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Encounters of the Unknown—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, May 2015

The Foxboro UFO light beam incident and the Paranormal Aftermath

by: Brent Raynes

Long-time UFO investigator Joe Nyman had, along with fellow researcher Ed Fogg Jr., been notified by noted ufologist and author Ray Fowler of a recent UFO incident reported near their area.

It was the evening of December 6, 1980, in Foxboro, Massachusetts, at approximately 6:30 p.m., on a very cold evening with a clear sky overhead, that a close-range UFO encounter reportedly occurred. Joe Nyman wrote me on December 25, 1980, that he and Mr. Fogg arrived on the scene only about two and a half hours after the event allegedly happened. “It involves a 13-year-old boy and an encounter that look no more than ten minutes of time,” Joe wrote. “He reported being paralyzed by a beam of light, hearing voices in his head and we discovered a strange redness on his chest during the interview. After we left, he went to sleep and about ½ hour later began talking in his sleep as if reliving the experience. In the ‘dream’ he was told that the occupants of the UFO could ‘mold’ time so that he need not worry about his boyscout meeting (he was scheduled to be picked up ten minutes after the encounter began and made it in time).” “Remember the case of ‘Jimmy Hoffa’ on the UFO? Would you believe Amelia Earhart on this one? That’s who he was ‘talking to’ in his dream. He didn’t remember anything about the dream in the morning but his parents recorded it for the case record. We’re going to do some hypnosis when they get back from Florida in January.”

A few weeks after that initial investigation, a regressive hypnosis session was conducted and revealed that the boy's "mumbling in his head" during his encounter was a mental communication from some kind of being who was seen in a row of windows around the UFO, and was a message to reassure him that he would not be harmed and that "they wanted to examine him."

On March 7, 1981, Joe Nyman also wrote me: “We tried hard to get a second hypnosis session in for nearly two months. Then when all illnesses and personal conflicts had been resolved, the boy’s natural father took him out of school one day and is suing the natural mother and step-father for custody.”

“The other shoe in this case dropped on February 12, when the mother admitted that she had been keeping something from us; namely, that ever since January the family had been plagued with poltergeist phenomena. They were not malicious phenomena but benign things like keys and cigarette lighters disappearing, strange footsteps, drops of water falling out of the air, and the dog refusing to go into certain rooms at certain times. All the phenomena seem to center around the boy.”

“As of the current emotional turmoil involved in the custody battle the phenomena are continuing and gaining in intensity, scaring the boy. At his grandmother’s house where he is now staying, glasses have tipped over on the table, the TV has changed channels when the tuner knob has rotated, even though no one was touching the knob, and articles of the boy’s clothing seem to be flying away from him when he is dressing. Also doors are slamming with such force that the boy fears he himself will be injured.”

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