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Interview-Alternate Perceptions Magazine, February 2015

An Interview with Jeffery Pritchett,
the host of The Church of Mabus radio,
and an Experiencer himself

by: Brent Raynes

Jeffery Pritchett has a Bachelors degree in Communications Science. He is also the host of the paranormal and esoteric Church of Mabus radio show, as well as writes for the Florida Examiner and New Dawn Magazine. He was originally born in Georgia and now lives in Florida. The Church of Mabus radio show website can be found at: www.churchofmabusradio.com

Brent Raynes: Jeff, thanks for sharing with me some background details about your life leading up to your UFO experiences. What I read of your situation reminds me of the Biblical story of Job. You certainly have had some unbelievably terrible and troubling things that have happened to you in a cluster of circumstances it sounds like. During your high school years you have written that you had found God and was also fighting for your life as you were undergoing cancer treatments. During your treatments you also had a dream of a shaman visiting you, and then fortunately you entered remission and continue to be cancer free now for over 20 years? That's very good news.

Jeffery Pritchett: My life was a series of unfortunate events and sometimes it continues to be that way. I have had others bring up Job with me in the past. Though I believe Job was awarded a golden life after his turmoils, I'm still waiting on that grand malarkey. I've had tastes of it no doubt but it certainly comes and goes. I always attracted bullies in school for some reason. Usually more than one. When I was 17, I had gotten caught masturbating at home and my best friend found out and told the entire school. I had waves of students and teachers who made fun of me. They seemed wrought on trying to make me feel like it was a bad thing. So I guess on some level at that time I thought it was.

A year later, I got testicular cancer and had to go through chemo. I woke up from exploratory surgery to find out a testicle had been removed and I had to do the juice. I wept and was rolled home in a wheel chair to let the chemical crucifixion begin. At that time I found the Universe aka God or The Great Spirit, whatever you would like to call it. I had been into comic books and Anne Rice and Stephen King books all during the process. One day, I was watching the news and a little girl named Haley was murdered by her parent and I think buried in her backyard or something like that. I started weeping about it. I was already juiced up and my hair was falling out. I eventually shaved it all and I keep doing that to this day. I prayed for all the pain to go away from the Earth and to be healed and to find a woman to truly love me. I asked to be a super hero to help the denizens of the Earth.

I later did have a dream of a shaman visiting me in my sleep with rattles and spitting water on me. It was like I was really there and I also remember shadow beings standing all around me. Chemo was rough and at one point I was going to shoot myself in the head with a 44 Magnum. But the song Lithium came on from Nirvana and I couldn't pull the trigger. The song talks about shaving your head and finding God on Sunday morning and all my friends are in my head. Like a fan boy I wrote Nirvana telling them that story and of course not too long ago he shot himself via shotgun. That would be both our bum lucks I assume. I was healed by science and I do believe that shaman and the Universe had a welcome hand in doing so. Because yes it was testicular cancer that has a high cure rate but it had also spread to my stomach and lungs. So it was a rough spell and on my senior year I went back to 12th grade. Some students told everyone I had Aids. I'm just trying to impart the darkness that was always evident in my life from those times up until now. The light was always there as well.

Brent Raynes: So it was shortly after your remission that your father passed away? Plus you went through a divorce with an Italian woman whose family was in the mafia and unbelievably they attempted to kidnap her from your home the day of the wedding and soon did force the two of you to divorce. Talk about stressful life circumstances, you certainly have had a heavy dose of it, and so it was in the midst of all this chaos that you began to dabble in the occult, got into heavy metal (planned to create your own band?), during which time you, family and friends began to see UFOs. All of this you feel nearly put you over the edge and you have stated that if you hadn't had other witnesses you might have gone "completely loony."

Please tell us what you were seeing and experiencing during this time.

Jeffery Pritchett: I grew up with a father who worked hard and provided for his family and yes loved us, in his own weird way of physical and mental abuse. His family was poor and he was one of the first to get out and get their own mortgage on a house. But always struggled with money all his life and it was the root of his anger, I do believe, which often was taken out on us and my mother. He died a year or so after I was healed from cancer, which was back in 1993. So about a year or so after that - I'm always terrible at keeping up with dates and years and all that human made illusion.

