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Reality Checking—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, April 2016

New Discoveries, Breakthroughs, and Inventions?
Are They Game Changers?

by: Brent Raynes

Italian born nuclear physcist Dr. Ruggero Santilli is a CEO and the Chief Scientist of the Florida-based Thunder Energies Corporation, a company of BTV Business Television, that specializes in optical, nuclear, and combustion technologies and sciences. After breaking news released on January 19th, 2016 (link: http://www.b-tv.com/thunder-energies-discovers-invisible-entities/), where Dr. Santilli made the bold claim that he had photographed what he called Invisible Terrestrial Entities (ITE), or what the rest of us have long known simply as UFOs, the site very quickly reached over a million views, from an international audience.

Dr. Santilli, a former faculty member of Harvard, MIT, and Boston University, is described as no stranger to scientific controversy. Mainstream scientists seem prone to dismissing some of his ideas as fringe science, while Dr. Santilli dismisses these scientists as part of a mainstream conspiracy. “His theories go well beyond those of Einstein and show the limitations of quantum mechanics,” Thunder Energies's Laura Gaines, the company's Procurement Director and acting PR person for Dr. Santilli's latest releases, stated in a recent email to us. “Scientists and academicians who still cling to 20th Century science are naturally threatened by his views.”

The majority of his mainstream scientific opponents certainly must be really dismissing as fringe science Dr. Santilli's latest ITE views.

In a phone interview, I asked Dr. Santilli how long that he had been having these ITE/UFO sightings, what he calls “detections”, of which he stated that he has had many. He explained that it had all begun only a few months ago, back in September 2015, to be precise. He was on the seventh story terrace of the Vinoy Hotel in St. Petersburg, prepared to try engaging in his astronomical work of observing deep space antimatter movements with his specially designed telescope with concave lens. However, the weather didn't cooperate. “It happened that it was a very cloudy day,” he said. “Actually, it was raining.” So at that point, he decided to just look around and see what he could see beneath the cloud cover. He had a good view of the Tampa Bay area. Looking up into the night sky he suddenly saw something he didn't expect to observe. “My God, I saw all sorts of things,” he declared.

(Dr. Ruggero Santilli)

“It was purely accidental,” Dr. Santilli stated. Ah well, isn't that how major scientific discoveries are sometimes made? “If that day had not been cloudy we would not be talking to each other right now and I would not have discovered that there are indeed entities in our terrestrial environment that make light solely visible by concave lens.”

“The entities that we detected, a great number of them, essentially they're kind of over electric power plants,” Dr. Santilli noted. “So who knows. A considerable number of them are circular and they look like probes.” He believes that some he has observed are about the size of an automobile. He speculated that they might be appearing over power plants to “replenish their source of energy.” He explained that it might occur “in the middle of the night when everybody is sleeping” and that the power company officials might not be able to put their fingers on what was causing these anomalous shifts in their electrical power levels.

I mentioned to Dr. Santilli that some were disappointed with the time-lapse images that had been released of these lights and wanted to know if video filming was in the works. He said that it was. “You see our technology was developed for time lapse,” he told me. “When you look at the deep sky, the only way to detect antimatter in the galaxy is to distinguish it from the background. If you have a fast shot then what you see is a dot and everybody will say, 'Oh no, that's an impurity of the pixel' or whatever, but if you have an exposure of 10 or 15 seconds and you see a long track that only exists in the Santilli telescope and does not exist in the Galileo (telescope), then they have to explain what is the track that is fully focused by concave lens and doesn't exist in the Galileo [which is convex lens] because we always work in pair, so that's why this extended exposure has been necessary for credibility.”

“I built a number of telescopes with concave lenses because of the index of refraction of antimatter light is opposite,” he stated. I was struggling to follow along, but decided to mention the late Trevor James Constable's well-known infrared pictures of UFOs, what he called “critters” [he believed them living creatures], taken back in the 1950s over the Mojave desert and other locations of California. Dr. Santilli had something to add to this matter as well.

“The human eye has a very narrow range of frequency that we can detect,” Dr. Santilli stated, and that these ITE/UFO phenomena are obviously capable of altering their frequencies where they go “either in the ultraviolet range or way in the infrared range where we don't see them with our eyes.”

