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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, August 2019

Xendra, an Inter-dimensional Portal is opened at the Rahma Contact Site called “Shasta.”

by: Joseph Burkes, MD

September 1994

A member of my LA based CE-5 Working Group, Captain Joe Vallejo, told me that a major event had occurred with a large group belonging to the contact network called Rahma. It took place not in Latin America where most of their “encuentros”(encounters in Spanish) have occurred. But rather in Northern California at a place called “Shasta.” Captain Vallejo was a jet pilot working for United Airlines at the time and he had been active with a San Francisco based Rahma team for about a year. As it was explained to me the name Rahma was derived from the ancient Sanskrit words “Ra” for God and ma for mother. The letter “h” stands for humanity situated between the divine Ra and Mother Earth.

Rahma’s leader in the San Francisco Bay area was and still is Dr. Fernando Limaco, a retired dental surgeon originally from Peru. His group long ago purchased a remote piece of land in Northern California and the property was always described by his people as simply “Shasta.” I had a general idea of the site’s location from Joe’s description of his ten-hour drive up from Los Angeles. However, until I finally made it up there in 2004, I never realized what a difficult journey it was. The exact location has always been kept confidential and instructions as to how to get there are usually given in person, not on the phone. The event I now describe gives an indication of why confidentiality is of importance.

The property sits in the foothills of the Northern California Coastal Range. During the 1990s the closest house to the property was about a half-mile away. A dirt road through rolling hills is the only access. In winter months freezing rain and snow often make 4-wheel-drive required to reach the site. All activities were done exclusively in Spanish, a language that I learned in high school and kept up with as part of my medical practice because of the large Hispanic population in Los Angeles. I was privileged to do fieldwork with Dr. Limaco’s contact team in 2004, 2006 and 2009.


United 747 pilot Joe Vallejo told me that a dimensional portal was opened one August night in 1994. The contact site used by Rahma is located near a stream that runs through rolling hills that are several hundred feet high. After a light meal of fruit, the forty plus Hispanic contact activists started chanting. “Ohm.” Suddenly a faint violet colored light appeared in the field just twenty yards away from where the group was standing in a circle some forty-feet across.

The hovering light was about 7 feet above the field. It quickly enlarged extending to the left and right forming a doorway like structure made of violet light. Dr. Limaco explained that the group had just opened a dimensional portal and that in order to keep it materialized the entire assembly needed to keep chanting. The senior Rahma people then moved through the crowd instructing them to form seven groups of seven individuals. They were informed that they would have an opportunity to briefly enter the Xendra, thus permitting them to experience what it was like to stand in the teleportation device. Assurances were given that they would not leave the contact site.

Over the next hour seven groups of seven people each were instructed to go into the portal made of light and stand briefly in the Xendra. Those in the Xendra as well the crowd outside continued to chant “OOHHHMMM” throughout the entire procedure. Captain Vallejo’s group was the last to enter. At that point people had been standing and chanting for several hours and were beginning to get fatigued.

Captain Vallejo described the dimensional portal as being a tight space similar to an elevator. People had to crowd together to fit in. In the darkness the walls were indistinct; the only illumination being provided was from the faint purple light that formed the doorway. As soon as they entered the Xendra the Rahma activists noticed that there was a change in sound of their chanting. Joe said it was muffled as if they were speaking underwater. He also found that there was a change in the way in which they moved while huddled together. Everything seemed to be slowed down.

After a minute or two he and the others inside the portal noticed that the chanting from the crowd outside had become less vigorous. As the sound of their voices decreased, to the dismay of those inside the Xendra, the violet light coming from the doorway started to fade. In addition the walls of the elevator like structure in which they were standing became more indistinct.

Joe told me that he didn’t know what would happen if the portal collapsed with them still inside. He did not know and he was sure that he didn’t want to find out. Without exchanging a word, Captain Joe and his six companions chanted louder. To their relief the violet light from the doorway became brighter and the walls of the claustrophobic space in which they stood became more solid. They emerged from the Xendra with no ill effects. Joe told me that the entire group was enchanted by the experience.

For the next year the word Xendra could be heard throughout the Rahma network. I was busy with my own organizing efforts for the CE-5 Initiative and was only able to attend one Rahma outing near Pasadena in 1994. It was with a local Southern California group that was very different from Dr. Limaco’s team. Although a few anomalous nocturnal lights were seen, nothing as dramatic as the opening of a dimensional portal occurred. For over twenty years I had been aware of this amazing event of the contact network now called Rahma. In 2014, I was given permission by Dr. Limaco to openly share this information.


