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Letters to the Editor—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, August 2016


There is a Canyon in Pasadena, Ca called Rubio Canyon. In the late 1800’s to the early1900’s it hosted an electric train and a cable car that pulled people up the mountain to the hotel. http://www.mountlowe.org/

In the 1930’s a devastating flood wiped out the rail system and caused the hillside to collapse on the cable car pavilion. This killed a little boy and his pet dog and cat (which he ran back in for). In addition, over the years, many hikers attempting to scale the waterfall upstream, have fallen and died.

I was at the ruins of the pavilion which really is just cement foundations and such that are left.  I was on the canyon wall about 40 feet above the dry stream bed and could see everything below me, even in bushes.  It was a weekday and no one was on the trail but me as this was a secluded trail.  I heard footsteps crunching dirt coming up the stream bed from down the canyon.  I waited to see who it was that was making the scuffing walking sounds.  Then I realized the sound was coming from about 50 ft from me where I had complete viewing. The sound of footsteps kept coming until it was in front of me down in the stream bed. There was no one there.  There was no place to hide even a squirrel. The sound briefly paused as if someone stopped to look, and then the crunching foot sounds continued up the canyon away from me as I sat in mild awe of the event that just took place in broad daylight.

Now back to the beings of light.  I did see one of these after intense prayer and meditation.  I was shocked in the article that the man said the beings were very quick. Yes, this one I had seen lasted a second.  I came out of my garage after a session at night. Now to describe what I seen is a being that was outlined in light not only around, but in features too.  It was 7 feet or over and it immediately collapsed into a streak of light and propelled around the back side of the tree (yes, the light went behind the tree and was not visible in front of the tree) curved and shot up in the sky dissipating.  This all occurring in a second.  Very fast.  I had to sit and think about what I just had seen. It happened so fast.  The closest thing that I can relate it to is a white neon version of the man with the staff on the inside cover of Led Zeppelin 4.  Beard, staff and all.

And then the story of the abductee that went to Saturn. I had a very bizarre life like dream 4 years ago.  The world was shaking.  A UFO came and picked me up and we sped off to a moon of Saturn. There was some kind of event shaking our entire solar system and the sun was having trouble.  When we got there I noticed we were in a cave way below the surface. The ground was shaking here too, but the rock was solid and there was no issue. There were three beds, one for me, one for my wife and one for my oldest daughter. I did not see beds for my 2nd daughter and son.  I had the feeling the beds were there for long term sleeping.

Kevin in California


Hi Brent,

Just want to say how much I enjoyed this April AP issue. All the articles were really interesting but my favorite is Greg Little's account of the first contactee.  I, too, had been taught that Emanuel Swedenborg was a visionary who had psychic experiences but not actual, physical contact. When reading about him in high school, I always hoped that what he was writing about was literally, physically true. And now I know it is! Dr. little is really an excellent writer. Thanks so much.  Take care.

Mary in Illinois

Sunday, June 16, 2024