bang about 14 billion years ago. In 1998, they discovered the expansion must have sped up about 5 billion years ago, based on observations of supernovae that appeared farther away than expected. Explanations included dark energy, an ultra-light particle, or gravity behaving differently over large distances. Current theories greatly overestimate the effect of dark energy, and modifying gravity is an ad hoc solution. Another account for the cosmic speed-up (inflation) describes what happened in the first 10-35 seconds after the Big Bang. This conservative approach says that during inflation, space itself expanded faster than the speed of light. As it did so, random quantum fluctuations that popped into being produced ripples in space-time. These swelled to fill the entire global universe, which is about 10100 times as large as the universe we can see. Space-time can be thought of as a fabric in which, the objects of the Universe are embedded. Objects like stars and planets make space-time curve in upon itself, just as an elastic fabric holding a ball would do. Einstein predicted that if two very massive bodies moved, they would cause ripples in the space-time continuum; moreover, those ripples would propagate at the speed of light, alternately stretching and squeezing space. These waves, called gravitational waves, have never been detected. The joint ESA/NASA mission called the Laser Interferometer Space Antenna (LISA) in 2012 aims to detect gravitational waves. LISA plans gravitational-wave detection with a laser interferometer consisting of three spacecraft in solar orbit. A gravity wave detector uses laser interferometry to measure gravitational-wave induced motion between separated masses. This allows the masses to be separated by large distances. Currently, the most sensitive detector is the Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory (LIGO). It consists of two light storage arms which are 2 to 4 kilometers in length. These are at 90 degree angles to each other, with the light passing through 1m diameter vacuum tubes running the entire 4 kilometers. A passing gravitational wave will slightly stretch one arm as it shortens the other. This is precisely the motion to which an interferometer is most sensitive.

Speculative Perceptive Characteristics Linked to Temporal Dimensions

Perception Event Characteristic

Dream State - Non-physical mental state independent of time and physical boundaries.

Time Harmonics - The physical has proportionality as a measure of beauty or appeal (e.g. the Golden Ratio). So too, time may have time harmonics (ratios). Time harmonics can be perceived at different levels. At a different octave, so to speak, a new perception of the same experience starts, sort of like grace or gnosis is a new perception of an event. Time harmonics could be the numeric music numbers of our existence, our Life song. In what pace, tempo, rhythm, musical key, is your life played? Do you see repeating patterns of numbers like 311, or 11:11? What does this say about your soul, and by extrapolation, your perception of time?

Time Resonance - Time resonance could be a sort of basis for astrology, numerology, psychomancy, mythology, and synchronicity, all reverberating with our soul’s thought pattern. Is time dissonance a sort of destructive effect on our lives, like discordant musical chords destroying a composition of music? Resonance can be related to rippling effects.

Time Dilation - Time in dreams is different, as it is when as one travels closer to the speed of light. Time appears to pass slower when living as a child. These are effects of time dilation and contraction. In mythology, we find the concept in Hermes’ pace of time in a dimension of quickness, and in Ulysses’ adventure with Calypso, where he escapes to find years have passed by in a matter of what is perceived as days.

Multi-dimensional Music - Music is the motion of notes, and motion is the movement of time. Consider then musical notation in more than one time dimension axis. It would be the sounds of the supernatural, of heaven, if we could hear it.

Temporal Reiki - It is said that reiki is intelligent energy that follows our thought intent. People with the ability of reiki can remotely send it, i.e., send the energy without physically being next to the recipient. Through my research, I developed the rudiments of what I call temporal reiki. In my casual experimentation of it, I have sent reiki into the past or future of a receiving person, and tried to link it with a verifiable outcome. I was encouraged that it could be possible to set up a more controlled and verifiable series of experiments with the temporal use of reiki, and I encourage others with the ability to try their own experimentations. Temporal Reiki may be a simple way of time travel experimentation.

Don Bosco’s Time Travel Trip

Don Bosco is my favorite saint after Padre Pio. Don Bosco’s life was full of great miracles and supernatural powers including the psychic nature of his dreams. In one of his dream he had an altered sense of time perception where everything seemed so short, but was actually a long time in human terms. He was told “the music made your trip seem short.” This is interesting because music is made up of fractions. Musical time signatures are in fractions. Could it be that he was resonating at a higher harmonic fraction? Music is a time dependent function in order to make sense of the fractions, hence the ability to resonate back to it to comprehend it. Similarly, could the missing time experience in UFOlogy just be a harmonic time effect as the mental experience of abduction plays out? Does any environment in an alternate harmonic ratio have a different time perception, such as those in dreams, feelings of luck, sleep, comas, remote viewing, and trance like deja vu?

