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Letters to the Editor—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, November 2016

Dear Brent,

In the artwork of centuries past royalty and divine beings are frequently seen as manipulating spheres and rods in some way in various paintings and sculptures. I think what you are doing with contemporary UFO reports, i.e. searching for rods and spheres, is very informative, and that a survey of pre-1947 art going back through the centuries will also reveal similar circumstances. I always enjoy looking at older paintings and photos for evidence of these and other items indicative of out-of-place technology. Sometimes when you see someone that is dressed inappropriately for the setting, this individual may be a time traveler. There is an entire police department for stopping or cleaning up time paradoxes on Venus. It is a group known as the Metrons. Looking closely at old Civil War photos, for example, might show someone with a digital watch or some other digital electronic device.

Best to you and yours always,
Dr. Ray Keller

Morgantown, West Virginia

Author of “Venus Rising”


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