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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, April 2015

Ancient Giants in the Edgar Cayce Readings

by: Dr. Greg Little

The Edgar Cayce readings contain several mentions of giants or exceedingly tall people in ancient times. In a 1925 reading made in Dayton, Ohio, Cayce related that in a past life, the man obtaining the psychic reading had been a giant named Eos who lived before the time of the great flood (Reading 2802-1). According to Cayce, the giants were often known as the “Son’s of the Highest.” This took place during the early days of Atlantis, sometime around 200,000 B.C., when Cayce related that modern humans began to evolve. And yes, Cayce related that the human form evolved.

Only a month later in 1925, Cayce performed another reading in Dayton to clarify some of the earlier information (Reading 5748-3). In this reading, Cayce related that at the time when representatives from “the five nations” gathered together to discuss how to cope with large animals roaming various parts of Earth, “there were many men of giant stature” who lived. The reference to “five nations” refers to five different areas of Earth where Cayce asserted different groups of humans emerged and evolved. The date of this meeting is referenced in other Cayce readings and was 50,722 B.C.

One of the most quoted Cayce readings related to giants came in a classic 1932 reading (364-11). This entire reading concerned Atlantis. Consistent with many other readings about the same topic, Cayce stated that the first conscious life began with projections of thought forms (souls) into the earliest animal bodies. There is no date given in the Cayce readings for the first appearance of life on Earth, but the readings do relate that as early as 10 million years ago there were creatures that resembled humans, although these primitive creatures were not highly evolved. The evolution of modern humans occurred in Atlantis in about 210,000 B.C. This same reading related that parts of the animal kingdom “gradually evolved into a physiognomy much in the form of the present day … these [early forms] took on many sizes as to stature. From that as may be called the midget to the giants - for there were giants in the earth in those days, men as tall as (what would be termed today) ten to twelve feet in stature, and in proportion – well proportioned throughout.” This reference to “giants” refers to giants in Atlantis, around 200,000 years ago.

A 1936 reading (1183-1) mentioned giants in Lemuria. According to Cayce, Lemuria, or Mu, was a land based in the South Pacific that was all but destroyed by 50,000 B.C. Cayce related that there were many changes happening to the physical surface of the Earth at that time (upheavals and natural disasters) and that the “sons and daughters of men” were interacting with “the sons of the daughters of God.” According to the reading, many thought forms were projecting themselves into physical form on Earth and that “monsters” were present. Many of these were large, dangerous animals that roamed in large herds that caused destruction. Most Cayce scholars believe he was referring to mastodons, mammoths, and mega-fauna such as saber tooth tigers and giant sloth. But various readings refer to “things”—animal monstrosities. In some readings Cayce related that various “things” were created by what appears to be some form of genetic manipulation. The 1936 reading tells us that this was the time period related to in the biblical quote: “in those days there were giants in the earth.” The use of the terms “sons and daughters of men” and “sons and daughters of God” are apparently unique to Cayce, but he described the meaning of these terms in various places. Human life, according to Cayce, resulted from thought forms (souls) that moved into the universe and projected themselves into physical form. But by so doing, the energy-based soul becomes trapped in physical matter. Cayce’s term “sons and daughters of men” refers to “souls who had become so physical, so terrestrial as to have lost their awareness” (Edgar Cayce’s Atlantis; 2006; Little, Van Auken, & Little). In losing this awareness of their true spiritual nature, the souls were destined to reincarnate into physical form until they regained their awareness of their nature and origin. The “sons and daughters of men” had evolved over many lifetimes and became physically smaller in size. But during this early time period, somewhere around 210,000 B.C., more thought forms projected into physical form and they initially retained some of their awareness about their true nature. These were called the “sons and daughters of God” because they still had a connection to their source and remained somewhat god-like. Trapped within their encasement in physical form, the “daughters of men” began to interbreed with the newly arriving “sons of God” “creating creatures that were half god-like in their size and power and half human.” These were referred to in the Bible as the Nephilim. Inca legends tell of a time when bands of these gigantic, half-breed offspring came to the shores of their land causing havoc until natural forces arose and ridded the land of them. Many Native American legends also tell of the arrival of giants that were cannibals who eventually became rulers.

With respect to giants that lived in the Mound Builder times in America, only one of Cayce’s 68 readings on ancient America and Mound Builders refers to their presence. In 1937, Cayce linked America’s Mound Builders to people who were unusually tall. At the very beginning of America’s Mound Building culture (circa 3000 B.C.) Cayce related that in Florida the Mound Builders were “a race of unusual height, unusual proportions” (Reading 1298-1). He was never asked any follow-up questions about this.

The Cayce health readings have numerous mentions of height issues with references to why some modern people were taller or shorter and why illness or deformities related to excessive height occurred. Many Cayce readings mention the causes (both excessive tallness and shortness) as a result of abnormalities in the endocrine system and other glands. It was in the mid-1880s that medical research fully confirmed that pituitary gland tumors were a causal factor in gigantism. However, while pituitary tumors are commonly cited today as the cause of gigantism and the related disorder acromegaly, it is now known that genetic flaws cause the pituitary tumors. In 1937 Cayce cited what can be seen as a genetic issue, stating that gigantism resulted from the union of the afflicted one’s parents that resulted in glandular abnormalities: “Monstrosities or giants … are the results from the glandular secretions produced in the system … This does not necessitate that the parents of such be monstrosities themselves, but they have in their union made possible the expression…” (Reading 281-38).

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