A Third Dimension of Time (Spherical Time)

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC), is a particle accelerator that might generate a type of particle (called Higgs) that could cut through time, and its decay particles would appear in our universe before its own creation event. This has profound implications. Consider if our psychic integrated consciousness has infinite time dimensions that are similar to a spherical coordinate system. The concept of time in spherical system is very interesting. In M-theory (a variant of String Theory), our Universe is only one of many universes that can be envisaged as layers, each layer being a different universe. The high-energy collisions inside the LHC may produce artifacts that reveal the presence of these predicted extra dimensions. Assuming M-theory describes the real nature of our Universe, a particle by the LHC in another dimension, when it decays, will produce decay particles that will be detected at an arbitrary time. This arbitrary time could be in the past, before the particle was even generated, or even in the future. Therefore, if physicists see particles spontaneously pop into existence before an LHC collision occurs, that could be indicative of the decay particles appearing in our universe. If scientists could control the production of these particles, they might be able to send messages to the past or future. Perhaps as individuals, we are already experiencing this phenomenon. Perhaps this is our mind detecting synchronicity?

Now keeping the possibility open that time is at least 3 dimensions, lets look at an interesting thought experiment where someone claims that infinity times zero equals pi. If one takes a circle with a diameter of 1 and draws equally spaced radii and connects them, one gets a polygon with all equal sides. The more radii you draw the more sides the polygon has and the closer the perimeter gets to pi. The formula for the perimeters of these polygons is:

n(-.5(cos(360/n)-1))^.5 where n is the number of sides of the polygon. As n gets larger and larger in this equation, the equation approaches pi.

One could say then that: infinity (-5(cos(360/infinity)-1))^.5 = pi, where 360/infinty = 0 and cos(0) = 1. This simplifies to infinity(-.5(1-1))^.5 = infinity(-.5(0)^.5) = infinity(0). Therefore, infinity (0) = pi. However, there are lots of things wrong with this calculation. Infinity is not a number, and anything times infinity is not well defined. Infinity only exists in limits, e.g. you can take the limit of x to infinity. It is true that the above formula converges to pi in the limit that n goes to infinity. However, taking a limit is not the same as simply substituting n = infinity. Therefore, 360/infinity is not zero. Rather, 360/n is zero in the limit that n goes to infinity. There’s a big difference. One reason why we don’t say infinity times 0 equals a certain number, is that it is possible to find other functions such as f(x)*g(x) where f(x) goes to infinity, and g(x) goes to 0, but f(x)*g(x) goes to some other number. By choosing f and g carefully, we can make the limit of that product anything.

Now consider a thought experiment that applies to concept of time, with limits of time to zero, and to infinity, with different outcomes, based on functional choices. Here, let’s assume the path of time is fixed in a sense at zero or infinity, and that these coordinates are on an infinite sphere. Spherical time, then, offers multiples approaches to epochs existing between the zero and infinity points. I find this an interesting and easy visualization into multidimensional time and the speculative life-paths souls can take in different levels of existences, without getting into more brain teasing discussions of rational and irrational numbers, different numeric bases, and complex numbers, which can have analogs to dimensions of time. In other words, our soul’s journey might have limits of convergence at zero and infinity, but the choices we make along the way, offer variability of free will. The question is, what is at zero or infinity? Are they the ultimate dualities of heaven and hell, one at each end? What happens at the infinity or zero limits? Does time stop? If it stops, are we in an instantaneous environment, because every other known time path also converged unto the limit of infinity and zero? Does the convergence cause some sort of temporal shock wave that propels us into even more dimensions of time past the 3 spherical ones of this thought experiment? Does the concept of prophecy tap into a direction of the time lines we are on, but are not necessarily accurate because we can change the functional direction of that path? These are all interesting questions to ponder.

SECTION 3: Wave Particle Duality of Time and a Unified Field Theory Quantum mechanics is based on the assumption that all matter consists of discrete particles that have associated wave characteristics. Scientists have been trying to unify Einstein’s Relativity theory, describing the structure of space and time with quantum mechanics. In Loop Quantum Gravity (LQG), reality is built of loops that interact and combine to form spin networks, first envisioned by Roger Penrose in the 1960s. In the late 1990s, Markopoulou Kalamara began tackling LQG and her work is showing great promise towards the goal of unification. Let’s now go beyond this and speculate that the smallest particle is a time particle.

