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Interview-Alternate Perceptions Magazine, Septmeber 2014

An Exclusive Interview with Albert S. Rosales
Leading Researcher of Alien Being Encounters

by: Brent Raynes

Albert S. Rosales, a Florida based ufologist, specializes in the study of reported humanoid/entity encounters, often associated with alleged UFO incidents. He maintains a site on Facebook called “Humanoid and other strange encounters.” He is a frequent contributor to this magazine.

Brent Raynes: Albert, you have compiled a massive catalog of seemingly UFO-related entity cases from around the world. I understand your tally is over 10,000 reports so far? Can you tell us some about what you are doing, what sort of eyewitness accounts you're looking into and why?

Albert Rosales: Brent, as of today, I have close to 14,000 cases already. Maybe even more. I have attempted to obtain as many of the known published cases as possible from countless world-wide catalogs, books, magazines, online sources, etc. Also I have hundreds of cases from all corners of the globe, from Russia, the Ukraine, Spain, Puerto Rico, Romania, South Africa, etc.; many which I have translated myself. And, of course, my main focus is on those previously unknown cases that for untold reasons remain hidden and unpublished, from reluctant witnesses and from reluctant organizations unwilling to share their materials. Many of the cases are first-hand experiences communicated directly to me by the witnesses.

Well wait a minute, make that 17,000 cases! That would include ALL types of encounters with creatures and beings of all sizes and descriptions from alleged crashes, abductions, bedroom visitations, attacks by entities or UFOs, disappearances, etc. Not all are specifically related to a humanoid experience. I include many high-strangeness events in with my data, but I would say that about 95 % are humanoid based.

Brent Raynes: Besides being a dedicated and conscientious researcher, you're also an experiencer of UFO, paranormal and entity encounters yourself. I would imagine that that has been the primary motivating force behind your interest and your work in cataloging such cases. We posted awhile back a report summary of many of your own personal experiences that brought us up to March 2007. I thought that we might do a recap of some of those experiences now, and maybe there have been some things since 2007 that you might want to add.

I know that at about age 6-7, you had I think your first paranormal experience of seeing like a Spanish soldier in a mirror when you were living in Cuba.

Albert Rosales: Yes.

Brent Raynes: And then, later on, I think your first UFO experience was of a metallic egg-shaped object shooting down a beam of light. That was also in Cuba?

Albert Rosales: Yes it was. I remember that.

Brent Raynes: Then later you did see some UFOs with your father and later at your father’s funeral there was a very peculiar little man with a swarthy complexion and slanted eyes who showed up.

Albert Rosales: That was very weird. Everybody else there either tuned out or ignored that person, except for me. I watched him the whole time. It was very, very strange.

Brent Raynes: That reminds me of instances where someone witnesses alien type activity while others around that person seem consciously switched off or for some odd reason unaware of what’s occurring.

Then there were the haunted duplex experiences that you had with the tall broad shouldered, blond haired being that looked like it had wings folded up on its back.

Albert Rosales: Right. That was actually when I went to visit my mother one day. I was coming out and I saw this person or whatever it was and it was like when you see something like that you don’t know how to react. I starred at it and then drove away. Then later on, I thought about it and I was like, “Woo, that was weird.” That’s when you realize that you saw something that didn’t make any sense – something out of the ordinary.

Brent Raynes: That sounds similar to something else that’s been reported over and over, where people would see something very, very strange, something where ordinarily you would think that their reaction would be different. They might see a ball of light, for example, hovering over their bed. They look at it and then just roll over and go to sleep. Then they wake up later and go, “What was that all about?”

Albert Rosales: You’re right. Yeah.

I can tell you a couple of stories involving my sister. Like one time she woke up in the middle of the night and she walked through the living room and there was something like an orb, but it was multicolored. It was very bright, hovering over one of her tables. Very weird, and then it disappeared.

