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Interview-Alternate Perceptions Magazine, February 2016

An Interview with:
An Interview with Joshua Shapiro on Crystal Skulls

by: Brent Raynes

Joshua Shapiro with his beloved Katrina Head, along with their approximately 25 crystal skulls (with a Mongolian Skull coming on its way later this year) are affectionately known as the Crystal Skull Explorers and are living within the Seattle area. They met in Atlanta in 2009 and have been together ever since.

Joshua saw his first personal crystal skull in San Jose, California in April of 1983, and this skull acted as a catalyst to inspire him on his life-long journey to discover and share the very most important information linked to the Crystal Skulls and how they will help humanity create world peace in the near future. He is the author/co-author of various books (Mysteries of the Crystal Skulls Revealed with Bowen and Nocerino, Journeys of the Crystal Skull Explorers in various forms including the Travel Log series and translation into 3 European languages – both printed editions and e-books), he has given hundreds of public talks in various countries in the world, helped to organize both public and on-line crystal skull presentations. He and Katrina are the organizers of a monthly world peace meditation with the Crystal Skulls and a co-sponsor of Crystal Skull World Day.

Currently, Joshua is working on two new novels that deal with future potential stories, how world peace could happen in our world with links to the crystal skulls, and in January of this year they released a new version of their Crystal Skull Explorers website.

To contact Joshua and Katrina, email them at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Or visit their new website at: http://www.cse.crystalskullexplorers.com

Brent Raynes: When it comes to crystal skulls, you are without doubt the man to go to for answers and information, and there are on this subject certainly a lot of questions to be answered and a good number of controversies too. One, which involves you personally, is the mystery of your Crystal Blue Skull visions that have resulted in you taking three trips to Peru in search of it from 1997 to 2002. Obviously, these visions must have impressed you very much for you to have gone to the trouble and expense to take three separate trips to this South American country in search of its possible existence. For starters, what makes you so certain that it is real, and since you obviously must have a pretty strong hunch that it is, do you think it's Atlantean, Lemurian, extraterrestrial, or what, and of what purpose might it have, such as healing, communications, or something else? 

Joshua Shapiro: Thanks Brent for your kind words about my connection with the crystal skulls. I just feel within my being that they are very important for our future and this is why I have devoted more than 32 years of my life to investigate them and to explore what the crystal skulls are all about.

I saw my first crystal skull in person in 1983 in San Jose, California (an amethyst skull, believed to be very old, that came out of Mexico in 1982, today known by the name of “Ami”. Its whereabouts is unknown as it was privately sold in 2009 and the current person or persons who are guardians of this skull have not acknowledged who they are publicly as this transaction and transference of the skull was done privately. I remember quite well during that time, the inner message I received from Ami (just a photo of this skull) was that these crystal skulls were returning to the public’s attention to help humanity create world peace. They are very important for our future. Therefore, I believe it is part of my life’s work to help people understand what the crystal skulls are all about and how, if you are able to obtain one and work with it directly (via meditation, holding the skull and concentrating on it) this can change your life in a very powerful and positive way. So when you receive such a message about these crystalline friends, then you have to follow it.

So yes, the crystal skulls are considered one of the world’s greatest mysteries and because the crystal skulls profoundly affect the people they touch and there are many strange phenomena that take place in their presence (some things happen let’s say that our scientists say is impossible but then as a student of spirit and the paranormal, you begin to understand nothing is impossible) which is why they are controversial. But just like the UFO Phenomena, which for a long time was controversial, and I will come back to this later, but more and more people are having contact with the energies linked to these skulls and beginning to see what the Indigenous People have talked about. That they were sacred tools from the past may not be as crazy as it sounds, which is why the crystal skulls have been part of their special ceremonies for possibly thousands of years.

Now speaking about what I call, “the Blue Crystal Skull”, that is another story in itself. I know over the almost 35 years I have been working with the crystal skulls, I have heard stories from other people who like myself have had a very strong inner vision of a crystal skull which they have not yet met in the physical. Which is of course the same for me with this “Blue Crystal Skull”. Now for your readers who don’t know what this crystal skull is or about it, let me explain why I call it by this name.

Since I can remember, when I was very young, my favorite color has been a light blue – like the blue in the sky. It is a whitish shade of blue. The closest I have come to describing this color is when you buy a bottle of natural water made from plastic, and you look at the bottom of the bottle you will see a kind of translucent light blue color.

Now my feeling that such a crystal skull exists, and that I may have worked with it in some past lifetime took place in the early 1990’s when I was part of a spiritual tour going to Peru. Now prior to this time, I had been to Peru before in 1989. I felt at that time I had to go, Peru was calling me. Anyway, it was during this second tour to Peru, with my future fiancé and 2nd wife, that while I was eating breakfast at our hotel in Lima, preparing to head to Cusco and then Machu Picchu that a strange sequence of events happened to me, which began my search for this “Blue Crystal Skull”. Now, it might sound crazy how it happened, and for most people they might say I am crazy or just dismiss it but I trust my intuition, and I trust soul memories (which might seem like its just our imagination).

So I was minding my own business, eating my breakfast (a continental breakfast I might add) in the hotel, when the Archaeologist who was coming with us, because he was an expert on Machu Picchu and would be our guide there, all of a sudden stood up, pointed at me, speaking in Spanish (which I had to get translated) and told everyone around us that “Joshua knows where there is a Crystal Skull in Peru!!”

I was stunned, I thought to myself, “I do?” and then I started to literally feel my body being pulled toward the Northern Part of Peru. This was quite strange, as most people don’t do tours to the northern part of Peru. First of all, these areas were not lived in by the Incas but the archaeologists have found ancient cities or Pre-Inca people who lived here more than two thousand years ago. I, myself knew next-to-nothing about the northern part of Peru, at this time.

