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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, January 2023

Encounters with the Unknown
High Strangeness

by: Albert S. Rosales

What is the difference between a high strangeness report and another ‘less strange’ report or are not all cases ‘strange’ in nature. There are indeed some cases that fit into a higher than ‘normal’ category. I would like to summarize several of those events, from different decades, but all ‘very strange’ in nature.

The following case is indeed a high strangeness event, but does not directly involve the appearance of a humanoid that was reportedly seen or encountered; it is a very gory and frightening episode nonetheless.

The year was 1949 at a location called Kobyakovo Gorodiszhe, located between Rostov-on-Don and Aksay, in the North Caucasus, Russia. At this location there are caves which are called the “Kobyakovskiye caves” which have a long ominous history according to the local residents. At different times local villagers have been reported missing without a trace in the area of the caves. Also domestic animals have vanished there. According to local lore a “terrible monster” lives in the caves. Ignoring the rumors and legends, the Soviet military decided to build a vast underground command center in the area of ancient ruins and caves close to the town of Aksay. A group of military men well supplied with food and equipment were tasked to study the mines. For some reason, they did not carry any weapons with them. The first expedition was successful but the soldiers on the second expedition did not return from their underground sortie. Later after a search other military personnel found the mutilated bodies of two soldiers who had been on the expedition. According to the witness’s testimony, one soldier was missing his head (as if some powerful animal had torn his head off) and he had been completely stripped of flesh from his bones. The second soldier’s lower part of his body was terribly mangled. Remnants of the other members of the expedition were never found.

After the tragedy the military cancelled their plans to build the underground bunker at this location and instead, they chose to build it in 1957 at the Muhina Gully located not too far away. (1). Unfortunately, I have no additional information on this case. I did not translate it. It appears to involve the ominous human mutilation factor and strange disappearances. It was a long time ago, at the beginning of the Cold War.

The following case is a very difficult case to categorize, involving a tiny midget-like entity and possibly evidence found later, perhaps in an attempt to mislead or confuse investigators:

It was in the summer of 1958 in the small town of Aligilan, Santa Rosa province, Argentina. At around 0400 a.m., perhaps as a result of the summer heat, the witness suddenly woke up and sat up in bed. As she looked outside the window in front of her she noticed a small humanoid figure walking at a very quick pace up a nearby stonewall in a straight and vertical path, placing its body in an impossible horizontal position. As the strange entity reached the top of the wall it suddenly vanished in plain sight.

She described the being as human in appearance, well proportioned, but only about 20cm in height, with a large head and large eyes. Its skin was light orange in color, and it had “beautiful” facial features. It wore some type of thin smock that covered it entirely except for its face and tight-fitting pants, both light green in color. She could not see its hands or feet. The entity stared at her the whole time it walked up the wall Showing what appeared to be concern or fear, it kept its head turned at an impossible angle as it vanished from sight. Scared she kept the encounter to herself and three days later as she walked in the fields behind her house, she found a small (15 cm) doll-like figure that she had never seen before. Incredibly the “doll” had an uncanny resemblance to the tiny entity seen several nights before. She kept the doll for years afterwards and noticed that it never seemed to age or damage in any way. Towards the end of 1976, she let her brother borrow the strange doll, which he kept in his car.

He eventually sold the car, forgetting all about the doll. Its whereabouts remain unknown to this date. The witness thought that the strange doll had been placed there by the real entity, possibly in an attempt to confuse her as to what she had really seen that night. (2). Why is it that on many occasions when there is possible tangible evidence of an encounter or contact it eventually disappears or is lost ‘accidentally’.

The following case involves certain strange physical changes on the witnesses which were of a very bizarre nature: On February 13 1969, in Nuble, Valparaiso, Chile around 0400 a.m. an intense light coming in the window awakened Mr. X and his wife, and their 2 daughters. They got to see a UFO hovering over the beach, 200 ft away. It had the shape of an octahedron, with a cupola on top and with 3 legs, also 2 kinds of antennas and several portholes. It was 15-20 ft in diameter and almost equally high; it looked metallic and was of an intense sky-blue luminosity. This object, descending with oscillation, landed on the beach 200 ft from the witnesses house. A luminous ray came from it, and “three beings of humanoid aspect descended by this luminous ray.” They were about 6 ½ feet tall, dressed in dark blue suits that covered the whole body, including hands and feet; on their chests was a metallic emblem. Each placed 10 tubes in the sand; then they collected all the black stones to be found on the beach; then they picked up their tubes and re-entered the craft, which rose diagonally with oscillations and then went off very fast. The duration of the observation was 30-40 minutes. Mr. X’s watch stopped “between 0400a and 0438a”. As an apparent consequence of the observation, “the skin of the witnesses became covered with sort of scales, which disappeared after 3 days”. In the sand were found holes 6” in diameter and 10” deep, left by the entities “tubes”; also a circular zone 6 ft in diameter, “where the sand seemed to have been absorbed.” (3). There were physical effects both on the witnesses and the environs around where the object had landed.

