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Reality Checking—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, August 2021

Pilot Mountain, sacred Native American site and UFO hotspot, other active locations, and a very strange MIB encounter

by: Brent Raynes

Pilot Mountain


“I grew up in an 1850s log cabin in a rural area of North Carolina, 20 miles east of Pilot Mountain,” Pamela Nance, a degreed archaeologist and anthropologist, as well as an extraordinary experiencer, recently shared. “In sacred geometry Pilot Mountain is also known as the Pilot Mountain Wheel due to the intersection of the Serpent and Acadian Leys directly over the top of the mountain. [1] The cabin sits over an underground artesian river, which coupled with its location being extremely close to the Pilot Mountain Wheel, provides an energetic environment for an elevated sense of consciousness. As a 5-year-old child, I sat on a small hill behind my house looking west at a perfectly wonderful view of Pilot Mountain, or “Jomeokee” the Great Guide, as originally named by the Saura Native Americans. As I sat looking at the mountain, I found myself suddenly out of my body, flying like a bird over the countryside, navigating the Earth’s terrain and gliding down to the top of the mountain. I had a birds’ eye view of the top of the knob and could see the rocks and scraggly trees bent by the winds and passing of time right beneath me. I could see the black ravens nesting among the rocks and some flying around me. I would soar and enjoy the moment and then turn back towards my home and into my body. I was able to bi-locate in this manner until the age of nine and then other high strangeness stepped in when two humanoid beings appeared in my room one night. I was 10-years-old and they stood by my bed, communicating telepathically that they were there to balance my karma from a past life in which I beheaded a sacred white elephant. They were very beautiful; a male and female dressed in black turtlenecks and black tight-fitting pants. The man had light brown hair hanging just below his turtleneck and the woman had light brown hair, shoulder length with bangs. The man held a giant timepiece in front of me and communicated that when the timepiece struck 12 they would take me. I watched as the hand went around the timepiece from 12 all the way back around to 12. At that moment, I found myself floating on my back, out through my bedroom window and soon found myself in a brightly lit room lying on a metal table. The man and woman stood above me at my head and seemed to be working at the top of my head. I could not see what they were doing but sensed that some procedure was involved by their movements.”

“The next thing I recalled was being back in my room and in my bed. However, I was under the impression I had been beheaded. I jumped from my bed and ran through the house crying hysterically and telling my family “they took my head”! My parents tried to calm me down but it took hours before I was able to go to sleep. The event remained blazoned in my memory for at least fifteen years and I suffered great PTSD whenever I recalled that night.”

“The next event occurred in 1967, a few months before my 11th birthday. I, my parents and 3 siblings were enjoying a summer evening on the front porch, right before sunset, when my 5 year old brother exclaimed “look”! Across the road to the east, sitting silently a few feet above a grove of southern pines was a silver disc. We all jumped to our feet and began talking excitedly about what we were seeing. As we stood and watched, the disc suddenly shot directly west and out of site in the blink of an eye. The path it took was directly towards Pilot Mountain.”

Pamela Nance

“I recall numerous other events from my childhood in which I was outside at night running from beams of light coming from craft in the sky. I sensed the beams were trying to find me and I would hide under a giant red cedar beside the cabin, but all to no avail as they always seemed to find me. One night in particular I found myself once again outside running from the light, but this time the same two humanoid beings I had seen in my room that night when I was 10, materialized in front of me. The next moment it seemed, I was back in my room but my dad, a neighbor and 3 of my siblings were all standing over me looking very frightened. As it turned out, my dad had gotten up to check on us children and found me missing from my bed, only to find me outside under the cedar tree unconscious. He brought me to my room, sent my brother for the neighbor and that’s when I awoke. I remembered running from the light and seeing the two beings, but I was embarrassed to say anything thinking no one would believe me, so I just told them I didn’t know what had happened. Numerous other events occurred on the property, some paranormal in nature. My life has been one of high strangeness and heightened consciousness since early childhood and has continued until today. For me, this is normal and my life and I wouldn’t change a thing.”

