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Reality Checking—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, May 2017

UFO Healings

by: Brent Raynes

It was about 9:50 p.m., July 4, 2013. Rev. Michael Carter, an interfaith minister of Asheville, North Carolina, who has a Masters of Divinity degree from Union Theological Seminary (NYC), was having a hard time getting to sleep. There was a storm outside with lots of thunder and lightning. “I usually sleep on my stomach,” he told me in a recent (04/27/2017) phone interview. “I just felt a presence in the room and I turned around...there was a man who was very, very tall.” He said his ceiling was 7 feet or a bit higher, and this man's head was right up near the ceiling. “He had on a cowl..(a) robe like what the Benedictine monks wore with a hood on it. He was so well built that you could see his muscles...through the robe.”

“I was just astounded,” he said. “He pointed his – I think it was his right hand – and anyway he held his hand out to me and this apple green light came (out) and it hit me in my stomach.” He said he didn't feel any pain or anything. What's significant is that he had had a serious life-threatening blood clot. “I'm a very thin person. I swim and I do yoga. My right leg had a blood clot and...was so swollen that I was taking enoxaparin, which was a blood thinner. I was injecting myself with it, in my stomach, twice a day to break up the clot and I wound up taking coumadin. My leg was very, very swollen and when this ...light hit me...he just dissolved, like his molecules just dispersed.”

This case reminds me of a Brazilian case I wrote about awhile back where a young girl was dying of the disease known as chagas when a human shaped being surrounded by a blue light, who had stepped out of a UFO, provided an “injection of blue light inside of her (left) arm,” which in her case had been a very painful procedure, after which she was healed. For more details: http://www.apmagazine.info/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=847

Going back to our first story, Rev. Carter added, “The next day I got out of bed and I put my legs on the floor and I looked at my legs and they weren't swollen anymore. The clot was gone.” He had suffered with the swollen leg for several weeks. “I was running out of spaces on my belly to inject myself and my belly was black and blue from just those injections,” he told me. “They wanted me on this coumadin for an indefinite amount of time and I kept saying, 'I need to be off of it.' Because even to this day I get cold very easily. It thinned the blood.”

Rev. Carter went once a week to see his doctor where his finger would be pricked and his blood would be tested. The doctor was quite amazed at his patients healing. Rev. Carter recalled: “He kept badgering, 'Well wait a minute, the medicine doesn't work that fast, how did...?” Not wanting to sound “insane” by telling the doctor about the being, the reverend said that he simply told the doctor, “I woke up and it was gone. I've been taking the medicine as directed. I've been doing everything you asked me to do.” But he said the doctor was “like a dog with a bone,” and kept on with the questions. “Finally after me saying to him, 'But are you happy?' he let it go,” Rev. Carter stated.

“I would say probably a week later, after the healing, maybe 3-4 days, I was meditating and in my third eye I saw two blond, blue eyed people,” Rev. Carter added. “My eyes were closed. I do a Zen meditation, but I just find it difficult to keep my eyes open. I like to close my eyes, and they just appeared and I opened my eyes...and I closed them again and they were still there and they just blinked at me and then they dissolved and I thought that that was a way of them just saying, 'Yes, it was us.'”

Rev. Carter's Nordic healer was the first time he had ever encountered such a human looking visitor, meaning that he was no stranger to the alien visitor phenomenon. His first visitation went back to December 28, 1989, when he was living in New York City. He encountered the Greys, although their color was a kind of off white. “Chalk colored would be the word,” he said. “With the bulbous head, the eyes, and very spindly, very short.” He added, “I went through a bunch of hell. ...I did avail myself to a psychiatrist in 1990 because I was fearing for my sanity.” In addition, he says that he also had encounters with reptilians. He described one where the creature approached him while he was in bed, told him not to be afraid, touched his arm, and stared at him for awhile. “I, of course, thought that my heart would come out of my chest, and then he just turned around and went through the wall, 15 floors up on the upper west side of Manhattan,” Rev. Carter said.