But then I had a vision – and normally at this time I didn’t have visions (I am having them more now but its still things I see in my mind’s eye and not like people who are visionary that can see spirits and dream in full detail in living color; I see things sort like in black and white and grays) but here is what I saw as my body was being pulled to the Northern part of Peru – “I saw in my mind, a jungle area – with a clear path in the jungle being walked through by a procession of Indian looking people in single file. And the person in the front, a man had his arms extended in front of him and was holding an object – which it felt, it seemed to be a crystal skull of some kind. And then I chuckled to myself, “Well if I know of a Crystal Skull that is here in Peru, it would probably be my favorite color which is light {or sky} blue. And then the vision stopped but it was like a mystery or great challenge presented to me and I never stopped thinking about it.

Later after we came back to Lima, from Machu Picchu, the archeologist heard at one of the national museums in Lima, that they had had on display a crystal skull around this time. So naturally we went to the museum to see if it was still there, which it was not nor could we get any confirmation if such a skull existed at all. But perhaps it was a clue that my vision might not be so crazy.

(Joshua high in the Andes Mountain looking for the Blue Crystal Skull – you need to ride a mule to get up there due to the high altitude.)

Then before I took my first official trip to Peru in 1997 (the fall) to literally go to the northern part of Peru and try to find this crystal skull – again I had visions – I saw in my mind’s eye, this crystal skull appearing in front of me. Till even this day, it remains in this position around me – to my left, at about a 45 degree angle from my head, if I am looking straight ahead, and floating in the air above my head. Even now when I picture this position in my mind, I can feel the energy of this skull. I can only describe this experience at this time that this crystal skull exists in another dimension (perhaps the etheric energy level which we have a part of ourselves always in) and I am sensitive to the dimension it exists in or it allows me to be aware of it. But this would be similar for any of your readers who feel the presence of spirits around them like their spirit guides. I read in one of the many paranormal books I have been finding in the local libraries (a mad compulsion to do this reading BTW since we arrived here in the Seattle area in 2011) that the author’s spirit guides said they are not far away from us, but since there is no time and space, they exist always right next to us. Anyway, this “Blue Skull” was kind of telepathically speaking to me, urging me to go to Peru in 1997.

The next challenge was how could I go to Peru to look for it, I would need to be free for weeks, and I had a full time job. Well in 1997 the compulsion to go to the Northern Part of Peru was too much so I quit my job, and went on faith. At this point, I didn’t even know what would happen to me in Peru, where I would be going exactly and if I would see it. A friend who had his own spiritual tour agency in Lima, when I told him about this blue skull he gave me a number of suggestions of various ancient sites and cities to visit in the north so I started with that.

So to come back to your question, how do I know if this skull is real? Well, either I am going to trust the information I received from within and what experiences I have, or I am not. And in my almost 61 years of life, I find that the more I trust my inner experiences, the more my life is exciting and I have the most amazing adventures and meet the most interesting people. I am at a point in my life now when I feel a strong urging or mad compulsion, when I have a strong vision or hear a profound idea or comment, I don’t question it any more. I trust.

Plus, to make a long story short, on the 3 trips I took to Peru, in 1997, 1999, and 2002, going to the northern part of Peru and a specific area I was guided on the first trip in 1997, to a sacred lagoon to the local shamans, high in the Andes Mountains (15,000 feet high) all the people who came with me on each trip had their own feeling or connection to a blue skull, even if it was the same one I saw. And the first time I did travel in 1997, while staying with a Peruvian Family who lived in a small house made from wood and aluminum, while lying on the floor of their kitchen in my sleeping bag, before going to the sacred lagoon (know as Laguna Negra, “the black lagoon) – I had a very clear vision of this “Blue Skull”.

First, I saw above me in my mind’s eye – like a hole opened up above me, a dimensional door if you will – and the “Blue Skull” came flying out and appeared right in front of me. I remember noticing it was kind of an electric blue like we see with our neon lights. And then I was aware of a tall man in the room kind of standing behind who was a guardian of this skull. So I saw it late afternoon or early evening and the next day, in the morning, as I woke up, again it appeared through this hole in the air above me. All I can tell you is I sensed the “Blue Skull” was a living consciousness of its self – and later when I went up higher into the mountains (needing to ride on a mule to get there as I wasn’t used to this high elevation and to climb in this elevation) and we found the sacred lagoon and camped there, I received this message, that the “Blue Skull” will decide when it would appear in our reality – that it probably wasn’t going to happen where a person finds it.

(This is the mountain behind the Laguna Negra that has the “Skull Face” on the mountain and where Joshua felt the “Blue Skull” was hidden, inside of this mountain.)

Finally the day before we had to leave on this first visit to the “Laguna Negra”, I was directed to a circle of stones about a mile from our camp, and I sat down here and had more visions. I saw that in this location (which I believe was part of Lemuria, I think when Lemuria sank, the Andes Mountains rose) – that at one time this area I was sitting in had a Lemurian Temple – and that I had a lifetime in Lemuria at this time, and that in this area I was sitting, was a circular room – and on the walls in this circular room were glass cases, each which held a different colored crystal skull, probably 13 in number and that the “Blue Skull” was one o them. Maybe I was a priest in this temple, a priest who helped look after the skulls. Because in this whole area we were traveling were huge, huge boulders, which you could tell did not come from the ground we were walking on.

So in summary, more about this story I received from the 3 trips (and BTW, I took very detailed notes of what happened to me each day – you have to do this when you go to Peru or you won’t remember, as when you are in Peru it is like you are in another world, in another energy vibration) is this is what I think happened.