Choosing a case from the 70’s decade was very difficult. There are literally hundreds of high strangeness events to choose from, but I threw a dart and there will be plenty of other journals to summarize other 70’s events.

January of 1979 was a very busy month, especially the early part of it, as far as reports of close encounters and entity encounters. I will summarize the entire month in a later issue. The following I found extremely interesting and of a high strangeness category.

The location was Nuoro, Island of Sardinia, Italy, on January 2, 1979. Around 2315, the witness, L. M. was on his way to open a window due to the intense humidity inside the house when he noticed outside, near the building, two short human-like figures that appeared to be “floating” ten meters above the ground. Mesmerized he watched the two figures from the balcony. The two humanoids wore a transparent coverall, like Plexi-glass and under that a gray metallic outfit, that emitted a bluish glow. On their heads they wore white-colored helmets, with clear visors. He could see that their faces were normal, with very handsome features, with large eyes. They also wore white tight-fitting boots and had dark cylinder shaped “containers” around their waists. During the encounter the witness felt chills. As the beings approached the house they smiled at the witness and were soon lost from sight in the distance. (4).

Interesting report describing human-like little men with the apparent ability to fly using unknown means of propulsion. I suspect the dark containers around their waists facilitated the means of their mode of transportation.

The 80’s decade, the coming of the grays, missing time, abduction, the face of Ufology was changing. However, high strangeness events were not gone. However, again I chose a case in which the after effects of the encounter were unpleasant and severe in nature involving a bizarre flying entity. The location was near Lukyanovka, Pidan region, isolated and frigid. Primorskiy Kray, Russia. The year 1986 (exact date unknown), one night a local hunter was found gravely wounded in the taiga and brought into town. He had severe wounds to his face and lost both of his eyes and he eventually lost movement to the fingers on his left hand. He reported that he had been looking for deer on Pidan Mountain and finding a cave on a cliff he decided to stay overnight inside. After collecting some brushwood, he kindled a bonfire. Soon he noticed some motion in the depth of the cave. The hunter immediately rushed for his gun, and seconds later he heard a shrill cry, and a creature pounced upon him scratching him with very sharp claws. The creature was obviously winged possessing two-meter-wide wings. The head on the creature was almost “human” and it lacked any facial hair. After struggling for his life, the hunter fell to the ground exhausted and badly injured, and apparently the winged creature then departed from the cave. He lay by the bonfire the rest of the night and in the morning, he gathered whatever strength he had and walked into the taiga where he eventually lost consciousness. He was later found by other local hunters. (5). We are left to wonder what would have happened to the unfortunate man if he would not have been able to leave the cave. He would have been another statistic on the annals of mysterious disappearances worldwide.

The 90’s decade brought forth a sleuth of bizarre creatures that seemed to emerge from a cosmic menagerie. These included the infamous Chupacabra, Werewolves, Reptilians, Lobizon, monkey men in India, Skinwalkers, etc. It was also difficult to choose a case representing that decade, but I think I chose a pertinent one.

In Vernonia Oregon, on April 24, 1997, in the morning a farmer found one of his animal’s dead, and another missing. The dead cow had been mutilated by Satanists, he thought, as the eyes were cut out, there were fang marks on the neck, and it was drained of blood. There were no footprints visible in the damp ground. That same night around 2300, he went looking for his missing cow. The vehicle had two powerful search lights that illuminated a creature only 25-30 ft away…it turned and hissed at him, and he noticed that it had reptilian looking eyes, like a snake, only they didn’t reflect the light. Badly shaken, he said the small gargoyle like green creature was only about four feet high, and had wings on its back, which it didn’t unfurl. After about 15 seconds or so, it ran rapidly into the trees. (6).

It appears to have been a sort of Chupacabra type hybrid or creature meandering about in Oregon. The trend as far as bizarre creatures continued into the 00’s decade, with numerous reports from Mexico, Chile, Argentina and other parts of the world. I found the following report from Nigeria fascinating. Around May of 2003 in Maru, Nigeria, women in this larger town near the Zamfara River in northern Nigeria have been found to remain inside in the evening for fear of a strange creature which chases them. The News Agency of Nigeria has learned that a mysterious creature, said to be half-man and half horse, usually appears in the early hours of the morning or the evening. The creature fits the description of the centaur of Greek mythology, the most famous ones being Centaurus, Chiron and Sagittarius. However, the Nigerian version is distinctly African. It was described as having close-cropped hair, a goatee, horse-like ears, with a man’s torso sprouting from a horse’s body where the horse’s neck usually is. The creature had two human arms and four equine legs, and from the human neck down, it had a black and white striped coloration of an African Zebra. The appearance of this creature has crippled the socio-economic activities in the town, especially at night as people prefer to stay home from 1600 until sunrise the next morning. The creature is believed to have appeared in different locations in Maru and is causing much anxiety and fear among residents, particularly women. (7) Albert S Rosales may be contacted at:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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