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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, May 2017

Scientific Studies Bearing on the Quantum Hologram Theory of Consciousness and the MECO

by: Giorgio Piacenza

Non-conventional, emerging scientific theories dealing with deeper levels of connectivity that involve consciousness in a fundamental level may be getting some validation. These are SCIENTIFIC STUDIES BEARING on the QUANTUM HOLOGRAM THEORY OF CONSCIOUSNESS and the MECO (Magnetospheric Eternally Collapsing Objects). After recent experiments, recognition of Non-local Pilot Waves from Bohmian-Hiley's (and also Valentini's and De Broglie's) realistic proposal quantum mechanics is back in vogue rendering possible some ontological interpretations of the meaning of quantum mechanics.

This is a theoretical interpretation that may relate with the Quantum Hologram Theory of Consciousness that was develped by Mitchell and others after theories such as that of physicist and mathematician Roger Penrose who also explored a possible Quantum Hologram, how our brain may interact with it, while finding Bohm's realistic, hidden variables interpretation credible. Interestingly, a non-local form of the Hidden Variables interpretation makes an observational, cosmological prediction that can be tested: The prediction is about non- random fluctuations in the primordial backgroung radiation. In fact, in 2015, the European Space Agency's Planck Spacecraft team revealed what appear to be some of these non-random fluctuations.

The Quantum Hologram Theory of Consciousess or QHTC (and possibly other compatible theories like C. Swanson's SUM Model apparently focusing on related-complementary aspects) may relate with an expanded, but realistic interpretation of Quantum Mechanics associated with a variety of the De Broglie, Bohm, Hiley and Valentini "Pilot Wave," realistic proposals. We are referring about a more complete way of understanding non-local, hidden variables theory which - IN MY VIEW - may be an attempt to represent aspects of a real subquantum level interphase mediating between a purely non-physical mind level and the physical level. It would be something that (also allegedly based in empirical perception) in some esoteric circles is known as the "etheric template" and which in Vedanta is known as the "Pranayama Kosha." Thus, some of the more serious empirical and speculative mystical and metaphysical traditions could be at least partially valid after all.

A deeper level of quantum reality (once again, in my view itself mediating with an even deeper and non-physical level) would be amenable to mental imprinting or to causal influence and would itself be able to non-locally influence and coordinate some non-trivial, concrete aspects of the physical universe, perhaps pertaining to entropy, probability and information. Thinking that present, past and future are distinct but simultaneous in this deeper intermediate level and that retrocausality is possible and active in it, I posit that non-physical mental level possibilities would be converted into coherent or allowed-for physical probabilities in relation to wave functions cohering for our particular physical universe.

The intermediate level would also correspond to what is described as the "non-local, information aspect" of the Quantum Hologram describable also through a Fourier mathemtics that describes frequencies. This mediating level would manifest "signal non-locality" and would be a concrete ontological reality with particles and fields of its own when understood in its own level. However, it would also - correspondingly - be a 4D information matrix when understood from the perspective of a more exterior, space-time, physically concrete level.

This would be a new form of relativity to consider, one based on the relative actual and potential ontological expressions and relations between realms and/or levels. It would indicate the relativity of "reality" and - in my view - it could be compatible with the essence of other theoretical interpretations of Quantum Mechanics such as the collapse of the wave function due not only to measurement but to conscious observation and to the gaining of information in our coherently perceived 3D reality. Also, theories that include retrocausality such as John Cramer's "Transactional Interpretation" and the Quantum Relativistic Klein-Gordon equation may offer conceptually compatible elements which the "mediating view" would be able to acommodate.

Verifying both non-local, hidden variables and the "relativity of reality" in this inter phase-based or mediating view would agree with Einstein's great intuition about maintaining determinism and realism as per quantum mechanics. And perhaps the QHTC would be part of this recognition if it can (in mathematical, theoretical and experimental ways) be shown to be coherent with these latter forms of realistic Bohmian Quantum Mechanics and the non-local pilot waves.

In fact, besides the observation by the Planck Telescope, this realistic interpretation of Quantum Mechanics (and probably with it the QHTC) is gaining ground also by evidence from other recent experiments such as those conducted by Aephraim Steinberg and colleagues from the University of Toronto showing that so-called "surreal" particle trajectories cannot be used to debunk Bohmian quantum mechanics. http://advances.sciencemag.org/content/2/2/e1501466.full

Moreover, the Horizon Event Telescope (composed of 8 telescopes located in different parts of the world) is about to produce virtual images of Sagitarius A, the 'black hole' at the center of our galaxy. Perhaps the upcoming results may or may not validate some of the predictions and expectations about MECOs (Magnetospheric Eternally Collapsing Objects), an important alternative proposal to black holes and which has also been theoretically associated as compatible with the QHTC.

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