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Classic Mysteries—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, May 2021

The Monks from Outer Space

by: Albert S. Rosales

Location: Valdessus, Jura, France
Date: June 20, 1986
Time: 04:00 a.m.

Cesar Locatelli was driving on a brushy isolated area searching for a swarm of wild bees when he made a turn under some trees and came upon a large transparent brightly lit bluish disc-shaped object that was partly resting on top of a large boulder. Inside the object he could clearly see six human-like figures of average height. These figures were wearing white monk like tunics with cowls covering their heads that also hid their faces. They all were standing around an oval shaped table apparently bent over it. The witness attempted to drive away but his engine stalled. At the same time, he could hear a high-pitched humming sound. He was finally able to start the car and drove away, briefly glancing back at the object. One of the beings now seemed to have moved away from the others. He was now bent forward slightly and through the opening in the cowl, Locatelli glimpsed fair curly hair. But he was only too glad to be able to get away from the spot. In the morning he returned to the spot and found crushed grass next to the stone. He further described the object as completely transparent, though with some opaque vertical areas on its surface. With its left side resting on the big stone, and its right side on the ground, it was not lying horizontally, but tilted sharply down toward the right. When he first caught sight of the thing, the distance between it and the front of his car must have been extremely small, for the witness reckons that the beings were only about 4 meters from him. The strange personages inside the object did not appear to have reacted in any way to the presence of the witness. They were not looking directly towards him, because their heads were inclined downwards.

Making his way rapidly back towards the road, Locatelli was soon out of sight of the phenomenon. Locatelli himself, who knows the spot well, had noticed the big stone long before that. He reckons that the stone must have weighed at least 1 ton and he had often felt some astonishment at its whiteness, for unlike the other stones around in the area it had no moss on it. (However, the witness returned to the site in November of 1990 and was surprised to see that the large boulder was now gone, with no signs that it had ever been there. Last time he saw it was in September of 1990.) Cesar Locatelli returned again to the site in January 10 1991 and he at once became unwell and had difficulty in breathing.

Source: Joel Mesnard, Michael Morel Seythoux, FSR, Vol. 37 # 1

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