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Encounters of the Unknown—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, April 2015

Disturbing Childhood Memories from Romania

by: translated by Albert Rosales

Location: Craciunesti, Maramures County, Romania
Date: end of June 1974
Time: afternoon

D.B. (involved in other encounters), who was six years of age at the time, told his mother that he was going to visit an old neighbor’s yard (who had recently died) in order to obtain some fruit from a large pear tree located there. His mother did not like the idea since he had to cross the DN18 motorway. However, she let him go. At about 50 meters from his destination, while taking a path through a forested area, he heard several strange voices ‘singing’, but did not see anyone. When he reached what he called “the magic tree” he was surprised to see six boys and a girl gathered around it, all about his age and all oddly very much resembling each other. One had climbed the tree, one stood at the base of the tree, while the others gathered around it. He noticed that they all had long blond hair tied into a ponytail, bright blue eyes and skin “white as snow”. They all appeared to be “twins”. However, the girl was a little different. She had green eyes and two pony tails of golden blond hair that was almost copper in appearance.

He decided to approach the group and when he was at about 5 meters away the girl began to stir and take a ‘hostile’ posture. However, one of the boys who seemed “much wiser” than the rest approached him and stared at him, humming something inarticulate at the same time. D.B. felt he was being invited to partake of the fruit. However, when he looked at the fruit he realized that these did not resemble pears at all but were of a different “odd” shape, with small bristly spots looking more like an apricot than anything else. He tasted the fruit and noticed that it was seedless and seemed to “melt in his mouth” and in his palms. It tasted like a “minty orange”. After having tasted the fruit he felt a strange tingling sensation in his body. Then he felt a cold touch on his shoulder. He turned around and saw a tall woman with white hair, shiny as silk. She was more than 2.5 meters in height, maybe taller. He later realized that she was standing in a hollow about ten meters away, watching the group of boys and the girl. She walked over to D.B. and he noticed that her face appeared bruised, her expression angry and her eyes, shiny red in color. The girl then approached D.B. and reproached him for eating the fruit, and attempted to scratch him, but the “wiser” boy caught her hand and told her not to hurt D.B. “since he looked like us.” D.B. then ate another piece of the fruit as the tall woman watched. As she did her face changed back to normal, and now her looks were “like an angel” and her eyes were now bright green in color. She smiled and then sat down on the ground. She also had a long ponytail with intricate pink ribbons and a large golden one.

All the boys and the girl wore white silky shiny shirts that hung down to their knees. The woman wore high boots, golden brown in color and the girl the same. The boys wore shorter boots with what appeared to be “bells” hanging from them, gold in color. They wore a short instrument strapped over their shoulders and solar plexus. This instrument had a sort of keyboard. The children then sang, according to D.B., a rhythmic haunting melody, in a language he could not understand. D.B. felt that he was in another location, perhaps something akin to “paradise”; he felt harmony, communion. He was told that “they” live in a town “above” and let him back on the path out of the woods. He was told that he would soon forget the meeting but will “remember in the future”. Later on several occasions, he saw the tall “forest girl” in the woods, but only from afar. On those occasions, she was dressed differently, in a metallic green outfit.

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