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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, April 2017

The World of the True Matrix

by: Steve Erdmann

“I have endeavored in this book to stress, the wide diversity of alien beings populating the cosmos, and the diversity of their motives regarding the planet we inhabit…my study of the various types of alien cases which I was tempted to reject on account of their absurdity. Yet, subsequent reflection and comparison with other scarcely known cases reveal certain parallels that have caused me to change my mind. Sometimes, ludicrous, sinister, surreal___and even evil____elements feature in these cases…this book examines in-depth claims that the United States in particular, and some other countries, including the U.K., have developed advanced spacecraft, thanks, partly to the recovery of a number of crashed alien vehicles and, more comprehensively, an alien liaison program.” (Earth: An Alien Enterprise, pp. xxv, 165, 426.)

“Some may find a problem with the fact that there is an extraterrestrial presence on our planet. While it is true that that fact has been a highly classified government secret, it is also true that there is an overwhelming body of evidence in the public domain that we are being visited by people not of this world. Also, there seems to be a program to gradually reveal the ET presence to the public by some people in these secret programs. Only those that wish to keep their heads ‘buried in the sand’ to preserve their ‘mental comfort zine’ can overlook this fact.” (Secret Science and the Secret Space Program, p. 111 and Forward.)

(Secret Science and the Secret Space Program, Herbert G. Dorsey III, Herbert G. Dorsey III Publishing and Outskirts Press, Inc., 10940 South Parker Road, Unit 515, Parker, Co. 80134, www.outskirtspress.com, 2015, 203 pages, $16.95.)

(Earth: An Alien Enterprise, Timothy Good, Pagasus Books, LLC., 80 Broad Street, 5th floor, New York, N.Y 100004, 2013, 466 pages, $17.95.) Authors Herbert Dorsey and Timothy Good are, both, fluid writers on the topic of UFOs and the paranormal. Both share that a fantastic science had arisen from an extraterrestrial presence on Earth and with humans. Through the recitation of many cases of UFO sightings and alien liaisons with humans, Good covers some of the better and, often, sensational cases of alien phenomena. Both claim infamous relationships of governments with aliens, and both reveal fantastic science born out of those relationships.

Dorsey chronologizes the somewhat “unknown” history of science through inventors and scientists going back to the 1800s (and perhaps earlier), outlining scientists such as John Worrell Keely, Nicola Tesla, Victor Schauberger, Thomas Townsend Brown, Oleg D. Jefimenko, Rudolf G. Zinsser, Dana A. Davidson, Thomas Bearden, Theodor Kaluza, Dennis Lee, Donald Smith, John Bedini, Edwin Grey and several others.

“There are many more ways to tap the ambient energy of the medium of space, whether one calls it aether, virtual particles, or dark matter, and convert it into useful energy.” (Secret Science, Dorsey, p. 47.)

Good covers a much broader area, including some of the more popular UFO sightings. He also gives encounters with alleged alien liaisons, such as the Amicizia and the W56 groups. He talks about hidden bases and cover-corporations where New Science and alien transfer technology take place. “…in the 1980s a few aerospace companies, principally Lockheed and Northrop, had established underground plants inside the Tehachapi Mountains which produced top-secret, high-tech flying machines, allegedly produced by the Air Force ‘Project Aquarius’ in conjunction with aerospace and electronics companies. The huge amounts of money involved were distributed and sequestered in the black budget.

“This exchange program purportedly involved a species of the so-called ‘grays’___aliens who claimed to have first come to Earth just after World War II and began establishing many underground and undersea bases around the world.” (Earth, Good, p. 375.)

Good talks about U.S high security clearances which were required for people involved in the Special Access Programs (SAPs) for secret projects. Good quotes Terry Hansen from Hansen’s book The Missing Times: News Media Complicity in the UFO Cover-up: “‘The findings of private science are not available to those who don’t have the necessary security clearances [and] the Pentagon has an incentive to ensure that the knowledge acquired by private science is not independently discovered by public science.’” (Earth, Good, p. 391.)

Many ‘core stories’ concerning extraterrestrials are protected in Special Access Programs, as cited in Jane’s Defense Weekly, which Good says: “An SAP is ‘a program imposing ‘need-to-know’ or access controls beyond those normally provided for access to Confidential, Secret, or Top Secret information.’ Jane’s further defined an SAP as one which must remain unacknowledged when it is ‘considered so sensitive that the fact of its existence is a ‘core secret.’” (Earth, Good, p. 401.)

One such organization, says Good, was the Pentagon’s National Military Command Center (NMCC), which was the “nerve center” dealing with the UFO problem.

