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Encounters of the Unknown—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, August 2016

The Remarkable Bernadette UFO-Healing Case from Brazil

by: Brent Raynes

Picture of the late Brazilian General Alfredo Moacyr Uchoa

I was introduced to Denise Uchoe Slater, the granddaughter of General Alfredo Moacyr Uchoa, back in December 2005 at a UFO conference sponsored by the Association for Research and Enlightenment in Virginia Beach, Virginia. American journalist Cynthia Newby Luce, who had been living in Brazil herself for many years, provided our introduction.

General Uchoa had served as a professor at the Brazilian Army Military Academy where he had taught mathematics and physics for twenty years. He was also a parapsychologist who had a vast knowledge of Theosophy and ufology. He was also a UFO experiencer who had had a number of extraordinary UFO encounters. The noted American journalist Bob Pratt interviewed him on one of his many trips to Brazil.

Back in 2006, Denise Slater shared with me one of General Uchoe's most remarkable UFO cases – one that involved healing!

Here is a transcript of that part of an interview that we had done:

Denise Slater: Now there’s one story of him that really fascinates me. I had told Bob Pratt and he did not know what to do with it. In Bob’s book he wrote about the deaths in Brazil caused by the UFOs. But in the story I am about to tell you is how an UFO gave back life, and that really puzzled Bob Pratt. He was just overtaken by it. This is in my grandfather’s book, and it was a very big thing in Brazil at the time. It was in all the news everywhere. It was a huge thing in the press at the time that it happened.

Basically, my grandfather and my grandmother took into their care this poor girl, who became their maid. But they loved her so much. In Brazil this is a common thing. There’s a lot of poor people. You just bring them into your home and you give them a job, like to do light housekeeping, and you give them everything. Room and board, shelter, clothing, health care. The person becomes a part of the family and just works in the house. And there was this girl, called Bernadete, and she was my grandmother’s cook. She was with them since she was very young, like 14 or 15. Unfortunately, she had contracted, at a very early age, a disease that is very common in Brazil, in the rural area where she was from, in the state of Goias. It is called “disease of Chagas.” Around Brasilia there is so much poverty in the countryside. People built their homes out of clay, like little shacks, and there’s this beetle that lives in the cracks of that clay. This beetle walks around at night and bites people, and when they bite people contract the disease, called the disease of Chagas. It takes a few years but it kills them. It enlarges their heart. The heart becomes enlarged in the chest, and because of course you have the bones your heart gets strangled inside yourself and you die. It bursts your heart. Until today there’s no cure for it. It’s very rare. It’s only transmitted by this beetle. Very poor people from those areas are the only ones who contract it. Of course, Brazil is not a rich country. There’s not a lot of money for scientific research to take care of that one disease in particular, even though there are several universities that carry on research about this disease.

So Bernadete came to my grandparents house and she has that disease. We all loved her. She’s dying from it. She was in and out of the hospital all of the time. Then she was on her death bed in the military hospital, HFA. I think by then she was 17. My grandfather just got so upset because he was going to UFO sightings after UFO sightings, seeing these spectacular phenomena, but he couldn’t heal her. Nothing could heal her, so he decides to challenge these aliens, saying “Okay, I can see that you’re very sophisticated, that you can show yourselves with light, beams and transport yourselves in extraordinary manners, but can you heal? As far as I know the only person that can heal is Jesus Christ.” My grandfather was also a healer, as I mentioned in our previous interview. He tried to heal her, but he couldn’t heal her. Then my grandfather, in his next UFO sightings, he went to that same place where we saw that second sighting, kilometer 19 on this road to Unai.

Brent Raynes: Right outside Brasilia?

