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Reality Checking—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, July 2019

by: Brent Raynes

Psychic Messages from Rosemary “prodding” some from the Beyond?

“Photo of the Weeping Woman headstone in Parkersburg, West Virginia,” psychic and author Tonya Madia wrote. “The monument is said to weep as well as grant wishes. Rosemary was connecting with the very palpable energy that emits from the headstone.”

Photo: Tonya Madia

“I had a little visit from a friend of yours this morning,” a psychic acquaintance here in Tennessee emailed me at 6:27 a.m., Friday morning, July 26. Then a few minutes after 8 o’clock my cellphone rang. My friend informed me that as she was applying eyeliner in front of a large mirror at her home, a mirror she occasionally uses as a psychomanteum (to view spirits), a face appeared in the upper right corner of her mirror. It was the face of Rosemary Ellen Guiley! Rosemary, as many readers know, was a highly respected and very well-liked figure in the paranormal world. The executive editor of Fate magazine, the author of more than 65 books on UFO, paranormal and metaphysical topics, with her own publishing company, Visionary Living, Inc., Rosemary was very widely known. She seemed constantly on the go, attending events and conferences all across the country, and was always involved in major research and field investigative work. As the old saying goes, no moss grew underneath her feet! However, early on the morning of July 19th, Rosemary took her last breath, after months of privately battling cancer. With strength, courage and dignity her struggle came to an end. My friend, though she knew a good number of people in the paranormal and UFO field, she was not familiar with Rosemary and her work, though she had recently seen some of the many Facebook postings announcing her passing. In addition, she knew that Rosemary had written a foreword to my book, John A. Keel: The Man, The Myths, and the Ongoing Mysteries, which appeared on Amazon on July 15th. There is also an interview with Rosemary in my book, and I should mention Rosemary personally knew John Keel and recommended several others I should interview who knew him pretty well also, in addition to reviewing my book and making many very helpful suggestions and recommendations. “There was an exit point and I took it,” a woman’s voice inside my friend’s head said, as Rosemary’s face briefly appeared in the mirror.

Upon hearing of this, I decided to contact Tonya and Joey Madia, a husband and wife paranormal team whose two year investigation of a very haunted library in North Carolina was detailed last year in their book entitled Watch Out for the Hallway. Rosemary’s Visionary Living was the publisher. The Madia’s had been close friends with Rosemary for nearly 10 years. They were also prone to paranormal experiences themselves, and so with that I thought if something was going on, they’d be the ones to ask. They replied immediately and I discovered that indeed things were going on.

Joey and Tonya had been having visions, as they described them, for weeks of Rosemary medicated and in bed. A few weeks before her passing Joey had had a dream in which he saw Rosemary standing before a river, looking across it. Then she turned to him and smiled, and then faded. Her husband confirmed to them how accurate their visions had been. “Tonya and I knew she was testing the waters, looking for an exit,” Joey added. On the night that Rosemary passed, Joey described how he was at his computer concentrated on something when suddenly his head was jerked upwards, where he was staring at Rosemary’s books on a shelf. Then his head was pulled to the left and his gaze fell upon a signed photo of Rosemary, one of his favorites. Then he saw an apparition of Rosemary standing in the room with him!

After reading my email about my friend’s mirror experience, Joey realized that about an equal distance between the books and the photo was one of Rosemary’s Scrying mirrors. “I think I was supposed to be reminded of the scrying mirror,” he wrote. “Feels like Rosemary is bringing us all together.”

Joey claimed he’d gotten what he felt was a mental message from Rosemary, while he was using a ghost box, the message saying “You’re going to have to work for it.” Later, he claimed, a friend named Kevin was getting a Tarot reading on Saturday, the 27th, and the reader conveyed the exact same words again to him from Rosemary. He wrote that he had not told Kevin about what he had felt Rosemary had conveyed to him. “She is certainly prodding us all to do the work,” Joey wrote. My psychic friend felt she was simply the “conduit,” only meant to help in this possible “prodding” process perhaps. Naturally, I’ll keep my readers informed of any further developments. In the weeks ahead, I’ll be promoting my book on John Keel, doing radio interviews and doing talks like at Knoxville’s Alien Xpo (August 17-18) and the Mothman Festival (September 21-22). It should be interesting!


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