Good quotes L. Fletcher Prouty, a retired U.S Air Force Colonel, former fighter pilot, Yale professor, former Chief of Special Operations with the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff (clandestine activities of the CIA and the National Security Council Directive No. 5412/2: “In such a world, the Secret Team is a dominant power. It is neither military nor police. It is covert, and the best (or worst) of both. It gets the job done whether it has political authorization and direction or not. It is independent. It is lawless.” (Earth, Good, p. 366.) Dorsey says there were multiple reasons why such “science” was hidden; one is that Universities stir-away in rote from researching taboo science; the other reason is that “free energy” and “anti-gravitation” would give Earthlings and the public “too much freedom.” “The elite that control the world governments from behind the scenes would lose their cash flow and control,” says Dorsey. “Also, there was the military factor. Much of this secret science has been weaponized and is classified under the National Security umbrella.” According to Thomas Bearden, Ph.D., electromagnetics, such as communication between under-sea submarines, deep space projects, free-energy technology, hyper travel-spatial travel, teleportation and time travel are all interrelated and part of the scientific Hidden World. “The only reason we don’t have this technology on the market,” says Dorsey, “is because of suppression by the energy companies and their influence over our government.”

Dorsey says that radical, unconventional scientists and their experiments have culminated in unpopular but potent, hidden science. Dorsey says a large impetus was from Nazi flying saucer research and the metaphysics of Maria Orsic and the Vril Society.

“In his book, UFOs Explained at Last, The Science of Extraterrestrials, Eric Julien proposes that time actually has 3 dimensions, density, direction and present. This concept is used by Eric Julien to unify quantum physics with relativistic physics in his book. Eric Julien, like Thomas Bearden, also said that is time energy.” (Secret Science, Dorsey, p. 61.)

Legend had it that Maria Orsic and fellow “Mediums” Traute, Gudrun, Sigurn and Herke, realized telepathic communications from the “Aldebarans” in a Star system of Alpha Tauri, resulting in technical information that led to multiple ‘free-energy’ physics and numerous “saucer designs.” Legend also had it, says Dorsey, that U.S President Franklin D. Roosevelt made contact with “Greys” (there were two ‘camps,’ Orion visitors but also those from Zeta Reticulum) on-board a U.S Naval vessel on July 11, 1934. Later, “treaties” were also made with Pleiadians, but with the U.S and later Hitler: contacts allowing abductions of humans.

“Only a very few people, probably less than 20 in Germany, England and the U.S combined,” says Dorsey, “knew about these treaties which renewed every 10 years.”

Good’s purview likewise had branched out into, not only phenomenal UFO sightings, but several cases of what the late Dr. J. Allen Hynek called Close Encounters of the Third (and Fourth) Kind.

“My study of the various types of alien encounters reported around the world includes a number of cases which initially I was tempted to reject on account of their absurdity,” says Good. “Yet subsequent reflection and comparison with scarcely known cases reveal parallels that have caused me to change my mind.”

“William J. Pawelec, a former U.S Air Force computer operations and programming specialist with numerous credentials in security technologies and access control systems, who died in May, 2007,” says Good, “also confirmed the alien technology transfer…this exchange program purportedly involved a species of the so-called ‘greys’…aliens who claimed to have first come to Earth just after World War II and began establishing many underground and undersea bases around the world.” (Earth, Good, p. 275.)

A series of extraterrestrial interludes and technology exchanges was exemplified in Good’s telling of the late President Dwight D. (“Ike”) Eisenhower’s meeting with aliens in the mid-1950s (pp. 45-63), one visit at Edwards/Muroc Air Force Base in February, 1945. Good recounts a number of witnesses to these events.

“In English, they explained to the bemused President that they would like to start an ‘education program’ for the people of Earth in order to make mankind more aware of their presence here,” Good says telling of statements by a retired USAF pilot. “…they indicated that they would continue making further isolated contact with humans. They even demonstrated their ability to overcome gravity and to make their craft invisible…at the rendezvous point was a landed disc, and the scientists went aboard, where a ‘transfer of technology’ ensued for a couple of hours.”

Dorsey says that five extraterrestrial spaceships had landed at Muroc Field on February 20, 1954, meeting with Eisenhower “and his entourage.” “…they were from the Pleiadian Star system. They were human looking, tall, had blue eyes and long blond hair. Later, the military would dub them as ‘Nordics.’”

In April, 1954, says Dorsey, Eisenhower met with beings from the Betelgeuse star system called Greys. They requested a secession of atomic weapons, but Eisenhower ever refused. The Zetas did not require this, so Eisenhower did business with them. (Secret Science, Dorsey, pp. 97-98.) The ‘treaty” disallowed interference by any party, and complete secrecy on Earth; they would give us “advanced technology” if we allowed them to “abduct humans on a limited and periodic basis” with no harm. They promised to provide a list of abductees. The Greys were given an underground base at Dulce, New Mexico, which became a failure, as some abductees were refused release.

These “complications” led to a confused and mixed-bag of relations with the extraterrestrials that had become inadvertently spoken of as the “Military-Industrial-Complex,” referred to by Eisenhower.

According to Dorsey, the treaties with Hitler and Roosevelt before World War II that the Greys held were updated by Pleiadians for a more “peaceful spiritual path” which was rejected by Earth leaders who sided with “the wrong ETs.” The CIA, the KGB and other U.S Leaders Corporate CEOs and military Heads “also have become mind controlled by forces that wish to destroy our planet or perhaps take it over.”

