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Audio Interviews—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, September 2015

Hosted by Brent Raynes and Chandra Harrison


Summary on Jamie and Mike Burtner case from Celina TN., by Sandy Nichols, founder and director of the ARG (Alien Research Group) located in Thompson Station, Tennessee:

Years ago, I met with fellow investigator Sherry Malin and this Jamie Burtner and her husband Mike. They used to live in Celina, Tennessee. Sherry Malin and I visited her house and met with her family several times because of various paranormal occurrences that they were reporting.

Her youngest son, about four at the time, claimed that he was being abducted by alien beings. The little boy did a drawing of an alien that his other aliens said was a bad alien. About two years before meeting Jamie, I was in contact with this lady that lived in Seattle, Washington. She had a 4 year old daughter who was having abduction experiences as well as her. Her daughter did an illustration of a bad alien and she sent me a copy. Jamie's four year old son’s drawing was the exact same, and I mean exact same illustration as the little girl in Seattle.

Jamie's son also told her he used to be a doctor, in a past life. He said he was on house call back years before and his house burnt down and his four children died. Her daughter interacted with one of the four ghost children of the doctor that Jamie's children played with all the time. Jamie's youngest son and daughter could actually see and talk with the ghost children.

We personally witnessed major ghost activity there as well. One thing was this: Jamie, Sherry and I were sitting at the dining table talking. The daughter was in a room, like a living room area, sitting at a children’s sized school desk. She was drawing and she would turn from time to time and talk to someone we could not see. A little while later the daughter was on the floor with her legs apart. She would roll this ball across the floor. The ball would stop at the same spot each time and then roll back to the daughter, or the ball would bounce back. This went on for 10 to 15 minutes. I went over and checked the floor, checked the ball, etc., and there was no way that that ball could roll or bounce back on its own. Jamie said her daughter played like this and other ways with the ghost girl all the time.

While checking the floor I went and talked to the daughter and I asked her if the ghost girl would talk and play with me. She said that the ghost girl said no, not now. I then asked the daughter to ask the ghost girl if maybe later on in the night she would play with me later or let me know that she was around. The ghost girl said maybe. I went back over to the dining table and Jamie, Sherry and I began talking again. About an hour later, I stood up to take a break and go outside to smoke a cigarette. It was winter time and I had on long sleeves and blue jeans. When I stood up my pants fell down to my ankles. I looked over and the daughter was giggling, and she brought over a piece of paper to me. On the paper it was written that so and so (forgot the name of the ghost girl) told me she was going to make your pants fall down when you stood up. The little ghost girl undid my belt, unbuttoned my pants, and unzipped them. It was a hell of way to let me know she was around, and BTW, Jamie was sitting at the end of the table, and Sherry and I were sitting across from each other. No one else was around.

A search of county records showed that the doctor lived in a house on Mike and Jamie's property. The doctor’s home burnt down while he was on a house call, and that his children perished in the fire.

Several weeks after mine and Sherry Malin first investigation, while investigating a second time, Mike and I found what we thought at the time was the original foundation of the house that was about 30 feet in front of where their Mobile Home was located. Due to certain unassociated events after a fourth investigation, I lost contact with Jamie and Mike for several years, but a few years ago we reconnected through Facebook.

In August 2015, Mike, Jamie, and their youngest son, Keith, came into the Nashville area and we met up. During this meeting we were talking about their case and I was informed that Mike and Jamie had done further research.

It seems that the foundation that Mike and I found was not where the original house was located. The original location of the doctor's home it turned out was located directly underneath where their Mobile Home rested. Like the first foundation found, this now actual, original location of the doctor’s home was hidden by years of accumulation of dirt and soil and growth of grass. This new information puts a nice exclamation point of why there was such a variation of different types of paranormal activity.

As for the first foundation found, no one really knows what was located there. My guess by the overall size and shape of the foundation is that it was for a previous home built many, many years before the doctor's home was there.

There were also UFO sightings, Bigfoot activity, and Native American activity. She had a recording of one night her and some friends trying to contact the Indians, and on the recording was chanting and drums beating, but no one on this side was chanting or beating drums.

Further research provided me with this information. It is believed that the Mississippian Indians, who were the forerunners of the Cherokee, lived in this area, as well as Shawnee, Cherokee themselves, Chickasaw, and Iroquois.

Her home, her children, the land was hot, hot, hot for activity.

The Cumberland River flows on the back side of the hill where the family had lived and records showed that back in the fifties there was a report that a UFO seen by several reliable people crashed into the river right behind her home. An extensive search was done for it, or a crashed plane, but they found nothing.

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