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Letters to the Editor—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, March 2015

The Reader’s Write….

Vision of Gobekli Tepe

Dear Editor:

I do meditation and prayer every day. Sometimes in what is called “clearing” I visit subjects upon the mind to put them aside. It is at this time I get premonition type thoughts. Most of which are successful in seeing events regarding that of the earth. Like, a couple months ago I had seen a white cloud or something over the northern hemisphere of the globe. I got that it would be around the 1stof the year - something big. Right now it seems like that looks like what I see in the weather, but this is not the new year yet.

In addition, I got a vision of Gobekli Tepe. I had seen the ark above the area with the high “T” pillars supporting the boat. The area was high, with a gradual ascent from the sea with no real major obstacles. They were creating a huge leveled dirt berm around the site for two reasons, hiding from others while making a break from any approaching floodwaters and debris that might slam the boat and destroy it. It was in an area where the water could flow past the “bowl” first before rising above it.

There were wood cages and those rock pens under the boat that had roofs for animals. They were gathered as the boat was built. They had carved representations of the animals on the columns. They were watching the sun and the stars as this was the clock that told them when the event would occur. The area was heavily forested and rich in resources at the time. Plenty of building materials. Cages were made, the animals were loaded into them from the pens, and then they were loaded on the boat. The pens then refilled with another animal and were used for staging.

The “T” columns were mostly flat but some has a slight curve for the boat. Other wood supports were involved also. They had seen the large comet just miss the planet and (heard) the planet groan. Small rocks pelted the ground and it started raining a foul smelling rain. A rumble in the distance was an underground ocean just east of what is now Florida and Carolina to what is now Argentina, ruptured from under the crust, sinking that area and sending an oceans worth of water shooting out of the ground as the earth wobbled and oceans displaced, creating a huge wave of water. It rained harder as water was shot up into the atmosphere from the ejected ocean that was the remains of another ancient comet. The state of Florida is crooked from this event.

As the water rose west of the boat in the distance, they could see the land disappearing under the water. The ground quaked from the comets effect, but the supports held. The front wave of debris was being pushed to the sides of the hill as it rose. The wave reached the berm and the reduced debris was stopped and the water rushed by filling the canyons behind them. Part of the berm was damaged by the initial rush. As the water crested the top of the whole berm equally, one side melted dirt and debris under the boat where the stone animal pens were now acting as anti coriolis effect devices to stop swirling waters. As the water rose up around the boat, the area below them was buried in the debris of the berms as water flowed over them, melting them like butter. The ship lifted up and broke or dislodged a “T” column or two in the initial break from the launch platform. The water rose up out of the berm area and as it did the boat was mostly clear from mountains and other obstacles. It was carried higher over the landscape where it came to rest a shortened 40 days and nights as the earth was spun like a top and the nights and days transpired quickly.

The facts lay in the evidence also. They know this was not housing. The hills around are manmade (berm). They made fine stonework, then surrounded it with primitive stone walls. Why would you make massive stone “T” pillars that support thousands of pounds, then make a cheap wall of rock and mortar around it? Wouldn’t it all be stone? Or wouldn’t it all be rock? Why do the large “T” pillars rise above the roofline of the rest of the structure and what would be the structures roof? Why all the animal carvings? Why a dirt berm all the way around the area? Who would they fill it back in? Was it filled in..or was mud and debris washed into it? Why does the sites age line up with the estimated date of the great flood? Why is it just in the perfect spot to launch a ship if the water rose up from the west.

Why is there no legend of this place? Maybe because all whom lived to tell about it was on the boat.

It would be nice to take the measurements of the Bible’s ark and measure it against the site, but I’ll leave that to someone else unless I can obtain a visa and a flight.

Kevin Muldune, Calif.

Wednesday, May 29, 2024