The Blue Skull was originally a galactic being, who took a part of him/herself and became a physical skull the people of Lemuria could see and touch. Thus the wisdom and knowledge this “Blue Skull” can hold is tremendous, beyond what we can imagine. When Lemuria sank, the skull was brought to Atlantis. It served in the temples there. Then I had visions of being in Atlantis, and using one of their flying levitation crafts with others with me, and bringing this crystal skull and other sacred objects to Peru, which would be hidden for a time when humanity needed them the most, to help humanity create peace and at a time of great challenges (today). But also I saw that the Blue Skull eventually went to people who lived inside the mountain behind the “Laguna Negra” and that it had returned to this area. And for those who have heard about the Lemurian City of Telos that is inside of Mt. Shasta (and I have other stories to tell in the future about some experiences I had there where I know there are other people there) I think it is the same with this mountain next to the Laugna Negra. It is another Lemurian City and this tall person I saw with the “Blue Skull” when it appeared to me below the mountain in this small Peruvian shack, he was from this city as the Lemurians are said to be tall, like 12-15 feet high.

(Above is the cover of the book about the “Blue Crystal Skull” released in 2013 – sharing Joshua’s three journeys to Peru from 1997 – 2002.)

However, the “Blue Skull” today is not in this physical dimension. And at the end of 2012 I was instructed to make an e-book about the 3 journeys to Peru (which came out right after December 21st) and then our good friend Tim Beckley helped me to publish a printed version of this book and release in March of 2013. So I would strongly recommend to your readers to visit our website to read more about the book if they 1) don’t think I am loony tunes and lost it and 2) something about this Blue Skull resonates for them.

I personally believe the Blue Skull has not publicly made itself known yet, because the vibrational frequencies and energies linked to it are very very high and we are not ready to deal with this skull. People could literally disintegrate in its presence if they are not ready. However, each day now, our world and “Mother Earth” is gradually increasing its vibrational energies and there will be a day when the “Blue Skull” will make itself known. Just because it has communicated with me and I have written about it, doesn’t mean I will be the one to help bring it out. It told me that at any time it could literally just appear (like what happens with apports around spiritual circles and that come through spiritual mediums).

*** [ Note: to read more about the book shown above on the blue skull, Joshua has setup a special page on his new website, click here. ]

So basically to answer your main question, look how long it has taken me. I have no proof at all it exists. It is like what happened to the female scientist named Ellie (played by Jodie Foster) in the movie “Contact” – who travels on a vessel created from the plans of Aliens sent from the Vega constellation and meets them, in another dimension and space as one appears as her dead father. She comes back with all these experiences but the recording of the vessels shows she didn’t go anywhere although there was six hours of static recorded on the video. I am in the same situation.

However, what I have been doing is to act as a physical conduit for the “Blue Skull”, as I feel when I hold my right hand out and level, it will come and sit on it. I feel a slight weight, and then I have people put one of their hands just above mine, not touching, and they have felt a tremendous energy come through this hand. Also I should mention, the crystal ball found by Ray Brown, purportedly in an underwater pyramid in the Caribbean, was also placed in that hand and I feel its essence there too.

Now before I answer your last question about the origins of the “Blue Skull” and its purpose, let’s do an experiment with the readers, I have never tried this before, so I would be curious to see how it goes. I am telepathically communicating right now, as I type these words with the “Blue Skull” which I feel is above me, to put its essence in this part of my answer – reader see what you feel here – just pause for a moment – don’t read ahead. If something interesting happens, please write to me and let me know.

I will ask the “Blue Skull” what it wishes to communicate about its origin – as I said before it is linked to a being who exist in a dimension much higher than our own and that the “Blue Skull” is a part of the consciousness of this multi-dimensional being which has been in our-so called physical reality and is waiting to return. I have been given visions of what will happen in the future when it comes out – and again I don’t think I have really shared this before so here goes.

Today, we are getting carried away with how long ago a crystal skull was made – if it is like a thousand or two thousand or more years ago, we call these skulls ancient and that they seem to be more important than the modern crystal skulls being made or other ones made within the past few hundred years. Each crystal skull is a member of this large family – each crystal skull has its own purpose. When, the “Blue Skull” decides to be in our physical reality, it will just be the “Blue Skull”; each person who has contact with it can decide for themselves what they feel or think this skull is about. It is not more important or less important than any other crystal skull in its family. I see a lot of healing going on around the skull and it happens almost instantaneously. I see this skull speaking telepathically to the people it has contact with to impart information and knowledge, the great knowledge it has recorded for hundreds of thousands of years and the knowledge of the spiritual being it is linked with. I also feel if a person comes into its presence with lets say an energy of ill-will, anger or some hateful purpose, this skull will instantaneously convert such a person into their light frequencies whether they wish this or not. Some people have also suggested that after the “Blue Skull” makes its presence known, other crystal skulls also waiting in the inner dimensions will come forth.

Can you imagine such a skull (and in my visions I have seen it like the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull) totally translucent, with two pieces as the lower jaw is separate, exquisitely formed, not created by the hand of Man but made by the thought projections of this higher dimensional being.

I have no clue if what I just received or feel is correct but I also have a guide called rJis who says he is who I shall become in the future of this lifetime. He once wrote through me, which is linked to one of the novels we are working with friends to release now, and I see him (2037, 2040, 2050) having this “Blue Skull” around him. Clearly, where we are headed in the near future Brent, time and space is not going to have much meaning.

I hope I was able to satisfactorily answer your questions – whew!!

Brent Raynes: I understand that recently, during the world peace meditation on January 1st, working with your personal skulls, that you had received some significant messages pertaining to the future. What can you tell us about that?