Dorsey recommends a general “purge” of our rogue Intelligence Groups. “The CIA is totally outside national and international law by being involved in political assassination, instigating insurrection, regime change and illegal narcotics trafficking and needs to be disbanded, as John F. Kennedy planned to do before he was taken-out.”

Eisenhower concurred with Chairman Nelson Rockefeller (Advisory Committee Government Organizations) that the CIA should head MJ-12. “Later, Eisenhower would regret this decision,” says Dorsey, “as he realized that the corporations which the CIA cleared to work on secretive back-engineered alien technology were becoming more powerful than the U.S government itself and became beyond government control. This was the reason behind his warning about the Military Industrial Complex in his farewell address.”

For the same reasons, MJ-12 decided that “antigravity research” would become highly classified National Security under “Black” contracts.

Good, speaking of a trusted aerospace journalist, says that “in the 1980s a few aerospace companies, principally Lockheed and Northrop, had established underground plants inside the Tehachapi Mountains which produced top-secret high-tech flying machines (Air Force’s “Project Aquarius” and also aerospace and electronics companies).

“The huge amounts of money involved were distributed and sequestered in the black budget…This exchange program purportedly involved a species of the so-called ‘greys’___aliens who claimed to have first come to Earth just after World War II,” says Good, “and began establishing many underground and undersea bases around the world.”

The alien flying crafts’ propulsion systems interacted with the ‘mag-cal-netic fields’ existing throughout space, utilizing powerful electrical charges in “toruses” in the hulls made of unknown superconductors and magnetics which converted current into plasma-jets and multiple energies for “different purposes,” sometimes causing the ships to “glow.” (Earth, Good, p. 275.)

“…Paul La Violette confirms that Canada and a number of European countries have been involved in top-secret research programs since the 1950s, and Fred Stecking cited American-Soviet collaboration…the United States has shared much information with the United Kingdom.” By 1958, MJ-12 had decided that anti-gravity research to be highly classified under National Security, says Dorsey, and effectively “black.” Dorsey outlines the rather torturous and controlled path over the years. One such agency was a clandestine department in the National Security Agency (NSA) called the Advanced Contact Intelligence Organization (ACIO) “whose primary mission is to research, assimilate and replicate any technologies of extraterrestrial origin.” They also invented Black State Technology (BST), time travel technology and “desirable outcome from tampering with the time stream.” (Secret Science, Dorsey, p. 151.)

Good relates a similar story: In a March, 1993 in an alumni engineering meeting at UCLA, former director of Lockheed-Martin’s Skunk Works (as well as a one-time secret Israeli Mossad agent), Ben Rich was asked how UFOs were propelled. “Let me ask you,” Rich retorted, “how does ESP work?” The audience responded: “All points in time and space are connected?” Rich then said: “That’s how it works!”

Dorsey explains his knowledge and backgrounds of noted “experimenters” of the time-travel Montauk Project (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Montauk_Project [The Montauk Project is an alleged series of secret United States government projects conducted at Camp Hero or Montauk Air Force Station on Montauk, Long Island, for the purpose of developing psychological techniques and exotic research including time travel. Jacques Vallée describes allegations of the Montauk Project as an outgrowth of stories about the Philadelphia Experiment]---Alfred Bielek, John von Newman, Thomas Townsend Brown, Nicola Tesla, Raymond F. Basiago, Andrew Basiago, Randy Cramers and others:
“I would invite any skeptics about the Montauk Project to examine all the references material before closing their minds on this subject,” says Dorsey. “A number of people have come forward stating that they were also involved with the Montauk Project at Fort Hero after it was officially decommissioned.

“There exist many different people, many in distinguished professions that claim here is a Mars Base that they have been to. And some have stated that they were sent there with teleportation technology partly developed from Tesla technology and the Philadelphia Experiment and partly given to MJ-12 by the Greys, dubbed ‘Jump Rooms.’” (Secret Science, Dorsey, pp. 176, 194.)


“This book examines in-depth claims that the United States in particular, and some other countries, including the U.K., have developed advanced spacecraft, thanks partly to the recovery of crashed alien vehicles and, more comprehensively, an alien liaison program,” says Good. “I also feature numerous reports of encounters and contacts with aliens of varying types, many of them published here for the first time. As will become evident, some of these aliens have best interests at heart. Others do not. We are not the only ones with a vested interest in Earth.” (Earth, Good, p. xxv.)

Dorsey is concerned that his book will be dismissed as “a science-fiction story.” (Secret Science, Dorsey, pp. iii, 194.) Indeed, some of the tales are highly speculative and rigorously undocumented, such as Good’s experience with tales about the late contactee George Adamski, whose claims have been hotly criticized. While both authors are obviously well-read and highly conversed on the UFO topics, for most people, they lack the hard nitty-gritty “proof” of most of their “claims” that the public would demand.


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