Dr. Limaco and a few of his fellow Rahma activists drove to Southern California in 1994 to meet with my CE-5 contact team. There he described the history of the Hispanic contact network. According to the retired Peruvian dental surgeon, the group’s cosmology has been transmitted to them by benevolent advanced ET races. Rahma believes these extraterrestrials are operating both on and in space around our planet. And they are thought to be assisting mankind during what Rahma activists hope will be a monumental transformation of human consciousness allowing us to have open relations with extraterrestrials.

Rahma contact activists employ what I imagine is a new age concept drawn from eastern mysticism when asserting that the more “evolved” spiritual realms exist at “higher frequencies.” Lower planes of existence like Earth’s correspondingly have a “lower” vibrational frequency. In order to have a more open and closer relationship with extraterrestrials, mankind will supposedly be required to evolve spiritually so that our “vibration” will more closely match theirs.

Only ET civilizations that exist in “higher” vibration states or dimensions are being permitted by a kind of galactic council to be here during the current transformation. Truly negative and potentially dangerous extraterrestrials are supposedly being blocked from coming to Earth. Now and in the past, the masses of humanity have not had the capacity to access such dimensions, but great spiritual teachers like Jesus and many other prophets esteemed by humanity presumably were able to peer into those higher vibration realms to help guide us on a spiritual evolutionary journey.


The belief system held by Rahma activists is similar to the ideas of other contactee groups that form in their entirety what I like to call, the “Contact Underground.” This network is composed of a broad array of contactee organizations promoting awareness of what they view is a very positive ET presence here on Earth. In my opinion these concepts and practices are definitely New Age. To achieve the great feat of taking a giant evolutionary leap, according to Rahma we will need to elevate our collective “vibration” through various spiritual practices. These include meditation, carrying out acts of kindness and avoiding killing animals for food.

During several visits to Shasta with Captain Vallejo as my guide, I participated in Rahma guided meditations that are a kind of extended collective prayer. They call for establishing a new Earth civilization based on peace, compassion and love. This can only be done by the Earth’s peoples. Although contactees might derive inspiration from the so-called “ETs” only humanity has the power to choose a path to salvation.


According to the Rahma cosmology, this monumental transformation has supposedly attracted many ET races here, not only to witness such an awe-inspiring change, but also for reasons related to their own spiritual evolution as well. Earth from Rahma’s view is being transformed into a kind of spiritual dynamo. She will supply the necessary power not only for Earth’s next great spiritual evolutionary leap forward, but will also enable advanced extraterrestrial civilizations in the galaxy to climb to the next wrung on their evolutionary ladders.

Thus, our planet has become the center of attention of the entire Milky Way. If such enlightened self-interest from a host of ET civilizations were truly operational in the contact drama, then it might explain why UFO experiencers have described what appear to be so many different racial types of ET beings that they report meeting during their close encounters.


The contact workers in Rahma’s “encuentros” in California originally came from all over Latin America. Many had worked with Rahma in their countries of origin. Several times a year caravans of Rahma people used to drive up from the south. Most participants were from the San Francisco Bay Area. The number of activists that have participated ranges from a dozen or two up to nearly one hundred when major events take place. Usually only a handful come up from Southern California. It takes an entire day’s driving to get there from the “southland.” This can be daunting especially during winter storms.

Captain Joe was a 747 Line Captain for United. He started driving to Shasta in 1993. As the result of flying all over the Western Hemisphere as a jet pilot, he developed extensive contacts within the vast Rahma network. Through Captain Vallejo for two decades, I was kept abreast of major developments within Rahma that was originally called Rama.

Captain Joe explained to me that Mission Rama quickly spread out from Peru in 1974 with major centers of support in Argentina, Mexico, and Central America and even in Spain. The class backgrounds of Rahma contact activists are lower middle and working classes. Dr. Limaco was a well-respected oral surgeon in Peru, but in the late 1980s he was forced to emigrate because of civil war and the general lawlessness that afflicted his homeland. Joe told me that heavily armed guerrillas had tried unsuccessfully to abduct Fernando’s young daughter for ransom. Once in the US Dr. Limaco was not able to practice his profession because of his limited command of English and the strict recertification regulations applied to foreign trained health professionals.

Over the years I got to know several Rahma people. Some are service workers; others have jobs in construction or work for government in school districts and welfare offices. A handful of them have small businesses with only few employees. In terms of social status Captain Vallejo, as a 747 pilot with a major airline, stood out from the rest. Although I am an Anglo-physician from a totally different cultural background, both Rahma leaders and the rank and file have always treated me with a great deal of cordiality and respect. It is my judgment that their advanced spiritual consciousness and the emphasis on maintaining unity have kept interpersonal conflicts to a minimum under Dr. Limaco’s guidance.