Joshua Shapiro: First of all let me describe for your readers what the crystal skull world peace meditation is about that we did on January 1st and are now continuing (so we will do 13 such meditations this year as we did in the years past) on the 13th of each month at the 13th hour local time. This meditation was started on January 1st of 2009, and the idea came when I did a radio interview about the crystal skulls with Uri Geller, (“the Spoon Bender”) I think in 2001. As we were talking about crystal skulls for the interview (a dual broadcast via normal radio and internet radio, but somehow when we began to speak about the crystal skulls, the internet broadcast just stopped) – and at the end Mr. Geller asked me this question: “How could the crystal skulls help us with world peace?”

The answer I gave him was one of my famous “What If” questions.” “What If we had the crystal skull guardians of the world, while holding a crystal skull, meditate for peace together? What could we co-create?

(Above Joshua is holding his personal skull “Portal de Luz”, in front of the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull. This photo was taken in 2008 during research done with the two skulls at a high school in Indiana for the Syfy Crystal Skull Documentary but it was not aired..)

However, it took me till 2008, when I traveled with Bill Homann, the guardian of the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull by plane from Chicago to Italy (northern Italy, one of the large cities there, I forget) for a Crystal Skull Conference, that how to do such a meditation finally came to me. And this happened, after Bill took the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull out for the people helping to organize the conference to see it early. As soon as he brought the skull out, I became ill and eventually I had quite a high fever. I was quite concerned, as the sponsor of the conference had paid a lot of money for my airfare and hotel, so I stayed in bed the day of the conference and 15 minutes before it was my turn to speak for an hour they came and got me.

After I finished my talk (I am true Aries; I don’t let anything stop me) I passed out and I had to stay an extra four day in Italy to recover. But it was while I was in Italy that I received the form of the first meditations, when to do them and how.

So we setup our first world peace meditation for January 1st, 2009, and this eventually led us to where we are today to do 13 meditations. The meditation is quite simple to do. My divine light partner Katrina, recorded a special form of a meditation that is on an mp3 file a person can listen to on-line. All they have to do, is on the 13th of each month, hold one of their crystal skulls, listen to the guided meditation which is basically sending out a loving and healing energy all over the world amplified by the crystal skull. Further I believe that each time we do these meditations, we build on top of the like 70 meditations or so we have done before and many times it feels like invisible beings join us.

To read more about the meditation, we have a page setup at: http://www.v-j-enterprises.com/cs_wpm_instructions2016.html

So now Brent, going on to your question – this is what I received on our January 1st meditation. First of all, I changed a bit how I did the meditation. Normally we send out a bubble or sphere or a pink colored energy (representing the “Love Vibration”) outward all over the planet. But this time, having read a book by Drunvalo Melchizedek, who talked about the Merkaba and its shape, which is the pattern for a higher vibration light energy around our body in a higher dimension, that looks like what is called a Star Tetrahedron, I saw myself sending out this energy in this form surrounded by the pink bubble or sphere. For whatever reason, I had this very, very strong feeling that some form of UFO disclosure was upon us. Now UFO disclosure officially means that a government agency on the earth will finally admit that we are having contact with extraterrestrial beings who are not from our world. However ….

If you go on the internet, you will see that disclosure has already been happening via numerous people who are openly talking about their experience working on the secret or so-called black projects … there are so many videos on Youtube right now. But the challenge is, you have to listen with your inner feeling and intuition, because there is good information out and other information to throw and confuse you. I also had a feeling that during this year, that a big, big door is going to open that will forever change our world. How I would describe this opening is that it is not just linked to UFO discovery but some type of activity happening in our world that has never happened before. It could be ET walking amongst us as we see in various tv series or movies (not hiding as humans), or perhaps the manifestation in our reality of dimensional beings as the frequency of our world continues to move higher and higher – or as I am reading in books written by Drunvalo Melchizedek, secret knowledge, artifacts or records held by one of the indigenous people from thousands of years. It feels as if this future event or activity has already taken place on the vibration level just above our physical reality and it could happen at any time. Or maybe this is the year for the “Blue Skull” to manifest in our reality. It is almost like the spiritual beings who watch over humanity and love us and wish to help us evolve – have been planning a special event to happen at the right time, which will become a trigger or catalyst for the truth about who we truly are and our potential to come out.

The keys to what will be happening in 2016 I feel is to: always remember who we truly are –immortal beings who have chosen to pretend that we have forgotten our true identity (coming from a reality where there is no time and space) so we can experience life here which is probably a big experiment for the Universe. The Earth is important and I don’t believe there are many worlds like our world, where there is so much variety, so many different cultures, religions and spiritual philosophies all happening at the same time.

So we need to stay in the positive light – to see within ourselves peace and harmony coming to our world – to be an example of this Light for others – and to listen within when we get guidance, that can come at any time and in moments you least expect, to take action to do what makes our heart sing. In the books I am reading, it has been known and prophesied in the past about this time, this moment we are coming into and living – many of the shamans and elders of various indigenous tribes know these prophecies and are waiting. It is about co-creation, believing in ourselves and going day by day – but if Disclosure should happen this year (as it will and must eventually happen) this will change how we view the world and ourselves. Also, to not follow or listen to news or information given which is fear based or discusses the potential or disasters in the future – at the moment we could say we are presently involved with a type of war on consciousness – but since we all are co-creating the reality here on Earth, why not assume completely we will succeed to bring “Peace to Earth” even if we do not know what will be the sequence of events.

In many ways, we are living in an unbelievable time when events and activities are about to take place, that might have never happened before in the Universe. Anyway, to summarize the feeling I had during our world peace meditation on the 1st of this year, was it will be a key year for our future and be ready for the most unbelievable and amazing things to happen.

