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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, November 2016

The Night They Came To Visit

by: Michael Feeley

A night filled of dark matter sporting pockets of eternal light above me, but it was clear and unusually charged, like the jousting lance of a brave knight on the back of his loyal stallion. This was to be an unorthodox evening to rival any other that had manifested before it. Parade over I boarded my police vehicle with my wife as passenger for a night shift with a difference.
“Mobile 30, can you make an intruder alarm,” the radio crackled. The controller’s voice came through giving the location. Soon we were on our way, not too far away, but what would I find there, I wondered. Was it a genuine alarm call, or was it just a regular false alarm?
First to arrive; nothing seemed amiss, at ground level at least. With other officers present, I looked to the sky, a flash of light caused by two juxtaposed shooting stars travelling faster than the blink of my eyes, but these were not shooting stars as their odyssey turned them into warped luminescent dots, a scene from star-trek in my vicinity and not on my TV screen.
An eerie feeling hung around in the air. We are not in control tonight. There is something much bigger in town, a presence that gave us the shivers. “Mobile 30, can you attend intruders in a rear garden,” the radio crackles again. It's the same area. I’m on my way as street lights turn off. I arrive again, no one in the garden at all, but the caller is adamant; figures have been seen in the garden walking around. One final look and nothing in sight. We leave but as we reached the street outside the callers house, another call comes through from the same person. The intruders are back! But there was nothing again. Impossible for an escape as we were already there just feet away.
Other calls of an exact nature are now coming in, in the area, but too far away for it to be the same people. The exact same scenario, intruders in the garden, officers arrive, but no one is there. They leave and further calls are received to say the intruders/silhouettes are back.
Now streets light are turning off, the whole area spanning for miles is pitch black, the sounds of explosions caused by electrical charges are heard all around us one after the other like bombs activating. Then the most deafening of sounds, a manhole cover is blown out of the road as its circular metal cover, reminiscent of a UFO disc itself, flies through the air but landing safely a short distance away. Now the atmosphere can be cut by a knife. We are definitely not in control here. Inner senses are stirring like a whirlwind as they detect outsider presences as my energy field meets the dimensionally invisible, but my radar has made contact. The electricity board confirmed that they had had 9 underground sub-station explosions that evening which is totally out of the ordinary as they usually expect one if that!
An evening of call after call, incident after incident, with nothing to show for it other than the scene from a disaster movie.
Shift over and it’s 7am and we’re on our way home arriving soon after. Sitting at our laptop we contact a local UFO group by email who, because of our regular sightings, we had spoken to several times before. We detail all that had happened that night but as we did so our emails disappeared from their folder only to be returned several minutes later like they had been removed, copied and then put back, as we witnessed each stage of this process. We had experienced things like this before with the bugging of our landline phone and our mobiles as they began to tap us, activated by certain key words during personal conversations, confirmed by a phone engineer who found a strange device in the main telephone wire box outside our house; GCHQ a likely culprit. The UFO group also investigated and spoke with the electricity board who confirmed the same information to them.
Take your mind back to the 80’s movie ET, the landing, the crew disembarking their craft and scurrying around the area on that star-lit night. What if that location had been densely populated? Just think how many calls the local police would have received that night, intruders in the garden following unusual activity in the skies. I no longer have to think as I look back on my former career. I have been amongst it and there is a power greater than we know just a micron away, not in a galaxy far, far away but a mere frequency outside of our own.
Until the next time

Best wishes
Michael Feeley


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