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Classic Mysteries—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, February 2015

Did a young New Hampshire housewife and mother experience an Alien Abduction in 1973?

by: Brent Raynes

It was November 2, 1973, and Lyndia Morel, a young housewife and mother from Goffstown, New Hampshire, left her place of employment in Manchester, at 2:45 a.m. She briefly stopped to get a cup of coffee with a friend, then put some gas in her car and headed home, normally less than a 30 minute drive. For several miles, Mrs. Morel became aware that a large, bright star-like light in the sky appeared to be following her car, off to her left. Then, along a deserted stretch, in the area of Goffstown, it came in much closer, appearing as a blinding light and directly ahead of her, over the highway.

About 1 ¼ miles ahead, as she was passing a cemetery on the outskirts of Goffstown, the UFO swooped down in front of her again. She described it later as a spherical shaped craft with a surface covered with six-sided facets. Also, just a little over half way up the surface, there was an oval-shaped window with a strange looking being seemingly standing there, looking down at her. The being had a grayish rounded head (said to appear to be somewhere between a gray and flesh tone), with a darker area on top. It had arms down at its sides, its hands not visible because of a dark horizontal area that ran across at waist level. Mrs. Morel thought that this dark area was probably an instrument panel. The being, the witness reported, had two large “egg-shaped” eyes that had big, dark pupils which seemed to focus upon Morel with great intensity, to the point that she felt that she could not look away, and she felt that she also had received a mental impression stating “don’t be afraid.” She also experienced a tingling sensation throughout her body and felt that she was becoming unable to move. The face of the alien had what appeared to be wrinkles or loose skin described as being similar to an elephant’s skin. No nose or ears were visible, though it had a slit like mouth that was turned down at the corners. She felt dizzy, feeling as if she was being pulled toward the object. Then her car seemed to be moving at a high rate of speed, which she felt was being caused by the UFO, and she described a high-pitched noise that hurt her ears. She noticed a house up ahead on the left. The sphere had become extremely bright, to the point that she had to cover her eyes with one arm while turning into the driveway of a Mr. and Mrs. Beaudoin. She ran across the lawn and up to the house and began beating on the door, pleading for help. Mrs. Morel noticed at this point that the UFO was moving away. After about two minutes, Mrs. Beaudoin came to the front door, and she would later attest to the fact that Morel was hysterical and nearly lost consciousness as she was sinking to her knees in a near faint.

Brian James, APRO staff artist, worked with Mr. Webb and the witness to execute the artwork above.

After coming back around and regaining her composure, Mrs. Morel asked that the police be called. The call was officially logged at 4:31 a.m. A Goffstown Police Patrolman named Jubinville arrived in minutes, at which point the four of them walked around outside to see if they could see anything. Reportedly they all did see a light in back of the house above the treetops, but they were unable to confirm that this was the same object that Morel had encountered.

In Encounters with UFO Occupants (1976), by Coral and Jim Lorenzen, the directors of the now defunct APRO (Aerial Phenomena Research Organization) we learn how their two investigators on this case were Walter Webb, APRO’s astronomy consultant, and Betty Hill herself, who was acting as an APRO field investigator, who together investigated this case. Both investigators believed that Lyndia Morel had indeed suffered a very unnerving, traumatic experience. In fact, in Captured! The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience (2007) by Stan Friedman and Kathleen Marden, we additionally learn that Betty and this witness developed a cordial relationship, and kept in touch by mail and phone for several years afterwards.

An odd and interesting kind of “coincidence”, if you will, emerged from Betty’s part of the investigation. Morel, at the time of her frightening encounter, was wearing a blue dress that was similar to the one worn by Betty on the night of her abduction in 1961. Morel’s was damaged somehow, with seven small holes just above the waist and the same pattern of holes repeated on the lower back part of the dress. This reminded Betty also of the unexplained damage to her own dress (which had been worn the night of her abduction encounter, and one other time during that trip). At that time, it had not been laundered. As it had been torn and was going to need mending, Betty placed it in her closet, and forgot about it until 1964 during the time the hypnosis sessions with Boston psychiatrist Dr. Benjamin Simon were going on and the doctor had lifted the amnesia from her. Then she remembered the dress, retrieved it from the closet, noticing that it had an odd pink powdery substance on it (that blew away later on a clothesline), was badly stained at various locations, had a ripped section of hem, causing it to hang down, with a lining tear from below the center back zipper to just above the hem stitching. Remembering the difficulty that her alien captor had in trying to open her zipper, she discovered that there was a 2-inch tear in the stitching along the top right portion and a 1-inch tear on the left side of the upper zipper, which was described as a thick and very durable fabric that is nearly humanly impossible to tear apart by hand.

In addition, this book states that Morel’s descriptions of the elephant-like texture of the being’s skin and the turned-down mouth were two features that dove-tailed perfectly with Betty and Barney’s descriptions of their beings, something she could not have known about. Later, under hypnotic regression, Morel described what had happened that morning during an apparent area of “missing time,” remembering an alien peering in at her from the driver’s side window of her car, and of being abducted and undergoing some sort of physical examination.

Betty Hill was convinced that Mrs. Morel had undergone a genuine experience, also confirmed she felt by details that matched her own experience that had never been made public.

Detail of occupant based on witness sketch.

As we often find in these bewildering reports, the experiencers very often afterwards describe developing psychic sensitivity, or else experiencing increased psychic awareness. My friend and colleague the late Shirley Fickett of Portland, Maine, back in October 1975, wrote to Mrs. Morel, inquiring about whether she had experienced any psychic phenomena in possible connection with her experiences.

Mrs. Morel, in a hand-written letter to Shirley, wrote the following: “In regards to your letter I think that it’s great that you are looking into the possibility of a connection between a UFO experience and psychic phenomena because I have had many psychic experiences since my encounter with a UFO, which at first I couldn’t believe but after a few major things that I had ‘felt’ would happen, or things that I have had dreams about would come true, then I wondered if for some reason or another I had developed some sort of psychic ‘power’. Before my UFO experience I had a few things that I saw before they happened. On one occasion, I had a dream that my son had fallen into a pond near our home in New Boston and that no one heard him. It was a terrible dream. The next day, I kept an extra close eye on him while he was playing in the yard (at the time he was only two years old and he knew he wasn’t allowed anywhere near the pond). Later in the afternoon, I heard him scream and I went running to find him. When I got to him he was at the banks of the pond with his two year old friend. Both of them were soaked from head to toe. What had happened was that Carl (my son) had fell in and Steve jumped in to get him. The water was above his head and to this day we can’t understand how they got out! In my dream, I had pictured the place where he had fell in and its something that I’ll never forget. I could keep writing all morning about different psychic experiences that I’ve had. It scares me sometimes to see things like that.”

After sharing with UFO author and hypnotherapist Kathleen Marden (niece of Betty Hill) the contents of this letter, she reminded me how in her own studies that she had found that “88% of the experiencers who participated in my 2012 study indicated that they had become more psychic after their ET contact experience. It is actually very common.”

Two illustrations credited to this site: www.ufoevidence.org/cases/case303.htm

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