Spirit once whispered to me, “Anything that you can imagine in your mind, you can only imagine it because it already exists on some level of reality!!” So why don’t we all see that World Peace is coming soon!!

Brent Raynes: What sort of new achievements do you hope to fulfill in the year ahead? I understand you hope to do some traveling in Europe in the fall? It certainly sounds like you're aiming to accomplish some pretty important goals. 

Joshua Shapiro: Being a true Aries born individual, my soul thrives on challenging new projects and especially those which might serve as a catalyst to bring forward key information and knowledge about our future, which I see as a “Golden Age” and how each of us has a role to play to create such a future by believing in ourselves, discovering what makes our hearts sing and be a channel for the Universe and Creator by allowing our unique creative and spiritual gifts to follow through. I read once in a book called the “Metaphysical Bible”, that the name of “Joshua” means one who does God’s work with dispatch. And this is how it has been for me since I started my spiritual search and journey in Chicago in the late 1970’s. At times I would hear whispered to me many ideas and do my best to create these new activities or events in our world. Or many times, more so recently, I will wake up with an idea floating around in my head about what I need to do that day (I assume because I have spoken to our extended spiritual family in the other realms and we discussed what else can be done to awaken the divinity that is inside all of us). Trusting these intuitive and telepathic suggestions makes life very interesting.

Therefore, please find below a kind of summary of some of the key projects I see for my divine partner Katrina and I for 2016, with all of these projects about co-creation with others. We are coming into a time now when it is vital and important for us to work together to share our unique skills and resources. Together we can manifest and create anything we can imagine!!

a) We have setup on our new website, a special membership service which is going to allow the people who join an opportunity to read the two new paranormal novels we are writing even though we haven’t finished writing them. I am not a novelist but two good friends are and they are helping me to do these stories and I am the editor, plus we have another friend who is doing our cover and illustrations. Both stories deal with what I consider real life scenarios that could take our planet into a time of total peace and each one is linked to a trilogy. So we share a chapter or two each month; plus I have been doing audio interviews with special spiritual teachers and researchers over the past few years so we share one of these interviews too each month.

This new website is mobile friendly and is giving us a chance to take all the information we have shared on several websites and put them into one website that is easy to navigate.

The new website is located at: http://www.cse.crystalskullexplorers.com

And January 26th was our grand opening. The new membership service can be discovered by clicking on our main menu entitled: “CSE Special Membership”.

b) We are continuing to focus primarily on local events to offer a combination of public talks, workshops, crystal skull sessions and attending spiritual fairs. Whenever it is possible we seek to co-create new events with other teachers as 2016 is a year for working together and doing joint projects.

c) We are ready to continue to help with Crystal Skull World Day for 2016, which is a day when crystal skull guardians come together to do a special meditation for co-creating peace. This day has happened on November 22nd in 2014 and in 2015. More information about this day can be found at: http://www.crystalskullworldday.com

d) At the start of the new year, I never know where I will be traveling but it seemly likely I will return to Belgium in the fall and may visit a few other countries there (in the Czech Republic I have a friend) in the fall of this year. But other opportunities will probably come up as well – but unfortunately it doesn’t look good to take trips to sacred sites this year and take our crystal skulls.

e) In February, I will begin to offer a new talk around the paranormal and life in other dimensions as well as events I believe that have happened in our past history and where we are going in the future. A part of this, is in my answer to one of your other questions in this interview.

f) I suspect our new website and its greater capabilities will help us reach many new people and my goal is also to form alliances with other individuals and groups to help each other and offer space on the new website for other individuals to share key information that is important to deal with this year and going forward.

g) A curious thing happened to us late last year with the crystal skull we have known as “Ta’chu’la” which appears to be an older skull. The spirit of this skull says the Mayans created “him”. We met another skull at a spiritual fair that is almost an exact duplicate of “him” which suggests there could be a collection of this form of skull. The shape of Ta’chu’la is more of what is known as a Monglian Skull as “he” was found in Mongolia.

h) I suspect I will continue to do on-line radio interviews and we might decide to bring back our own radio show.

i) Of course, we will continue on with our World Peace Meditations with the Crystal Skulls on the 13th of each month.

(Logo for Crystal Skull World Day 2016 held on November 20th of this year.)

Brent Raynes: In a very recent email, you wrote me: "In essence Brent, right now I am touching upon many fields of study and beginning to see (or being guided by spirit) as to how all the pieces fit together to answer questions about who we are, where we come from, the nature of our true essence and where we are going." 

Joshua, not to put you on the spot, but I think all of us must wrestle at some time or another with those very questions. I know I'd like to hear your thoughts and answers on all of those points, and I'm pretty sure our readers would too. 

Joshua: Thanks Brent for asking. As I am sitting here on Sunday evening, contemplating on the answer to this question (January 24th) having watched earlier who will be in the Superbowl in Football and then immediately watching the return of the “X Files,” which seemed to address a lot of the materials I have been reading about and videos I am watching. It is hard to know where to begin to answer this question.

I think it most be obvious to most people that the world as we know it is about to go through some major changes soon. And by changes I mean, that we are going to be presented with information about events and activities which have been going on behind the scenes that have been hidden from us, as best as I can tell since the 1940’s. One woman on Facebook said that the 1st episode (of six episodes) of the new edition of the “X Files” in 45 minutes gave a pretty good summary of part of what has been going on.

So to try to break this down into a shorter answer, and further to state that I do not have any secret sources I am talking to, which is telling me what to believe and what to not believe other than soul memories and to trust my intuition and inner feeling, here are the keys which I believe will be coming out soon and supported by so-called official sources.