For more information about Pamela’s UFO/contact-related experiences, we did an interview that is posted in the January issue: http://www.apmagazine.info/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=1590&Itemid=53

Once, in May 2015, Pamela says she had a very odd experience on Pilot Mountain. “I was there with my stepdaughter and she and I had climbed up to a rocky ledge beside the knob that overlooks the trail that hikers use to circumnavigate the knob. We had our paranormal equipment with us as we had planned to do a short investigation while there. The day was sunny and cloudless; mid-80s with lots of folks on the trail below. Seconds before we activated our equipment we both noticed how quiet it was. The wind had stopped blowing, suddenly all the people were no longer in sight and there were no animal sounds or activity. We took advantage of the quietness and quickly turned on the equipment and immediately began hearing clear EVPs coming thru. We captured great EVP evidence indicating a portal; Stonehenge; Melchizedek, Dracos, 23 EVPs in all. Suddenly, the wind picked back up; people were on the trail below and birds began singing. We could no longer investigate due to the wind and all the activity, so we packed it up and just enjoyed the scenery. Later that day, when we reflected upon that moment and heard the great audio, we both thought something strange had happened; like the moment was perfectly aligned just for us.”

As an experiencer Pamela has done considerable EVP [electronic voice phenomena] work too. One of her main contacts in this process, as with myself, has been a voice identifying itself as “Philip.” Sometimes she gets voices in other languages that require translating. While visiting an ancient Cherokee site in East Tennessee last year I was recording details about a burial there of a prominent Cherokee chief, who my wife learned that year was a grandfather of hers a few generations back. On the recording afterwards there was an unidentified male voice, speaking in a cadence very similar to Native people. While I talked over part of it, there was one word by itself, but we weren’t sure what it was. Pamela sent us a recording of a Cherokee man saying the word “wolf” in that language, and it did sound quite similar. Interestingly, the Cherokee Chief’s mother was of the Wolf Clan and we were standing, at the time, in a large circular concrete slab with seven upright cylindrical concrete posts that represented the seven Cherokee clans.

Donald Johnson, Ph.D.

I consulted with UFO friend and colleague, Donald Johnson, a Ph.D. psychologist who has been doing the UFOCAT survey work for 50 years now [which began with his work originally with David Saunders, Ph.D., who was fired from the infamous Condon Committee back in the 1960s for his criticism of their unscientific, biased approach to the UFO phenomenon] about correlations with Pilot Mountain. He replied: "I really haven't done much reading on Ley Lines, but I would like to do more. I am an empiricist, so I want to be led by the data. So I decided to invest the time to look at UFO hotspots that could correspond to the second most famous UFO orthotenic line in the US, what Dr. David Saunders labeled AUPER, so see if it passes through Pilot Mountain, NC. The last 24 hours have been exciting, because I have just started learning how to use Google Earth. The mapping program I used to use, Microsoft Mappoint, I am no longer able to use because I lost the data CD that is needed to run it, and I tried to buy a new copy but it looks like Microsoft is no longer selling their software. The short answer to the question is: AUPER DOES PASS THROUGH PILOT MOUNTAIN!"

"I did know one thing about Pilot Mountain, North Carolina before I started this project. Surry County, NC, the county that it is in, is most definitely a UFO hotspot. It is ranked 117 on my list of top UFO hotspots for North America, and it is the first county from NC to appear on the list. Most of the sightings occur in nearby Mount Airy and Dobson, but Pilot Mountain does have some important cases. I have created an Excel datasheet for the cases in Surry County, which includes many important and in some cases famous close encounters (see attached)."

"However, there is one thing we need to be cautious about. George Fawcett is credited with investigating many of the UFO reports in Surry County, and it is possible that because of his active investigations we have an elevated number of cases in the literature.”

“There are two schools of thought on this matter. Some people like Mike Swords believe that having an active UFO investigator in a region is the main cause for the creation of a UFO hotspot. Another example is Stan Gordon who has been a long time UFO investigator in Westmoreland County in Pennsylvania. The other school of thought, the one that I subscribe to, is that you need to have UFO activity first before an active UFO investigator can actually go out and investigate. In other words, the UFO investigator doesn't create the reporting phenomenon, he is just the beneficiary. The Uintah Basin in Utah was producing large numbers of UFO reports long before Skinwalker Ranch became famous (see Frank Salisbury's book, The Utah UFO Display). Likewise, Yakima County in Washington would be famous for UFO sightings with or without Greg Long. The same is true for Alamosa and Saguache Counties in Colorado. They were infamous for the "Snippy (Lady) the horse" animal mutilation case and tons of UFO sightings and Close Encounter reports in the 1960s (see UFOs? Yes! by David Saunders), long before Christopher O'Brien arrived on the scene. I certainly remember hearing about and reading spine tingling accounts from La Veta Pass when I was a college student at CU and working with David Saunders as a research assistant in the early 1970s."