My sister has awakened to see something standing next to her bed, like a shadow type creature. But she said there was really more substance to it. It wasn’t really a shadow. It was like a figure all in black. She couldn’t tell any really distinguishing features about it. That’s happened to me on several occasions actually. I will wake up. For some reason, I’ll be terrified and then I look and there’s a shadow figure next to my bed. That happened to me recently. It’s always terrifying when that happens.

Brent Raynes: And you always have a feeling earlier that there’s something there and then you see something?

Albert Rosales: Yes.

Brent Raynes: Does it look human?

Albert Rosales: Well it is human shaped, but it’s all black. It’s actually darker than the room. It’s so dark you can see the outline of it. There were no facial features that I could see.

Brent Raynes: Does it have a hat on?

Albert Rosales: The ones I’ve seen I don’t think so.

I’ve seen a female figure standing next to my bed. The shape looked female to me. I couldn’t tell that it had any headgear on or anything like that. I was very scared. For some reason, it just emanated a lot of feelings in me of being very scared. I don’t know why.

Brent Raynes: How did it leave? Did it disappear, or did you pull the covers over your head?

Albert Rosales: Actually the first time I saw it I threw a pillow at it and it kind of pulled back and then it vanished. It disappeared. Another time I screamed and everybody else came running into the room. They thought something had happened to me. It disappeared. I also remember that when I was a child (I never mentioned this in my summary) there was an incident when I woke up – it seems like a dream, but actually I don’t think it was. I was sitting in the kitchen at the table and there were several figures around me and they all looked tall and human shaped, but they were all luminous, like glowing white light and they were like talking to me. They imparted information to me and they talked to me, but what it was I don’t remember. Maybe I’m supposed to remember later on. I don’t know. I initially thought the whole experience was a dream. This was when I was maybe 7.

Brent Raynes: But it seemed real then. How did they communicate with you?

Albert Rosales: I know they spoke to me, but right now Brent I can’t really say whether it was telepathy or it was actual speech. I don’t know. But I do know that they were able to communicate with me and they sat around and they were very interested in what I said.

Brent Raynes: And how about something I recently shared with you about some comments that John Keel had made in a letter to Gray Barker back in 1969 where he said that the aliens/entities were pretty much to him like elementals. He even made the remark that there was little to nothing to be learned from them, which I disagree with, but I do identify with the confusion of labeling a lot of these experiences and how it does kind of fit in with the old belief systems of occultists and shamans of tricksters and shape-shifters. What are your thoughts?

Albert Rosales: Yes, a lot of these experiences I don’t feel have anything to do with extraterrestrials. Now I do think that there is an extraterrestrial presence on earth. I am pretty sure of that, and maybe there is some kind of conflict between the extraterrestrials and the other forces here on earth that have nothing to do with extraterrestrials. There appear to be either elemental forces or interdimensional beings or creatures that we see worldwide, in many instances, which a lot of people confuse with extraterrestrials, which I don’t think they are.

Brent Raynes: From your work and experiences both, have you arrived at any significant, revealing personal conclusions about these close-range encounters?

Albert Rosales: I think that we are not alone, not only in the Universe but here on Earth. There are a myriad of dimensions and other realms perhaps around us, that at times co-exist together with ours and at times inhabitants of that realm visit us.

UFOs are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg

Brent Raynes: What positive role would you like to see your hard work accomplishing?

Albert Rosales: I would hope that this research can be used by researchers or perhaps historians in the future, and can help in a greater understanding of the world around us and beyond.

Brent Raynes: To get a genuine perspective on the complexity and significance of the entity/humanoid phenomenon, are there any particular books you'd like to recommend our readers check out?

Albert Rosales: I recommend strongly, books such as Vallee’s Passport to Magonia, Keel’s The Mothman Prophecies, Bowen’s The Humanoids, Grassroots UFOs, and many catalogs from private groups and researchers. I am enclosing a list of what I call the MISHUMCAT, or the missing cases, especially from the files of David Webb which remain 'hidden'

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