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Interview-Alternate Perceptions Magazine, July 2016

An Interview with:

Linda Biafore:
Wife, Mother, Grandmother, and Alien/Paranormal Experiencer

by: Brent Raynes

Linda Biafore lives near Sedona, Arizona. I'm sure that to many around her she appears to be simply regular everyday people. They see a loving and concerned wife, mother, and a grandmother, but do many of them know that there's another dimension to her life? Some long time readers of this magazine (those with long memories) may remember how back in the mid-1990's Linda wrote of a few of her personal and extraordinary otherworldly alien encounters for us, in such articles as ET's Healed My Mother (#28, 1994), Argula (#29, 1994), and The Boomerang UFO (#30, 1995). However, as you will be able to tell from this interview, those three articles were the proverbial drop in the bucket as Linda Biafore could write a book on her life with such experiences.

Anyone wishing to contact Linda directly may do so at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Brent Raynes: It seems like UFO and paranormal phenomena have been fairly common place in your family for sometime. You had a grandmother who had some interesting stories, right?

Linda Biafore: Well I've traced it to my grandmother back in the 1800's, but I'm sure that it goes further than that. I heard the words out of her own mouth on this.

Brent Raynes: You wrote me once about fireballs landing on her property?

Linda Biafore: Yes. It was before airplanes and they were in South Dakota on a farm. She used to talk about how they would come out of the sky. She called them fireballs and they would come all the way down and sit there.

Brent Raynes: Then what would happen?

Linda Biafore: That's it. She wouldn't say anything else. There was no investigation into anything and no talk of seeing aliens back then. It's just that these strange things would happen with these balls of light, which I think were craft because of all of the things that happened with my mother. It 's just that in those days she probably wouldn't have dared say anything like that to anybody. She was a church going woman and maybe it would have been frowned on.

Brent Raynes: You mentioned your mother. Your mother had alien experiences or UFO experiences?

Linda Biafore: Yes, her whole life.

Brent Raynes: Oh okay. So this is a thing that goes generation to generation with your family?

Linda Biafore: It has been passed on to my grandkids too.

Brent Raynes: What was it that your mother experienced?

Linda Biafore: Well it was actuallty experienced with the whole family. All of the females. They would, all of a sudden and every once in awhile they would gather at our house. My aunts, my grandma, and my mom, and they would just start walking. My mom used to tell me about it. Later on, when I got older, she was telling me these stories and I said, “Where were you going?” She goes, “Well we would walk to the silver house.” I go, “The silver house?” She'd go, “Yes, it was halfway in a gulley and we would walk across this silver bridge.” She said it was a silver house on stilts and she said, “We would go in the door and there was this huge oval table with some of the ugliest people sitting around it” that she'd ever seen.

My father passed away when I was three years old, but my mother had a boyfriend later on and he was actually a 32nd degree Mason. He was taken there and my mom would hear him yelling. He was actually being lifted out of the house and when he came back the trees had actually scratched him and he'd have scratches across his chest and stuff. He was levitated and he was brought through the wall like it wasn't anything. The doors would all be locked and he would be banging at the door trying to get in afterwards and he was cut from the tree branches.”

He passed away in the 1970s. Then my mother met my second stepfather who was the nephew of Arthur Ford, the famous medium of the early 1900s.

Brent Raynes: How did your mom process this kind of experience?

Linda Biafore: She had a lot of paranormal things happen to her. There were a lot of ghostly things that followed her. Every house that we lived in became haunted. I mean, unbelievably haunted. But she would just throw it off and not really think about it. It wasn't until I started really bringing it out as I got older and then she started looking back in her life and that's what it was, that she was being taken.

Everything was just such a mystery in my life. There was just so much going on and I was a little girl.

Brent Raynes: You even had a near-death experience. Can you please tell us about that?

Linda Biafore: I was twelve. I lived in an area outside of San Diego, called Imperial Beach. I lived about a block from the beach. One day me, my brother and a friend took off, with my dog, to go there. We used to go through the marshes which was a lot of weeds and such before you get to the actual sand, and I noticed that the dog had something stuck to his fir. It was a big orangish and white looking sea urchin. I grabbed it off of him, not thinking that it was poisonous or that it would hurt me, and it just grabbed my hand and stuck some needles into my thumb. I was finally able to get it off. I continued with going to the beach and I started to not feel good. So I went home and I went to my bedroom and I started running a fever. My parents weren't home. Nobody was there. It was just me in the house at that time. This went on all day long and I would become conscious and then go back out again and then be conscious again. I was getting worse and worse and worse. I woke up one time and I'm on the floor and then puff, I'm gone. I'm on the other side. I died.