"So I mapped many of the top UFO hotspots that could possibly fall along the great circle line, and then tried fitting a couple of different lines to the reports. I started with the UFO hotspots that I knew best in New Jersey, Connecticut, and New Hampshire where I have lived, and the Hudson River Valley in New York and the counties along the line in Maine (Norway/Tripp Pond in Oxford County, ME and Manchester/Augusta, in Kennebec County, ME). I then filled in other states: Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, South Carolina, Alabama, and even Pascagoula, Mississippi (it's on the line!). To top it off, I plotted Mexico City as a legitimate UFO hotspot in Central America."

"I have attached an HTML file from Google Earth to show the results. The results are quite remarkable. The best fitting line DOES run from Mexico City through Pascagoula, MS; Montgomery, AL; Pilot Mountain, NC, Clinton, NJ; Wanaque Reservoir, NJ; Peekskill, NY; Winsted, CT; Greenfield, MA; Northampton, MA; Concord, NH; and Manchester, ME. You will have to install Google Earth if you haven't already done so. Opening my html file will show you what I have just listed. This is quite an important finding, and confirms at least one of the lines your friend in Pilot Mountain showed you in the attachment on possible Ley lines passing through Surry County."

Surry County, North Carolina UFOCAT reports

Top 250 UFO Hotspots in North America

However, the next day Donald followed up: "I am not finding much confirmation at all for the 'Serpent Ley' line. A couple of points, one in Huntington, WV. Nothing to get excited about."

Readers who haven’t done so, might like to listen to our recent interview with Donald in the May issue: http://www.apmagazine.info/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=1658&Itemid=53

William Kent Senter is a dedicated ufologist and an experiencer as well. He had a very good sighting in Lumberton, North Carolina, located in Robeson County [#217 hotspot on Donald’s Hotspot listing]. “What I saw in Lumberton in 1975 was a pinkish reddish glowing line like a thin cigar shape,” he explained to me. “It was sitting over the trees, but what got my attention was a police car pulled off, then seeing men in the field and looking up, saw the object. I quickly got out and saw it was moving away, jumped back in my car and chased it. It went out of sight. When discussing with Lee Speigel who happened to be in the field with the policeman, he said I had just missed the craft coming over the top of them and shining a spotlight down on them before floating back over the trees and leaving. It was a V-shaped object.”

The most extraordinary North Carolina encounter William had was with the notorious “Men in Black.”

“It is strange that you mentioned this one first as it probably ‘upset’ me the most,” he explained as I questioned him. “As a state section director and field investigator for MUFON, I received a call by MUFON HQ to the State Director to respond to the Alamance Co. Sheriff's Dept. request for possible help. I was to investigate a sighting and a cattle mutilation and abduction of an elderly farmer's prized cow. I met three deputy sheriff's and the farmer, who was highly upset, at his farm. Two days later, I got a visit from three MIB.”

“I operated a mobile home community as well as an apartment community out of a mobile home/office that was my residence. I was familiar with having police come out occasionally to check on certain occupants. When the three MIBs were approaching the door, which was open to a glass storm door, my peripheral vision of them led me to think that the police were coming in again. I immediately swiveled around in my office chair to unlock the occupant files to my right, before turning to look at them as they entered. I am attaching a diagram of the office, so this will make sense to you.

Diagram of office showing MIB placements

As I turned left to look at them, the first MIB came in and went to the corner chair (blue star). I immediately felt physically stunned as if I was being paralyzed with a strong sensation like an electric current running through my stomach. I was confused like being hit unexpectedly but extremely alert and conscience that something wasn't right. The first MIB was not normal in appearance as he must have been close to 7'- 8' tall and with the typical Sinatra/Fedora hat, had to bend his head down to come in the door. His body and face shocked me as it was abnormal in the fact that his face was extremely thin and skin that looked "milky white and almost translucent." Very tall and lanky. Then the red star MIB that I will call ‘Shorty’ came in and asked ‘Are you William Senter?’ then followed by the third, who took all of my attention at once as he was ‘Identical’ to the first, and I cannot express enough how alarmingly identical they were! I immediately knew something strange was happening as I couldn't move. Sitting, I looked up to the tall MIB at the door. When he entered, he turned toward me with his back facing the opened door, almost like a robot and standing at attention. As they all had dark sunglasses on, I wanted to see their eyes as I knew they were not normal. I was shocked as the millisecond that I thought I wanted to see his eyes from under his glasses (as I was sitting and he was standing) he immediately dropped his head toward the floor so I could not look under his lenses and see them. I felt and I ‘knew’ that he was reading my thoughts. I kept saying over and over in my head, ‘I know you hear me and I want to see your eyes.’ Over and over and over again. I could not take my eyes off of him for what seemed like minutes. Then I could hear ‘Shorty’ as he had been talking but I did not hear anything but background mumbling, as I was focused on the MIB at the door. I couldn't even speak! It seemed like my focus broke as I turned to Shorty who was screaming at me by now and saying, ‘You are not to go back out there, do you understand?’ As I turned my head to him, peripherally I could see the first MIB was now crouched to my left right behind me. I could not move or turn around but noticed his hands were cupped over as if you were trying to touch your wrist with your fingers. He was also next to my left shoulder now.”

