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Interview-Alternate Perceptions Magazine, December 2015

An Interview with:
An Interview with Colleen Mauro, author of Spiritual Telepathy

by: Brent Raynes

Colleen Mauro has thirty years of experience in magazine publishing and a lifelong interest in the untapped powers of the human mind. In 1988, she launched Intuition magazine, which offered research and how-to information on ways of knowing such as intuition, inspiration, and telepathy for the general reader.

For information on Colleen Mauro’s book go here.

Brent Raynes: I must say that I was very impressed and quite intrigued by the many comparisons and patterns that you drew in your book from spiritual beliefs, experiences, and practices throughout the world. For example, there's this business you wrote about how the solar plexus, the seat of human instinct and emotion, plays a significant role in what we call telepathy. About a decade ago I met a man on the West Coast who told me about this "cord" that connects us, and I believe his source was Hawaiian. You describe in your book how the kahunas believe telepathy is transmitted from the solar plexus of one to another via threads compared to a "silver spider web." Then you go on too to describe how African bushmen of the Kalahari believe that all living creatures are linked by a silver energy stream that extends from one belly button to another. Other cultures also have similar beliefs as you reported, and interestingly there's even emerging scientific evidence to substantiate this, correct?

Colleen Mauro: Yes. The Wisdom teachings tell us that are three types of telepathy—instinctual, mental and spiritual. Each type of telepathy utilizes a different energy center or chakra. The lowest, instinctual or feeling-based telepathy, utilizes the area around the solar plexus, the center of instinct and emotion. As I’ve shown in the book, many cultures have the same teaching. The Australian aboriginals believe that their miwi makes it possible for them to see or hear at a distance. The miwi, a Ngarrindjeri word that translates as “soul” or “instinct,” is located in the pit of the stomach. The Japanese also rely on the solar plexus area for instinctive, nonverbal information. In Japan, a businessman will use haragei, or “belly talk,” to size up a potential partner or business proposal. The word haragei derives from hara, translated as “belly” or “guts,” and gei, which translates as “the art of.” In our culture, we use the term “gut feeling” to describe this experience.

The well-known biologist and author Rupert Sheldrake has done more than anyone to validate this type of telepathy scientifically. In his book, The Sense of Being Stared At and Other Aspects of the Extended Mind, he summarizes his years of research on this topic. He also considers this type of telepathic communication to be instinctual—he calls it part of our “evolutionary heritage, an aspect of our biological, animal nature.” He shows that this type of telepathy is most common between people who have strong emotional bonds—parents and children, husband and wives, lovers and best friends. His research validates the esoteric teaching that this type of telepathy is feeling-based.

Brent Raynes: You seem to effortlessly take the reader through so many different world religions, belief systems, and practices and show their common core truths and threads whether you're talking Hindu, Islam, Judaism, Taoism, shamanism, or just which or whatever. Like there's the ever prevalent and often seen as very sacred number seven and how it can represent different planes or states of being, with the top three being the formless realm of spirit, the lower three being the realm of being human (physical, emotional, and mental), with the fourth being where spirit and matter come together. I recall a few years back a woman who was on a spiritual path that took her to Peru, where she lived for a spell, telling me of a being that appeared to her and how she felt that it was communicated to her that she was "four." She was quite perplexed by that. But from reading your book, it sounds as though this is the buddhic space of balance shared by spirit and matter.

Colleen Mauro: That makes sense to me. Before I started the book, I thought very carefully about how to best present this material. It’s very esoteric and I wanted to reach an audience beyond those who regularly read esoteric books. I discovered early on that on that this teaching is universal— that it lies at the very heart of all our spiritual traditions, both ancient and modern.

The Wisdom teachings tell us that our universe consists of seven planes or frequencies. These planes correspond to seven levels of spiritual awareness —each plane represents a more advanced state of consciousness. These planes include the physical, emotional, mental, buddhic, spiritual, monadic, and divine planes. The fourth—called the buddhic or soul plane—is where spirit and matter meet. Our evolutionary journey extends to the first five planes: the three human planes and the two superhuman planes above. Our immediate evolutionary goal is to build a bridge to the buddhic plane. We do this by training the mind, though meditation, to access the soul, our portal or gateway to the subtle worlds. I was surprised at first to see this teaching repeated again and again in so many different spiritual traditions. In other traditions, the planes are called chambers, palaces, gates or heavens, but in all cases, the teaching is the same.

Brent Raynes: For many years now, I've personally been studying people who claim "alien abductions", and it's pretty clear to me that they seem to be undergoing an intense range of paranormal and spiritual phenomena, complete with symbols merging in their experiences that have long been common to religious and occult literature, like for example the triangle, sometimes enclosed by a circle. What might such a symbol convey to you?