I'm on this path and I'm in this beautiful area with plants and I look down at myself and I can't see my feet and yet I'm gliding along this path and just looking at everything, feeling great, not a care in the world. In the distance I see the tall grass and everything and this little boat comes along and standing up in the boat is my father who died when I was three years old. He came for me and he was there to greet me and help me go further. I took his hand and I was in the boat. I noticed that there were all of these people with blond hair, all the same hair style. It was more like a golden blond and it was just before their shoulders, turned under, with bangs type of a thing in the front. And for some reason, after the experience, I couldn't remember what their faces looked like. All I remember is their clothes and their hair and I'm standing there holding my father's hand as we're going further. Then, all of a sudden, there was a whishing sound and I am back on the floor in my bedroom. I wake up and I'm just soaked from sweat. I'm back and I guess I wasn't meant to die at that point.

It was the greatest experience of my life and I was lucky to have it. That whole thing that happened I wouldn't trade it for the world. I saw the other side. I was there.

Brent Raynes
: Did that experience affect your perception of death?

Linda Biafore: I'm not afraid of it at all. Absolutely not.

Last year, I had another really wonderful experience. My daughter with illness was unconscious, I was sitting in her hospital room with her, and I saw her leave her body. I saw this cord that was connected to the top of her head. I saw what she really looks like without her body and she was beautiful. She was this ball of beautiful energy, golden with energy sparking – just sparking inside, and I couldn't believe that I was lucky enough to see her in her natural form. She is intelligent spiritual energy and she will never die.

Brent Raynes: How big roughly was the ball shaped soul?

Linda Biafore: Probably two and a half feet. It stayed right by the body.

Brent Raynes: As a young child you also felt that you had been healed?

Linda Biafore: We were on vacation and stopped at a restaurant. We were up in the mountains and I'm running a horrible fever and throwing up. This waitress said, “There's a hospital down here. There's only one road. So just follow this road.” The waitress gave me some ice and rags. Two hours later, we pull up going the same way in front of the same restaurant and the waitress said, “You didn't go to the hospital?!” and I sat up and I was fine. Nobody knew where they were for that two hours.

Brent Raynes: So they didn't just get lost? They were blanked out on this?

Linda Biafore: Yup. Like two hours was completely gone and I was healed.

Brent Raynes: Now your daughter Melissa, who has been dealing with illness, has had encounters too with craft and aliens as well. Does it seem to be an extension of your own experiences as well as your grandchildren's, or are they having different beings from what you're encountering?

Linda Biafore: We're all having the same. They haven't seen the tall females like I have, that they can remember, and that's the thing. You don't remember all of your experiences. They allow me to remember sometimes.

Brent Raynes: You're talking about the mantis looking ones, that we talked about earlier?

Linda Biafore: Yes. I wouldn't say they're really mantis but kind of mantis. They're real tall. I'm talking over 8 – 12 feet. I was taken to one of their bases that had something to do with hybrid children. My daughter Melissa and I had an encounter one time in 1989 where we were riding along one night and some gassy green substance came through my dash. I remember going down, like I'm passing out. It gave us a wonderful feeling. Then we're in this craft and my daughter is sitting in this big metal chair and the smaller greys, about 4 foot tall, are running around her with medical instruments that looked like pencils, putting them to pressure points down her arms, and I'm standing with this one alien who was wearing a beautiful robe with a high collar., which I wrote down after it happened and had forgotten that it was black with moons and stars on it. He was about 5 feet tall. He didn't have the big black almond shaped eyes like the smaller greys and he had a pupil. I felt very close to him. His name was Argula. I seem to be always so happy to see him, and in that experience, when they had my daughter in the chair, he's standing real close to me staring at me and I'm feeling all this love for him. He doesn't want me to be afraid for her. Then he brings my daughter back to me, places her back against me and he wraps his long arms around us. Then I feel like I'm coming awake and this gassy substance is going back into the dash.