“As my eyes looked up at Shorty, it was as if he was also reading my thoughts as he angrily ripped off his glasses as if to honor my thoughts, exposing the bluest and strangest eyes I have ever personally seen. They were bigger than silver dollars and perfectly round with almost all of the eye the brightest blue and hardly any white surrounding and with a large black pupil. I will also attach my attempt to show you his eyes. Another strange point is that none of them had any facial hair including Shorty who did not even have eyebrows. No hair around their hats, etc. Shorty was also the only one who talked and he was short and stocky, not too much taller than me sitting in my chair. At this point they just left as I was turned facing the front wall, which I do not remember doing. I remember that I thought to get up and see the license plates on their car, but I couldn't move. I was able to get up as they drove away and it was a older model sedan with G/S government plates but I could not see the numbers as they turned to leave. With what seemed like 5 minutes had passed, I noticed that it was 25 minutes later and when I went to the VHS camera that was in the kitchen, the tape door was opened and the tape was gone. I immediately sat down knowing that they were not normal and that I just had a physical encounter.”

How the MIB eyes looked

“Another strange thing is that my wife bought me a copy of Nick Redfern's book ‘The Real MIB’ in 2012, and Shorty looks like the MIB pictured on page 65, except shorter. Keep in mind that I had this encounter at the end of May 1993 and told my wife in 2002. This event caused me to back off investigations for years. I never noticed their hands except the cuffed over one who was crouching by my left shoulder, and it seemed Shorty pulled his glasses off with his left hand. The electric stunning sensation lasted until they were out the door. If I saw these beings in the middle of Times Square on New Year’s Eve, I would know them instantly. Their appearance is permanently etched in my memory. Another strange item is that I just introduced myself to the deputies as Kent with MUFON. I just gave them my middle name and no first or last name and no address when I contacted them by phone. The MIB's showed up at my home/work office and asked me if I was William Senter.”

“George Fawcett once told me about an MIB encounter he had in the 60's while speaking in Chicago. They threatened him to stop talking about UFOs and when he arrived back in NC, he found out they had shown up at his daughter's college harassing her. He was shocked that they knew where he was in Chicago and also where his daughter went to college out of state.”

I was at a meeting of the New England UFO Study Group in Braintree, Massachusetts back on October 16, 1977, where George Fawcett was a speaker. He told us an MIB story that he said happened to him in Columbia, South Carolina. He had just done a slide presentation after which this man approached him and requested to speak with George privately. George described the man as about five foot 10 inches, about 180 pounds, with a rounded face, and an “Arabic” appearance. They walked outside to a new black-colored car. He asked George a series of psychological questions that took about 20 minutes. He was told he passed the test. Then the man tried to get George to sign some sort of paper. George refused, which seemed to upside the guy. The man even offered to pay George a large sum of money for doing so, showing him about $10,000 in cash. He even said he could take George somewhere to meet the UFO beings if he liked. “I’ll make you a wealthy man,” the stranger declared. George said it was tempting, as he was semi-employed at the time, but he still refused. The stranger then gave him $200 and told him to take his family out to enjoy a meal. At first George said he refused, but the man insisted, and so George later used that money to take his 10-year-old son, a Civil War buff, to Virginia on a historic site tour.

Reference 1.

Pamela Nance’s reference in the first paragraph of this feature where she mentions the “intersection of the Serpent and Acadian Leys” in relation to Pilot Mountain is drawn from the work of one Peter Champoux, regarded by some as a “ley line expert,” and the author of Gaia Matrix.

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