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Classic Mysteries—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, September 2014

Italian humanoid encounters in 1997

by: Albert S. Rosales

Location: Cordenons, Fruili, Italy
Date: September 4, 1997
Time: 2215

Two young boys, 13-year-old Giovanni and 15-year-old Alessandro were walking alone on the Via Vittorio when they suddenly noticed a dazzling light emitting intermittent flashes. This flashing was immediately followed by a strange whistling sound. After walking for about 100 meters the two boys noticed a bizarre creature standing next to a light pole. It was described as short and white in color. The creature then moved very rapidly in a strange zigzagging motion, disappearing into a nearby wooded area.

HC addendum
Source: Moreno Tambellini, SHADO Type: E?

Location: Cordenons, Fruili, Italy
Date: September 5, 1997
Time: morning

The next day the same two boys, along with two other friends, entered the wooded area in search of the strange creature. Soon about 50 meters away, among some bushes, the boys saw a round whitish head, hairless and extremely wrinkled in appearance. Terrified the boys left the area but soon returned to the site armed with a camera and a pair of binoculars. Soon they were overcome by a strange malaise and headache. They again saw the humanoid, which they described as about 90 cm in height, dirty white in color and with very long arms. It had three digit hands that ended in ball shaped tips. Its head was oval shaped, devoid of any facial expression. It was pointed at the top and it had a very pointed chin. Its most prominent features were its huge black oval shaped eyes. Its mouth was but a thin line and its nose, two small round holes. Its skin appeared to be gelatinous and was very corrugated. It appeared devoid of any sexual organs. The boys left the scene. The creature was apparently seen on the next day in the same woods, but it scurried away into the brush when a witness approached it and disappeared.

HC addendum
Source: Moreno Tambellini, SHADO

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