That's the one I went under hypnosis for because I got really upset. I was so afraid because they had had my daughter. What were they doing? I was crying to my husband. Something happened, something happened. This went on for days. I felt real protective of her and I was afraid. And my husband goes, “You need to go to somebody.” So I found this woman, in Riverside County, California. She worked with abductees. I told her my story and she put me under hypnosis and I remembered that they didn't hurt her and everything was okay.

There was more to the experience, like the glowing balls that they held and little details, and after I woke up from under hypnosis I took a deep breath and I felt so much better. Nothing bad happened. It was okay. The fear was gone.

Brent Raynes: Did you remember being onboard the craft prior to the hypnosis? Linda Biafore: Yes, I was getting flashes of memory. I was getting the eyes looking at me. I was getting just different memory things and one of the memories that both me and my daughter had was that as we were driving down the street I told her, “Melissa, I just saw a kangaroo and it was holding a candle.” She goes, “I saw the same thing. I saw a kangaroo, but it was holding a glowing ball.” And I said, “Oh my God, what is that?' I didn't remember the gassy stuff or anything, but I got flashes of her in a chair.

Brent Raynes: Now those light balls that you mention that the aliens were holding. What were they doing with those?

Linda Biafore: From what I could tell, they were somehow controlling what was going on with those balls. I can't figure it out. But an interesting fact about that area of Lake Elsinore has to do with the kangaroos. There were bizarre things that happened in that town and people would report unusual animals like the three foot fox that my daughter Tiffany saw, a kangaroo, and things that should not be there. There were so many reports in that town that a high school teacher had students write down what they had seen and everybody was seeing like really huge massive wolves and bizarreness around, and of course the kangaroo that would not have been there. And maybe those glowing balls had to do with the holographic image that they put out in front of them to where if I was to look at them they could be anything. Why they chose to put a hologram of a kangaroo out in front of them I have no idea.

Another experience I had was at Lake Elsinore in the spring of 1987. I was looking for my daughter Tiffany who was at a friend's house. I didn't know where this friend lived but I had the address. Lake Elsinore is a small town and there was a lot of paranormal things going on there. I was driving down the street and I found the address. It was evening and I got out of the car and there are some other houses around and I hear this low hum, but real powerful. I look up and I am right under a massive boomerang craft. It's right above the telephone poles. I mean, it was so close I saw everything about it. I fell to the ground. My legs couldn't even keep me up and I couldn't believe it. I looked around to see if anybody else was seeing this. Usually, there would be other people out and there was nobody. There was not a car driving – not nothing. I often wondered what happened.

Smaller craft came out of each end of this boomerang and whisked up into the sky, as I'm on the ground because I can't stand up. They just position themselves in the sky and they look like stars, but they weren't.

Brent Raynes: How long do you think it hovered there?

Linda Biafore: Oh my gosh. I'd say over five minutes, maybe ten. And I'm down on the ground looking up under this and it's not moving at all, and there's a glowing huge ball of light underneath it, towards the front of the boomerang, and it's pulsating. I can see dark metal criss-crossing patterns and details underneath this massive craft. It was huge, and this low, powerful sound that it was making, and nobody came out – nobody acted like they heard it, and there I was on the street having this experience.

Brent Raynes: How did it finally leave the area?

Linda Biafore: It slowly moved away – very, very slowly – and then it just like disappeared. It just went into nothing,

Brent Raynes: Linda, you mentioned to me how sometimes when you haven't seen them for awhile you get concerned and mentally try and call them back, though you admit you don't know why you get that way.

Linda Biafore: Yes, it's like “Will they never come again?” And then I will call them and then they'll appear, and that's when I'd get the electrical feeling and I know then that they're there. I turn the lights out – I don't know why I turn the light out because I'm by myself – my husband is asleep – I'll turn the lights out all over the house, on the front porch, everything, and then I'll go outside. One time, and this was in Lake Elsinore that this happened, I got the feeling, turned out all the lights, and go out to the front yard. They were in an oval craft. It was lit up beautifully and it was just slowly rotating in this field next to my house. I'm standing there by myself just looking at it and no one in the neighborhood said they saw anything. Then it just glided away.

Brent Raynes: How long did that experience last?

Linda Biafore: Minutes. I can't even say. I'm like just enjoying what I'm seeing. I'm going, “Oh my gosh. They heard me.”

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