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Classic Mysteries—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, September 2015

Alien Abduction attempt in Cuba?

by: Albert Rosales

Location: Los Palos, La Habana, Cuba
Date: December 23, 1993
Time: near midnight

The witness, Israel C., was returning home late at night after visiting his brother and watching a movie on television. It was a very dark night. Having walked a certain distance he suddenly felt a sort of ‘pressure’ over him, as if he was being closely observed. However, he was not concerned about it but wondered what was causing it. Turning the corner the sensation became unbearable. He then turned around and looked up; he doesn’t know why he looked up, since it would have been logical just to look behind him. At first he didn’t see anything, but slowly something started emerging from behind the top of the trees; moving very slowly. Whatever it was it was very bright, reddish in color, a tint of red that he has never seen before or again. The object also had a bright white/yellow band. It was completely silent.

Strangely, Israel felt no fear and remained still watching the object which suddenly stopped in front of him. At this point, he heard a voice in his mind saying, “Do you want to come with us?” He answered, also mentally, “Where?” He didn’t receive an answer, but Israel asked another (mental) question, “And for how long?” At this point, he received an answer, “For three months.” Israel then said, “Three months away from the Earth?” Again he received no answer. Israel was not sure why he was asking all these questions but he then asked, “And why me”? He then received an answer, “Because of your intelligence”. Somehow, Israel believes that whoever he was dealing with was manipulating his ego and he responded, “I am not going with you anywhere”. This last answer was the only one that he ‘spoke’ very loudly. At that same time Israel grabbed on to a nearby metallic rail of a house, and when he attempted to call the occupants of the house he looked at the object again and noticed that it was leaving, gaining altitude until it was only a tiny light in the sky. He continued his walk home and was approached by several neighbors who appeared concerned and asked him what was wrong. Annoyed he answered, “Nothing, why?” However, the neighbors insisted and told him that he looked very scared and reminded him that some days before there had been several sightings of ‘ships’ flying in formation above Matanzas province. The next day, another neighbor told Israel that on the same night several workers at a sugar mill on the outskirts of the city had seen a huge red sphere hovering above the city.

HC addendum
Source: Hugo Francos Parrado Type: G?
Comments: Was this an abduction attempt? What would have happened if the witness had agreed to go with ‘them’?

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