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Classic Mysteries—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, April 2015

Black eyed humanoids, 1974

by: Albert Rosales

Location: Unnamed village in Aisne France
Date: October or November 1974
Time: 1400

Around 1400 in the afternoon on a beautiful autumn day, Alain G. and Patrick V. got into the (vehicle) belonging to Patrick to go for an outing. They hadn’t left the town limits before they decided to take another route. They planned to make a U-turn a bit further on. It was thus that Patrick stopped in front of the last house in the village (on their right) with the intention of backing up and continuing in the opposite direction. But he stopped, frozen like his friend, by the amazing spectacle in the courtyard of the house.

Five characters, the likes of which they had never seen before, were in this courtyard. Three of them were in the background, to the left. Another walked slowly along the front of the house and touched it with two hands. The fifth, in the middle of the courtyard faced the two automobilists. Alain G., the passenger, who had the bad idea to open the right front window, found himself only three meters from this being. He felt his blood turn to ice water in his veins. During some very long seconds nothing happened. The car engine turned slowly. The five characters were alike in physique and clothing, all about 1.30 meters tall. They were dressed in long dresses that almost reached the ground and were decorated with multicolor spots. The skin on their faces and hands was an earthy yellow, and their enormous eyes were black hemispheres, the size of billiard balls. They had long hair that fell down their backs to their waists. Their noses were compressed inward. Their mouths were always shut. The being that was walking along the façade of the house was frozen in place and the one close to the witnesses seemed to smile at them.

This face to face immobility lasted a while, and then the closest being gestured with arm and hand as if to say, “Come.” This was too much and the two men panicked. Alain screamed, “Move it! Move it!” His friend, with difficulty, put the car into reverse and backed up, turning into a space left open by a dilapidated barn, and took off for the town.

Shortly after, they came back with some other people, but no one was there. They went back to the village, and then came back to the house again later, with other people. Everything appeared normal. The investigation eight months later established that in the early afternoon a neighbor had noticed little people on the road in front of the house. Having seen them from a distance, he thought they were “children dressed in yellow oilcloth” which had surprised him.

Humcat 1974-92
Source: Joel Mesnard & Jean Marie Bigorne Type: E

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