My father had a heart attack and then was doing better. At that time, I was having trouble with my love life. I had gotten married to a woman who like you said had family with ties in the mafia. Her mother used to talk about her blind grandmother meeting Bugsy and stuff like that. I don't know how far it ran but they always carried on about it. Well they hated me from the get go. I was pale as a ghost and they called me names like vampire, Dracula, Dr. Frankenstein and Beauty and the Beast. I said don't you dare call your daughter a beast! In Joker like fashion. We got married and at first she was living with me and my family while I was waiting for a house to be built. Her family did indeed come to the house and kidnapped her and got in a fight with my dad. They took her away but she eventually came back. I later found out her step dad molested her and I confronted him and it led to all sorts of hell breaking lose. She wanted a divorce and of course it was prescribed by her family.

During this time my father went to go visit her to talk to her about keeping the marriage. They got into a fight. She got mad and told him to go to hell and die. He had a heart attack as he was leaving and going down the stairs. He died face down in the mud and rain and a cop was there and didn't even bother to help him. The cop had lived there and been off duty. My wife blamed herself and later down the road tried to take her life with a bottle of Tylenol pm. So I went through the death of my father and a divorce at the same time. I started to read into the occult and spirituality and religion heavily. Anything I could get my hands on for sure. I lost my job and lost everything and experimented with drugs and was into Nostradamus and was going to make a rock band called Mabus. I remember the Necronomicon and the Holy Bible and a host of other books I delved into like a foolish wizard. That house became a legendary party zone. But people stopped coming so much after the UFO sightings. I guess due to fear. This all took place in Georgia, by the way, where I was born.

All sorts of UFO sightings there from energy spheres of various colors in the sky to pyramid type craft coming out of an orange greenish vortex in the sky. My mother saw that pyramid craft with me coming from the portal in the sky. She about yanked my arm off and I remember her invoking God. My brother and his son and my sister and many friends have all seen UFOs with me on multiple occasions. A friend said that he thought I was attracting them there. It was to a point that I was sometimes afraid to leave the house. There was even a time I saw a silent helicopter hovering over the house with a man in an Air Force type uniform on. It had a huge cockpit and he waved at me and a friend and it shot up straight into the sky. I thought perhaps things got hot there and some sort of government agency got sent out to investigate. They never talked to me though in person or anything like that. I saw many UFOs over tree top level and also wondered if I was taken and just don't remember a thing.

Brent Raynes: Then too you say that you had encounters with mysterious beings. Some very mysterious beings indeed it seems! Please describe those incidents to us.

Jeffery Pritchett: I've seen several types of beings over the years. But most of them happened during what I call my golden oldie days, which were the days that I mentioned during all that hardship. Some of the first beings I saw were light beings what shamans like to call luminous ones. I saw them in the sky like stars but they were not stars. I later came across a book by Jeffrey Mishlove called Roots of Consciousness, where an astronomer from back in the day said that some stars are indeed deities. I once was with a friend who saw one of these beings standing on clouds and pointing down at us and wagging its finger like it was saying “No.” We had been partying and my friend was driving when he probably shouldn't have been. Luckily we were not too far from home and made it home safely afterwards. I wonder if these light beings are us without our bodies.

Another time I saw beings around a lake that clearly were multidimensional beings of sorts. I call them the serpentines because they seemed reptilian like. But a lot weirder than what you normally see in pictures. One had tentacles on its head and I would say Medusa came to mind, because I wondered if they were snakes. Another was like a hydra being with many heads like you would find in Greek mythology. One of the others was very humanoid looking but with a strange dragon like head. I saw this same one once appear by the highway and spread its arms open and it seemed to make it rain. These beings were not in the flesh for sure and were on another plane of existence. They told me they loved me and to sing and to write and dance. I saw them around a lake on Halloween night. Friends were with me there but I wandered off by myself and saw them. That night the water was warm like bath water and I saw silver lights in the trees and heard strange music. I was the only one to see those beings that night. But a friend there went crazy and tried to drive his truck into the lake with us in it later on. My brother was there and said he saw red glowing eyes coming from the woods around us. I think when things like this happen it causes a crash in the spirit world between all sorts of forces of light and dark or evil and good. Sometimes I wonder if spirits stick around me because they know I have seen UFOs and think I am in the know more than others. I jokingly always say I come with an entourage.

