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Archaeotrek—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, November 2016

10 Reasons the Greek Gods Were UFO Occupants

by: Diane Tessman

Were the Greek gods actually a group of humanoid extraterrestrials or perhaps humans from our future, who settled in ancient Greece and proceeded to install themselves as gods? There are a number of intriguing reasons why this theory might be so! Reason One: The Greek gods threw lightning bolts. Might “lightning bolts” have been laser or even scalar technology? There are many present day UFO sightings linked to lightning storms; it seems that the plasma corridors on which lightning travels, might also be used by advanced craft. As a variation, there is a theory that some UFOs seem to be composed of plasma or morphing liquid metal. Other researchers have suggested that the beings themselves are a form of plasma life. There is another hint that lightning might be controlled or harnessed by UFO occupants: Apollo 12 was hit just after take-off by not one but two lightning bolts. Apollo 12 was the first of the later Apollo missions to the moon; rumor got out that after the Apollo 11 moon landing, aliens were warning humankind not to return to the moon. Astronauts on later missions encountered strange lights, colors and objects on the moon. Were lightning bolts an early warning from “the gods”?

Reason Two: The Greek gods kept themselves separate from common people. They resided on or in Mount Olympus, a perfect base of operations. Just as today, the people knew the gods existed, they had great power, and they influenced life on Earth, but the gods could not be captured or contacted or reasoned with. It was always up to the gods to initiate contact or communication with the Greek people.

Reason Three: The Greek gods occasionally had encounters or manifestations with the common people.

These events, for all intents and purposes, are UFO encounters. The more frightening encounters with the gods could be called “abductions.” Why did the gods stage abductions and encounters? The gods also chose specific humans for sexual experiences or extended personal contact. The parallel with present day UFO occupants is apparent.

Reason Four: When taken by the gods, the common person felt an “Oz factor” about their experience.

UFO researcher Jenny Randles has coined the term “Oz factor” to explain the zone of silence and other-worldliness which descends on those experiencing a UFO encounter. Some abductees feel paralyzed. Others feel no fear at all when it makes sense that there would be fear or hesitation even in the most adaptable of experiencers. The phenomena of missing time can be found in accounts told by the ancient Greek people as well as in the accounts of UFO abductees in the present day.

Reason Five: The Greek gods rode chariots across the skies. The Greek people must have witnessed these vehicles and incorporated them into what they could identify in their own cultural context.

Reason Six: The Greek gods were a mixed group. Not all were human-like.

There was an array of “demi-gods” and “monsters,” which might have been genetic experiments. The concept of a chimera began in the days of the Greek gods and describes any mythical or fictional animal with parts taken from various animals, or to describe anything composed of disparate parts. Genetic experiments? Today we stand on the threshold of incredible genetic advancements, for good or ill. There are 20 natural amino acids, the building blocks of life, but thanks to the creation of two artificial DNA letters, added to the 4 natural DNA letters, we now have 172 amino acids with which to play. Today, we have the ability to create new and bizarre forms of life. Did the Greek gods have similar bio/genetic technology? The ancient gods had what might have been a variety of extraterrestrial races:

Amazons - skillful female warriors
Charities - goddesses of Joy, Charm and Beauty
Muses - goddesses of Art and Science,
The Pleiades - gods of the mountains
The Nymphs - gods of nature, and the winds

Is this how the identifying characteristics of other advanced species were described to the common humans? For instance, The Pleiades were stationed inside the mountain. The Muses excelled at science.

Reason Seven: Reports of gods intermingling with humans run throughout Greek mythology. These couplings with both human males and females were controlled by the gods – where, when, how.

Today, we hear about UFO occupants taking eggs, sperm or tissue samples from humans. The scenario is always under the control of the UFO occupants; humans do not have a say-so in when, where, or why.

Reason Eight: Hybrid children resulted from the mingling of god and human DNA. Those beings who resulted from this mingling were indeed “less” than the gods but they were more advanced than the common person. Achilles and Hercules are two hybrid examples.

A “hero” (hybrid) might have ongoing contact with the gods. Today, many people who have had an encounter feel that they have ongoing experiences with the UFO occupants whom they originally met and some feel they have a life on a starship running parallel to their human lifetime.

It was said that the gods lived inside humanoid bodies with an ethereal fluid called ichor running through their veins. They had passions and human weaknesses; they did many wrong acts but usually had to take full responsibility of their actions. Perhaps keeping a connection with the human with whom they first worked is part of that responsibility.

Reason Nine: If the Greek gods were wounded or ill, they seemed to have better medical services available than did the common humans. Of course, the Greek people just assumed the gods could not be wounded as badly as humans. UFO occupants probably have medical knowledge far ahead of ours; both ETs and gods are said to have healing abilities. Of course, this might just be access to advanced medicine.

Reason Ten: The Greek gods seemed not to age like common humans and might have been immortal – or close to it.

We do not know the life spans of the UFO occupants. It probably varies by species, but even today, we live longer than did our grandparents who did not have the medical expertise of which we can avail ourselves today. However clearly, we have a long way to go; we haven’t even found the cure for various cancers. We have not yet found the cure for Alzheimer’s or the common cold. It can be assumed that in the future, we will live longer than we do now.

We stand on the precipice of artificial intelligence; it is likely that AI will gain actual self-awareness (consciousness) in a few years and then quickly surpass organic humans in knowledge and abilities. Android bodies will offer near immortality to the once organic human race; an alternate option will be to upload one's intelligence into a virtual program. Did the Greek gods gain superiority over humans because they were artificial intelligence?

The idea that the Greek gods were time traveling humans from perhaps a thousand years in the future is an intriguing possibility. After all, the descriptions of the actual gods and goddesses were not extraterrestrials of the “ET” kind; they were the “golden human” type of UFO beings.

Or perhaps the gods were an alien space-going race who landed on Earth and began the classic Greek Civilization.

Or perhaps the common Greek people simply made it all up because we humans are a creative and imaginative race.

However, I have a suspicion that we have never been alone.

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