Colleen Mauro: In the esoteric teachings, the triangle represents the upward journey of humanity—from base matter to pure spirit. This teaching relates to the significance of the number 7. When I began to study the Wisdom teachings, I was immediately curious about this number. It’s everywhere—there are seven planes of consciousness, seven kingdoms in nature, seven senses, seven sacraments, seven initiations and seven energy centers or chakras. This number is also repeated in the material world: we have seven continents, seven seas, seven days of the week, seven elements, seven major glands in the human body—even seven colors in a rainbow. I finally found an explanation in Helena Blavatsky’s book The Secret Doctrine. She points out that the square has long been the symbol of the material world. It symbolizes the four directions and the four races of man. The three-sided triangle is symbolic of the trinity— a concept found in every religion—and of the spiritual world. Spirit combined with matter equals consciousness or life. When the triangle is merged with the square, a seven-pointed star is created, symbolizing the alignment of heaven and earth—mankind’s spiritual destiny.

Brent Raynes: As you point out, many brilliant scientific thinkers in recent years have explored the concept that there are "nonlocal" and "collective" aspects to our minds. From the contributions of David Bohm, Rupert Sheldrake, Carl Jung, Erwin Schrodruger, and many others, the gap between science and spirituality appears to be on the possible verge of disappearing.

Colleen Mauro: Yes, it was fascinating to study this subject. It’s been said that only when science and mysticism meet will we have a true picture of reality. The recent discoveries in quantum science have moved these two worlds closer than ever before—it’s an exciting time to be alive. The Wisdom teachings tell us that we each have an etheric or energy body that extends beyond our physical form. Our etheric bodies form an etheric “web” that connects us to everyone and everything in our world. And it is through this web that we receive and transmit telepathic information. It is easy to understand how we can be affected by thought currents, distant healing—even the movement of the planets above us—when we realize that we are connected through this energetic web to everyone and everything on our planet and beyond.

When scientists investigated matter at the subatomic level, they made a surprising discovery. They discovered that matter, at its most fundamental level, is not solid or separate; it is instead a web of interconnected particles capable of exchanging information across space and time. Many of these pioneering scientists described this web as a “sea of energy” or an “information field.” Some explored the Eastern spiritual traditions in an attempt to understand the deeper meaning of this discovery. Erwin Schrödinger, one of the main contributors to quantum theory, studied the Vedas and other Hindu spiritual texts. Schrödinger, who believed that science was incapable of providing direct insight into the “nature of spirit,” wrote of the need for a “blood transfusion” between Western science and the Eastern traditions. Schrödinger said that a true understanding of our interconnected universe will come only when Eastern teachings are assimilated into Western science.

Sheldrake, Dean Radin, Russell Targ and other contemporary scientists are continuing this work. Sheldrake introduced his concept of an information field he called the “morphic field” in the 80s. In his book, Entangled Minds, Radin wrote that our interconnection or “entanglement” makes it seem as though we live in a gigantic bowl of clear jello—and that very wiggle, movement, event and thought can be felt throughout the entire bowl. And it is interesting to note that the internet—where we can immediately connect with anyone, anywhere in the world—is called the worldwide “web.”

Brent Raynes: Of course, sadly enough, we live in a world and in a time where much darkness still prevails and where strong and destructive religious differences seem to take center stage in the mass media and in far too many minds. It feels as though these great and intriguing spiritual truths that you have written about are being perverted, lost, and grossly misdirected on the world stage at this time. I know a lot of people are feeling afraid and powerless when they watch world events unfold on their television sets. What's the remedy?

Colleen Mauro: I interviewed several long-time practitioners of the Wisdom tradition for my book and they all said the same thing: that they see a higher order in all that is happening in the world today.

Barbara Marx Hubbard and Eckhart Tolle have both said that evolution happens as a result of some type of crisis that propels or forces us to make a leap forward. Tolle writes about this in very stark terms. He says we have the choice now to evolve or die—our world is full of conflict, and we have weapons that can easily extinguish the human race. Tolle uses the example of an amphibian who is forced to develop the ability to live on land after its habitat dries up. We are faced with the same need now—we need to make a leap, not onto land, but into the subtle worlds. It is only when we realize that we are interconnected members of the human family that the violence and separation will truly end. I was deeply inspired by these teachings and could see how important they are for our times. Just imagine how the world would change if a critical mass of people made this leap. Those of us who take this step are pioneers: like Christopher Columbus, Magellan, and other explorers of the physical world, we are venturing into new and uncharted territory. We are blazing a trail, creating a map of the subtle world that others can follow. When we build our bridge to the spiritual worlds, we are, literally, bringing heaven down to earth. Working together, we can usher in a new era of unity, cooperation, and peace.

Colleen Mauro, author of Spiritual Telepathy: Ancient Techniques to Access the Wisdom of Your Soul was the founder and editor-in-chief of Intuition Magazine. She can be reached at spiritualtelepathy.net. Her book is available on Amazon.

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