I was with a friend named Brian once and we saw some little beings in the woods standing around a black box. We both asked each other if we saw them. We both agreed we did in astonishment. They looked like little jawas from Star Wars is the best way to describe them. A black cat of mine went to them and tried to pounce on them and they vanished. It was like he was running them off or something. It was really freaking strange, reminding me of the little creatures from the film and the remake, “Don't Be Afraid of the Dark.”

I also recall seeing a fat gray being who looked like an alive Buddha statue at one time. I lived in another location in Georgia. Funnily enough on a road called Bermuda Street. At that place I saw beings outside my window. I could see them standing under a street light down the road. One was a beautiful blonde haired woman and another had like a dragon type head. Also I could have sworn there was a bald guru type dude levitating, playing a flute. Aliens I don't know but certainly denizens from the spirit world. That week I had been reading a book about Celtic gods and goddesses and the Norse by D.J. Conway. I haven't seen any beings in a while but during this time I saw them often. I called these times my golden oldies when it comes to my paranormal encounters. Though I haven't seen any beings in a while I have certainly felt their presence. I continue to see UFOs with family to this day in Florida.

Brent Raynes: How did these experiences change the direction of your life, and change who you are today?

Jeffery Pritchett: If it were not for these experiences I would not be doing The Church of Mabus radio show. I started a forum and website after my experiences. To meet like minded individuals and have ran a site with help from friends for over 20 years. It eventually evolved into a radio show about the paranormal. I've been doing that for going on 6 years. If it were not for these experiences, I would not be involved in the radio show or writing books about the paranormal, though they have alienated me on many levels. I feel the positive outweighs the negative on most days.

Brent Raynes: What do you feel that these strange experiences may have been about?

Jeffery Pritchett: I couldn't get interviews at first from different UFO personalities. I said a prayer and had a UFO sighting shortly after around Christmas. After that I began to get interviews with people like Stanton Friedman and Nick Pope and Lloyd Pye and countless others. I believe the UFO was connected and that what I do is connected to help raise awareness about these topics in society. I hope that in some way what I am doing leads to making our planet and its denizens more evolved, that some how or some way I am helping us and the Earth to become more of an intergalactic civilization, where alien life is ordinary life. I'm also very frustrated at our government about this issue. I also sometimes feel frustration towards the aliens themselves. They seem to work in this Riddler type fashion of riddle me this? I think our planet needs more help from us and from them and I think the methods need to be more aggressive.

Brent Raynes: Where does this all leave you today? What is going on with you now?

Jeffery Pritchett: Oh, still crazy of course. Ha. A lot of the personalities in UFOs annoy me. Some of these personalities have followers that remind me of a cult. These events can make you crazy. Then you are expected to dress up in a suit and act like everybody else. If you waver from that even an inch you are ostracized and wagged fun at. I just think when it comes to Ufology it could use a real big alien probe of an enema! A bit jaded and burned out with it all sometimes but other days I come across someone like yourself or Ardy Sixkiller Clarke and it makes me love it all again.

I write for New Saucerian books via Andrew Colvin, the Mothman photographer. Me and Andy did a book together called Praise for the Hairyman: The Secret Life of Bigfoot. It is filled with interviews from people of the world of Sasquatch. Very entertaining romp from serious researchers and those who believe Bigfoot is just an undiscovered primate to those who believe it is an alien type being that walks between worlds. I also helped write Gray Barker's Bigfoot Shootout Terrifying Tales of Interspecies Conflict. There are others also and you can find all my books on my Amazon author's page referenced.

I am currently desiring to write a book on my own personal encounters and include others encounters as well. I also have a taste for horror fiction and would like to do something in this genre at some point. Young Adults interests me as well. These goals are on my bucket list.

Brent Raynes: With your very active involvement today doing radio shows interviewing guests on paranormal and UFOs, and all of your related writings, what do you hope to accomplish or find out?

Jeffery Pritchett: I believe knowledge is power and on my radio show The Church of Mabus, which you can find at www.churchofmabusradio.com, I interview guests on UFOs and Bigfoot and Shamanism and Spirituality. I like delving into every subject possible to learn from. It’s like our own personal seminars weekly. The show is at 7 pm Eastern Friday nights and if you can't catch it live our archive is always free. I just hope to learn more and more from all people's paths and walks of life. I hope somehow I am helping the world on some level by continuing to do this.

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