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Encounters with the Unknown—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, September 2014

Three cloaked strangers, Texas, 1996

by: Albert S. Rosales

Location: Eldorado, Texas
Date: March 23, 1996
Time: 18:05

The witness, who was living at the Stockton Ranch, was sitting home alone watching the local news when he felt a presence watching him from outside the house. He explained how as he looked at the front door it slowly opened and three cloaked figures stood at the entrance. He then went on to say that he was paralyzed by these figures because they spoke to him without speaking. They spoke directly to his mind (telepathically). He was told in a distorted voice, as if the three of them were speaking in unison saying, “Do not fear me. I am here to warn you of yourself.” They came in, as he explained, and did not walk. They floated. He said they were about four inches off the ground and he could not see their feet because of the cloaks.

As they approached he noticed their faces. They had faces with no features. Like black masks with no distinguishing features. They stopped very close to him and continued to hover. He then questioned them, asking them what they wanted from him. Were they real? Why him?

He then heard and saw their response. They wanted nothing from him; that he was their experiment. He was watching his entire life. As for the ‘realness’ of the whole thing, he said they lifted furniture and carried it around the room by just looking at it. They had rearranged the room entirely differently than what it was when he sat down to watch the news. They continued to show him what he was by placing a bleach-white hand on his head and showing him his future, his funeral, his grandchildren. He said at the sight of all this he fell to the ground, vomited and began crying. Then the voices told him that it would be best to leave his residence and take his family all away from there because, “The Evil” was closing in on him and his family and that it would stop at nothing to hurt them all. The strangers then told him that their time was running out as was his and that this warning was in his best interest. He was again paralyzed as the three strangers floated out of the home. As the door closed, he says he saw a bright red flash outside. He was instantly able to move and ran out to see the empty yard in the moonlight. He then grabbed a 12 pack of beer and sat outside to look for the “red flash” in the sky until his family arrived home to find him, a vomit stain, and a living room that had been rearranged. He said it felt like it was hours passing while they were there, but when they left the news was still on, which is a 30 minute show.

Three years, almost to the day, the man (the father of the family) was found in a friend’s garage with a single self inflicted gunshot to the head from a .22 magnum. The man whose garage he died in answered all questions the police had for him. He said the deceased was staying with him until the morning when he was sober, since he was drunk and in no condition to drive home. The man had invited him in, but he said he would sleep on the couch in the garage and leave early. The man reported that he heard no gunshot in the night, nor did any of the neighbors.

HC addendum
Source: Your True Tales, January 2012 Type: E

Comments: Who really were these three cloaked strangers? What did they mean when they said he was their experiment? Perhaps these questions are better left unanswered.

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