“In addition to the objects that everybody sees with our eyes there exist additional entities that are probably invisible to our eyes because our eyes have a convex cornea” Dr. Santilli stated. “Some of the objects emit ordinary light. They can manipulate the frequency of the emitted light up to values we cannot see. I proved this possibility by sending a laser light through a 60 foot long steel tube containing air at 2,000 psi and detected a decrease of the frequency when the tube was at temperatures below 100 degrees F, and an increase of the frequency when the tube was at 200 degrees F or more. In the former case, light releases energy to the cold medium, thus shifting toward the red, and in the latter case light acquires energy from the medium thus shifting toward the blue. If I have done this with my extremely primitive capabilities, the shift of visible light into invisible frequencies should be quite easy for advanced technologies, thus allowing ITE of the third kind to achieve invisibility. A list of papers published in refereed scientific journals can be found in the following link: http://www.santilli-foundation.org/docs/No-universe-expans.pdf.”

Dr. Santilli's ITE of the first and second kind [I guess he borrowed this style of categorizing from Hynek's classification system of UFO encounters] both require a concave lens for detection. The first kind will present a dark image in the camera background while the second kind will present a bright background image. It's explained that the light of the first kind has a negative light of refraction that reportedly seems to carry negative energy, while the second kind also has a negative light of refraction but carries positive energy, with both of them invisible to the human eye or a conventional telescope.

Before I put this story to rest here, Laura Gaines just emailed me on March 28th: “Last Thursday (24th) we went to a power plant in Holiday, Florida for testing and I saw for myself these objects through two different cameras. They seem to be pulsating and we were able to get video as well. There were hundreds of them, and the odd thing that I noticed was that some of them were clustering into shapes that to me resembled a microscopic view of a virus. Very, very strange. It made me think of the person you had mentioned (Trevor James Constable). There is a lot of resemblance between the two.”

(Pier Rubesa)

Meanwhile on the other side of the Atlantic pond, a talented inventor, electronic music composer and an independent researcher, with some definite visionary qualities added to his character, is exploring the holistic and healing effects of sound frequencies, and is creating technologies that seem to be a tremendous benefit to many people. In fact, what he described as his AudioVitality system, for which human trials began back in 2008, has since October of last year become accepted in Switzerland as an accredited and official therapeutic method. “This means that clients who visit our trained therapists can get reimbursed by Swiss medical insurances,” this inventor, Pier Rubesa, proudly points out to us. “Speakers are arranged in a triangular manner so that you have three speakers and the speaker is used to project sound energy into the space and the sound is actually generated by the collision of the three waves,” Rubesa explained. The client positioned in the center of the arrangement gets a kind of sound bath, so to speak, and this is how the therapeutic results are reportedly delivered.

I had briefly reported on Rubesa's work in this column a couple years ago (Feb. 2014, #193: http://apmagazine.info/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=507) and wanted to follow-up to see what was going on. He experienced an "electrocution" back at age 19, had a profound near-death experience, and afterwards he began to "feel" and see things differently, his perceptions of sound, sight, taste, smell, and touch became accentuated. He began having deja vu incidents [“This started actually happening to me soon after the electrocution incident”], he has lots of anomalous type difficulties with working with electrical things [“This happens on a regular basis. Sometimes it can be quite annoying”], he has had many out-of-body experiences [“The OOBE is something that's quite common.”], encounters tall light beings [“They show me things,” which is where some of his invention ideas have come from as he has been shown many images of machines, buildings, devices - one of which is what he calls the bioscope that he has been developing and is working on.] He told me he has over 300 notebooks with drawings and apparent communications from these “beings”. He also says he's seen UFOs many times, and described a dramatic incident in France where one followed along with his car. “My initial thought was it's a helicopter because it was moving approximately the same speed as the car,” he told me. “It was a big shining ball and it made a 90 degree turn, went straight up with such speed that instantly it became just a dot in the sky and then disappeared.”

He explained to me that he's working with therapists and engineers and the technology he's inventing helps people with Parkinsons and other serious ailments, using sound vibrations. "I've had several people who actually got out of their wheel chairs - literally with their nerves in the spine that had reconnected in some manner,” he stated.

Perhaps most extraordinary of all is his claim of the pale blue, translucent, octagonal stone or whatever it is that was 'given' him under mysterious circumstances as proof. So far different labs have failed to figure out exactly what it is. Soon he is to meet with British author Anthony Peake (who first told me about Pier's work) to see if some experts in London can figure something out about it. Funny things happen in its presence, like clocks speeding up. "We have this on multiple rolls of film," he told me. "I am not the only one who has actually seen this. This actually happened during a filming for an interview that I did in French. ...There was a whole camera crew and everything when this act.”ally happened and they did get it on film."

I'm hoping to hear more soon about what these two gentlemen learn when they present the unusual "gateway stone" (also called the Octastone) to different experts in London.


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