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Audio Interviews—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, January 2017

Hosted by Brent Raynes and Chandra Harrison

Rick Hilberg

Rick Hilberg first became interested in the UFO subject in late 1958 as part of a class project in grade school regarding a pro and con look at the "flying saucers", and after a bit of time got more and more interested to a point of attending organized UFO meetings and reading and collecting information on the subject. After contacting other teen aged  UFO enthusiasts in the early 1960s through the "Club News" section of Ray Palmers Flying Saucers, he began publishing his UFO Magazine in late 1962.

UFO Magazine quickly became one of the major "ufozines" of the 1960s, and prided itself on balanced coverage of the UFO phenomenon, and the thoughtful articles that it ran by many well respected UFO researchers and investigators of the time. It was consolidated into Allan Manak's Flying Saucer Digest in late 1970, with Hilberg joining the staff as an active participant in its publication up until the death of Manak in 1999, when he assumed the editorship. FSD was founded in 1967 and will soon celebrate its 50th anniversary. It is the last ink on paper traditional "ufozine" published in the United States.

Hilberg also edited and published his independent UFO Magazine News Bulletin from 1973 until 1979. He was also editor of the fortean publication Weirdology from the mid-1980s until 2012. Hilberg has also published more than 30 books and booklets on a wide range of UFO and fortean topics over the years, and in recent years concentrated his publishing efforts on historical aspects of these mysteries.

Hilberg was one of the founding members of the now inactive National UFO Conference back in 1964, and has spoken a more than one hundred events all over the country since the mid-1960s. topics over the years, and in recent years concentrated his publishing efforts on historical aspects of these mysteries.

Audio Interview


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