As I discussed before, some form of UFO/ET disclosure is about to happen – I think for most people, if they are just open to the idea that there has to be other intelligent races in the universe besides us – it appears we have been visited by ETs for a long time and not only this, but they have remained with us and around us too – it is beyond what the show “Ancient Aliens” is saying.

In one book I read, and I can’t remember the name, but it states that the DNA of modern Man is not the same as pre-humans and other versions of humans who lived before that have been found in the ground, so this then implies a higher intelligence perhaps has used our world to experiment on different forms of man. Other UFO contactees have talked about that one of the reasons the ET are interested in us is because so many ET races have had contact with humanity on Earth, and added part of their DNA to us, that our DNA is unique. Plus, there is an expectation that when we awaken fully, we will become a form of humanoid life in the physical realities that hasn’t been seen ever before.

There is some discussion about 400-450,000 years ago (as I remember an Aboriginal woman told me that they have their history back at least 400,000 years when I was in Australia last year) the ETs we know as either the Nephilim from the Bible or what the ancient Sumerians and Babylonian discussed as the Annunaki, which come from a planet purportedly in another solar system but its orbit comes near the earth at times – took pre-humans and mixed with their DNA and this is where Man as we know him today came from. They created us to help them mine for gold on Earth to help their planet and then left.

So I do believe that why we can’t find the missing link that brought humanity forward is due to the ETs changing our DNA. Similarly, I remember from the book, “Other Tongues, Other Flesh” by G. H. Williamson in the late 1950’s, he also talked about ETs from Sirius that had come to the Earth too in the past and changed pre-humans to become a higher evolved being which is linked to who we are now.

Now as far as from a more spiritual perspective, I have been reading books by William Buhlman, who developed the ability to do out-of-body travel, to go into the dimensions – where time and space do not exist and where the realities on these other dimensions (Drunvalo Melchizedek claims there about 144 dimensions) – that just as we here (whether we are aware of this or not) create what Mr. Buhlman calls a concensus reality (which means we are collectively creating and accepting what the physical reality is), that even when we go into the inner dimensions (or heavens) we also do the same there except things happen much faster, powered by our thoughts and visions.

Related to these ideas, I once heard whispered to me (ideas which appeared in my thinking mind seemingly from nowhere) – that there will come a day in our future, where we won’t be able to tell if we are in the physical or the spiritual because they will be very, very similar. It appears from what Mr. Buhlman shared, that we will be drawn to a level of reality on the other-side which is based upon what we believe. For example, if you are convinced that the religion you believe is the truth, then you will go to a dimension where other souls believe the same as you and create a similar reality - one which is more easy and happy.

But the point in fact is (another whispering from “Spirti”) if we truly are “All One”, “One Being”, a unique part in Creator’s infinite molecule in the body of Creator – then Creator who can imagine (by thought instantaneously – how can we as humans comprehend what this means) all possible realities – what is it that Creator receives through each of us? It is the experience of all these realities; it is the experience of what is it like to be who we are, who we perceive ourselves to be – as a separate and unique person. For I truly believe, that in the history of the universe, on all levels of reality, and even if (which I believe this is also absolutely true) there are parallel earths with other “uses” who make different decisions and choice, there is this one opportunity to experience who you are.

Therefore, we might think we make mistakes in life, that we are unworthy to receive the goodness that life has to offer us because perhaps we did something to hurt or affect the life of another or we did a hateful thing – but I believe the true is, that we are each perfect and that these so-called unpleasant or dark experiences are necessary to help us grow as souls. So rejoice in who you are and listen to your intuition and what makes your heart sing and be this true self.

So as we move into 2016 – amazing knowledge and information is coming out everywhere. Spiritual knowledge and wisdom, contact with our inner being which exists on simultaneous dimensions at the same time and through our contact with more advanced beings, spiritually and technologically, we are about to see our world shift into a time that is to be a Golden Age.

I know there is a great deal of discussion about the conspiracies that have been done to humanity by certain families that have these blood lines which I heard could go back to Atlantis or have Alien DNA – along with some groups of ETs who do not have the best interest for humanity or seek something we have that they lack. But there are many beings from many levels here around us – right next to us in other dimensions and many of these light orientated beings or souls have incarnated as earth persons as well. For me, I know our world has a future destiny and will not be destroyed.

There is one possibility of what could happen, that I have heard discussed from various sources (through the higher selves spoken to in an altered state in sessions with Dolores Cannon, via a local medium we spoke to) as well as explains why certain cultures and people just vanished from our earth and they were not taken by ETs. This also may explain where the Sasquatch People go too who again via other people have claimed to be one of the original races that have existed on our earth and are linked to the ET – Cosmic Peoples. And this, that there also are various dimensions that exist on our Earth.

We speak about how we live in a 3D world – with time as the fourth dimension – but spiritual teachers and mediums say that vibrationally our world is moving temporarily through the 4th dimensional vibrational frequency of the physical and will go into the 5th dimension. So when the bible speaks about “One in the Field is Taken, and one remains” – this could be a prophecy that there could be two dimensions of physical reality on Earth – the 5th dimension which seems one of great peace and the 3rd-4th dimensions, where people who aren’t vibrational ready for the 5th would remain, in this type of world as we know it now and have to go through many tribulations, more earth changes, wars and difficulties to live peacefully and calmly.

Further, it is stated that due to contact with some alien races, that the technologies that we see in our sci-fi shows and movies, about traveling in space, teleportation, free energy and more – that we have had such technologies for like 30-40 years or more – this is a key which Steven Greer of The Disclosure Project talks about (because he has documentation to this effect and has spoken to people who have worked on these so-called black projects) and that as part of public disclosure of UFOs and ETs, these technologies will come out and if so the world as we know it will never be the same again.

