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Encounters of the Unknown—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, March 2016

A Close Encounter, missing time, MIB types, and the Paranormal

by: Brent Raynes

Alan wrote me explaining that he was a medical technician in Massachusetts. He claimed that early in the fall of 1974, he, along with four high school friends, had a UFO close encounter. “It was enormous and shaped somewhat like a triangle,” he recalled. “The thing was covered with round blinking lights of red, green, blue, and yellow. It made a buzzing sound that I can only compare to a million bees. This sound kept a rhythmic pulse with the lights.”

“The UFO was moving very slow and descending, at first to the river. Then it slightly altered it's course and began 'floating' towards us. It was perhaps 40 feet, at most, above us when we simultaneously screamed 'lets get out of here.' I was transfixed gazing at it, and felt as though it was watching me. There was a strange feeling throughout my body – not unlike the feeling one has when his foot 'falls asleep.' I also became sick throughout and wanted to go home.”

He added that two policemen had also seen the UFO from another nearby vantage point. Alan remembered them, their names and the name of one of his high school friends, but he pointed out that oddly neither he nor his one high school friend could recall who the other three “friends” were who they remember had been with them! “I asked each old time high school buddy that I used to befriend if he was there and each does not ever remember any such night or UFO!” he added.

“The encounter took place at one of my most popular fishing spots,” Alan continued. Then something else odd happened he said about three weeks later. “I ran out of worms and figured I'd lift rocks and catch salamanders or hellgrammites for bait. When I climbed to the bottom of the steep hill I found a small metal black ball. It was as smooth as any smoothness can be and dense as any blackness I've ever seen. This ball was slightly smaller than a baseball but heavy as a bowling ball! When I picked up this little black ball I became very dizzy and almost fell into the drink. It gave off a powerful smell. It doesn't always smell, but that first encounter almost knocked me out. On a couple of occasions, I could have sworn it made noises, very faint noises.”

Alan described also MIBish sounding episodes. “Sometimes they show up in the most baffling way,” he explained. “One when I was fishing they showed up. I didn't tell my wife where I was going or anyone else for that matter. How they discovered my secluded fishing spot really makes me wonder if these jokers are human or what?”

Alan also recalled having had “out of body” type episodes, poltergeist experiences and other assorted “paranormal” events in his life. He even said that he had had a “missing time” experience wherein feeling tired he had gone into his bedroom around 3 p.m., one afternoon, and then came out 3 o'clock the following day. His mother was startled to see him. “She asked me where I had been all night and day, and said she called my friends to discover my whereabouts. According to her, I was not in bed all that time and nobody knew where I was.”

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