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Encounters with the Unknown—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, March 2015

UFO landing and Entity at Martin, Tennessee

by: Albert Rosales

Location: Martin, Tennessee
Date: February 1, 1967
Time: 1600

During the 2nd year of college at UT Martin, the two witnesses were scouting the area south of Martin for sites to take girls in the car. They had just turned off of highway 45 going east onto a road that made a hard left turn and shortly after turning onto it, in front of them and before the left turn, there was a huge (presumably) oak tree, and hovering over and behind it was a very large saucer-shaped object. The diameter of the disc was approximately the same as the tree in front of it from their perspective and they estimated it to be about the same as a saucer for a coffee cup held at arms-length.
They could see what appeared to be a row of windows around the perimeter. One of them said, “Wow, look at that,” and pointed to it. They watched it descend and presumably land in the field behind the tree. Then the driver said, “Let’s go check it out”. It was still broad daylight at that point. The next thing they remembered is being on the other side of highway 45, back on a farm next to a creek. They were both looking around a small meadow on their side of the creek, and there were woods on the other side, and it was dark, although there was a full or near full moon, so they could still see pretty well. They were both very apprehensive, but did not know why. Then they suddenly saw a white figure standing beside one of the trees on the other side of the creek. They looked at it and it darted behind the tree. Curious, but also anxious, they crossed the creek to see what it was, but could not find it. Years later the witness would compare the creature to the one on the cover of the book “Communion”. The odd thing was that at that point they did not remember the craft they had seen earlier and they never mentioned the sighting of the craft or the “being” to each other after that time. Only after years did the memory of the entire event come back to the witness, and by then he had lost contact with the other witness. Both witnesses were 21 years old at the time.

HC addendum
Source: NUFORC
Type: G?
Comments: The main witness has considered hypnotic regression but has not done it.


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