So this is an exciting time to be alive. I truly sense our world is about to see a sequence of events which some might think is miraculous or fantasy but will soon become part of our reality so we each have our freedom to explore all the universes and dimensions which exist in Creator’s reality; that there will be absolute proof that will come forward to support our true history and where we came from as well as the spiritual nature of our being - that stories like the Philadelphia Experiment, the inventions of Nikola Telsa, the Montauk Project, Time Travel, Star Gates, Traveling through Space – all of this is about to be a normal part of our every day life.

Again, I have no proof to say when all of this will happen, if it will happen, I just have this overwhelming knowing and sensing these hidden realities and technologies are about to burst forth. I truly believe that the new version of the “X Files” is a sign …. And if you let your intuition guide you as to what Youtubes to watch, what websites to visit, what TV documentary to watch, as all this information is flooding out there and you must be open to look and listen – 2016 could be a year like none other. Keep the faith, see a positive and peaceful future as a vision in your mind and expect what you see is coming soon.

I know for myself, no matter what crazy things are going on in the world, the end result is going to be a Golden Age for Planet Earth – just not sure if this will happen in the next 10, 20, 30+ years, because it really depends on each of us. If tomorrow we all decided to just believe with our entire being that there would be peace on earth – we focused on this for what 30 seconds or a minute, it would just happen. We are the co-creator of our own reality – if we don’t allow our beliefs and limitations to stop, we can create whatever we can imagine. This is how powerful we each are. So take time to do your own private meditation – find that part of your being within which is always calm and peaceful and find out what makes your heart sing. Once you know this, this is what you are here to do to help bring forth the “Golden Age”.

I know for myself, what makes my heart sing is to share the most powerful information I discovered backed up by personal experiences. But I also know deep within, that since Creator is at the core of my being as pure love, if I trust what comes from within it will always guide me each day as to what I should do and where I should be.

So in conclusion, from this section, take only what resonates for you, but hopefully I have covered enough aspects of the ideas for our origins and where we are headed that just one will make sense for you. There isn’t space to share everything I see that is about to happen, but this is a good start. If one of your readers wishes to know more, come to one of the new talks I will be doing this year or join our new membership.

Okay Brent, onto the next question.

Brent Raynes: Obviously, you've had a very strong sense of mission with the crystal skull journey that you've taken. Any regrets, or perhaps things you'd do differently if you had it to do all over again? 

Joshua Shapiro: Brent, I don’t think I would do anything different on my life long journey with the crystal skulls. Through my travels all over the world, and all the people I have met, I wouldn’t give this up for anything in the world. It has been the greatest experience I could imagine. However, and I don’t know what else I could have done differently to have all of this happen. For me, when its time to go somewhere or work with certain people, the doors just open. I wish however, I would have had available somehow more resources so I could have created more public activities for people to meet the crystal skulls and to setup for bringing the crystal skull guardians to come together in person. I wish I had more resources so I could have made the feature film which we had the script for, since the early 2000’s – to make a movie that would show a potential scenario of how world peace could really take place in our future linked to the crystal skulls. Fortunately, as I mentioned before, we are to tell this story via the version of the novel we are creating.

And what I mean by resources is not just financial resources, but the ability to bring talented people together from all over the world to help create these special projects that could inspire others and bring the healing and uplifting energies of the skulls to all the people in the world. To have the resources to help with all the writing based projects that have come up – I mean I work very hard to share the very best information I have collected in whatever form I can – but if there was a staff of helpers that could help with this task to help spread the word, this would be nice.

But of course, as to my desire to obtain such resources, all I can do is put out this request to the universe and know that this call will be answered in the proper (divine) time as usually what I see to do for new projects can be years ahead of what the world is ready for.

I know when I was younger, and I was going so fast, and so focused upon the work I was doing, I wasn’t always sensitive to what I said and what I was doing and how it might affect others – but I think as I have gotten older and a bit more balanced, this is not so much a problem per say. As one of my friends in Holland told me, from the time I lived there, people either loved or hated me … but I think this is the nature of being an Aries person where things are either “White” or “Black”, there are no shades of gray.

But as far as the experiences I have had in life, I only know how to give my all for what I believe in, and if I start a new project and it doesn’t work, I don’t give up, I try again till I get it right and it happens.

Well yes, I do have one regret, if I think about it. I think before its my time to leave this earth it will happen, and that is I wish I had the change to travel in outer space (as I shared before we do have this technology now and have had for a long time) and into inner space so I could experience what our life is like in these other realities and then have more amazing stories to share with others. I also would like to visit the underground cities where descendants of ancient cultures of the past are (Lemurian and Atlantean) as well as visit the civilization that exists inside the Inner Earth, meaning our world is Hollow with a small sun at the center and people who live here, gravity holds them to the inner surface of the earth just as gravity holds us to the outer surface. These are the new adventures that when I go to sleep at night I pray to have with a conscious memory of such!!

Brent Raynes: What sort of legacy would you like to leave behind? Or, put another way, what do you hope that all of your work in this field will have accomplished? 

Joshua Shapiro: I am not so concerned if I leave a legacy behind or not. In my heart and soul, I know all people are special and no one person is less than any other. My goal is to be a part of the wave of individuals who are dedicating themselves and actively working for World Peace to happen in the near future which will be realized due to our remembering of our spiritual origins and essence.

I have this fire or drive inside of me to utilize all the tools we have via our modern technologies to share the very best information that can be shared not just about the crystal skulls, but all kinds of world mysteries, the paranormal, sacred knowledge and to be a catalyst either via the sharing of such information (via public talks, through the media, publishing of books, sharing via websites and the private sessions we offer with our personal crystal skulls) that can help as many people as possible to remember who they truly are, that we are all divine children of Creator; that we are all part of “One Family” and that we have the gifts and abilities within us to create heaven on earth.