A Xendra (pronounced “sendra”) is a dimensional portal that reportedly allows teleportation to remote parts of the cosmos. I first learned about such alleged devices when I read a UFO Library Magazine article about the early history of Rahma. It was published over 25 years ago and the magazine subsequently folded. Dr. Limaco as well as other veteran Rahma people deemed this detailed account accurate and my reports on this amazing contact network are based in part on that in-depth magazine article.


Sixto Paz Wells played a central role during the first two decades of Mission Rama’s campaign. It all started in 1974 in a desert area called Chilca. It is located some sixty miles west of Lima. Wells was a college student at the time. On one particular night of fieldwork their destination was a place known as La Mina, (the mine in Spanish). It was some twenty minutes walking distance from their jumping off point where they had parked their vehicles.

While slowly trudging along in desert sand, Sixto somehow became separated from his companions. After walking for what seemed like a few minutes, he suddenly found himself at La Mina without knowing how he could have arrived there so quickly. He saw a luminescence in the distance and walked towards it. As he approached the eerie light he noted that it was on the ground and took the form of a half moon. As he closed in, suddenly the figure of a man with his arm raised come out of the light. Reportedly frightened and confused, Sixto tried to run but a strange paralysis overtook him.


As chronicled in the UFO Library Magazine report he received a simple mental command, “Come!” Overcoming his fear he entered the dimensional portal and immediately experienced vertigo and nausea. Engulfed in brilliant light he was still able to see standing next to him the very extraterrestrial being that he had envisioned just a few weeks before when he first reportedly started receiving messages via automatic writing.

This being known as “Oxalc” was described as human, about 6 feet 2 inches in height with oriental features. He had whitish-blond thin hair that flowed down to his broad shoulders. The ET explained to Sixto that they had entered an inter-dimensional portal where their atomic structure was converted to light energy and thereby could be transported rapidly over enormous distances. Sixto reportedly emerged from the portal and found that he was no longer in the Peruvian desert. Instead he could see in the distance mountains that cradled a city composed of transparent domes and igloo like structures. They were supposedly on “Morlen,” the alleged ET name for Ganymede, a moon of Jupiter.


According to the UFO Library Magazine account Oxalc oriented his visitor to the situation. Sixto was told that this base had been established as a mining colony thousands of years ago. The atmosphere had been modified to allow them to move around without spacesuits. A type of solar energy was supplied so that trees and vegetables could grow in the many valleys that were colonized.

A council of respected elders working for “The Great Confederation of Stars” allegedly ruled Morlen. Their goal was to give generous assistance to all inhabited worlds in evolution. In this idyllic setting on Morlen, Sixto reported being told that individual colonists from many star systems could experience personal growth without prejudice or vice. This ET civilization was not only technologically advanced but according to Oxalc had also achieved an advanced state of spiritual development. After supposedly receiving an extensive briefing about life on Morlen, Sixto was allowed to re-enter the Xendra.


Suddenly he found himself back in the Peruvian desert at La Mina where his companions were searching for him. Sixto told his companions about Morlen. He also reported a distorted perception of the passage of time during his alleged journey. His memory of the time spent on Morlen seemed much longer than the fifteen minutes that had elapsed on Earth. Sixto told his friends that they too would have a similar experience in two weeks and that they must prepare themselves by meditating, eating a vegetarian diet and doing “concentration” exercises supplied by the ETs.

Sixto Paz Wells had additional adventures during the first two decades of Mission Rahma. In 1990, Dr. Limaco accompanied him to a remote ET base in the rainforests below the eastern slopes of the Andes. In another chapter of “The Contact Network History Project”, I describe a remarkable journey that reportedly ended in their boarding an ET craft in a remote location known as Paititi.

About the author: Dr. Burkes volunteered as a Working Group Coordinator for the CE-5 Initiative from 1992 till 1998. He has continued to study the flying saucer phenomenon working with the Foundation for Research into Extraordinary and ET Encounters (FREE) and the Peruvian contact network now called Rahma. Joseph Burkes MD is co-author of the book “Paths to Contact” edited by Jeff Becker. He also has co-authored a chapter on medical healings with researcher Preston Dennett in the FREE compendium “Beyond UFOs.” Dr. Burkes retired from the Southern California Pemanente Group after thirty-years-service in 2008 and is a board-certified internal medicine physician licensed to practice in California.

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