There is a speculation that one time particle can move instantaneously from one point to another, because they are the singularity of time and there is no lag to slow down one single particle. This idea speculates that time particles make up all of matter, energy, and space, and that a time particle looks like an hourglass. In combinations, one of the cones sits on top of the other one, and they are connected at the small ends, by a time particle band which wraps around the small ends to hold the two cone halves together. It usually looks for another time particle to connect and release energy. They can connect at the large ends of each time particle and look like two hour-glasses, one sitting atop the other. This creates something new. Two time particles move slower than one does. With three time particles coming together, the new item looks like three hour glasses sitting atop each other. As it begins to form a string, it moves slower as it increases length. Speculatively speaking, ten time particles in a string create one light particle, and it slows down to move at the speed of light. Consider if these ten time particles are attached in a stack, like Lincoln Logs, where each hour-glass would rest on the side of each other in a crisscross manner. This stacking effect would make the elements very strong and solid. Two time particles stacked on each other would be less solid than three, and so on, with ten time particles in a stack speculatively creating Gravity, or one graviton particle. It would move as fast as light. Other electromagnetic energy too moves as fast as light and gravity. The time particles in other electromagnetic energy can combine in a circle, as opposed to a string or a stack. In this idea, there are ten time particles in a unit of electromagnetism and they are connected end to end, in a circle instead of a string.

It seems as though everything in the universe has an opposite, so let’s consider the possibility of anti-time. Anti-time can react to time and produce huge amounts of energy, space, and matter. This reaction would disrupt the regular flow of time. The anti-time particles have the same components as the time particle. Time has within itself all the parts of matter, all types of energy, and the many different corridors of space. A unified field theory should cover all the aspects of life and physics, including the esoteric. Now let’s speculate further. If thought is time, thought has the same properties as time. It would travel instantaneously or nearly so, and it is intelligent. It could convey information (as archetypal patterns) between two sentient beings. Depending on how time particles combine, they could retain their sentient nature, or become non-sentient, just as atoms can be sentient as complex carbon-based beings, or non-sentient as other types of matter.

The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle states that the accuracy of certain pairs of physical properties of a particle, such as position and momentum, cannot be simultaneously known. In other words, the more precisely one property is measured, the less precisely the other can be controlled, determined, or known, because the act of observing changes the outcome. The Uncertainty Principle is a concept of mainstream science. It basically relates to the wave-particle duality of matter, as we can never know for sure where a particle is because the act of observing interferes with the location. This profound aspect of quantum mechanics shows there is no definitive reality, at least not on the atomic scale, that exists independently of our observations of it.

I believe that the Uncertainty Principle can be applied to life as well, including concepts like prophecy, because the Uncertainty Principle can also be applied to the energy (wave) component of the dualistic system of time and thought. One does not usually consider the wave componant as it makes no common sense, but in light of our discussion on time as energy (waves), imagine the implications if it were true. We have discussed the idea that our time is linear and from the outside of linear time in a multidimensional universe, one can see the linear line past, present, and future. If true, this would suggest that the future is fixed, as it can be observed. However, if we invoke the Uncertainty Principle, what seems to be the observed future is in reality a possibility (uncertainty) from the observer’s viewpoint. The act of viewing a future possibility actually then changes it because of that observation. The observation could result in action taken to change the future, hence the uncertainty. This does not mean infinite possibilities, but rather a fixed number of outcomes with the observed parameteres. This is much like observing the electron around the atom. We can never be sure of the possible location, but we know it moves in the space around that atom and not elsewhere in the universe. Hence, future time is relative to the observer. This is perhaps how prophecy works. A seer’s interdimensional awareness can include views of possible scenarios (locations), but until we are actually in that time, that time is not written, as the act of viewing a prophecy can change it. This develops a new hypothesis:

The Zikas Uncertainty Principle of Time: The future can never be accurately known until we are in it, as observation from the outside can alter that future.

The present is certainty. Like the future, the past is not necessarily fixed either, because unless you are in it, then there is never a certainty that it won’t be changed from one’s relative current present time. Hence in an multidimensional awareness of time, the present is the only relative certainty.

Evidence of Uncertainty Principle in Time

Concept - Characteristic

Chronir - This is the appearing and disappearing in time of misplaced objects where the observer has no recollection of how it was misplaced or how it could have been missed when it is found again. The phenomenon is similar to the Schroedinger’s Cat experiment, in which the cat is neither dead nor alive until observed. John Clauser experimentally demonstrated this concept of non-locality, as it relates to subatomic particles and their interconnectiveness. In a related idea, J.S.Bell also formulated a mathematical proof of the paradox of Einstein, Podolsky, and Rosen (EPR).

Prophecy - Prophecies might or might not happen. Can the Uncertainty Principle play a role in whether prophecy happens?


It is said that as if we exercise our inherent psychic abilities that we experience more of them. So often though, the only thing we consider to exercise, if we engage it, are the psychic components to sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste. I hope though that this article gives one a new perspective on the concept of time and how time itself can be speculatively defined and investigated. By thinking about time, and doing exercises with time, one might be able to add the component of time to psychic experience as well.


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