If there are people who appreciate the work that we do (that is with my divine life partner Katrina and our personal skulls, as together this is who the crystal skull explorers are) and it makes a difference in their lives to help them remember who they are, or to inspire them to take an active role in helping to bring our world back to the beautiful paradise it once was in the distant past, then this is the greatest gift we can receive. I do not seek any recognition or honor for such, as the joy of doing this spiritual work, or my spiritual mission is what makes it fun and challenging for me to continue.

(Here we see Joshua doing a meditation in Peru in Machu Picchu with his crystal skull at one of the sacred stones (which are filled with energy) in this special ancient city.)

However, sometimes when a person is recognized for their devotion and dedication to what they do (as I do not think of myself as THE person who is THE expert on the crystal skulls – the crystal skulls in themselves is a vast subject for which I do not believe there is any ONE person who fully understands all about what these sacred objects are about – and if there are people who do it would be the indigenous people who still protect and hide perhaps many crystal skulls from the past for which the knowledge of them has been handed down verbally from generation to generation) sometimes this can open up doors to other potential resources that can help to create special projects for world peace and to help share higher wisdom and knowledge to many people. So if a person is willing to give up their privacy in exchange to help reach more people, this is a great sacrifice but it is one that one gives to help the world.

Lastly, I feel in a way, a great deal of the activities we are involved in, we are doing for the children of the future. To help them understand that we are immortal beings, souls who are here in physical form to work with the “Mother”, “Mother Earth,” who is a living being and bring peace and harmony here so these children will not have to experience the tough life experience many of us went through in our lives; that they will not know poverty, hatred, being poor, living in fear, unable to trust others but only know the tremendous potential of creativity and love that exists within every human being.

So if we can be a catalyst to inspire other people to look within themselves and not be afraid to be true to themselves and then have a strong feeling to come forward to share their own unique creative gifts and ideas with the world, this is what we hope ultimately our work is doing. We have heard from friends on Facebook that people there are keeping tabs on what new and crazy activities the Crystal Skull Explorers plan to do next. We definitely try to be innovative. I am always challenging myself with what new activity or event I can create that will inspire people even more and would be fun and challenging to do. I think I will never lose this child like energy for the rest of my life even though soon, this year of 2016, I turn 61 years young; although I feel that I am in my 30’s with my mind as sharp as ever, just sometimes I forget the names of people and places and subjects; so that is not so bad. One other quick note, I know I have been a musician in the past. The main instrument I play is guitar (12 string acoustical guitar). There are melodies and songs that have come through me. There is one song that I hope at some future time (I had this chance once at the crystal skull conference we organized in Holland in 2006 to play with other musicians and teach them this song) I can bring together other musicians and singers so that this special song that has come through me can be truly sung as I hear it inside, as my voice is very limited and I am not a professional musician or singer. I call this song the “Crystal Skull Theme Song” and every time I do a public talk I play it. If any of your readers might wish to hear the song, there is a video of me playing this song on Youtube. Here is the link:


Our most popular video is the one I did for a Crystal Skull Documentary which was linked with the Smithsonian Institute that came out in 2008, it talks about my experience with the amethyst crystal skull “Ami” in 1983, you can see that one at:


Our Youtube channel is located at: https://www.youtube.com/user/CrystalSkullExplorer

Our most popular video is the one I did for a Crystal Skull Documentary which was linked with the Smithsonian Institute that came out in 2008. It talks about my experience with the amethyst crystal skull “Ami” in 1983. As you can see I hope one day this song will be sung by many people and that it will be another catalyst to bring us together. Actually let me tell you one other vision I have had, which I hope one day to create linked to music:

I saw this vision when I was in Alta Paraiso, in Brazil, which means “High Paradise”, as this city is in the mountains in the state of Goias … it is told in this area that UFOs have landed on the small airport there and that there is so much crystal buried in the ground here that a “Light” shines out into space from this region.

In my mind’s eye I see creating the following event. Somehow we receive permission from the local city government to take over the main street of the city. I have assembled a group of musicians and we just start walking down the street playing a special joyful and festive music (visualize some of the Jewish music in the movie on “Fiddler on the Roof” or music from Ireland – where you can’t sit still and your body wants to move with the music) and as we travel we encourage people on the street to join our procession – to give themselves total freedom to dance with the music. So by the time we reach the end of this long street we have thousands of people dancing and singing in the street with us …

But wait, then all of a sudden, the people in the next city – they also want to have a day of this “Dancing and Singing in the Streets”, so we go there and once again many people are joining us – even people are leaving their jobs to come out to be a part of this celebration – it can’t be stopped, it becomes contagious as people are inspired to have a time and place where they can do this celebration and be themselves.

Now as we move forward in time, the “Dancing and Singing in the Streets” movement can not be contained, and other people are inspired to organize in their own cities their own day – so that within two years time – we reach what Ken Keyes called in his book long ago “The 100th Monkey” approach, that when a certain number of members of a species have a certain wisdom, then all the members of that species has this wisdom or knowledge – so all of a sudden all the people of the world wish to go out and “Dance and Sing” in the streets where they live and World Peace Reigns on our World”.

So if we do believe whatever we can imagine does happen – I say this vision then comes from a parallel earth (like we saw in the TV show – “Sliders”) where this has already taken place and this is what I am watching. Or if, we could just find one special song, that we could get many, many people to sing at the same time – say 100 million - so many people doing the same thing at the same time would be the catalyst for world peace to happen in the next instant.

Anyway dear readers and my brother Brent, these are some of my thoughts and ideas that could take us back to the paradise “Mother Earth” can be and will be in the future. Thank you so much for this chance to speak to you!

Sunday, May 19, 2024