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Reality Checking—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, September 2014

Reflections on an Alien Agenda?

by: Brent Raynes

Undoubtedly, attempting to discern the proverbial truth behind the presumed alien agenda is certainly at the very heart of the complex and controversial alien abduction/contactee syndrome. No doubt this represents ufology’s greatest challenge. Logic alone would indeed seem to dictate that investigators should diligently pursue the close encounter cases because one could infer from such evidence that increased opportunities to acquire more detailed and meaningful data existed. Distant and odd behaving lights and shapes in the sky make for interesting reports, but they offer very limited insight, understanding and interpretation into the nature of what is being observed. However, with close encounters and contact case histories we have much more information to work with. In some cases, we even have reported physical trace effects (i.e., unexplained body marks on witnesses, circular patterns on the ground where a UFO reportedly landed, etc.).

The body of evidence is quite impressive. Thousands of sane and sober appearing men and women, from all walks of life, and from all over the world, have now shared their personal accounts of these close UFO/alien encounters. There are many consistent similarities to be found again and again in these strange incidents.

However, surface appearances can be misleading and may largely reflect ones belief systems based upon whatever level of social, cultural, and religious perspectives that may exist at whatever time period we may be talking about. In reality, remarkably similar reports can be found going back many centuries, well before our modern “flying saucer” era which began in 1947. For example, a number of ufologists have concluded that many alien encounters are actually intelligent beings known to the Muslim world as the Jinn (also spelled Djinn by some, and best known to us from Muslim folklore as a jinni called up from rubbing a magic lamp). “These creatures, the Jinns of the Muslim religion and the elementals in the Buddhist religion, reportedly can materialize and dematerialize, and so can our Western culture’s abducting creatures,” long-time California author and UFO investigator Ann Druffel told me. “They shape-shift in various forms, they delight in harassing and traumatizing human beings. They reportedly abduct human beings and transport them long distances ina matter of seconds. And the Jinns, the elementals, and our own abducting Greys [have taken] a sexual interest in human beings down through the millennia. In every major culture of the world, and in many minor cultures, they all have those same folkloric stories, and even religious and philosophical texts in some of the countries talk about this ‘third order of creation,’ as the Muslims call it. They aren’t angels, they aren’t devils, they aren’t human beings. They’re something in between that share our world with us in a hidden state.”

An admitted religious agnostic turned historical religious scholar of sorts, noted UFO author/investigator John Keel concluded years ago that ufologists studying the contactee syndrome were pursuing “a hallucinatory world of ‘devil’s marks’ and classic demonological manifestations.”

“The landings, abductions and contacts and general tomfoolery are primarily part of a very ancient, very well observed phenomenon that has spawned all of man’s belief systems,” Keel wrote. “It was no more basis in reality than the popular Arab belief in Djinns. The manifestations behind these systems have a purpose that has been deliberately hidden from the human race for thousands of years.”

Thomas E. Bullard, Ph.D., a noted American folklorist, reported specific similarities between modern UFO “abduction” cases and the earlier accounts of so-called fairy kidnappings, initiation ordeals, and shamanic spirit journeys to the land of the dead. Bullard wrote: “The initiation vision of a Siberian shaman presents an especially vivid example: While lying in a comatose state for hours or days the candidate meets two friends spirits who escort him into the underworld. Unfriendly spirits then dismember the candidate and reconstruct his body with new powers added, including rock crystals, all with magical powers inserted into the head. The candidate spends part of his stay inside a domed cave with uniform but sourceless lighting, and returns to his home a changed man, with new abilities and a new vocation. How closely these incidents resemble the abduction time lapse, escort, examination, inserts, examination room, and life changes needs no further comment…The abduction story is not so unique after all.”

It does seem that when we take a comprehensive global and historical appraisal of the UFO abduction/contactee syndrome that striking parallels and remarkable similarities do indeed emerge from many widely diverse and seemingly unrelated sources.

In the early part of our modern UFO era skeptics easily dismissed the extraterrestrial visitation theory by knowingly pointing out the obvious fact that stars with habitable planets had to be many light years away and even if they could travel at the speed of light, it would still be too great a distance for such visitors to be cavorting through our skies as easily and frequently as gets reported by UFO witnesses, and besides, where’s all those crashed saucers (besides in some super-secret storage facility at Wright Patterson Air Force Base)?

However, a glimmer of progress can be acknowledged as many scientists today talking about quantum physics, of worm holes and other dimensions of existence have opened up a renewed and serious theoretical discussion on all of this that goes along fairly well with current scientific thinking, as well as the concept some creative ufologists have advanced over the years to explain why UFOs come and go as frequently as they do and never seem to get caught up with and leave behind anything truly substantial evidence-wise. The scientist’s string theories, worm hole theories and all such exotic and esoteric sounding theories of quantum science are appearing just as far out as anything any imaginative ufologist could ever hope to express. Nonetheless, most scientists still prefer to steer well clear of being involved in the UFO controversy for the same old reason that they’ve always avoided this subject Simply put, it’s a career buster being affiliated with members of what is still largely dismissed as the “lunatic fringe” by the majority of mainstream scientists, even if, as one physicist who had studied paranormal phenomena in the laboratory setting put it recently (I’m going to paraphere here): there’s more proof for psychic phenomena than string theory!

Whatever we’re dealing with in regard to this so-called “alien agenda,” a very important point in dealing effectively with the challenges and complexity of all of this high-strangeness is to try and maintain a personal clarity of mind and focus ourselves (friend and abductee Bret Oldham recommends meditation to achieve and relieve the stresses), which can prove especially challenging in light of the apparent “mixed bag” of alien types and contradictory motives and agendas that seem to exist. Nonetheless, we certainly do need to make certain that our own focus and intent is what it should be.

[The above feature originally appeared in Bret Oldham’s Children of the Greys (2013)]

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