Denise Slater: Yes. That event that I’m telling you now was the first event that happened there that made me curious about location, and that’s why we went there years and years later. He went for a sighting there and he had the telepathic message that something was going to occur there, so he went there with his group...and that day he sent them a telepathic message with a challenge: “I want to see if you’re capable of healing.” He went on, “I have this one person, who is dying in the hospital, can you heal her?” And you know what answer came also in a telepathic manner? “Yes! Bring her here!” So he did. I don’t know all of the details of the specific order of events here, but it is in his book. I’m going to locate it and translate it because I don’t want to put words and details that are not the ones that are actually in the book. I have to find that and I will email that to you, with the translation.

But to make the long story short: he went to the hospital and against the advice (of course) of all of the doctors he gets Bernadete out of there. She was given no more than two or three days more to live, according to the doctors. She was dying. He got her out of the hospital and he took her to kilometer 19 on the road of Unai with his group and he asks Bernadete, (because she knew about all of his work, his research and his UFO sightings) “Do you have the courage for this, Bernadete?” And she says, “Yes.” “Do you want to be saved by them?” She says, “Yes.” So even though she could barely walk she decided to go. My grandfather receivedthe telepathic message of the day that he had to go there with her. He brought her there. An UFO comes and it lands near them. It may have been 1 or 2 miles away, I don’t know the details. But from the craft comes out an alien surrounded by a blue light. He walked with this cloud of light around him. ...It looks like a cocoon of blue light and he ordered (telepathically to her) for Bernadete to walk toward him. She walked toward that creature as it walked toward her. My grandfather was seeing from a distance, and so were the other people in the group. I don’t know how many or who, but they all see the shape. There was a human shape to it, but he was just surrounded by this blue light and he has this device that looked like a huge syringe. Everything was blue. He telepathically sent the message to Bernadete, “This will hurt, but it will heal you.” So he asked for her left arm and he put this injection of blue light inside of her arm, and she said it was horrible pain, and she didn’t move. This light went inside her. She walked away. My grandfather met her and the alien walked back to his craft and took off. She was taken back to the hospital. Two days later the tests of her heart showed that it was back to normal. Her heart had shrunk and it was back to normal.

She’s alive to this day, and if you want to ask her you any questions I have her phone number. I will talk to her when I go to Brazil in July. She’s the only case of “spontaneous healing” from Chagas disease alive in the world, and she was in all of the newspapers, TV and news at the time (in the late 70's). It was a huge, huge thing. They were in the national news every night for many, many, many weeks. She is the only living case of healing, and not only healing but doing so in two days. So the doctors know she left the hospital for two days and she came back and her heart had shrunk back to normal.

Brent Raynes: So they know there is a cure.

Denise Slater: Yes. After that, now she was 17 years old, she got married, she had two sons. Her two sons are now in the army. One of them is a Sergeant. He is always in touch with my dad. Every time I go to Brasilia I talk to her on the phone. But I promised Cynthia Luce that when I go there in July that I’m going to give Bernadete a call early enough so that she can actually meet me in Brasilia and give me a renewed report on how her health is and on what happened again. I want to hear it again first hand from her. It was late in the 1970s when that happened.

It was not something, at the time, that was shared only with the UFO research community, or the people that study UFOs. It was national news. You know how movie theaters show short movies before a feature presentation?

Brent Raynes: Previews?

Denise Slater: Previews! Right. I remember that for a long time every time I went to see a movie, in the movie theaters, the only preview that showed was Bernadete, my grandfather, and my father was there too, giving interviews about her case. It was a national phenomenon.

Brent Raynes: You don’t have that here in the United States, something like that.

Denise Slater: It was open in the press for everybody to see and I’m sure that national archives of movies in Brasilia will have that.

I have another friend at the University of Brasilia who is a biologist also and his dissertation thesis for his Masters was the disease of Chagas, and to this date there is no cure for it.

Below is a Youtube video of a talk that Denise Slater and her father General Paulo Roberto Uchoa gave concerning this remarkable case.

Here it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T42_hqu-FNw&sns=em

Also here is a website that Denise Slater created to honor and provide information about her grandfather: http://www.general-alfredo-moacyr-uchoa.com/

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