Rev. Carter is not alone. An adviser to the Dr. Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters (FREE), this organization is conducting an exhaustive study of UFO contact experiencers and according to its co-founder Reinerio (Rey) Hernandez, J.D., MCP, Ph.D candidate, the organization has received over 700 reports from experiencers who claim to have had firsthand UFO-related “miraculous medical healings by non-human intelligence.” That's certainly a staggering number. Many in ufology have ignored, dismissed, or overlooked this intriguing aspect. “David Jacobs has consistently, over his 35 years of hypnotically regressing individuals, has stated that he has NEVER heard of a case where the Contact Experience was POSITIVE,” Rey Hernandez recently noted. “He has stated over these 35 years that ALL UFO related contact cases have been NEGATIVE.”

“So far people have not told me about spiritually transformative experiences given the fact that they’ve been abducted since they were children, over and over and over again,” Jacobs stated in one interview. It's difficult for me to imagine how he or anyone else could have missed such data and not taken note of it at some point along the way. Even John Keel, who occupied much of his time and attention to evidence that supported his speculations on deceptive, mind manipulating non-human intelligences who also at times caused apparent injury and death, nonetheless took note of the healing aspect too. For example, in his classic Operation Trojan Horse (1970), in a chapter entitled “A Sure Cure for Alligator Bites,” Keel reviewed the case of a Chief Deputy Sheriff William McCoy and a Deputy Robert Goode who, on the night of September 3, 1965, as they were cruising along a highway near some oil fields south of Houston, Texas, encountered a couple of strange glowing objects. The objects approached their car and Deputy Goode, his window rolled down, said he felt a wave of heat on his exposed arm and hand. Goode had seen enough and put the petal to the metal and got out of there fast. Just moments before though, he had been talking with his partner, about his sore, swollen left index finger, that earlier in the evening had been bitten by his son's pet alligator. Bandaged, he complained it was throbbing painfully and he was afraid an infection was setting in. Both officers agreed that at the end of their patrol the need to wake up a doctor was going to be necessary. However, as the officers sped away and the excitement had died down, Goode noticed that the pain in his finger (which he had moments before had out the window pointing toward the UFOs) was now gone. He took off the bandage and was surprised to find that his finger was almost healed! “There have been innumerable cases in which witnesses have felt heat radiating from low-flying unidentified flying objects, and there are several heavily documented cases in which people have suffered burns from the objects, but the Texas incident is one of the rare ones in which a wound was apparently healed by such radiation,” Keel noted.

Rare, but not unheard of, and as researchers today begin to objectively try surveying a much larger pool of experiencer data such healing accounts loom much more prevelant and significant than previously recognized. In a similar vein, we might also note how the writings of authors Budd Hopkins and Whitley Streiber back in the 1980s brought out of the ufological closet thousands of UFO contact experiencers that the mainstream “ufologists” had, by and large, not realized existed. Little by little, previously neglected and ignored data is being revealed as the complex scope of the phenomenon is gradually being acknowledged and exposed by competent, thorough and objective researchers.

Rey Hernandez and Rev. Carter are both very impressed with author Preston Dennett's book, "UFO Healings: True Accounts of people healed by Extraterrestrials" (1996), which details some 105 cases of reported healings by non-human intelligences. Rey provides this link to Dennett's book: http://www.amazon.com/Ufo-Healings-Accounts-Pe…/…/092652433X – as well as this YouTube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BGr892SQtx4#t=85

Rey doesn't need convincing. Back on March 4, 2012, he encountered what he describes as a “floating plasma energy being” that he's convinced “completely healed” his 16 year old dog of “total paralysis.” He says prior to that event he was a total UFO skeptic. See my interview with Rey about this and other remarkable events he says followed, experienced by him and other members of his family. Click here: http://www.apmagazine.info/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=810 For information about the FREE organization, go to: www.experiencer.org

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